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Author(s): Reggie
total rating:8.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Cbl 7 8 9 8
Ceamonks890 8 9 9 9
DJ Full 9 10 9 9
Esilenna 9 8 10 10
Jay 8 9 9 9
Klona 10 10 10 10
manarch2 6 8 8 7
MarlenaCrystal 9 10 10 9
Mman 9 9 9 8
Phil 9 9 9 9
Raider99 7 8 7 6
Ryan 8 9 9 8
TheWorldlyGamer 8 9 10 9
Torry 8 10 10 10
category averages
(14 reviews)
8.21 9.00 9.14 8.64

Reviewer's comments

"This is another of those quite elaborate and lengthy games in the competition. A good thing is that it is also an improvement versus the builder's debut level, despite some annoyances along the way. There are some creative tasks in this one, like a "find the target" tasks in the very first outside area, a few decent platforming parts in the second level and the second part of the first level, also including some nice traps (those floating bombs are a pain ;)). The builder has also included a shortcut at the most needed point, because it is quite easy to get lost in the second half if you haven't found one of the idol pieces early enough and have to backtrack later on. The gameplay overall gets a little vague towards the end, a problem that was also present in the builder's first one, and more camera hints and the like could've been helpful. Perhaps it also would've been a good idea to lock the way back to the first level if you haven't found both pieces in the second. The object design is quite nice, some custom objects have been seammlessly included into the old style setting and the enemies are also quite well placed. The three secrets are not really well hidden though. The visuals are quite okay, despite several smaller errors in texturing. What was less good was that there are quite boxy areas and especially natural areas that did not look very realistic, a few paper thin walls and also some translucent lattices where you know that there is a passage or room behind, but you cannot see those. The water textures were a bit cartoonish and odd especially because this texture is only one-sided. However I liked the final area with the temple and in general the nice scale of the level, giving the atmosphere a special touch, as well as the quite unorthodox mixture of textures which made this level quite unique. Overall a game that was decent enough for some time but at times I felt the builder was as well lost in the amazon while creating this and could've done more to create a more focused game also with a more natural architecture. Net gameplay time was quite exactly an hour before the game ended very abruptly." - manarch2 (20-Dec-2019)

"I thought this homage to Tomb Raider 3 was rather well done although it could be confusing at times and the use of red herrings was mean. Take for example right at the beginning. If you dive into the waters you are attacked by piranha so I did not explore the underwater area further. Of course I became hopelessly stuck and had to refer to the walk through and lo and behold, there is a tunnel under the water you need to find. So IF you MUST go into the waters, why oh why infest them with piranha? The five targets also. What did they do? Maybe a short cut scene to help? Then we have the death huts. I just don't understand why they were even included. This is a definite get the walk through out early level I'm afraid. Level two confused me even further with the myriad passages, staircases and rooms and of course the beast you encounter that simply would not die. Graphics on the other hand were brilliant. Good level set but not great in my opinion due to the strange game play involved." - Torry (16-Dec-2019)

"For a "create a classic" this is one of the most experimentally themed sets (as this is actually two maps) I've seen in a while; it's generally themed on TR3, with HUD changes and a mix of pacific, India and Area 51 environments, but it changes them in ways to both make them fit together and give them a new spin, like a small village area, which even fits in some comedy. To start with I almost wondered if it kind of went against the nature of a contest like this, but TR3 itself is such a wild hodge-podge in itself that doing a tribute to it with a set of levels that are themselves that actually feels totally appropriate. The visual quality is generally good, but does vary a bit; most areas are decent, but then others are kind of flat and blocky, despite some large areas there's also a weirdly claustrophobic feel that the designer was trying to fit as much as possible in a small place, so things feel unnaturally squished together at times.

This is quite a complex set in terms of exploration, and the somewhat cramped design makes it a little maze-like, despite plenty of unique looking areas. Areas are semi-contained, but there are some major items that can be overlooked (especially an issue in the second map, which should have prevented you leaving until you found both the puzzle pieces you need, as it results in tons of backtracking if you don't). Despite the occasional frustration of the size and complexity, it's also full of varied challenges and original item usage; like the previous map I played there's even some promotion of different weapon types for puzzle purposes. The layout unravels in interesting ways and new large areas reveal themselves just when it seems like it's nearing the end, but it's diverse and surreal enough to not feel too overlong (outside the potential backtracking if you miss a certain item). The end is kind of disappointing though, but it seems to be a bit of a sequel hook? A great and memorably strange set that actually feels more faithful to TR3 in spurning conventional design rather than just homaging it, and easily the most interesting entry of this contest so far, even if that doesn't make it the best." - Mman (08-Dec-2019)

