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Author(s): PhryneCroft
total rating:9.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 8 9 9 9
Chel 9 10 10 10
category averages
(2 reviews)
8.50 9.50 9.50 9.50

Reviewer's comments

"A very satisfying two-part raid that successfully manages to recapture the atmosphere of TR2's Tibet with flying colours whilst utilizing the assets from that series of levels to its advantage across most design areas. However, the level design can prove problematic at times if you aren't properly paying attention to your surroundings, so having some environmental clues would have proven helpful in this respect and saved me some minor annoyance in retreading my footsteps greatly for key items I somehow missed. There's also some missing sound effects for a few of the levers and the snow leopards. But overall, still an experience well worth recommending if you're up for the challenge." - Ceamonks890 (12-Nov-2019)

"Verena has hit another home run with The Monastery of the Talion. Her second (girl's a dynamo I say!) effort took me a solid 3 hours of net game time to complete. Located all 6 secrets. There is a wonderful sense of isolation and gloom in this monastery. Books and bones litter the floors and the structure is falling into disrepair. With the exception of the occasional intrusion of the local wildlife and the remnants of Bartoli's ski-masked thugs, Lara is left to herself. This level is somewhat non-linear. There are a few items that are needed to unlock further areas that must be found before progressing, but like Barkhang's prayer wheels, this monastery contains 4 artifacts that are needed to unlock that final door and those can be picked up in different order. I became sidetracked by sightseeing and secret hunting, and my time reflects that. There's a lot to do here and my way was perhaps not the most efficient. This is worth a replay and hopefully next time I can challenge myself to scoop up all the goodies and knock it down to a 1/3 of that time. :] Puzzle hints were good. Very clever and unique. The one involving the 'eyes' I thought was really well done, as was the push puzzle that unlocked a secret door in an upper alcove. My only gripe with the puzzle logic is that there wasn't any indication of how to get that last gate open to place the 4 artifacts. It was trial and error for me. Hopefully I'm just blind or dense and overlooked it? Combat was just right, with waves of thugs making appearances at key moments instead of just randomly popping out of the woodwork. The mini-boss encounter was great! That creature scared the pants off me and no TRII monastery throwback level would be complete without him. Only other minor quibble are 'stuck slopes' which result in having to reload. If there's a glitchy spot, I will find it. Seems to be my lot in life, lol. In conclusion, phenomenal adventure. Absolutely wonderful and worth every minute of play time. Please Verena, keep building and growing your skill-set. You have a brilliant imagination and a real talent for this. It was a pleasure to tag-along in your creation for an afternoon." - Chel (11-Nov-2019)
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