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Author(s): Baslakor
total rating:9.10 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 10 8 10 10
Ceamonks890 8 9 9 9
Chel 9 9 10 8
Croftyboy 9 8 10 8
dinne 8 7 8 8
DJ Full 9 9 10 9
Drakan 10 9 8 8
eRIC 9 8 10 9
Jay 8 8 9 9
Jeffrey9946 8 8 8 9
JesseG 9 10 10 8
Jose 10 10 10 10
Klona 10 10 10 10
manarch2 8 8 8 8
MarlenaCrystal 10 8 10 10
Mman 9 10 10 9
Perceiver 10 9 10 10
Phil 9 9 9 9
Raider99 9 10 9 10
Ryan 8 8 9 8
Sabatu 10 10 10 10
Torry 10 10 10 10
category averages
(22 reviews)
9.09 8.86 9.41 9.05

Reviewer's comments

"I'm not a fan of TR1 and I really enjoyed this level, so that's already saying something. It manages to mix traditional atmosphere with fresh and creative gameplay. What I like most about baslakor's work here is the attention to detail, not only in building the level itself, but in noticing and keeping the charasteristics of TR1 using a TR4 engine. I found the difficulty really high when I was beta-testing it, but the best games are difficult; it's like spicy food, painful but good, ;) Also it has a good pace with combat action and solitary exploration in balance. I found only one secret, sadly." - Perceiver (17-May-2020)

"I was fan right away when i heard that a fellow dutch person made this <3 The idea behind it expanding on the Atlantis lore is absolute perfect! The gameplay was perfect like the classic TR1 and i really enjoyed that! Puzzles, very nice, got me stuck on it a bit with the title puzzle ahha. I have to say i got a bit confused with the scion flashbacks, but that was just me being not smart xD Enemies, objects and secrets were really well done! Missed a lot of secrets but i find the challange of finding great! The atmosphere of the level was really true to TR1, so great job on that :) So was the lightning and textures, i really loved the flares that were included <3 Thankyou for the amazing level fellow dutch guy :)" - Jeffrey9946 (25-Apr-2020)

"Here we have lots of worldbuilding (via visions that build the story up over time), puzzles, boulders, and cats. I liked the hieroglyphic floor puzzle in particular. The level is quite big, but the layout is structured well so you don't have to backtrack long distances, or scratch your head to remember where things were, unlike other entries from this competition. My one critique is that a pushable block that blends into the wall is used a bit too often for my tastes. The texturing is slightly wallpapered as well, probably due to aiming for TR1 aesthetics. An immersive level with great architecture. 1 hour 22 minutes." - JesseG (13-Mar-2020)

"Really a masterpiece this huge level with a TR1 taste; one of the best I've played lately. The architecture is impressive, the gameplay with variety of tasks, never too hard and with no much backtracking with some creative puzzles; appropriate sounds and cameras, good care with the texturization... Perhaps some sections deserves a 9, but I've really enjoyed this Egyptian and addictive adventure. Congratulations!" - Jose (16-Jan-2020)

"From the beginning 'till the end this level kept me engaged. I loved the design of it (the sphinx, the big cat, grand entrances, temples etc) and how platforming was incorporated within it! This level captured the true essence of classics with fun platforming, traps and puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, I'm unsure what was the answer to symbol room, I didn't know the right answer so it ended up being trial & error for me a bit. There are few things I didn't like like the last puzzle placement being a bit lazy, with all the fun before, there could've been a little bit more to obtain it... and mixture of different Lara sounds with varied pitch, it wasn't consistent to complete the TR1 essence this level certainly had. I wouldn't add anything else, I had a lot of fun in this level, it truly is a classic and I highly recommend it!" - Raider99 (29-Dec-2019)

"This is the only level with a TR1 theme in this year's CaC competition, and it provides a thoroughly enjoyable romp down Memory Lane for nearly two hours. You can do some things you can't do in TR1, and the flares last only for a few seconds, but you get plenty and don't really need them except in isolated places. It's a bit cramped in spots, and I found myself bumping into low walls and ceilings too often to suit me, but the gameplay is straightforward enough and the classic environs are true to the original. The music and cameras are used to good effect, especially when Lara pulls up onto a scenic vantage point. We need more like this. Recommended." - Phil (26-Dec-2019)

"What a tribute to the original game this level is. As soon as I loaded this up I knew it was going to be something special and it did not disappoint. The homage to Unfinished Business is grand. From the original Lara skin with the pointy boobs and short braided pony tail to the disabling of the crawl key, it was like going back in time 20 plus years but with better graphics. Game play was wonderful with many areas for platforming and I even managed to get through this without the aid of a walk through. The only section that had me tearing my hair out was the mini puzzle with the switches and the lowering/raising wall sections. I freely admit to being stuck there for some time before finally figuring it out. Sure I did things out of order but the level design is such that it really did not matter and you would come back to an area once the right sequence of events had been established. I did encounter one bug on the large cat building but believe that has been fixed in the more recent release. Unfortunately I found ZERO secrets but that's ok. I will find them when I play this a second time which won't be long. I absolutely loved this and cannot praise it enough." - Torry (14-Dec-2019)

