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Author(s): Franky
total rating:7.32 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 7 8 7 8
Jorge22 8 8 8 7
Jose 7 8 9 8
manarch2 6 6 6 6
Phil 8 8 8 8
Ryan 8 8 8 7
Torry 4 6 7 8
category averages
(7 reviews)
6.86 7.43 7.57 7.43

Reviewer's comments

"If you've played the previous level from this author you can suppose what to find here. I am still not agree with the unmarked climbable ladders or the phantom walls, and there's a hard battle near the end with all those "gladiators", but the level is well playable and not very hard. I missed some puzzles and perhaps there are too many enemies, but plenty of ammo for the revolver to avoid problems. It notices an effort to create atmosphere with all those fmvs, but unfortunately in my PC only could watch one of them, when entering the big spaceship. If you like the alien levels take a try with this one." - Jose (26-Dec-2019)

"I spent quite a bit of time running around aimlessly in this level until I got the hang of the authors certain penchants but once I had it became too predictable. I did not like the unmarked climables and unmarked ceiling tiles for ledges and questionable shatter objects. The aliens themselves were nicely done and the story line not so shabby. All fmv's played but quality was quite shabby. I half expected Colonel Croft to meet up with Colonel Carter but alas it was not to be. The finale was a let down though. Found the Nuke but didn't get to use it. So what was the point?" - Torry (27-Oct-2019)

"This is quite the usual stuff you'd expect from the builder, but I think that it is too much like the previous levels and there is a need of change. I liked the scene with the sentry guns and parts of the jumps in the large "city", but the unmarked ladders are not a very nice idea here. All other things like walkthrough walls and the like are clearly indicated but some of those ladders are quite obscure. Still the rest of the level is entertaining enough, but much of the same you have seen from this builder many times before. Enemies are well used in general, but many just appear out of thin air. The secrets are well hidden though and objects are quite nice too. The atmosphere is quite okay, sometimes slightly marred by the lack of care for the end of the world and some unfitting sound choices. The texturing is expressive and especially in the end it is very interesting how moving textures make you feel like in a starship; of course there are a lot of mistakes and even missing textures and the lighting is also not so good in the outside area, but still the builder manages to refine his unique style with this very unorthodox design. Overall a fancy level that really could have been better at times but still has its moments. 30 minutes." - manarch2 (12-Oct-2019)

"Another level in the continuing saga and Franky seems to have established a singularly recognisable style for himself, much like Lukasz Croft did - while his levels aren't masterpieces, they do nonetheless provide no-frills, entertaining gameplay. Admittedly I wasn't that excited about his earlier works, but he does seem to be evolving and this is definitely among his better offerings. Everything jogs along quite nicely with only the occasional bit of backtracking and there's also the familiar addition of the anti-gravity tiles, laser traps and various custom objects to spice things up. Nothing complicated to accomplish, but enjoyable enough. The textures could have done with a bit of refining as they were a bit repetitive and tiring on the eyes, while the music was overpowering at points, although the files were fitting and the addition of the FMVs kept my score at an 8." - Ryan (21-Sep-2019)

"Here we have another example of download bloat, undoubtedly caused by the several FMV segments that wouldn't play on my computer. I learned that my default setting is "FMV off," but when I switched it to "FMV on," all I got was a black screen. Moreover, the scenes displayed on DoggettTV's online video walk didn't add much if anything to my understanding or enjoyment of the level. My favorite part was that outdoor alien city, which I felt was original and quite well done. The nine secrets for the most part were not hard to find, but on most occasions all you got for your efforts was a junior lasersight. The builder's trademark antigravity were used to good advantage, although toward the end I felt they were perhaps a bit overdone. Plenty of high-powered ammunition was provided to deal with the copious enemies, and I loved blowing up those mutant robots with a single revolver round. A fun raid of the outer space variety." - Phil (21-Sep-2019)

"What did I get a couple of nuclear bombs for? Guess I'll never know... Anyway, here's a new level in Franky's alien saga and I think he keeps evolving while maintaining his own personal style. Colourful and action-packed, with that lovely brand mark of using low gravity spots. This time, the map looks rather large and the action seems quite varied within its own boundaries. Is it excellent? Not exactly. Is it spotless? Not exactly. Does that mean it's faulty? Not really. It's quite entertaining and unique and I therefore recommend it." - Jorge22 (16-Sep-2019)

"A new episode of Lara and the Stargate inspired series. There is some specifics we get to discern in this level : the white tiles with a grey circle indicate something that is possible to be done here at some point , for a secret or for regular gameplay. Also the white walls in the vast area are sometimes climbable , and alas sometimes not. There is some novelty in this level as Lara can do some specific action while using the low gravity field (it is possible to go through the ceiling trapdoor without opening it and then tou can't go back down so you will have to reload). The goal is to find the nuclear bomb , mission accomplished , but there are also 4 nuclear keys to be found to finish the level and it is possible to have less than 4 at this point as you travel through different areas by the means of teletransporters and it is not possible to go back, so the end can be missed (not so bad there is less than one minute of gameplay after placing the 4 keys). The first part of the level takes place in a big playground area , there is some exploration needed here , i quite liked the challenge of the slide/jump just after the elevator. Then the rest of the level takes place in smaller areas with some fun moments and lots of killings, mostly humans and aliens but there are stranger enemies near the end. There is also this big Head with two eyes to shoot. The setting(s) and lighting are well done , some background audios i liked : the one at the beginning and the one in the nuclear base, the others were less appealing. Bottomlime : some shortcomings in gameplay coherency and reliability but a dynamic level not quite predictable." - eRIC (16-Sep-2019)
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