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Author(s): Thierry Stoorne
total rating:9.41 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Adrian 10 8 9 8
Bigfoot 10 10 10 10
Jay 8 9 9 10
JesseG 7 10 9 9
Jorge22 9 10 10 10
McRaider 10 10 10 10
Phil 10 10 10 9
Ryan 8 9 10 10
category averages
(8 reviews)
9.00 9.50 9.63 9.50

Reviewer's comments

"12 huge levels, a huge amount of tasks, huge places to navigate and back and fro to exhaustion equals over 25 hours net playing time and over 112 km on my counter. Pff... That was huge. So huge I can't remember most of it anymore. But I have the general idea of what's been keeping me busy for weeks. Is it true that it counts a little too much on pushables and levers? Maybe so, but it probably has to when you think of how long the game is, so one could also argue it counts on inventive puzzles, much orientation, some platforming, a bit hard-to-handle traps, a few fights, quite interesting timed runs, riding a motorbike (I think, I can't be 100% certain anymore) and what-the-ever-not. The texturisation and the general architecture look extremely well done, even if the settings may end up feeling a bit repetitive globally. There was that issue with the grenade gun, in which Lara explodes if she doesn't fire the grenades from a long enough distance - and they're actually needed, at least at a couple of specific moments, especially because I didn't find the crossbow. Some of the baddies are quite dangerous too, because they fire actual exploding grenades, not just the kind that generate fireworks, so ammo has to be used very wisely at times. Good atmosphere. You always get some kind of audio warning when something's about to happen and I can't complain of any lack of visual scenes showing what a particular action has achieved. I thought the very ending was sudden. All in all, I believe The Templar Treasure (part 1) does rank among the best trle games ever crafted. So, well done and thank you." - Jorge22 (10-May-2020)

"This massive adventure is definitely one for you explorers. Huge amounts of massive, wide-open buildings and flooded areas to traverse will undoubtedly keep you occupied for hours on end (and we all need to keep ourselves busy during the current pandemic, don't we). My only complaint about the exploration factor is that a lot of the areas tend to look rather similar after encountering them numerous times, which did get slightly confusing and tedious. There was rather an overuse of switch pulling and object moving puzzles too. Having said that, there's a great deal of enjoyable gameplay throughout this epic as well, with challenging bike rides, shootouts, flipmaps, traps and brilliant timed exercises, which do offset the repetitive parts. The atmosphere is really well done, the surroundings are absolutely gorgeous and imposing and Lara's various outfit changes were neatly executed. I'm glad I saw it through because although it does require some patience, it is an ultimately rewarding experience. Spent 15 hours net gaming time here." - Ryan (06-May-2020)

"This is a truly herculean release, ideal for playing during the stay-at-home restrictions imposed by the current pandemic. Indeed, my play clock registered more than 26 hours when I finally reached the end, but much of this time was invested in the walkthrough that I added to bit by bit over more than a month. I had played both the Setback series and the BtB level, but everything here was as fresh to me as if I were seeing it for the first time. The gameplay is quite challenging in places, duly pointed out where necessary in the walkthrough, yet I was able to grind my way along without ever having to resort to a savegame. My only complaint would be the relative darkness in many areas, although I was always able to see what I was doing, and I would have been much happier with more color and festive scenery. That's a small quibble, however, and I have nothing but positive memories of my playing experience. Thanks, Thierry, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the release of Part 2." - Phil (06-May-2020)

"It's certainly one of the top game of this year with 13 levels. And personnally each levels deserve 10/10/10/10. We are even a complete remake of Setback. The full adventure is good and even very good but a bit hard sometimes. I have loved the many locations visited by Lara and I think my favorite is Paris, specially the Theater. I loved this level :-D !! I spent more of 15 hours through this game but more, more time in real time. I hope play a day the sequel of this adventure because some questions has no answers and I'm very curious to see where Lara was teleported after level 2 and what happened after the last level. To conclude: A very good adventure with lot of pleasure and fun surprises. Not maybe for the begginners but still recommended." - Bigfoot (05-May-2020)

"What an enjoyable set of varied levels packaged into one. Some expansive architecture and rooms, not always holding many objects - but then this is a raid/quest and we SHOULD have to go looking and try every door & look in every nook and cranny, not have it always handed to us on a plate. Some good puzzles and I always like the tantalising glimpses of areas not yet reached. Occasionally repetitive with the last guard always having a key, but overall an excellent Part 1 of a magnus opus. Bravo! I look forward to the second heap helping of the same or better..." - Adrian (27-Apr-2020)

"Well this epic has kept me quiet for several weeks, mainly because I could only play it in small doses, it being surprisingly challenging at times. When it’s good, it’s very good indeed, but I can’t help but feel it would have benefited greatly from a judicious ‘prune’ here and there, especially in the middle sections which began to feel very similar. There’s an over-reliance on pushing boxes/puzzle pieces around at times too. However, there’s also plenty of exciting timed runs/bike riding/agility tests etc. in compensation, the different sections are beautifully made and Lara gets to change her outfits from time to time. Overall I’m really glad I stuck with it." - Jay (25-Apr-2020)

"Here we have lots of exploration, jumpswitches, and tricky platforming. I got a bit of a "cookie cutter" feeling from many of the beginning levels; quite a few areas are large, partially flooded chambers with many pillars, and I got a bit fatigued after seeing so many of them. It doesn't help that these areas tend to have the same textures, making them blend together instead of each area having its own sense of purpose. Unfortunately this feeling also pervades the initial gameplay, which constitutes running back and forth while using keys and switches. A few things felt unfair due to inconsistency, such as crowbar doors looking exactly like non-crowbar doors, as if the player should be expected to approach every door and press action just in case. Same goes for the floor trapdoors, lacking any visual differentiation from the rest of the surrounding floor. Perhaps the most frustrating part was the motorbike, which is used on narrow paths with dead-ends that are easy to get stuck in, and spontaneously lights Lara on fire if she takes too sharp of a turn over certain corners. Thankfully the experience improves as the game progresses, keeping Lara on foot with engaging traps and puzzles, and in the end it was a fulfilling raid. The lighting is great, probably my favorite part of this whole adventure, and the use of objects is well done. There is no denying what an impressive feat it is just to release an adventure of this magnitude, and considering the current pandemic, the timing was opportune. 16 hours 7 minutes." - JesseG (07-Apr-2020)

"My experience was great! A very entertaining level with different puzzles, some very creative. The texturing and lighting was a plus in view of the size of the rooms, which can sometimes be monotonous, but not in this case. Be somewhat challenging but nothing that the player can not handle. Due to the gameplay, the author's career, which deserves my respect .. I found it an excellent level, which I have enjoyed until the end. Thank you very much for the adventure! !" - McRaider (07-Apr-2020)
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