"This goes for a very classic TR1 style, right down to disabling crawling and sprinting. Despite the classic theme, the design isn't too constrained by that visually, with some vast open spaces and impressive sights. Lighting has limited colour on purpose but it still has depth and captures the TR1 style very well. The only thing I found kind of odd is the lack of proper sky; it's emulating how TR1 Gold did it, but since TR4 doesn't need to fake it the result just looks odd, especially in a couple of rooms where you can nearly touch it. There's also a nice use of diary items for story (though a note the Scion was useable would be nice as it's only later I realised it was how I was supposed to work out a puzzle) and a final cutscene that tries to add to the TR1 plot.

The gameplay has a nice mix of exploration and puzzles, with a lot of relatively challenging platorming and cliff type areas along the lines of Sanctuary of the Scion. There are also multiple traps, including an interesting use of Mummies as a losing state of some puzzles; while they're obviously intended to kill you, it's a nice twist that you can potentially go against the odds to take them out and aren't just killed off right away (although there was one switch puzzle I couldn't find a solution for without trial and error, although it's pretty simple). There's also some great interlinking, with the main hub area in particular being approached from all sorts of angles and heights; there's a Palace Midas type feel to the way one or two seemingly small challenges take you on giant trips across much the map. An excellent map with only minor issues, although I'm not sure things like disabling sprint were fully necessary." - Mman (07-Dec-2019)

"It may look just like a TR1 styled level, but it is so much more than that! The areas are so beautifully built while sticking to TR1's style. One of the most excellent platforming sections and innovative puzzles in the CaC competition! What more can you ask for in a TRLE game?" - Klona (05-Dec-2019)

"The builder does a really good job in recreating the TR 1 atmosphere and bringing it to new dimensions. The level has quite diverse areas but they blend well into each other and there are some very nice views as well. Flybys and fixed cameras are quite well used here, as well as the background audio. Some audios and cameras don't seem to work as they should, and the split-second camera bug makes some opened doors hard to discover. Anyway a visually quite strong level, as the texturing is quite nice (with a few unavoidable and very few avoidable streched/squeezed ones) and the lighting is good throughout. The gameplay is cared of and that quite well, I had a very good time in this level that keeps you on your toes constantly. There are some quite lengthy platforming parts but all of them are inspired and not just tedious to do. I also liked the puzzles like the word puzzle and the raising block maze, and exploration is also very carefully designed so that you never have to run around not knowing what to do, except of the mentioned doors you have to find by yourself. The enemies are also quite well used and it is nice that you can avoid some of those with careful planning. A very satisfying level I spent 40 minutes in, with all four decently hidden secrets found." - manarch2 (01-Dec-2019)

"What a pleasant treat this was. Classic environment, puzzles and enemies. Lara's moves have been dialed back tremendously; no sprinting or crouching, though she can shimmy around corners, reverse direction mid-air and climb ladders. Pickings are slim with regards to ammunition for the shotgun and uzis, and medipacks aren't the most plentiful either. I enjoyed the use of visions from the Scion to further the plot as I progressed, and I thought the hieroglyph puzzle was nicely done. Figured that the answer had to be either Sekhmet (vicious lion-headed warrior goddess) or Bastet (cat headed goddess). Bast(et)'s temple center was the city of Bubastis, and in later years she and Sekhmet were sort of united in their identities, with Sekhmet representing the fierce desert lioness and Bast being a representation of her gentle, loving side. Much like we think of wild cats and domesticated cats. Luckily a read through the bloodied up journal found nearby clarified which name was needed right away. The platforming around the giant cat was a welcome experience. Have to say though that executing the sometimes tricky series of maneuvers using the old save system would have been a nightmare. Yay for saving at will! There were several nice touches here that evoked memories of the original game; the leap of faith to the medipack secret, the rows of menacing mummy Atlanteans, giant sandstone statues, boulder traps galore and Egyptian temple complexes. The floating temple was nicely done. It was definitely larger inside than outside! Just like that flying saucer in Area 51. Overall, I enjoyed this one. So glad that it was built using the TR4 engine and not the TR1 engine, which is becoming increasingly more of a pain to run on newer OS's and is nearly impossible to massage into functionality on the newer versions of Windows 10... Sometimes it's just nice to relax with a classic raid. No frills or fuss, just old school raiding." - Chel (30-Nov-2019)

