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Author(s): Dino
total rating:9.78 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
DJ Full 9 10 10 9
Jay 10 10 10 10
Jorge22 10 10 10 10
manarch2 9 8 9 10
McRaider 9 10 10 10
Ryan 10 10 10 10
Tolle87 10 10 10 10
Zuxuna 10 10 10 10
category averages
(8 reviews)
9.63 9.75 9.88 9.88

Reviewer's comments

"A really great game in any regard, especially strong on the visual side with excellent texturing and lighting, but also with very good gameplay and a nice storyline. One thing I still do not understand is that why any decent builder still uses this jerky running animation that does little else than making even the simplest of jumps annoying (this time mildly, but still...). As I always do it, this means one point less in the second category. Else than that I have very little to complain about, this whole work is very professional in its outcome, with fluent, never tedious gameplay that even makes a (small) mind challenge in simple climbing exercises because you have to think about where to go next instead of the correct path being in plain sight. For example, I really enjoyed the usage of the quad bike and the leisure pace of exploration and platforming. There are only few other puzzles (more in their original meaning) to solve, e.g. the spike puzzle, perhaps a few more of them might've rounded the thing up some more. Perhaps the monkey story could've been even more integrated in the game else than placing a few monkeys you must not kill, a few twists to that would work like a charm. Else than that, while the surroundings are highly atmospheric and quite beautiful, I felt like some of the supposedly natural rock structures in this level did feel a bit too artificial, but that is a minor complaint as the reasons were almost always gameplay relevant and functionality of surroundings is not the worst thing in custom levels. Three nicely hidden secrets are also spicing things up some more before everything concludes in a really good boss fight. Overall these 55 minutes I spent here are highly recommended, of course." - manarch2 (19-Jul-2019)

"This is on par with the best Khmer levels we got in the pack five years ago, and sometimes pushes it even beyond. A little bit too "roomy" - there are just two locations which can be considered landscapes - and sometimes the colors are just too intense so you need to pay close attention in order to notice the path, especially in the rocky and watery fragments. There are three major gameplay issues: 1) the quad puzzle may stop 50% of beginner players and there's a chance to even lose the vehicle before you figure out where to use it, 2) the quest for Buddhas looks like free path choice but in fact one part requires a pickup from another which, if missed, will force a long way back without a clue where to look for it (whatever looks non-linear, should stay non-linear). Despite of those hiccups the game was something remarkable so if I see it fixed I'll raise the score as always. Highly recommended to play this one and also use it as an excuse to recheck the wonderful Khmer competition from 2014." - DJ Full (18-Jul-2019)

"I can't remember when was the last time (if ever) that I saw such a mixture of wonderful visuals and pure cleverness. So many breathtaking areas with imaginative tasks, not to mention Winston&monkeys comedic elements. I won't mention particular moments or puzzles here, you just have to play through this. Btw I managed to find the alternate way for "Spike courtyard, bridge repair" area (which I actually find more logical than the official one), so Dino can contact me if he is interested to check/fix it. I keep finding these everywhere, I just can't kill beta-tester in myself. Anyway, Hall of Fame potential for sure, thank you Dino for this wonderful experience!" - Tolle87 (16-Jul-2019)

"As far as it goes, this is by all means excellent. I loved the carefully applied textures, the adapted Angkor Wat grandiose architecture plus the general atmosphere, which includes the cinematic music and sounds, and I even liked the short movie sequences (poor Winston!). True, things can get pretty confusing along the way as it's a sort of a semi-open universe with plenty of clever ideas, but if I got lost numerous times, I can't actually blame it on the builder, not this time, because Dino quite simply created a level in which every little detail counts and the path isn't usually obvious. Clever game, then. Nothing was boring or deja vu, the quad bike got to be used very interestingly etc. etc. In the end, I didn't exactly realize I had 20-something seconds to shoot the eyes, saved and ended up with only 5 seconds to destry the boss - thrilling! And doable. Looking back, I liked it all and I don't think it was too tough except for the fact that I made it so. Clearly recommended." - Jorge22 (11-Jul-2019)

"This is a well planned and brilliantly executed idea right from the amusing first scene of Lara locking Winston in the deep freeze and whizzing off on an adventure without remembering to let him out again. The action revolves around finding three gold Buddha statues and there are some highly entertaining tasks involved to achieve this end. Tigers, crocodiles and grenade throwing baddies are available as enemies – just be careful you know what you’re aiming at as the monkeys are everywhere. I only found two of the (banana) secrets, but otherwise found the game to be logical and only had to rush to the stuck threads at one point. The boss ending took a while to get through, but generally speaking the traps and timed elements aren’t too onerous. Great fun and highly recommended." - Jay (08-Jul-2019)

"What an absolutely cracking raid and a welcome return from a builder from a while ago. Everything here is so professionally done and I loved it from start to finish. The (Cambodian?) settings are exquisite and lovingly constructed, the steamy jungle atmosphere is convincingly created, and it's just plain fun from start to finish. I only got stuck a couple of times, but that was more due to me missing things in my surroundings than anything else. It's difficult for me to pick a highlight in the game, but the torch puzzle was inspiring, the timed runs brisk and engaging and the spike/block puzzle at the end was ingenious. The final boss battle was also eventful and incredibly challenging, as the giant head seemed more hacked off with Lara than usual. If you haven't already guessed - this is a must play." - Ryan (06-Jul-2019)

"A delightful adventure with incredible atmosphere . Attention to detail really shows here and the dedication of the builder to keep up with the project through the years was really worth it . Lighting and textures are gorgeous, every corner you look there is a new beautiful area to look at . Great selection of not too easy/not too hard puzzles . I really love the playful/comedic approach with the monkeys . I really didn't want it to end . Recommended to all Tomb Raider lovers . Well done Dino, thank you for the wonderful experience ." - Zuxuna (05-Jul-2019)

"Very good level with excellent atmosphere, textures, well- used objects and tasks with a creative design. It is worth playing as it is quite entertaining therefore,recommended. Good job Dino!" - McRaider (04-Jul-2019)
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