"I got a lot more out of this raid than I expected, although what I expected, I'm still not entirely sure. It's certainly an intriguing and involving adventure, containing a good variety of reasonably challenging gameplay that totally removes boredom from the equation during the couple of hours or so that you'll spend here. But it's also quite spread out, with a lot of exploration to do across both levels while performing various tasks and picking up key items along the way and it's easy to get confused, so be sure to keep mental/written notes of what you have already completed to avoid frustration setting in. Enemies are fearsome (particularly the lone flamethrower guy), but plentiful weaponry and medipacks are provided so you never feel overwhelmed, and the object placements were charming. As other reviewers mentioned, the texture choices are rather eclectic, but if you look past that the overall look is quite appealing. The atmosphere was quite convincing - it really felt like a humid lakeside setting surrounded by little huts. One minor thing - the gold bars pickup didn't register a secret for me, but oh well, it is what it is. Overall, a lengthy adventure that requires some patience, but is definitely worth experiencing if you're up for it." - Ryan (28-Nov-2019)

"The first level of this two-parter was absolutely stunning with its brightly-lit, outdoor beauty, while the second part was business as usual as the indoor tasks took prominence, but this was only a slight letdown for me. Anyway, you get to return to the scenic outdoors to finish the game, which I found to be amazingly complex as I was writing a walkthrough based on the posted video walk. I kept expecting something dramatic to happen after shooting those targets in the first level, and I can only assume that the grate leading to the Armoury Gun would not have lifted had I not shot all five. Along the way you need to be wary for unsuspected traps, such as crates that drop down to crush you if you fail to step quickly and lightly, and boulders in places you would not expect them to be. So far this has been an excellent CaC competition, and this entry deserves to be in the top echelon. High recommendations." - Phil (27-Nov-2019)

"This may be classed as a jungle level, but in fact it encapsulates South Sea Island, base and alien settings equally well, making it something of a unique experience. It’s well made, innovative and interesting to play in its entirety, although I personally liked the initial island setting best of all. Some of the enemies are quite tough, but fire power is generously supplied. Enjoyable." - Jay (26-Nov-2019)

"What an absolutely incredible game. I started playing this game and straight away I was instantly amazed at how beautiful this game looked. Shooting the targets were a really awesome addition to the game as well. I love the little added Easter Eggs that you've added to the game. This level had such wonderful atmosphere and I was instantly immersed in the builders incredible creativity. Well done to Reggie who made this game. You've made an absolutely amazing game and I look forward to what you make next. You truly have the potential to be one of the best builders as the amount of potential that you are showing is beyond amazing." - TheWorldlyGamer (25-Nov-2019)

"Even before the updated version coming, this level does good in eclectic yet somehow not random design. The only moment which cries for a reminder is the armory slot. It would also be better not to close so many doors in the second level - it was done to make it easier, yet you get less backup ways in case of getting lost. The rest was doable intuitively without any bigger problems, contrary to what the title prepares you for. Waiting for the full version, hoping the lack of deadline allows Reggie to adjust the entire level to the quality of the initial location, which currently stands out as the most unique and polished. Good work." - DJ Full (23-Nov-2019)

"A great step-up in quality from 'Fragments of Destiny Episode 1', this release utilizes an impressive variety of assets from across the first five TR games in quite clever ways to create something that feels fresh yet familiar, with some reasonably tough gameplay that puts the player through a number of interesting scenarios which is complimented by a top notch visual presentation and appropriately utilized musical cues, leading to an utterly immersive, engaging experience all-round. Sure, the gameplay here can have its highs and lows at various points throughout. But that shouldn't deter you from playing this two-parter in the slightest. Highly recommended!" - Ceamonks890 (23-Nov-2019)

"An absolutely outstanding and unique levelset, either design wise and also the gameplay. It took me about 2 hours to finish and I found 2 of 3 secrets. It's a classic adventure, indeed, but it's so much more, since with the comic-like artistic design choice and all these guns and exploding stuff it feels like a game or movie, where everything has to be a little bit "too much" in a good way. The storytelling which happens with little hints and infos here and there is progressing well along the playthrough and it is filled with some cool easter eggs, but also very tense moments. I would have give a 10 for Lighting and Textures, if there wouldn't be some large areas with not much going on and wallpapered like textures, which is really, really sad, cause the builder definitely proves, that he can do much better. Especially the starting area looks fantastic! Unfortunately there were also some places, where the end of the world could be reached very easily. I could understand, why someone might dislike this levelset - it's something new and it is filled with many unique ideas, as well as the TR3 and comic-style design, but after all the community really needs something fresh and it's brave, that the author dared this step in a direction, where I would like to see more levels like this. Highly recommended and keep up this good and unique work!" - MarlenaCrystal (17-Nov-2019)

