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Author(s): LionGirl_90
total rating:5.20 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 7 7 5 4
Drakan 7 7 7 6
eRIC 5 4 4 4
Gerty 5 5 5 5
Jay 5 5 6 6
Jose 5 5 5 5
manarch2 4 4 5 3
Orbit Dream 5 6 4 5
Phil 5 6 6 6
Ryan 5 5 5 5
category averages
(10 reviews)
5.30 5.40 5.20 4.90

Reviewer's comments

"Although undoubtedly more capably built than her previous levels,the linear and sequential nature of the gameplay of this adventure doesn't really do it any favours.One or two interesting jump sequences are really not enough to keep the player gripped.It's not that the level outstays its welcome,it's just that it rather pointlessly keeps going. If it had ended earlier,we would have been spared the horrendously stretched ladder texture;and the dreary final confrontation with the two Demi-gods.For most of the time,however,the textures were of the repetitive variety;while lighting,although often colourful,was lacking in mood.The enemies were plentiful and varied;and the pace was always brisk.It's perfectly adequate for those in the mood for a generally undemanding level;but it takes rather longer to reach the Finish Trigger than it should,under the circumstances." - Orbit Dream (08-Sep-2019)

"This level is a bit like all those created by Liongirl, not very well textured, (textures stretched, wallpaper). Virtually all recovered objects are called 'load'. It's a long way to go to get to the end and you can pick up some secrets (glasses called 'load')." - Drakan (20-Jun-2019)

"It seems this author doesn't progress getting better skills; the same style as before, no much care with the texturization, absence of cameras, the secrets are not hidden, not enough ammo for the extra guns, no puzzles to solve... Again the gameplay is based only about the exploration to look for several keys and avoid some traps. From the room with two demigods I had to hear that ominous music till the end of the level. Not really a bad level, but I think the author could do it better if proposed." - Jose (06-Jun-2019)

"I had a very similar impression as from The Mystic Temple, but this one is a bit less random and more toned down while nicely organized gameplay is still here. A little step forward enough for this builder, so I think it's time to sculpt and care about details... it will be all about them now." - DJ Full (04-Jun-2019)

"I agree with the previous reviewers. This level is competently built and provides a reasonable challenge in several spots, but I'm afraid the builder's learning curve has reached something of a plateau. The secrets are profuse but easy and bland, and they provide no incentive for finding them. Lighting is fine for my tastes, requiring the use of few if any flares. Almost classically linear, and appropriate for the newer raiders." - Phil (03-Jun-2019)

"This is quite similar to this builder's first effort, as the overall atmosphere, textures and objects are used in a very similar fashion. This, alongside the gameplay does make for an average and rather simplistic raid, but nothing more than that. I found the texture application in this one a bit rough and repetitive and as a result, the atmosphere was a bit compromised. The numerous crawlspaces and backtracking sequence also became tiring quickly, and my end time ended up being close to an hour when I'm sure it could have been less than that. There is admittedly a hint of more fulfilling gameplay here with a few slope jump sequences, the traps that require a bit of thinking and the way that a few of the secrets are hidden, which I suppose are improvements, though. Not a bad raid overall, but nothing overwhelming either." - Ryan (01-Jun-2019)

"There are some agreeable gameplay elements in this one, like the slope jumps and negotiating the better placed traps, but what lets this level down again is that it is so mightily tedious with all those countless ladders, crawlspaces, monkeyswings. I suggest to the builder to cut off about 90% of those because a longer play time does not necessarily mean a better experience for players. It should be about time the builder thinks of some serious puzzles or at least creative tasks else than keeping the players busy for a while. Else than that, the texturing is quite faulty this time with wallpapered looks all around with eclectically put together tiles, the lighting is very flat and uninspired as well except of the last few areas where things are handled better. Still, this is the first level of the builder where I felt a sense of place in some way and it is less about a series of boxy areas than before (but still not quite realistic). A slight step upwards overall but not really a satisfying experience. Found all 7 secrets in 35 minutes." - manarch2 (30-May-2019)

"I liked the gameplay in this level but I didn’t like the overall look. Again textures that could use attention and a lot of different enemies will seek Lara out. There will be some fighting to be done, as the enemy is seldom alone. A tip… never make room is the right down corner of the map as you get the disappearing of textures in those rooms as you will experience in this game. The hunt for secrets are more exciting in this level and some of them are cleverly hidden." - Gerty (30-May-2019)

"In her latest offering, LionGirl has used very much the objects and textures of her debut level and it makes for an attractive enough atmosphere. The emphasis is very much on exploration, although as the level progresses there is some platforming, boulder and spike traps etc., but nothing difficult to achieve. Enemies are what you would expect from an Egyptian themed level, with added giant spiders, yuk. Am I the only one who finds demigods really, really irritating, by the way? I mean, once you can kneel in front of them so they fire over your head it’s just boring waiting for the damn things to die. Anyway, rant over. It’s not a long level – well under an hour – and passes the time pleasantly enough." - Jay (23-May-2019)

"Again a stand-alone level with a correct duration. The builder has reused the same objects we've seen in her other levels. The level seems to explore different aspects and there is not much coherency to the whole thing. First there are very unventful rooms with reddish ambient lighting (never liked this type of ambience), then we get some gameplay in different indoor rooms of rather small size with varied enemies and objects, some of which seem out of place. I rather liked some of the objects lighted differently but then it seems more a shy attempt at creativity that does not last the whole level so we can wonder what was the point of it ? In this middle part of the level, the strange green enemy in that small room pushed Lara directly into a ground hole with a secret in it. Given the lack of space to deal with that enemy it was more obvious to proceed farther than killing him so the encounter with the giant spiders later on was a non event as they did not attack Lara. Too many different objects and enemies do not make your level works better. In the end of the level , bigger rooms with a slightly more entertaining gameplay with jumps and traps. Lighting is weak or sometimes absent, there are thin walls , wrong sfx (probably caused by the presence of the underwater door), no difference of atmosphere between indoor and outdoor areas , the keys are named 'load', and secrets are not hidden. But (even with too many ladders , crawlspaces, boring demigods and repetitiveness in general for me) this is so far the builder's level with the more amount of gameplay." - eRIC (21-May-2019)
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