"Very big adventure in this level type tr1. Lara can not sprint or kneel. I had to start the battle against the horsemen again because the ankh was stuck in a chest. Some levers are difficult to see because they mix with textures. That said I liked, especially the part with jumps of platform to platform. The place where we are attacked by 4 mummies is the most delicate place to manage. Recommended." - Drakan (28-Nov-2019)

"I don't get why the author looped the first notes of Tihocan theme in the finale - it draws attention away from whatever Lara's saying, and that could also be done better: I feel this time Blossom just had not enough time to polish it, so maybe next time begin with the script and build parallel with that. Of gameplay, the lever maze was just unnecessary, and the pad puzzle is confusing because I had no info the person referred was a warrior. Of course I killed all the mummies to see what happens but nothing did so there goes a missed chance for an easter egg. Visually, the floating bridge near the end could be of a bit more complex structure than plain regular, and I would suspend some blocks in the air around, since we never got Egyptian floating islands and there goes another chance missed. As for the big cat statue, I would at least put some eyes or whiskers on it. So yeah this level misses a lot of chances to become absolutely epic, but it's still one of the most defined, organized and cosiest of a kind I remember, there was not a single moment when I lost my interest in playing, and the mid-game climb can be only described as cute. I wish this platforming was a standard in custom levels." - DJ Full (26-Nov-2019)

"It has been a long time since I had so much fun exploring a classic tomb. Immersive gameplay, detailed dedication to TR1 in everything from the sound effects to the architecture, and some really fun easter eggs. Starting out small with some tricky jumps and precipitous cliffs, the level truly opens up after the first fifteen minutes, revealing a sprawling underground temple complex that dwarfs even the grandest environments in the original game. The multiple waterfalls, colorful pillars, and criss-crossing bridges and rock faces made this a treat to run, jump, and climb around. Puzzles included some wonderfully thought out clues, including the use of hieroglyphics for a memorable floor puzzle and later, far more subtly, as a way to avoid mummies. I was happy to avoid combat here, since the one downside of this level was the difficulty of the enemies and the extremely limited supply of health packs or ammo. I got through it, but there were times when I had only one medipack on me. Learning to wait for certain pickups, and plan ahead for combat (which was usually signaled by the presence of sleeping mummies or the growl of panthers around a corner) made for some combat strategizing not usually necessary in Tomb Raider. Although I would not have minded slightly easier enemies, the real problem arose from situations where there were simply too many at once which would then take ages to kill. Thankfully this was a relatively small part of the level, and toward the end the combat scenarios became slightly easier to overcome. In the course of exploration, I appreciated that doors would shut behind me: in such a big level, it was nice to have dedicated side missions where I knew I hadn't missed something back in the big cave. I appreciated little touches, like finding goodies tucked away on rooftops or the guiding cats letting me know I was heading in the right direction, which encouraged me to explore even more. I thought the pillared temple was going to be this level's main event, but I was wrong: one of the side quests leads to a gigantic cat statue that rivals TR:UB in scale, but exceeds it in terms of the traversal across the surrounding cliffs and waterfalls. I loved this room, and finally reaching the cat's head was a thrill. I would have liked to understand more about the "Scion Visions," segments of a TR1 FMV clip, since these didn't seem to have much to do with the plot. The final cutscene, following a brief floating islands style temple with an interior made by the same company as Lara's Backpack (WAY too big for its outside), was a great wrap up and revealed a nice connection between elements in TR1. I only found 2 secrets but would love to replay for more. 2 hours to complete." - Cbl (17-Nov-2019)

"An absolutely fantastic and amazing classic adventure! Even if the main atmosphere is kept simple like the original TR1, there is so much improvement with coloured lighting, which gives an outstanding atmosphere without being too intense on some colours. It's the perfect way to keep simple lighting like in TR1 or TR2, but with the subtle colours it's so much smoother and it still feels like a true classic. The huge areas were so fun to explore and there were a lot of nasty traps, that made me look careful behind every corner. The music was also well used and I was so thrilled all the time, because the tension was all around.. with sleeping mummies, that could be awake every moment or suddenly appearing and very well hidden trapdoors... Also the puzzles were interesting, like a corridor section, where levers had to be pulled to change the passageways or the huge table of hyroglyphs, where the correct letters had to be jumped to. There was also a lot of classic platforming, which was so satisfying, cause there were no unfair jumps and the gigantic rooms were so beautiful to look at. The level took me about 1 hour, but I found 0 of the 4 secrets. I think I could have get one or two at least, if I would have explored even more of the beautiful sceneries. The level even had a little storyline with short FMV sequences, a puzzle related diary and a little cutscene at the end. My only real complaint would be, that there were too many mummies at once sometimes and they were hard to defeat with the little amount of ammunition for the weapons beside the pistols. In general I would have suggested a few more pickups, either medipacks or ammunition. Highly recommended, not only for TR1 lovers!" - MarlenaCrystal (17-Nov-2019)