"These levels were awesome, I finally felt the feeling I got when I first played the original games for the first time. We also had the pleasure to go through very different atmosphere (jungle, testing laboratory, temples..). Lots of brilliant puzzles to solve and of very different styles !! I first thought the builder was very generous with the amount of ammo we're getting but considering what kind of enemies we are sometimes facing it wasn't shocking! Could enjoy 4 guns for distinct purposes. Secrets were well hidden and had to be deserved. I really enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone missing TR3 feels!! Thanks a lot to Reggie who also helped during my playthrough, lovely from him!" - Esilenna (11-Nov-2019)

"An action-packed ride through a surprisingly diverse set of levels that evoked classic TR3 exploration of both a jungle and a high-tech base. Like TR3, there is a mystery with horror elements that made these levels lots of fun. The best part was the open-ended exploration. There is a target puzzle that required Lara to scan the environment carefully, and this was a nice added layer to looking for pickups. I found out that the radio and frequent wheel symbols are references to the TV show “Lost” (get it?), but since I haven’t seen the show these were . . . lost on me. I encountered four tricky situations that I don’t think the author intended. First, there is a move where Lara needs to crouch, move forward, and hang at the same time. Many laptop keyboards don’t support input from pressing three buttons at once, so be sure you have access to a separate keyboard or a high-end laptop in order to complete this move. Second, in level 2 “The Hatch,” it is easy to miss the crucial connector cords required to start a machine and retrieve part of the Amazonite Idol. I played through without collecting them, and released the immortal alien monster (a retextured Seth) before realizing I needed this item. Running around trying to figure out where to find this missing piece was made considerably more difficult because of the monster’s one- shot kills either on contact or through blasts of energy. I realized this level would have been *much* easier if I had completed tasks in a different order, although honestly it was kind of a thrill to run around the dark corridors avoiding the monster (while dying a lot). Third, the the room with the Amazonite Idol head, it is possible to get stuck in the wall when falling through the semi- solid floor onto a sliding platform: be careful! Fourth, it is possible to arrive at the end without realizing TWO idols are needed to exit the level. I had to return to the jungle to figure out where I had missed half of the idol in the weapons station. These two instances of significant backtracking made me wish that there had been some clearer indication of a *right* order to the open-endedness. Lighting was quite pretty, and showed off a lovely remaster of Lara’s TR3 outfit. Textures were eclectic, drawn from TR3 and Lost Artifact and a few from TR1, but sometimes applied in repetitive or stretched ways (not too dissimilar to the original TR3, but distracting in 2019). The architecture also looked blocky, with only the last pyramid standing out as especially interesting architecture. While I liked the vibrant colors, there was nothing especially Amazonian about the level (the textures and objects clearly contained Indian elephants, Pacific Island statues, and central American carvings). I enjoyed the enemies, especially a final battle with the giant green lizards (retextured Ahmets) which I dispatched with the grenade gun (poor things). While not as streamlined in architecture or gameplay as an official level, I could easily imagine this as an addition to TR3, and really do recommend playing it for a great (and occasionally scary!) mystery game." - Cbl (11-Nov-2019)

"There is an interesting blend between nature and technology as the builder mixes TR3 jungle and nevada compound into a single style. It's a truly nostalgia invoking adventure brimming with atmosphere. I look forward to seeing more from Reggie!" - Klona (11-Nov-2019)

"The level started quite nicely, but through progression of it, I feel like it wasn't consistent enough both visually and technically. I have to say I like the theme of this level, even though story is quite short and simple, it was enough to keep me interested to uncover more and more about it. Gameplay at some parts was quite fun (the second level especially, really liked the atmosphere in it) and in some quite weak/uninspired like temple areas were a bit underwhelming with some platforming and not so hard traps, and puzzles that just open the door to lead you to another puzzle piece. Shooting targets felt a bit random to me and out of place, same with random placement of crowbar switch that opens the trapdoor on another part of the map, no connection really. I wasn't fond of flamethrower enemy either, especially as it all happened inside a really small space so it took me some time to kill it before I got killed (I'd like to add it might be good to mention players should avoid reloading while in that fight, otherwise enemy reset). The level offers a nice variety of enemies, and from what I've seen, they had no issues, they were all properly set up. There were some cameras, however they weren't used in proper spaces as they allowed players to see beyond the room, outside its bounds which made it look quite bad. I like how much attention the builder paid to details when it comes to textures (not enough though), there is a nice variety of original set with nice transitions, however, I've noticed many texture issues, some were squished, some wrongly rotated and some just didn't fit with the rest. The level was full of cracks (especially visible from water) which were an eyesore to me! I also noticed some static objects don't have proper lighting, I could hear distress call from the surface, missing underwater switch sound, missing helicopter sounds. Visually (aside from texture issues), levels looked stunning in some parts, but in other it felt too basic, blocky. The geometry wasn't convincing enough, it didn't have much variety, but that's alright, that comes with experience as the builder is new to TRLE world. This level wasn't bad, it just needed a bit more polishing, other than that, I'm looking forward to more work from this builder as he really shows great promise!" - Raider99 (10-Nov-2019)
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