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Author(s): Drobridski
total rating:4.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Angel_K 3 4 3 4
Teone 6 5 5 4
category averages
(2 reviews)
4.50 4.50 4.00 4.00

Reviewer's comments

"Ok, it's a debut level and I've seen even worse levels but, before publishing something, a builder should learn at least how to set a title function and an exit trigger properly. A player who doesn't know the shortcut keys to quit the game (pressing ALT+F4) could face serious problems, considering that the beginning of this game is not exactly traditional. I mean, normally a game starts with Lara in a safe place. Here instead, even before taking control of Lara, you have to use all the medipacks in inventory. Wondering why the author had the idea of such an insane beginning, I imagined it was to prevent players from using cheats, forcing them to run out of medipacks in the first seconds of the game. And I'm sure I'm right because you'll find the only medipack of the whole game after collecting the needed items to progress. That's insane, because meanwhile you also have to fight a horseman, and if you haven't enough health it may be difficult. Anyway, if you succeed in starting the game with enough health, the gameplay is quite interesting with some tricky jumps and well hidden passages. I have only to complain for the boring double backtracking I had to do for getting the last two golden stars. A shortcut would have been welcome, since the shortcut door actually exists but sadistically stays closed. The design is the worst part instead, because it's a mixture of library, jungle and a pich of base-lab design for a not-so-interesting result. Further in the game there are also some rooms with a surreal design, not very pleasant for the eyes. Music is funny and playful to keep a cheerful mood of a level which doesn't want to be so serious. Instead, the audio speach hints could have been done better. Last thing last, since there's no exit trigger, keep in mind the mentioned shortcut keys (ALT+F4) to get out the psychedelic box which seems to be the goal of the game." - Teone (14-May-2020)

"What a waste of time...The gameplay is not interesting, and you have an awfull jump to make almost at the beginning, and you can miss the crowbar so easily...What's the point of making a level if not to bring fun to the players? Was it fun? I don't think so...The objects from library were totally out of place, secrets were odd...why this strange voice? was it Homer simpson? The whole thing was in a strange place, with ugly textures, and the musics...come on...why play one music in loop during the whole game? plus it was so dark in some places, playing with pistols to see where you a go is a failure in the gameplay. If you want a piece of advice, ask people to test you levels before to put them online. Even for a beginner work, I can't understand why you would do this...One of the worst TRLE I ever played ( actual trle, not test levels..)Not recommended, except if you like to waste your time for nothing, nothing not even a simple "end trigger"..." - Angel_K (14-May-2020)
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