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Author(s): Ranpyon
total rating:8.65 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Jason L 7 7 7 7
Jay 9 9 10 10
Jose 7 9 8 9
Phil 10 9 10 9
Ryan 9 9 9 9
category averages
(5 reviews)
8.40 8.60 8.80 8.80

Reviewer's comments

"Here's a definite change of pace from Ranpyon's previous works. A thoroughly entertaining Oriental adventure with great looking surroundings, great atmosphere and gameplay that constantly remains fun all the way through. You get to work through a large variety of tasks, puzzles and traps which are kept fresh and exciting throughout (some, like the shootable ball, are a bit more on the sneaky side) and even an extended jaunt in the kayak. I'm not hugely fond of this vehicle, but here it is utilised rather nicely. The retextured Bartoli dragons were nice touches, and the ending was pretty neat too and I suppose it demonstrates the consequences of being too greedy. Great enjoyment." - Ryan (15-May-2019)

"Ranpyon's output to date has consisted solely of seasonal releases that, while colorful and entertaining, have the character of what I would call "light and fluffy." The Dragon Pearl, on the other hand, is a grinding, down-to- earth adventure with Lara in full combat and thinking mode that has the player on his toes at all times. I played while writing a walkthrough, taking nearly three hours of net gaming time so I could glean every delectable morsel from the playing experience. Although the two levels flow together seamlessly, the first segment is by far the longer and more complex. The overall ambiance is on the dark side, but I could most of the time see everything clearly and didn't have to light too many flares. My download is dated April 27, so I don't know if I played the original or the revised version, but I experienced no issues raised in the stuck thread. The idea of the pot luck secret has never been employed before to my knowledge, but it might have been better to remove the random factor. The first time I used it I got a health boost. I reloaded, drew the desert eagle and this time I got desert eagle ammo. But the third time I drew the desert eagle and got uzi ammo, which leads me to conclude that the reward is random. Anyway, it was a nice touch. Throughout, a highly entertaining raid." - Phil (13-May-2019)

"What a wonderful level. It has everything – beautifully made oriental settings, great atmosphere, appropriate enemies, super fun traps, puzzles and well chosen music. Whilst probably my least favoured mode of transport, it was interesting to see the kayak again as it’s not often used and it was certainly deployed in an interesting way. Gameplay is varied and enjoyable and should suit most players, although probably not for the very inexperienced. Highly recommended." - Jay (06-May-2019)

"Okay, this custom level was longer than I thought and also very challenging! Loved the japanese aesthetic, really well done atmosphere with caves, rivers and temples. Textures were great, lighting not that much. I felt it kinda random, but still good! I appreciate the new objects author made; some of them were cute. The only bad point is that I personally missed some "should-be-cool" moments, like for example the first time you encounter with that creepy dragon on a garden should have been more iconic, like with some creepy music or something! I loved the ending, btw. If you pick up the dragon pearl, Lara will turn into one of them because of the curse! That was really cool and unexpected." - Jason L (02-May-2019)

"Another good adventure from this experienced author. You'll find here an impressive architecture, good texturization and several good puzzles with a lot of exploration. Not agree with the too hidden targets you need to look for in huge areas, and sometimes the backtracking is annoying; I missed some more cameras and musics here and there, specially for the items the players are forced to shoot, more flares and more ammo for the revolver, but anyway a couple of levels (the second one in the river with the kayak was better for me) very worth to play and recommended for many players. Congratulations Ranpyon!" - Jose (02-May-2019)
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