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Author(s): Reggie
total rating:7.58 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 7 7 8 9
DJ Full 6 8 8 8
Gerty 6 7 6 6
Jason L 7 5 6 5
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jorge22 8 7 9 10
Jose 6 7 8 10
manarch2 4 7 5 7
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 9
Phil 8 8 9 8
Ryan 7 8 8 9
Sethian 8 8 9 10
the_legend 9 7 8 8
category averages
(13 reviews)
7.00 7.23 7.77 8.31

Reviewer's comments

"This is a first level by Tom and you roam around in a huge almost empty mansion. After running around for a while I got the feeling that this hasn’t been tested or he didn’t listen to his testers. Some invisible blocks were there for Lara to bump into. Some indication when Lara did something would be nice, so you have inkling what was going on as most of the time I had no idea. Then there was that overload of weapons and nothing to really shoot. Textures and lighting could be a tad better as well as the collision of objects. Talking about objects. I had some seriously lagging going on when the object of sunrays was used and in the room where you found the shovel. A bit strange also is when Lara used the shovel she throws it away but it still is in her inventory (which is wise as she needs it more than once)." - Gerty (17-Jun-2019)

"Gameplay: A really nicely planned and good riddle. A lot of detail was put into it. It took me a while to solve which gives a good amount of playtime. I liked the modified layout of the manor which had a renovated upstairs. Objects & Secrets: I liked the additions to the classic WADs such as the shovel and the tree stone, there was also a shootable statue and hidden crawlspaces. An item was hidden in a bush which I thought was quite funny. A couple of items though were out of scale, such as the desk and the bookshelves. There was a small collision issue with the front door where the right half couldn't be walked through. Atmosphere, sound, cameras: Overall I thought this was pretty good, there were enviroment sounds such as birds, as well as water sounds or fire sounds. It seems that the sound has been missing from the stereo in the manor though. Lightning & Textures: I really liked the textures, they are really detailed and of high quality. You could tell a lot of them were made specifically for the level. The lighting overall was ok, I however noticed near the piano that it seem to come from the ceiling instead of the window." - the_legend (13-Jun-2019)

"I never liked Lara's home levels, but it's only my taste. This time, even when there are new rooms and the texturization is very good, it's basically the same: a mansion level. Even more, and despite of the texture hints, it's not easy to know where to use the shovel, and the phantom walls were never a good feature for me. On the other hand, the level has a very good look, well ornated and lightened; there are not difficult tasks and sometimes I found shortcuts to save time; even the more than one way to finish is to be thankful. But as I said, no more than another mansion level not very entertaining. Anyway we all have to value the effort of this author. We'll see the next parts of this adventure." - Jose (07-Jun-2019)

"Certainly one of the better House levels,this is somewhat longer than most (it generally utilises areas outside or beneath the building itself);and incorporates generally well-judged gameplay. Nonetheless,the textural indications of what is diggable or not are fairly vague;and you can easily end up on the top of walls when you're not supposed to. Against that,it must be said that the 'wall run-up' was actually rather fun;the lever puzzle,creative;the accompanying animation to the crowbar was entertaining;and the garden area,pleasing. Best of all was the 'Crystal Maze' Timed Run;and the Hang Glider sequence. Lighting was vibrant and colourful;while having the textures in HD gave it a gloss unlike that found in most other levels of this theme. Objects and secrets were creatively placed;and the level is overall a relaxing and entertaining excursion inside a familiar location." - Orbit Dream (04-Jun-2019)

"I know it's only Lara's mansion, but I actually quite enjoyed this little journey through it. The gameplay is admittedly mostly nothing we haven't seen before (although with the addition of a couple of nifty puzzles and wall jump movements to somewhat extend it), but it surprisingly manages to be rather entertaining and makes the time spent here worthwhile. The high definition textures and lighting also definitely work in favour of the looks department and this version looks very attractive indeed. The various animations are neatly done, and while it may be better to wait for the full version of the game to be released (if it eventually does), it does serve its purpose of introducing you to what you could expect in the future." - Ryan (04-Jun-2019)

"This is quite a well-done maiden effort. We have the same Lara's home that we've encountered many times in the past, but the upfitting has been vastly improved and we don't spend much time inside anyway. The gameplay can get a bit obscure at times, which is why I needed DoggettTV's video walk to guide me along as I prepared a written walk. There are no enemies you can shoot, so I assume that the scads of weapons and ammo you acquire along the way are intended for use in future levels. And while we're on the subject, I suggest that the builder dispense with the use of funky names for the weapons and other pickups. I do just fine with shotguns and medipacks, thank you. There are two secrets in this level, but I saw little sense for the second one. You have to use unorthodox means just to get there, its acquisition is anticlimactic, you don't pick up anything and I didn't check to see if anything was added to my inventory. With TombTitan's tip in the trophy thread I used the hang glider, got the second secret and finished the level on the motorbike without having to save and reload. A nice effort, not at all typical of a "house level." Recommended." - Phil (03-Jun-2019)