"I guess I will be roasted for this but this level should be a winner. This level doesn't get any more classic then it is. This is that kind of level and gameplay I prefer. Switches, keys and push blocks. The atmosphere is brilliant. It feels so nostalgic to be playing this level. I felt like when I was playing tr1 many years ago. In my opinion, that puzzle with Egypt hieroglyphs was brilliant. If you love tr1 you should play this." - Sabatu (16-Nov-2019)

"I always appreciate seeing those lovely TR1 Egypt blue and gold textures in a modern ‘cleaned up’ format. This is a good raid, with varied gameplay, including some interesting puzzles and occasionally hair raising enemy action. The panthers and crocodiles are easy enough, but the mummies can really gang up and take quite some battling. It’s non-linear and there’s a lot of exploring to do, but in such beautiful settings I didn’t find that at all onerous." - Jay (15-Nov-2019)

"Among CaC 2019 levels, I played this level first and what a right choice that was. The atmoshphere, the darkness, loneliness, eerieness... Every aspect of this level feels authentic. It's even more entertaining than TR1 Egypt levels. I also really liked the story, which deepens the TR1's and makes me wonder who were the other members, what was the battle like etc. The difficulty is rightly balanced, not too difficult, not too easy, except in the uzi room; that was quite challenging. I was able to find only one secret, haven't even noticed something else that could lead to a secret. The idea of showing a room with animated textures for "visions" is quite practical and creative than setting up a FMV each time. I really really liked the Bastet-Torso fight depiction and Lara hieroglyphs at the end. Thanks Baslakor for making this masterpiece." - Croftyboy (14-Nov-2019)

"I quite enjoyed this level that really succeeds to bring the classic feel of TR and could be an offical TR1 level but more beautiful, for actually the texturing here is better than in official levels ; the lighting and shaping of the blocks are excellent too ; architecture is not forgotten with some big caves allowing great exploration and good jumps and stunts , this was enjoyable and the statue of the giant cat is well done. Gameplay is quite entertaining and rather varied ; concerning the enemies , i prefered dealing with the panthers than the mummies :] , the crocodiles and the couple of centaurs are more normal enemies. Finally i want to thanks Baslakor for this enjoyable level." - eRIC (10-Nov-2019)

"A very satisfying raid from beginning to end (in spite of some frustrating enemy encounters here and there as well as a couple of minor proofreading errors in text), with excellent utilization of TR1 assets across all design areas including some deviously-crafted puzzles, nerve-wracking platforming and incredibly immersive exploration as the main highlights. The plot twist at the end felt a little too contrived for my liking (despite being acted out very well by FatedBlossom). But either way, I recommend this release to anyone desiring a good challenge." - Ceamonks890 (09-Nov-2019)

"This was definitely a worthwhile first pick of this competition for me. It carries off the "Classic" theme (in this case the seemingly dated TR1 engine) really nicely while not being a straight to the point remake. It's a bit of a fine line to tread: stick too close to the source material and it starts becoming unoriginal, deviate too far from the theme and it turns into a completely different adventure. Luckily this builder avoids falling into that trap. Apart from a couple of odd sound issues, everything is constructed to a competent degree. The atmosphere is convincing, the music choice is imposing but sweet and progression remains enjoyable throughout thanks to a couple of neat spins on familiar TR1 puzzle sequences. An action-packed and entertaining 85 minutes." - Ryan (09-Nov-2019)

"A great adventure, TR1 themed, bringing the Egyptian vibes. Non-linear and non-dispersive, the level design is balanced and allows you to leave areas with the knowledge of having completed them, dedicating to something else (there are 3 main paths meant to give one scarab to open the last door). The game progression instead is often unbalanced: some steps are too easy, some are too hard, lacking a bit in coherence. For example, finding the keys to open 2 doors is extremely easy and the doors are just right next to the keys. While other times you've to pull hard-to-see pushable blocks or to manage walls that change the labirynth (which was a great implementation anyway). Secrets and easter eggs are pretty nice and well hidden, enjoyable to find. Some too pitched or messed up sounds downgrade a bit the TR1 atmosphere, but it's visible the effort to set it up: flares give a white flat light, as you would expect from a TR1 game; her TR1 voices are added to new moves of TR4 Lara (some moves are anyway disabled); the sky is black and there are no actual light sources, but it's full of innatural lights (white) everywhere exactly like in TR1; most of the oblique squares are not triangulated, like in TR1. Some stretched or too broken textures occurred, but at the same time we remember that TR1 wasn't that polished either. A weak point of this adventure are the enemies/combats: panthers don't run much, they mainly walk and are very easy to beat, while mummies are overpowered and often get stuck in a still pose. In one occasion they're 4 together in the same little room and this is quite exaggerated, not really matching with the approach of the panthers. Crocodiles are the enemies that behave in the most regular/expectable way." - dinne (06-Nov-2019)
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