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Author(s): tombraiderxii
total rating:9.00 Gameplay &
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The Snarky Lesbian 7 9 10 10
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7.00 9.00 10.00 10.00

Reviewer's comments

"So before playing this level I actually was not aware that it existed before in a directors cut of Tomb Raider 3, and that this TRLE would be a bit of remake of that level. Nontheless it was very fun to do overall as I'm the kind of person that enjoys water levels quite a bit. And in that it hit the atmosphere on the head. Ocean Floors, underwater caves, diving bells, fish - this level has it all, making it a stark contrast from either the Ship or Cister-type water levels I am more used to. And that is very much appreciated. Everything works well in that themeing, even the oddly viscious chaingun divers.
The gameplay however is a bit hit and miss. This specific level has a lot timed parts, both in pressing switching and having to get somewhere quickly and in swimming due to the nature of the Air Meter. And the timed puzzles in this level are sooooo damn tight. And counter what one might think with my nickname, tightness isn't always great. At various points I would save-scum the perfect movement to just barely make it. Especially for the secrets. Secrets that in the end weren't actually that useful. One of them awarded me with explosive bolts that I did not use once. There is even a boss fight-esque situation in this level, where explosive weapons turn out to be completely useless. On the flipside, the game equips you with plenty of poison arrows, which - even more than the original TR4 - are so powerful that more often than not you could spent one arrow on an enemy and then just move away from them, and in about 6 seconds they would be defeated. And there is more than ample supply of them too. So most of the pickups seemed to stay underused. Same goes for what felt like a forest of normal harpoon arrows I never used. Additionally, some the caves and places to go were extremely hard to find, since everything is kind of a coral-cave of sorts. But that might just be an extension of very well done textures and lighting. There is however quite a bit of back and forth where you would enter a room to push a switch that would open access to a switch in another room that felt a tard bit arbitrary. But all in all I very much enjoyed playing this level, especially with it's rare colorful visuals and endearing underwater caves! The Atmosphere is truely great." - The Snarky Lesbian (09-Nov-2019)
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