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Author(s): Osvaldo
total rating:5.90 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 6 8 6 6
Jorge22 7 7 7 7
Jose 5 6 6 7
manarch2 4 4 3 3
Nomad 5 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 3 6 4 5
Phil 7 7 7 7
Ryan 5 6 7 6
Torry 4 7 9 9
Treeble 6 6 6 6
category averages
(10 reviews)
5.20 6.20 6.10 6.10

Reviewer's comments

"This level has unfortunately the same cons that many other base levels share. Namely, empty and boxy rooms, typically full of boxes too (natural I guess but still), samey looking areas, and overuse of high tech traps. The only real gameplay here is the manuevers you need to find out in order to correctly avoid the deadly laser traps. And to do so is harder than it looks at least for me it was especially because they are barely visible. It is also kind of fun, but I got tired of them in the penultimate room because I just did a very similar stuff in the room before it and now I have to do it again and also again when I am turning back. Another thing I liked was when the door closing behind me shut off the laser trap because now there was a solid object blocking the path of the laser. Secrets were very easy to spot and very necessary to find so you can survive the lasers. Anyway overall, this level is not bad, but it doesn't rise above the typical base levels and doesn't have enough variety of tasks in the gameplay. I know there are many people who doesn't like base levels, and if you are one of them your opinion will probably not change with playing this. Those who are okay with them may enjoy it though so give it a shot." - Nomad (13-Apr-2020)

"Remember that timeless scene from the "Entrapment" movie, back in the nineties (god, we're old)? Now, imagine it on steroids, with twice as many lasers which might not even be as wide as one single pixel and, as such, nearly impossible to spot. That's what you get here. All said and done, it's a rather ordinary military facility romp: you open a door, rush in, kill the enemies in the area, rinse and repeat, but with the added bonus of one too many laser traps as described above in your path. You might be happily jogging along and the next thing you see is Lara tumbling dead onto the floor, then you realize just what killed her. The author was kind enough to include a spoilery help image within the download, so when I got to that specific room I already knew how to get across, but still my death count towards the end must have been well over 20+. Lighting is also rather flat throughout most of the level. 30 minutes, 4 secrets. 01/20" - Treeble (05-Jan-2020)

"This is a fairly pedestrian romp through Area 51 from Tomb Raider 3 and really has little to offer in the way of game play. There are far too many lasers in use and it became frustrating as hell in one section so if the aim was to pee off the player then job achieved. Found four secrets in 50 minutes. Graphics were generally good." - Torry (02-Oct-2019)

"Well, I'm not going to rate Area - 2 with twos in spite of the very thin, almost invisible lasers overdose. I guess this is the kind of level you'd expect from Osvaldo at this point even though not the best in the bunch. It's a base- lab-shoot-them-all kind of level with a basic TR3 feeling. There really isn't much more to add, so maybe I'm even being too generous but it was ok and I've grown somewhat fond of Osvaldo's quick experiments..." - Jorge22 (17-Aug-2019)

"Not very funny this level, always forcing the view to discover excessive fine lasers. And this is the only purpose in this level; no puzzles to solve, some enemies to shoot and some moving lasers to avoid. At least there is enough ammo for the desert eagle, the rooms are well textured and the secrets are easy to find. Well playable but don't expect great features or great ideas." - Jose (07-Aug-2019)

"As 'corridor Base' levels go,they don't get much more archetypal than this.Run;shoot;jump;activate something.The only difference is that the builder chooses to increase the laser-trap quotient in the latter part of the level - but,if this was an attempt to provide a puzzle element to the gameplay,it doesn't really work;as the traps are annoying and frustrating rather than actually clever. Nonetheless,it's all rather linear and incident filled;and there are enough pick-ups provided to allow you to get through without breaking much of a sweat. The enemies are copious,but not particularly bright (they seem more concerned with running around in small circles,than actually doing their job confronting intruders);while the lighting is bland and the textures are never more than adequate. It'll keep you occupied for around 45 minutes;but it's not especially fun." - Orbit Dream (06-Aug-2019)

"The builder enjoys releasing both lukewarm and decent levels in sequence, and this is one of his worst offerings until now. This level has absolutely no sense of place with just a series of base type rooms being placed one after another with no variation at all. Texturing is repetitive, wallpapered and there are mistakes whenever there is not a square tile, the lighting is almost nonexistant, enemy attacks are quite predictable (always when you enter a room or pick up a quest item) and most of the time this game is a blatant shooter. The gameplay is very unexciting most of the time, only the few laser exercises provide a bit of a challenge, well the last one was fairly tedious, but agreeably there are a few where you have to stop and think before going on. The four secrets were rewarding, but all of them are hidden in the exact same way. I really don't know what pushes the builder so hard to release as many levels as possible (even if he didn't release anything for half a year, this game still feels uttermost rushed and careless)... perhaps this mayhem ends when he becomes the builder with the most releases. If so, there are at least nine more for us players to enjoy/endure. The latter will be entirely random." - manarch2 (05-Aug-2019)

"I'd started to wonder about Osvaldo, as it had been nearly three full months since his last release, but I have to say that this is pretty ordinary even by Osvaldo's generally high standards. After having basically given up on TR3 levels, I fiddled around with the setup panel this time and found a setting that displayed the graphics properly on my screen. Joy, joy. The raid that followed was fun enough but somehow devoid of any real excitement. Even though I was writing a walkthrough while playing, my game clock registered a bit less than 50 minutes when I was through. Everything is well lighted, however, and I never once even thought about lighting a flare. There are four secrets that are about impossible to miss if you're playing with your eyes open. There seemed to be an overabundance of guards and military police, but you get the desert eagle early and each ammo pickup provides a generous 10 rounds. The most difficult areas were near the end, with all those trip wires that I was unable to navigate without taking at least some damage. I would commend this level to new players trying to hone their skills, because the more experienced raiders are apt to find this adventure a bit on the easy side." - Phil (03-Aug-2019)

"Another (rather brief) offering from this builder, but unfortunately I didn't have as enjoyable a time here as I did in a few of Osvaldo's "upper tier" levels. It's not bad as far as it goes, but the excitement factor is a bit lacking because of the repetitive bland corridors and predictable (and often numerous) guard attacks, as well as the absence of any real puzzles. I also found that the laser traps were placed in a manner that proved quite aggravating to get past without losing a lot of Lara's health. The textures and general architecture also seemed quite unimpressive, despite the nostalgic audio files spicing up the atmosphere side of things somewhat. At the end of the day, probably only really for diehard shooter (or TR3) fans." - Ryan (03-Aug-2019)

"TR3 base level that appears to be simplistic at first and gradually becomes more challenging. The setting is functionnal so if you don't mind that you can concentrate on the tasks proposed. The level isn't very long and it is a good thing as the gameplay in the end is a bit intense, the laser traps and especially the deadly wires are everywhere, and we have to pass/outsmart that , in some case you need to observe and think of a strategy. I really wished the deadly wires to be more visible , so be warned to be on your toes and observe in the last stages of the level when you enter a new room. A good dose of enemies but not overdone and you get enough medipacks and weaponry obtained by going to the secrets that are not hard to find but with a bit of gameplay as well. I have liked to the see the whales in one of the secret rooms and the prisonners that help you in a couple of places. Aside from the deadly wires not visible enough i'd wish also to not hear the alarm sound. The gameplay is essentially based on these traps , lasers and wires , but as the level is not long i suppose it is okay and Osvaldo has well mastered the whole thing. Take it as a short raid with a challenge, not overly difficult." - eRIC (02-Aug-2019)
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