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Author(s): Mehrbod
total rating:9.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Casual Raider 9 10 10 10
category averages
(1 reviews)
9.00 10.00 10.00 10.00

Reviewer's comments

"Really nice experience during playing levels. Some really new things mixed with classic TR feeling, felt like turning back in time. Levels are beautiful, textures and lightning are well placed, music is great. Nice idea of purchase of weapons, different types of difficulties, menu, checkpoints. Lots of features in one custom. Gameplay was pleasant most of the times. Personal opinion? Loved Water Temple as it reminded me of Tomb Raider I. Disliked level with levers and spikes, in my opinion too much unnecessary backtracking. Two first tutorial levels should be optional, they were a bit off and gave me the wrong feeling of whole adventure which is really nice. There were very few moments that I found too difficult but overall levels are rather balanced in difficulty. Though I have feeling it could be better it still is really nice and well-made custom." - Casual Raider (14-Jan-2020)
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