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Author(s): Dustie
total rating:7.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Bigfoot 8 9 9 10
Ceamonks890 6 7 7 8
DJ Full 7 9 9 8
Jay 6 6 7 8
Jose 6 7 8 8
manarch2 4 6 7 8
Nuri 7 10 6 9
Ryan 5 6 7 8
Torry 7 9 7 8
category averages
(9 reviews)
6.22 7.67 7.44 8.33

Reviewer's comments

"This was a pretty good stand alone level but no where near as atmospheric as the Vagrants original offering. Certain aspects have been changed to suit the Level Editor and I found the level way too dark in places although adequate flares were provided. I spent 50 minutes here and found five secrets." - Torry (02-Oct-2019)

"First of all: Wow, it's cool that people don't forget about these golden old levels. It is not so long since I played the original, however I do have some memory gaps. Yet I clearly remember that you could just skip most of the rooms in the original. In this remake in turn, all the extra rooms are part of the level so you have to explore them. A few easy to find secrets are added. I didn't notice any difference in level design, but I'm unsure about that. Thus this remake is a simple completion of The Vagrant's unfinished level with a few little additions and a funny cutscene at the end, where Lara walks against the fence :P (at least if you pick up the golden skull in a lopsided angle, like I did)" - Nuri (17-Sep-2019)

"I think I've played the original level many years ago, so I coudn't remember well all the suff; that way this level was almost unfamiliar for me. Good thing. The best were the architecture and texturization; there are no puzles to solve and all the tasks are based about the exploration, looking for switches to pull and artifacts to open doors. The enemies are well balanced, and there are enough items to pick up. The environments are nice, with appropriate objects to ornate the romos, but they are too dark and the provided flares were not enough for me. Anyway a solid level worth to play but don't try it under Windows 7; it will not work." - Jose (15-Jul-2019)

"Whatever was optional in the previous version is now included in the main story so you can see the level in its full glory. Also thank you for remaking the pool room because I can open my eyes there at last. There are many official secrets added, and the only change for worse regarding them is emptying the bazooka ledge (you remember it from the original version, so you go there and return disappointed). Combat handling is not the best, there should be a shotgun to deal with the crocs and it's yet another time grenades do more damage to the player than to the enemies instead. Overall it's a very good refurbishment, and I think so far underrated just like the original was." - DJ Full (04-Jun-2019)

"Its evident from the get go how much love Dustie put into this modern recreation of a close to 20 year old level here. And comparing it to the Vagrant's original release through YouTube, the difference is like night and day. Level design has received a noticeable upgrade with added character and life where there previously wasn't before(including more enemies, objects, tasks and areas to encounter). Top that off with exquisite lighting/texture use and what we ultimately have here is an above-average remake that greatly improves upon the original's framework, whilst still respecting what came before. Recommend giving this one a go if you want a quality example of how to improve upon previously flawed material." - Ceamonks890 (31-May-2019)

"I personnally don't really remember the original Vagrant level but I really enjoyed playing this small level in a tr4 version. The level is easy and very beautiful and the hunt of the 7th secrets is also a good part of the game. Not many enemies and even a big boss as a T-Rex. Very good. The textures are very beautiful and some of them are just awsome and perefectly use. Even for the lighting ;-) . To conclude, a very nice stroll through a colorful Babylon in the sunset. Recommended for everyone and congratulation to the author." - Bigfoot (26-May-2019)

"As I see I reviewed it, I obviously played the original version by the Vagrant, but I’ve forgotten it to such an extent that I can’t say how faithful a remake this is. Certainly, on reading my review for the original, I can see that the compys, raptors and T-Rex are still present and correct, but beyond that I’m blank. The gameplay is uncomplicated and the whole thing is quite short. The surroundings are attractive and well made and as the author states he was trying to present the level in a more up to date way, I would say he’s succeeded rather well." - Jay (14-May-2019)

"The original Journey to Sumeria was little more than an attractive looking test level with little to do in terms of gameplay. This remake generally improves on that, while adding more in the way of enjoyable tasks to accomplish. There still isn't anything difficult or indeed overwhelming going on, but it definitely passes the time well enough and it doesn't ever get extremely tedious either, which is always a positive in my book. You also get a range of seven secret skulls to go for and a well thought out boss battle of sorts against a T-Rex. 35 minutes of pleasant enough raiding, and a creditable first effort." - Ryan (12-May-2019)

"This level is a good example that you actually can remake a level if you obey the rules of the game. A very nicely designed and atmospheric game overall, with mostly clean texturing, good lighting that only sometimes was a bit too grim and some nice cameras standing out as well. The gameplay won't win any price in its simplicity (this level could basically be a tutorial level). At least a few traps and small puzzles might've been inserted. But at least there is no tedious part in it and you can invest some extra time in finding the seven secrets, of which some require extra tours through this level, others are just lying in plain sight. The builder has done a good job overall but there could be more up to this level in my opinion. Finished in 20 minutes." - manarch2 (11-May-2019)
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