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Author(s): Franky
total rating:7.07 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 6 9 5 5
eRIC 8 10 7 8
Jorge22 7 7 7 8
Jose 7 8 7 8
manarch2 6 6 7 6
Phil 7 7 8 7
Ryan 7 8 6 6
category averages
(7 reviews)
6.86 7.86 6.71 6.86

Reviewer's comments

"Unfortunately I couldn't see all the fmvs in game, but hitting the "Esc" key worked ok to continue playing. Perhaps the same backgroung music for all the entire level could be repetitive, but never annoying. I missed some more cameras and CD tracks, even when they are not really necessary, and another kind of enemies too, but the level is enjoyable with all those secrets to discover and no hard tasks in a futuristic environment. I think the best level from this author. Good work!" - Jose (19-Sep-2019)

"The objects and animations are well done and sometimes very cool. The level offers some nice challenges more or less fun , generally fun once inside the alien base. for the beinning was a bit boring some of these objects are pushable and others not , and it was not fun to check if you can bounce on their top by using the slopes. Anyway after that the gameplay was mostly good. Like others i did not liked some of the musics , i replaced the most annoying one by another more atmospheric and eerie. Texturing and lighting are competently done technically speaking but lacking contrast , the level could have been more easy on the eyes but that was okay from my viewpoint. Many pickups and enemies to destroy (or not) that was fun. A level with a lot of creativity but too noisy. Although not too much in sci-fi levels , will have to check Franky's previous releases." - eRIC (02-Sep-2019)

"An interesting adventure, not really very clear at all times, the same sort of atmosphere as we already got in the previous Replicant's level and the same use of the low gravity places that I enjoyed a lot (that next-to- final huge lava room is a fine example of what you can do with it - so simple, yet so Indy Jones-adventurous that it becomes very satisfying). Is it actually true that if one doesn't do all the tasks in the robots room, then one can't go back? That would be a really bad glitch, like having no betatesting or not listening to the betatesters... Still, I liked it as a whole. Nobody can honestly say it's the same as everything else or it lacks at least some imagination. The worst of it all (and I have to jump on the bandwagon on that one) was the annoying music that never left me from the start to the end. It's really not necessary - I've stressed that countless times but it's the builders' choice to listen or not to listen after all (we don't get that choice unless we turn off the sound). Still, basically a nice ET level." - Jorge22 (25-Jun-2019)

"Another 233MB download for which 40MB or 50MB would have been quite sufficient. The bloat evidently lies in the music and FMV files. The former was so annoying to me that I turned it completely off, and the latter didn't play on my computer for some reason. Anyway, the game itself presents a fun raid that will occupy most of us for the better part of an hour. Although everything was a monotonous blue, the lighting was fine and I rarely needed to light a flare. A generous 12 secrets are provided (13, if you count one that was probably not intended to register as such), but you get nothing tangible other than a medallion and the satisfaction of the hunt. The antigravity fields are used to good advantage, especially in that lava room near the end where the player might be tempted instead to try a red-herring row of sloped pillars. Enemies are albino mutants and skeletal mutants, and the latter explode nicely when they die. Not a barn burner, but enjoyable nonetheless." - Phil (18-Jun-2019)

"The Stargate series continues, and in a manner similar to the previous Replicant adventure. Franky's latest efforts are undoubtedly his best, but I found this one, while enjoyable, to be a bit irritating in a number of aspects. Firstly, there was something extremely odd about the lighting in this level. The surroundings had this persistent blueish tint throughout the game and obscured my vision quite a bit, and I initially thought my computer had packed up. The textures were also a bit hurriedly applied, while the unrelenting audio files became incredibly annoying and overpowered a few of the other sound effects. The secret chimes in particular sounded very faint. As a result, the "alien" atmosphere was a bit spoiled. Talking of secrets, I somehow ended up with 14 out of 12 secrets, instead of 12 or even the 13 mentioned in the walkthrough, so something was a bit off there. On the upside, the object and enemy choices are great, and it does have a more enjoyable flow than before. It just might be a bit too aggravating to enjoy fully." - Ryan (18-Jun-2019)

"-1 point for a secret you need to finish the game, even if it's a mystery why that Zpm was registered as one as the others around it aren't. Otherwise, this is what you can expect from this builder, but even slightly more sophisticated in his idiosyncratic style. I kinda liked the very heavily blue atmosphere in this level. Even if the lighting is way too oppressive and actually bland, it is quite consistent and is believable enough. The outside area with the stargate was atmospheric, as was the factory part. The looping sound was not a very nice idea though, but it was at least nice the first time around. Textures also tend to be wallpapered at times, but more often than in his first efforts they are better applied. This time, there are thankfully less pushable puzzles to absolve and more jumping parts with reduced gravity, as well as a few lasers and machines and mildly challenging jump sequences. There are obscure parts, but I would not call any unfair because the texture hints are used consistently. Overall another better level from Franky, being on par with his previous. Finished in 30 minutes." - manarch2 (15-Jun-2019)

"OMG Franky, why do you keep doing this - it's another extraordinary level ruined, and whoever had the idea to tint it all with blue and put the music on loop should be fired from your team because it's impossible to play it all without getting tired. And then I had to replay everything because of the major softlock I hit in the beginning but only discovered in the end - you have to do the room behind the R2D2 belt early enough or it won't open later (how many betatesters does it take to kill such issues?). Aside of that entire gameplay is copypasted from previous episodes: hi-tech rooms with switches, mazy corridors with pushblocks (please less of these, please please please), and of course anti-gravity pads and shootable boulders, both of which are Franky's signatures and probably the most enjoyable features of this series. Overall unique style so next time I beg you, take more care before you release, because it's really saddening to see how you're one of builders who could easily hit the top yet you can't get there because you keep doing things wrong..." - DJ Full (13-Jun-2019)
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