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Author(s): Greywolf
total rating:7.21 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 7 8 8 8
DJ Full 8 10 9 7
Jason L 5 6 4 3
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 8 8 8
Jose 7 7 8 8
Lara_Fox_Croft 4 7 7 6
manarch2 5 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 7 8 8 9
PedroTheGamer 5 4 7 5
Phil 8 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 7
category averages
(12 reviews)
6.58 7.42 7.67 7.17

Reviewer's comments

"A bit mixed - there are definitely too many undefined, badly lit rooms linking together main locations which are good enough otherwise. I like the usage of enemies, didn't see such combination yet, and the secrets form their own storyline which I always particularly appreciate. Extra points for narrative design with custom soundtrack and lines. A very good seasonal raid." - DJ Full (01-Jun-2019)

"I'll say I'd rather have a nice Easter bunny giving chocolate eggs away but this will do. A nice little eco- adventure with just a few more thrilling parts, namely the big sliding descent at one time, nice-looking and simple, yet one where it's easy to miss the tree secret (I just went back and ate that slice after watching the video on Youtube). It does have its share of traps, a couple of simple puzzles and the eco-enemies that are actually friends (but should give friendship a little practice instead of atacking Lara - I mean, who on earth doesn't know Lara's the good gal?). Enjoyable. Even the music is ok." - Jorge22 (15-May-2019)

"What a treat – a lovely Easter level. This could be viewed as a timely eco-warning or merely enjoyed for the charming raid it is. Lara has no guns, but the only ‘enemies’ around are tree sprites which are easily avoided. Lara’s quest is to find the golden acorn and along the way she gets to visit some lovely woodland areas (with wonderful relaxing sound files), a camp full of non aggressive guards and quite a few caves. It’s delightful fun, don’t miss it." - Jay (06-May-2019)

"gameplay&puzzles: The gameplay was totally obscure, I could use worse words to describe it, but I will stay as polite as I can. Nothing was logical for me ( I know this is a "magic" level) everything was horrible, why did you do "invisible walls" to go through? ( the floor), why using fix cameras in some jump sequences? Why making underwater labyrinth? ( builders should know that it is bad), not fun at all. Why putting like tens of enemies when Lara is unarmed? Why are walking enemies underwater? I'm very sorry I would say something nice about the gameplay, or puzzles but.. I can't find anything that was nice to me. Enemies,Objects&Secrets: Enemies, when Lara can't fight back, that frustating, objects were quite nice, except that some of them were disapearing sometimes. Secrets were ok, but why using slots like the jerrycan? you can use ammo slots for weapons that you don't use in the level. With a 'good' script it works fine. Atmosphere, Sound&Cameras: well I didn't feel a lot of things, even if I quite enjoyed the "storylines" about nature, a level with a purpose: ask people to respect nature I guess. Good idea. The musics were totally out of place... Lighting&Textures: lighting was ok, but the texture were not amazing, some of them were quite ugly, like the greeny thickets. I saw some bad triangles etc etc To sumup, a not that short level because of a pretty obscure gameplay, with at least a kind of purpose, I won't recomment it because it is not funny or very interesting, but hey, that's my point of view, try it yourself :)" - Lara_Fox_Croft (02-May-2019)

"Pleasing for the season, including a nice story and with occasional highlights (the jump sequence was quite fancy), but this level was a bit less inspired as we got used to from Greywolf. There are too few interesting tasks to be done here and progression is mostly very simple and straightforward, except of finding the decently but not very sneakily hidden secrets. The surroundings are eye-pleasing, but not highly atmospheric and realistic; I am never a fan of those 2D textures at the border of the map. The background audios were well chosen and cameras were mostly well done too, but some went through solid walls. Overall it was 25 solid but not very intense minutes I spent here." - manarch2 (01-May-2019)

"This a quirky little quest adventure,filled with interesting details and creative moments - but perhaps too much of the gameplay (indeed,maybe even the bulk of the level) consists of locating secrets;which,should you progress too far into the game,can no longer be acquired - resulting in an inevitable impasse.Look beyond this,and it's a lot of fun. The music choices are interesting (and even,in the case of Layla,good humoured);the pick-ups are creative;the puzzles straightforward but enjoyable;and that little gauntlet in the cave was most entertaining. Enemies are used sparingly (you have no weapons),and are basically there to provide some tense moments;and the whole adventure is linear and rather fun. The duration is rather flexible;and entirely dependant upon whether you collect all the secrets or not.Definitely worth a play." - Orbit Dream (30-Apr-2019)