"Definition of this manor level is very HD (leaves look good, bricks look bad) and usually highly custom, but in a way which doesn't make objects feel out of place. What I appreciated the most is probably the best manor shortcut I've seen, leading back to the main hall after the garden part is solved. That garden addition is really neat on its own, but it only lasts for few minutes which simply isn't enough when 80% of the map is the same as always. Also too bad the execution very often lacks basic testing - you can notice wrong audio triggers, some missing sounds and sometimes you can't tell an intended parkour from a wall which will lead you out of bounds. So in the long run this level cannot really defend itself compared to master manor levels, and so far it's optional only, so let's just call it a beta and take the real attempt in the upcoming full version." - DJ Full (02-Jun-2019)

"A house level with nice (custom) object and texture placement, but frankly spoken I don't quite see why this level has put some reviewers in awe like this. The architecture is more or less copied from the TR 2/3 version, even more simplistic at times with less rooms to visit inside the manor, and the gameplay also never gets exciting. Okay there is a decent lever puzzle and some more gameplay around the cistern part (including decent usage of the wall jump move), but else than that it's little more than you can expect from some standard home level. The textures are well chosen and give this level a more unique look and feel, but they are not always well applied - there are several streched and squeezed wall segments and brick textures not matching their neighbours. Minor cracks in the lighting are also noticable, as well as unrealistic usage of lighting (especially outside) or very bland areas, but still it manages to feel quite solid most of the time - as well as the texturing. I just wished there were less occasions where you see the end of the world, especially because of the wall jump, but also because towards the end of the level, the builder has apparently done things in a rush - otherwise the existence of the wall glider is not explainable as well as the option to walk at the edge of the map at the final street area, let alone the shortcuts - e.g. I never found that "combat simulator" the builder has promised. All in all it would've been a welcome addition to a level(-set) with some actually new design, just like the manor levels have been to the original TR games, but as a standalone there's not enough happening here to justify the "episode 1" of the title. Found two secrets in 20 minutes." - manarch2 (30-May-2019)

"This is a most handsome version of Lara’s mansion and pleasant to explore. You can practise her new wall climb moves on the assault course if you wish or just wing it and use them as and when required. There are some good animations during the level and it was fun to use the crowbar to demolish brick walls. The gameplay is fairly straightforward but entertaining and, despite finding a generous supply of fire power, no enemies turned up, but then this is obviously intended to be the first part of a series. I shall certainly be interested to see how it progresses as this has real promise and the world beyond the mansion gates looks beautiful." - Jay (29-May-2019)

"A home level. There, I said the obvious. No enemies (unless you consider the mice and the bats), much exploration (not always very fair) and a few different endings, namely the one with the glider (no problems, you can get back inside and get your stuff from the armoury plus the bike and get out again into the distance. I really liked the textures/architecture and the lighting. The moves that one's not so used to, well, one really has to realize they're there but after that it's easy. Finely balanced in general, I thought. Hence, I'll be waiting for the rest (hoping there actually is a continuation)." - Jorge22 (26-May-2019)

"Despite some fleshed-out new areas to explore with a few solid puzzles and multiple different gameplay approaches to creatively conclude the level proper with Lara's more expanded moveset(complimented by some high-quality texturing, lighting, object placement, ambiance choices and charming little environmental easter eggs), this is still the Core Design manor map at its core(no pun intended). And as such, I feel the strength of this release could have been bolstered further if there was at least one more map, to demonstrate more of the builder's own unique vision. But regardless, this was a very impressive debut and I look forward to the next episode. Keep it up Tom!" - Ceamonks890 (25-May-2019)

"This is a beautiful take on Lara's home with some twists. Often I'd approach a room expecting an updated TR3 interpretation only to smile at something new in place. Textures are detailed and colourful with some stunning paintings. Lighting is rich and mood evoking. A great wonder round this updated mansion." - Sethian (25-May-2019)

"Very colourful level where we play in Lara's manor. First thing I noticed is the strong lighting everywhere, which I found kinda akward. Also, not really a fan of realistic textures in TRLE... they look good tho. The gameplay was fun, I loved the part jumping around Croft Manor roof and then descending with the hang-glider. Btw, in this game we found some cool weapons, but there's no enemies!!! The author definitely has potential, this level was like a preview of what's he/she's capable of. I'll wait for his next project. Keep it up!" - Jason L (24-May-2019)
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