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Author(s): Scourge05
total rating:6.83 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 5 6 7 5
Orbit Dream 7 7 7 8
Wolf7 7 8 8 7
category averages
(3 reviews)
6.33 7.00 7.33 6.67

Reviewer's comments

"Not a very long level and a slightly better one by the builder. At least not much backtracking , and fitting enemies : natives and a couple of shivas that die rather quickly even with the pistols. There are still flaws in the design such as invisible blocks in front of closed doors or thin walls. This builder could do better levels with more care as -for example- he can use sinks efficently. The setting and lighting are average. I can't help but thinking that more secrets could have been placed and exploration more exciting. At the beginning you can climb above the starting area and all you can find beyond is the top of the world and you can not come back. The level is fairly easy and there is no timed door, only a couple of places where you need to act fast to avoid a spiked ceiling then a spiked wall underwater. The room with the spiked ceiling was not very fun as you can't know logically which switches to pull, before you know it you will have died several times. The atmosphere and musics are quite decent and fitting for this Indian level." - eRIC (03-Jul-2020)

"Initial impressions were none too favourable - the outside areas weren't particularly convincing (especially the position of the first crawlspace);and one of the waterfalls poured furiously upward. Nonetheless,the further into the level,the more immersive it became. The traps were reasonably challenging;the enemies,not hard to defeat (although they tended to burst upon the scene in noisier than usual fashion);while exploration was rather enjoyable.If an important pick-up was missed,it was never difficult to retrace steps in order to have another go,as everything led easily back to the main Hub room.Texturing was efficient;while the lighting enhanced the atmosphere to a considerable degree - aided by a good background audio track. Aside from a 'hidden in plain sight' key,which might easily be missed,there should be no great difficulties encountered by the player - and overall it's a decent little raid." - Orbit Dream (03-Jul-2020)

"A short, but surprisingly decent game by the author that till now had showed not really a lot of talent. The gameplay is fairly easy, consisting in exploring, what shines the most is the traps that attempt making the player's life harder, but luckily - or rather unfortunately - they are kind of easy to just ... err ... avoid. Enemy-wise the level is very decent! Becoming extremely satisfying after the obtaining of the shotgun that can kill enemies in one shot, wow! Object wise the level is pretty good too! The hidden secret I was unable to find it ... Atmosphere, well, I do think the level was surprisingly good, decent and not too dark. Texturing on the other hand was really hit and miss, sometimes the texturing was actually pretty good, other times texturing is just not too good, wrongly rotated textures, wrongly cropped textures ... a beginner's mistake though, easily fixable. It is not too long, you could give it a try. Wolfy Regards" - Wolf7 (01-Jul-2020)
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