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Author(s): Opaque79
total rating:7.18 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 7 6 7 8
DJ Full 8 8 9 8
Drakan 7 7 7 8
eRIC 5 5 7 7
Jay 7 7 8 8
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 8 8 9
Jose 7 8 8 9
manarch2 4 5 5 6
Mehrbod 6 7 8 7
Nomad 6 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 6 7 7 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 7 7 8 9
Wolf7 6 5 7 7
category averages
(14 reviews)
6.57 6.79 7.50 7.86

Reviewer's comments

"Here we have a nostalgic return visit to the Lost Valley of TR1, complete with its theme music. It's a bit short at 30 minutes, but it provides an entertaining raid that's suitable for beginning players. There are no flare pickups, which made me a bit nervous while navigating some of the darker areas, but I resisted the urge to manufacture more and made it through to the end with no trouble. I didn't have to deal with the T-Rex to finish the game, because he was stomping about in place on the other side of the valley and couldn't be bothered to come after me. José has given us a walkthrough that documents the two secrets, both of which require side trips off the beaten track to find. Like Osvaldo, Opaque79 is a competent builder who never fails to give us a fun level to play." - Phil (22-Jun-2019)

"A pretty enjoyable TR1 Peru-ish adventure. Nice to see the classic textures back, although the use of NG textures wasn't a bad idea after all! I wish the game consisted of more epic moments, soundtracks, etc. , which could bring game to life. Some environments didn't have proper lighting. Thanks!" - Mehrbod (21-Jun-2019)

"Pretty short level with some not very disturbing enemies. The meeting with the trex at the end was simple, I let him live, the poor was stuck under a rock. The set is relatively well textured and light and quite simple." - Drakan (20-Jun-2019)

"As a sort of homage to TR1's The Lost Valley,this generally does the trick.You search everywhere (keep an eye out for openings in valley walls) in order to find three cog wheels and a couple of keys. Boulders are used entertainingly; there are a few interesting climbing sequences to accomplish;and a very obvious torch puzzle.The various dinosaurs are generally easy to dispatch (the big T-Rex has its movements hampered by the environment);but the exploration element of the game is well handled,with some pleasantly crafted geological features.Textures and Lighting are well up to standard;and altogether this is a decent 35 minute exploration level." - Orbit Dream (20-Jun-2019)

"I found this rather appealing. It’s short, very straightforward and easily accomplished, but it’s also atmospheric, nicely made and high on nostalgia factor. Raptors and compys lend the title its credibility, plus a T-rex at the end – rather tougher than usual and takes some getting rid of. Good coffee break raiding and accessible to all." - Jay (19-Jun-2019)

"This level is totally amazing, there are raptors to shoot and amazing level design. Great Job Opaque." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (17-Jun-2019)

"This level gives the feeling of exploration quite nicely, cave systems and the twilight-lit outside areas are well designed and the general atmosphere is tr1-ish and romantic, which means beautiful. Gameplay is okay but too short, with the map being small though it feels big at first sight. This would be okay if this was the first level of a series but in this state it only provides entertainment for half an hour max. Anyway, recommended. An apt level for beginners as well." - Nomad (17-Jun-2019)

"Even when there are not great puzzles, I like the style from this builder and his levels are always nice to play for me. This time the level will remind you to "The Lost Valley" (TR1). The architecture and texturization are OK, there are no hard tasks and not excessive backtracking too; the secrets are not hard to find and you'll find enough pickups to finish without problems. I only found odd the behavior of the T-Rex near the end. Good job! Recommended." - Jose (15-Jun-2019)

"A level that is too short to have a higher rating, it is a bit easy too. I like the room with with several boulders also after that retrieving the two first cogs. But the rest of the level is not enough eventful, despite the T-Rex appearance. And half of the raptors were stuck somewhere. Good setting and pleasant lighting. In the end, a level that disappoints when compared to other levels by Opaque." - eRIC (15-Jun-2019)

"This is probably another prologue level which would feel much better if the author waited to release it with the second part, and it's even more important now than back then in Greece since the quality of visuals is again reinforced by complementary shading just like in the Quest for the Golden Armor level - in short, there is much more immersion to lose when splitting a good game than when splitting a rather good one... Anyway this is at least as solid as Forbidden Jungle, I only wish it had more life variety because it falls short even compared to other jungle levels of the same author. Waiting for the conclusion and yes, recommended." - DJ Full (14-Jun-2019)

"As tends to be expected from Opaque79's levels, the atmosphere is top notch(with great use of ambiance, lighting and texturing throughout). Gameplay and level design may be a tad basic, but in spite of that, the environments manage to retain a level of charm to them which make for an enjoyable experience all-round, in spite of the very short length. In saying all that however, this release could have done with more enemy and object variety to spice things up. And while the T-Rex encounter at the end was no doubt intended to be intimidating, he got stuck on steep ground whilst I was taking cheap potshots at him from a safe spot(continuously roaring at dead air long after being 'killed', as I made for the exit and concluded the level proper). But overall, a nice relaxing level to play when you're not wanting to be challenged and an excellent introduction to newcomers wanting to get more into what the community has to offer." - Ceamonks890 (13-Jun-2019)

"I thought that this brief morsel recreated the TR1 atmosphere rather nicely, in my opinion. The use of the original Tomb Raider music was used quite evocatively and the environments and textures are well up to standard, while you undoubtedly meet up with your fair share of dinos, both big and small (well, big and medium anyway, as those tiny critters seemed to be noticeably absent). Progression is as a whole fairly simple and linear (although nonetheless enjoyable), spiced up by numerous boulder traps, a quick torch sequence and a T-Rex boss battle (using the cheaty method won't work here, you have to actually pound bullets into it, not to kill it but to essentially wear it out). The only thing it could have done with is a bit more sprucing up in places, as it was rather a brief raid overall and ended abruptly. Nice enough for what it is though, and a solid, nostalgic raid." - Ryan (13-Jun-2019)

"The builder knows what he's doing, but this is actually the largest gripe I have with this game as it is sadly so mediocre and pointless that I do not understand why the builder released it at all. Maybe just as a sign "I'm still there, don't forget me"? The looks are solid, with decent texturing and realistic lighting (which is fairly dark at times), architecture being half-copied from TR 1's Lost Valley and a few aptly placed custom objects. The gameplay is extremely basic, including a torch puzzle which consists of finding a torch, finding the lit fire and lighting three other torches in the same room, or using a key to open a door to a lever opening a door, also in the same room... superfluous tasks if you ask me that should only prolong the, by the way extremely short, play time at less than 15 minutes. It is a game lacking inspiration and creativity at the core, and therefore not recommended. Found two not well hidden secrets." - manarch2 (11-Jun-2019)

"I'm not gonna lie, I did not like this level, though Opaque 79 has potential, he had shown it in levels like forbidden jungle, the quest for the golden armour and even the surprisingly good Jurassic Jungle. Let's talk about gameplay, it is basically exploring, but there are three quite neat moments involving rolling balls. Enemies, yup there were, secrets, yup but fairly easy, objects? Not that much, some rooms felt incredibly empty and honestly I think Opaque79 could do far better. Atmosphere? It was average, I felt though something was missing, as proved in most of his games, atmosphere is pretty good. Lighting felt a little pale, though I can recall some good examples of lighting used pretty well, especially for water reflexes. Texturing is the best part of the game, as a trade of Opaque's. I really struggle writing this, as I think I am going too far, but I know Opaque can do far better than this. Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (11-Jun-2019)
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