"Even when there are not interesting puzzles, I'm not agree with Jason's review. Of course, the item to pick up impossible to see lying in the grass in the starting area is not a good feature, but later the gameplay is more fluid and never nasty. I liked the architecture too, the secrets are not hard to find, there is a good use of cameras, musics and flybys, also a solid history behind and the environments usually have a good appearance. Good work, Greywolf." - Jose (28-Apr-2019)

"I know it is a game for children but there are objects that do not make any sense here, it is not for me to complain because I mix forest, AAII lab objects, and young lara does not make much sense, it could be something like peaceful forest, textures are very bad in several places, meaningless secrets, to, to play in the late afternoon ......" - PedroTheGamer (28-Apr-2019)

"As befits the Easter theme, the gameplay here is relatively peaceful and undemanding, but at least still makes for a sufficiently entertaining experience. The storyline and its execution is pretty neatly done, although the usage of various items is a bit outlandish in places and requires some lateral thinking, but never frightfully obscure. What I did have to deduct a point from gameplay for was the frustration slope jump and swingpole combination partway through the level. I can't count how many attempts it took me to accomplish it successfully and it ruined the serene flow of the level a bit too much for my liking. I also thought that the texturing was a bit too bland, but that's purely opinion. As a whole, it is fun, rather sweet and worth a go." - Ryan (27-Apr-2019)

"I have no idea what Jason L was playing. Because in no way, is this Easter release as bad as he's making it out to be(Maybe said problems you had, were intentionally done by Greywolf as a design choice?). And what's wrong with playing a nice relaxing level to celebrate the holidays? Do you need to have copious amounts of dopamine-fueled action constantly to justify your ridiculously high standards or are you that naturally easy to bore? Because by your flawed logic, surely all holiday-themed releases must be for kids, right? But unrelated long-winded rant aside, what's on offer here is incredibly relaxing with a very believable environment to explore(including secrets that were surprisingly easy to come across, for someone like me who doesn't tend to find them all usually in most levels). Lighting, texturing, music, enemy and object use also help contribute tremendously to the general atmosphere, even if the tree guardians never really posed much of a threat to me(tending to get stuck on terrain or in a pool), with a rather tight platforming sequence early on, proving more of a worthy challenge to overcome by comparison. So overall, a fun little romp that was well-worth the time I spent on it. Highly recommended!" - Ceamonks890 (26-Apr-2019)

"This entertaining level needs some higher scores to offset those in the initial review, and fast. I found it to be fun, different, and entirely appropriate for the season. Too bad it was the only Easter level this year. You play as Young Lara, which means you have no weapons and no flares. I've always been wary of the potential combination of Young Lara and excessive darkness, but that's definitely not a problem here. The lack of weapons is not an issue either, but you do have to be attentive to a half-dozen cleverly retextured skeletons as they roam the woods in search of Lara, and there are two armed soldiers you have to run past late in the game, but for the most part you can just kick back and enjoy the quirky touches provided by the builder without having to look over your shoulder. Two necessary pickups were perhaps unfairly difficult to see, and if not for Doggett's video walk I would never have found the Lichen. Even when I was standing right on top of it I couldn't see it. The Golden Acorn wasn't much better, but at least I could get a visual on it once I knew its exact location. As you progress you acquire three Tree of Life Stones, but I never found any use for them. All but one of the six secrets provide items essential for progression, thus breaking one of the unwritten rules of level building. Gameplay is reasonably player-friendly throughout except for one jumping sequence through fixed cameras where you have to make a precise leap at the end to grab a pole. The only way I could accomplish it was by sliding down the second slope backwards so I could grab and shimmy before jumping to the final slope. There was some mystical mumbo-jumbo intended as a story line which I largely ignored, since I was sufficiently entertained by the gameplay itself. A solid level suitable for players of all skill levels." - Phil (26-Apr-2019)

"A little level made for kids with Young Lara. The design is kinda "blocky" and some textures are not vey good... Specially those at the begining in where Lara can go through them. I guess the author tried to simulate undergrowth... One thing that I liked where the tree- monsters, they look great! The game was kinda funny, but that's all." - Jason L (23-Apr-2019)
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