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Author(s): Larysuh13
total rating:6.88 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 7 6 7 6
LOTRKingluis 8 6 6 7
Ryan 7 6 7 7
Treeble 7 7 9 7
category averages
(4 reviews)
7.25 6.25 7.25 6.75

Reviewer's comments

"It's been a while since I'd last played a level featuring young Lara, but I have to admit I had some fun here. Sure, she feels a lot more limited in what she can do and in fact most of your time here is spent searching for keys or lighting torches, so while it doesn't break the mold, it still kept engaged from beginning to end. My stats are also terrible as I failed to spot the jumpswitches and was also generally running around a lot more than I should, which led me to areas the author certainly didn't want me to see, such as the backside of the rooftops (acessible from the tower key in the rooftops) or the plateau behind the tower itself — all of which I could reach with simple jumps. The atmosphere is spot on and the use of TRC audio tracks (plus the one track from Cradle of Life) was nice. I guess my biggest complain would be the objects, especially in the village. Some of them are much darker than the geometry, the well has no collision so you can simply jump in and be stuck forever (as I said, I was trying pretty much everything), and there were a handful non-interactve poles which seemed to be randomly placed around. Not sure what those were about. 45 minutes, 2 secrets. 06/20" - Treeble (14-Jun-2020)

"Don't be disheartened by the rather poor start to this level with its slapdash construction and odd camera flyby, as this turns out to be quite an enjoyable, albeit not lengthy or taxing raid. Young Lara levels have their limitations, but this one tries to present varied gameplay, and succeeds at least to a certain extent. The jumping sequence up (and down) the bell tower and the spike traps were nicely executed, but the torch puzzle comes with a serious dead end as you only get one and it's possible to lose it in the water and therefore arrive at a point where you can't continue, which caught me out and forced me to reload. The village area is rather empty- looking, although you can't really expect a presumably long abandoned township to be densely populated anyway. No enemies, but secrets are well placed, aside from one hidden behind a walkthrough wall and although the texturing needed some more work in places, the atmosphere is convincing and the construction competent. Not a bad raid at all." - Ryan (12-Jun-2020)

"Not too long level with young Lara and an atmosphere and stuff from the TRC Ireland levels. There is a little bit of spookiness and surrealism. The use of some objects is sometimes smart or quite weird. It did not began too well with a first area not well designed and an annoying camera, but gets better rather soon. The setting has its flaws here and there but nothing too bad and the gameplay is enjoyable at times , especially in the higher rooms , i enjoyed much the descending of the first high room ; also jumping on the roofs of a village is always welcome. Not perfect but original level." - eRIC (06-Jun-2020)

"As a rare fan of Chronicles, I was for my delight surprised to see another Ireland themed level! Gameplay & Puzzles (8): Let's start with the good things, this TRLE has some very good jumping sequences, and a lot of well hidden objects and switches. Additionally, I could see some areas having a great deal of imagination (watermill area, the clock tower, the bridges over the gigantic wheel, etc.). Still, this level has a LOT of backtracking, which can get annoying sometimes, and some minor bugs here and there. The torch use was good, but for future level building I recommend placing more than one torch because if the first one get's lost, the game cannot proceed without loading. Enemies, Objects & Secrets (6): Since it's an Ireland Young Lara themed level, there are no "real" enemies and that's ok. Good keys positioning (even tho a bit repetitive), too many unnecessary switches but smart secrets. Some skeleton objects were used well and added for the atmosphere of the level. Atmosphere, Sound & Cameras (6): Nice atmosphere, with the same feeling of the original Chronicles levels. Music was ok, could be better used. There were a lack of cameras for some switches, but the flybys looked good. Lighting & Textures (7): This TRLE lighting and textures were all over the place. Some areas were well textured and lighted (colorful areas with smart texturing or areas which were dark but not too dark), but some other areas lacked effort (bad lighting and repetitive wallpaperish textures, too dark pitched areas). If the builder had made the same texturing and lighting effort for everysingle room, it could very well reach an 8 or maybe 9." - LOTRKingluis (30-May-2020)
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