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Author(s): Ruu11
total rating:7.92 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Danpls 8 6 9 8
Teone 6 7 6 7
Ulthimas 9 9 10 10
category averages
(3 reviews)
7.67 7.33 8.33 8.33

Reviewer's comments

"First of all, I love the atmosphere. That is just what defines the better this level. So creepy. I missed some enemies/weapons, but I guess that that was the level's nature. I personally loved the main menu, and I loved the entire level. Idk if this level really needed a remake but I can't really talk too much cause I never played the entire original level. Even so, I find this a very good one." - Danpls (22-Jun-2020)

"I loved this LE especially for AoD Lara’s sounds and Underworld face model. It was a bit difficult to complete but it’s really good to play, and I was so scared at the end of the level with that black room and that scream 💀 many people enjoyed the level too on my twitch, I hope to see another similar level in the future" - Ulthimas (22-Jun-2020)

"Not sure if a remake was really needed for this level. I mean, normally a remake is welcome when the original game isn't playable anymore due to hardware/software obsoletism or when the graphics evolution is such as to justify it, but this is not the case because Clara's game is still playable and the NGLE graphics is only slightly more evolved. Having playing both games, I honestly still prefer the original one. I can't give you more than 6 in gameplay because actually this is not your work and the differences you bring are irrilevant in most cases (some jumps more on the roofs, some spikes more, little differences here and there). The textures are ok and also the objects but -I repeat- textures and objects are only slightly more evolved than the original ones. About the lighting I have to say that Lynn's cage is barely visible in the dark. Last comment for the audio: I missed too much the howling wolves who patrolled the area upon the walls in Clara's game. My guess is that a remake is something that a builder does for himself, so be proud of it and forgive me if I consider this work nothing more than a remake." - Teone (19-Jun-2020)
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