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Author(s): LoreRaider
total rating:9.79 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Baratheon 10 10 10 10
Baslakor 9 9 10 10
Jason L 9 8 10 9
Raider99 10 10 10 10
The Snarky Lesbian 10 10 10 10
Woops 10 10 10 10
Zuxuna 10 10 10 10
category averages
(7 reviews)
9.71 9.57 10.00 9.86

Reviewer's comments

"What an amazing adventure ! I had the privilege of watching Lore build this masterpiece at certain times and I am so pleased to be finally playing it . Introduction area is absolutely gorgeous with great atmosphere so you know from the get-go you're in for a treat . Great linear gameplay that resembles the classics a lot . Puzzles are all really creative, especially the underwater ones on the first lvl . Second lvl has a completely different vibe, going from dreamy to haunting and creepy . The author really has the ability to merge two completely different worlds and make it seem effortless . Great attention to detail, with soundtracks that are fitting to what you're feeling in the moment . A fantastic attempt to recreate the classic feel of Tomb Raider, and certainly a pack that I'll be revisiting in the future . Perfect score" - Zuxuna (12-Nov-2019)

"This is actually only the second time I have ever given full 10 points in every category (the other one being Templar's Secret), cause that is how rarely I do it and how much it means to me when I do do it. And this set of two levels absolutely deserves it as it blew my mind in terms of scope. Let's start with the Lighting and Textures then shall we? This level starts out at or around midnight, an in that uses both darkness and singular light sources quite well to create one of the prettiest looking beaches I have ever seen. Which is then later followed up with thick jungles, a tribal village, different kinds of temples and at last one of the most mystical and enchanting places I have ever seen (truely rivaling the Floating Islands-esque level in Templar's Secret). Each of which with perfect lighting, placing an emphasis on only the most important of vistas or places to go. Everything is just either really damn beautiful or horribly twisted and evil. The second level made me feel deeply comfortable on a few levels, but in a good way. In a psychological horror kind of way. Both in how areas were framed, which textures were used and how encounters became setpieces to remember. In this the entire atmosphere was incredibly thick, especially in the aforementioned second level, that one is an entire artform in itself. Sure there were a couple of odd funhouse-ey spookes in there that did not fit, but the meat of it all was the actual environment, the ideas expressed through graphics alone. (Edge of the Abyss has found it's biggest rival). And it wasn't just these scary places of Nowhere that were a sight to behold, the previous level alone was a rollercoaster ride of different emotions through vistas. From the aforementioned midnight shores, to the sleepy villages, to muddy rivers and to a clearing purely bathing in sunlight and a raw energy. Even a little river leading to a small waterfall next to a rainbow was to be found.
And this isn't just a beautiful walk in the park. Cause the level's designstructure itself was great too. No corridor looked like the other, had the size of the other and seemed like something you already went through a few minutes ago. Every temple and shrine looks slightly different here, has a different theming and presents you with a diverse set of challenges and puzzles. Both those that require some thinking and those that test you for feets of agility. Except for the second level, that mostly focuses on it's atmosphere and jumping puzzles. But those fit the environment. I can promise you, right now, that despite the first level stretching on for quite a bit, it WILL be worth your while. Sure you will be moving through half the island, but that is also how it feels like, not artificial in the slightest. In it's wide array of different challenges, some doozies were in there as well. Like an especially difficult double rope jump that made me temporarily seek aid in higher powers to get through. But even that venture was rewarded nicely with a nearby secret. Speaking of Pickups and Secrets, I have found 5 secrets out of 10 in total. Since the boss fight at the end took me through nearly the entirety of my stored ammunition and guns, I'd say that the pickup ratio and challenge presented in the gunplay is extremely well done. Every Weapon available has a use and a niche, and with earlier challenges presented there is a lot of value in every single secret and pickup you find, despite the fact that they almost overreward. The pickups are frequent, yet still tight towards the end and quite valuable. I am very VERY happy with this. I would even argue the aspect of pickups has been mastered by this levelset in a bigger way than Templar's Secret. Especially with how unique the boss fight is. All in all, this set of levels might be the best I have ever played on TRLE. And for that I thank you. You have truely created classic here!" - The Snarky Lesbian (10-Nov-2019)

"What can I say other than "perfect"? easily one of the best level I have EVER played. The atmosphere, gameplay, the re-made deleted TR3 areas, lighting. Everything. The first shore area impressed me before I even started playing the level tbh. truly a wonderful job. thank you." - Woops (09-Nov-2019)

"From start to epic finish I love this level! LoreRaider made a great decision by visiting the pacific at night. The colors and contrasts keeps you visually entertained and the lightning is spot on! Puzzles and traps are challenging and fair and there is always something to do or explore! Some narrow timed runs that stop you in your tracks and make you analyse the area before continuing. While the first part is a relative peaceful pacific jungle, the second part really takes the cake as we find out a little bit more about Puna's twisted personality... Go play this!" - Baslakor (07-Nov-2019)

"Amazing work here in this Create a Classic TRLE. We are in the South Pacific islands from TR3, but with a different touch. The atmosphere is amazing and I loved some little details like the palm trees moving by the wind or the animated textures in some reflections. Gameplay was so fun; great plataforming, interesting puzzles... Really good combo in terms of gameplay. The 2nd level was so creepy and I love it. LoreRaider is definitely a very good TRLE builder. Can't wait for more of his work!" - Jason L (06-Nov-2019)

"This level offered everything a player could ask for. It was a really good balance of puzzle solving, exploration, platforming, combat and just standing around and enjoying the beautiful scenery! The builder perfectly captured the feel of the classics with this one, especially the second level, as "messed up" as it looked theme wise, it was really unique with an amazing ending. The attention to detail is really noticeable, especially the transition from night to morning through the level giving it much more variety than anticipated. I really can't find any flaws in it except that maybe moving platforms could've used some sound, noticed some underwater cracks. All in all, it is a really great set of 2 nicely balanced levels filled with action, combat and exploration. Highly recommended!" - Raider99 (06-Nov-2019)

"Puna's Revenge almost feels too good to be true. With the attention to detail, the most aesthetically pleasing lighting and most thought-out and well-scripted game-play this becomes one of the best levels I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Lore manages to capture that classic feeling but truly transport it somewhere new. Mixing of the textures and themes never feels forced, only natural, and the camera work is truly fantastic. I was so impressed with the second level and boss battle - I haven't seen anything like that in TRLE for the longest time. Incredible! HIGHLY recommend." - Baratheon (06-Nov-2019)
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