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Author(s): Larysuh13
total rating:5.58 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
JesseG 4 6 5 5
Phil 6 7 6 7
Ryan 4 6 6 5
category averages
(3 reviews)
4.67 6.33 5.67 5.67

Reviewer's comments

"Here we have attacks from Seth to dodge, Atlantean enemies to gun down, and jumpswitches to pull. Unfortunately there's quite a few issues in this levelset. I'll start with the biggest one, which is a pool of water in the second level with a jumpswitch in it. During my playthrough it drained at the wrong time, causing an adjacent water tunnel to become a one-way portal and I had no way to backtrack to complete the level (I used a savegame provided for the fourth level to complete the adventure). Other issues include unmarked death tiles, crowbar doors that don't use the crowbar, switches that can't be pulled, water that looks deadly but sometimes isn't, poorly marked monkeyswings, and many doors that open without a camera shot. On a positive note, I felt like the progression of the settings was interesting, particularly how you transition from an Egyptian pyramid with Seth to an Atlantean atmosphere. With a bit more care to each aspect of these levels, the adventure could be a satisfying one." - JesseG (18-May-2020)

"I'm surprised that mine is the first review after more than two weeks after the release date. I suppose that this might be because the first four levels are short, easy and uninspiring, while the fifth and last level provides loads of adrenalin rush with numerous enemies that include an indestructible and unavoidable Seth boss. The first four levels are perfectly suited for the kiddies, as the tasks unfold in linear fashion and very little skill and thought are required. But Mom and Dad need to be brought in to finish the game, as that last level is heads and shoulders above the others. My slightly elevated scores reflect the additional work needed to get through the boss level, as otherwise the game would hardly be worth downloading and playing by the more skilled raiders. Certainly not a burn burner, but noteworthy for its ending." - Phil (14-May-2020)

"In all honesty, I'm not sure what to make of this five-parter. It undoubtedly has its moments, but it also fell short in a number of ways. The texture application is rather mixed, as some rooms look relatively pleasing, while others left me with a bit of a bland feeling and I found the dark shadows a bit of an odd choice. The gameplay is a bit of a plod though. There's quite a bit of enforced backtracking, particularly in the second level with the various pool rooms and a few too many levers to pull. I also deducted a couple of points from the gameplay for the poor choices of the flame trapped monkeyswing that seemed impossible to conquer without sucking up medipacks and the extremely aggravating trap-filled underwater passage. Additionally, although you pick up various types of ammo along the way, the only extra weapon available insofar as I can see are the Uzis, which seemed weird, unless a continuation is in the works. Camera hints are also rather lacking, so be prepared to search around quite a bit for the next opened door. The Seth and Atlantean battles provided a much needed burst of speed across the finish trigger, but overall this just didn't work out for me due to being too over- ambitious. Maybe next time." - Ryan (14-May-2020)
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