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Author(s): DCW123
total rating:7.40 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Baslakor 6 8 7 9
Cbl 5 7 6 7
Orbit Dream 5 6 8 8
StudBuddha 7 6 8 8
Wolf7 8 9 10 10
category averages
(5 reviews)
6.20 7.20 7.80 8.40

Reviewer's comments

"Gameplay & Puzzles - I enjoyed the structures of the puzzles here. I was glad to know that I didn't have to do much back traveling because I forgot to grab the Gemstone in the beginning. This level reminded me of the Lost Library from TR4 and I enjoyed the familiarity throughout with its puzzles and gameplay. I did honestly feel a bit lost through my progression. I think that was attributed to the lack of a storyline. Enemies, Objects & Secrets - Enemies were okay. I did feel a little underwhelmed with so many unused shotgun ammo. Skeletons were used okay and the few scorpions. Maybe a few needed Ninjas? I think people hate the stock Ninjas lol but this would be have good here. Objects were also decent but I thought the dark vase shatter should have been used more in the beginning to trick me into thinking the bigger black vase wasn't moveable or to hide it better. Secrets were not placed well. I ran into most of them and simply climbing a ladder to find a secret is not enough. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras - I like the atmosphere in the under parts especially. And I enjoyed the geometry overall. And I thought the placement of rooms and textures were good here. Sounds are good but there is a lack of music. Cameras were okay, the door sound kind of helped me know a door was opened. Lighting & Textures - Lighting and texturing was okay. I didn't find much of a problem expect a few incorrect textures. Things aren't too dark either so the lack of flares wasn't a problem for me here. But for some reason I wished the lighting was more effective above ground. This was a nice raid that brought back fun memories of one of my most memorable TR4 levels. With an established storyline and maybe more time? to work on the level. I think your next level will be great." - StudBuddha (08-Nov-2019)

"Excellent little level with amazing textures and lightning. It's a beautiful callback to the Great Library and DCW123 really managed to capture the classic TR4 vibe. Gameplay is quite linear though, mostly consisting of finding levers and opening doors. The level plays smooth, though some additional difficulty like timed runs or deadly traps would really compliment this level. Blasting skeletons into pits is always fun. My main issue is how incredible short this level is and I truly hope DCW123 will expend this level in the future to add another hour or two to it! Definitely worth half the hour it takes to finish, but leaves you with yearning for more." - Baslakor (07-Nov-2019)

"A return to what feels like the beta version of TR4’s Lost Library, with some modified colors and objects and a significantly improved version of the classic outfit. The gameplay is linear, combining familiar aspects of the end of the Alexandria levels with only a few modifications in layout and some simplification of the gameplay. In terms of evoking the classic TR feel, it’s spot on, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot to really do beyond running between largely empty rooms and dispatching a few skeletons into spike pits. Puzzles mostly focused on finding the right lever to pull, and I found that progressing through the level offered little in terms of environmental variety or mental challenge. I think where it succeeded best was evoking the classics, but perhaps it would have been improved with some gameplay additions that riffed on, rather than repeated, the familiar setting. The spinning mechanical wheels always seemed like an interesting part of the library, but their purpose doesn’t seem clear here, and it would have been fun to explore something new. Water textures varied, with some appearing to lack animation, but other than that the textures, object choices, and lighting were fine if a bit repetitive and monotone. Enemies (scorpions, skeletons, bats, and a shark a little too ready to come out of the water) were not difficult but showed up at annoying places, making combat feel more like a chore than like excitement. The level’s success is also its weakness: by purposefully staying too close to the classic source material, the level was a bit robbed of its potentials for originality. The areas that used Tomb Editor’s new diagonal walls were perhaps the most interesting, and suggested what the author could do if attempting to use classic assets but build something entirely new. 45 minutes to complete (I missed the doorway to the gem room and had to run around retracing my steps), found 2/3 secrets." - Cbl (07-Nov-2019)

"In terms of appearance,this 40 minute level is really rather effective.It successfully conveys an impression of an elegant yet sinister environment,where all sorts of potential nastiness could be lurking around every explorable corner...except that it isn't. Sure,you get a bunch of skeletons lurking in dark corners;but as they all feel the necessity to hang around in the immediate environs of deep pits (and as Lara already has the Shotgun in her Inventory,without the need for the player having to locate it somewhere) it's no challenge to defeat them.The same goes for the fire wraiths,which are triggered mere yards from the nearby pool.The gameplay itself is nothing that will require many players to reach for the Walkthrough either - although it has a pleasant fluency about it. Most of the traps are easy to negotiate;and the secret areas positively invite you to locate them.I found the most entertaining element to be the Hammerhead Shark (solitary unlikely denizen of a small underground lake) nibbling at Lara while she stood on dry land.It many ways this level resembled not so much the TR4 original,but Batotel's 'The Dome' - and where that was 'basically green',this is basically bronze. It's an appealing colour,and the level is an appealing piece of construction - but there's really not much more to it than that." - Orbit Dream (06-Nov-2019)

"I was part of the betatesting team of this level and just as I told the author himself, I was very glad to see everything that could have been wrong was fixed! The level offers a short raid of about half an hour with some simplistic but effective gameplay, in fact what this game concentrates onto is the atmosphere and texturing that, just like the competition says, had to delivered nostalgia, so let's be frank I don't like TR4, but I can't lie that this level made me feel like the old times (5 years ago) in which I would play Tomb Raider together with my father. You like tr4? Well good for you, this level will feel like a totally legit tr4 game! Give it a try! Wolfy Regards." - Wolf7 (05-Nov-2019)
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