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Author(s): Philer1988
total rating:6.23 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 6 6 7 6
Gerty 7 6 7 7
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jose 5 6 5 7
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 5 6 5 6
Orbit Dream 7 5 8 9
Phil 7 6 7 7
Qwendo 7 6 6 7
RaiderGirl 6 6 7 7
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Sash 5 5 5 6
Staticon 6 5 6 7
Torry 7 5 6 7
Treeble 4 4 6 6
category averages
(15 reviews)
6.07 5.67 6.33 6.87

Reviewer's comments

"This is very linear, straightforward and uncomplicated raiding. OK, those pretty much mean the same thing, but it sums it up very well. Nothing extraordinary or too difficult and we've seen all of this before, but it's quite pleasant to play and look at. Enough explosive ammo is provided to deal with the many enemies you encounter and the traps spiced things up slightly. Maybe the maze wasn't such a good idea, but I have seen worse than this. It ended for me after 25 minutes and although there's nothing impressive here, I thought it was time well spent." - Ryan (26-Apr-2018)

"A fairly ordinary Egyptian level that has its moments. The builder provides a crossbow with explosive arrows to deal with all the enemies you'll encounter (scorpions, mummies and ninjas), provided you wait until they bunch together before blowing them away. There's a sneaky secret near the end that's documented in Harry Laudie's walkthrough (hint, it's in the room where you find the last star), where you're provided a medipack you no longer have any use for. Thirty minutes of fluff, but I've played far worse levels. At least it has plenty of light, so that no flares are required." - Phil (30-Jan-2018)

"This is a linear, uncomplicated thirty minute romp through some rather nicely built Egyptian rooms. There's nothing we haven't seen before, but there are a few nice little traps and the usual enemies to contend with. Blowing up mummies can be positively soothing at times. Not breathtaking but certainly pleasant." - Jay (11-Aug-2016)

"A short Egyptian level about half an hour of net game. Very easy to play with a fast gameplay and nothing special: pull some levers, collect some artifacts, avoid the classic spiked balls rolling down the ramps, some fire traps, shoot some mummies, white ninjas and red scorpions... The best is that the author doesn't let you advance until you've got the vital items. Playable but not very enjoyable." - Jose (21-Jan-2016)

"Despite being short and as linear as it gets, the environment is nicely crafted here, creating a fun experience to the player. You're on a quest for several puzzle items to progress and eventually reach the surface, but be wary -- you can only have one Ba Cartouche in your inventory at a time (had to get lost in the hedgy maze twice because of this), so either don't combine one until you placed the other or place them as you get them. There's an illegal slope along the way, and you can skip the pushable puzzle by jumping through the gates of the cage. The outcome is the same, except you'll miss a small medipack available on the top of the ladder. Other than that, expect what Tut1-WAD has taught you to expect. 25 minutes. 08/07" - Treeble (12-Aug-2007)

"The same Egyptian setting with the same puzzles with many levels out there. You are searching for hands cartouches and the two pieces of the 'Eye of Horus'. You will find those items in a maze behind a statue or on a pedestal. Be sure to get the crossbow because after the slide there is going back and you are stuck forever missing a cartouche. The enemies are ninjas scorpions and mummies. Play it if you are fond of the Egyptian levels." - Kristina (07-Aug-2003)

"If you're like me and sometimes just enjoy an easy but interesting level then this is one for you to download. The level itself is quite attractively built even though it is just using the tutorial wad and the puzzles will never have you thinking for too long. This is worth a nice half hour of relaxing tomb raiding that anyone can enjoy." - RaiderGirl (19-Feb-2003)

"This just goes to prove that given a well thought out and constructed level you still can't beat a good Egyptian adventure. Some of the challenges here are quite tricky (find the Cartouche in the leafy maze); others are pointlessly simple (run into the empty room pick up the Hand of Orion and run back out again); but the rooms are beautifully built and imaginatively textured (the large chamber with the water ceiling was a mini work of art) the lighting is effectively used and the gameplay flows along very well indeed. If there had been a proper outdoor area my happiness would have been complete. A lovely little level (excuse the alliteration) all things considered." - Orbit Dream (02-Dec-2002)

"A standard tutorial level which will keep you entertained for half an hour. I thought the first ten minutes or so were really good but after that it got a bit too simple with the crucial items being just around the corner from where you need them. I liked the liquid ceiling and hated the maze but overall this easy and straightforward adventure was great fun because the gameplay is so fast paced and the setting supports the plot nicely." - Dimpfelmoser (09-Nov-2002)

"If you want to see how a maze of box trees survives in a tomb this is the level. But of course there is more to it. This a level where you can't loose your way and there are some things to gather like the pieces of the cartouche as you need 3 of those the eye of Horus and the Hand of Sirius. Found the crossbow and enough ammo to wipe out an army of mummies here you meet about 6 or 7 and even then you can avoid them very easily. Some ninjas and scorpions and also 2 or 3 small medpacks and that's it. This level is so much longer than I thought as most levels end after opening the door with the eye but this went on quite a bit further. A nice fire puzzle and traps boulders to dodge and jumping to do. You have to see the water in the ceiling great idea. There is also some nice flowing fire don't know how to describe that but you know what I mean when you see it. Even if this was a very easy level I liked it a lot as the idea this author has are great. Now a bit more challenging and some puzzles and this level could be even greater. 09-07-2002" - Gerty (10-Jul-2002)

"This is a fairly standard level with no difficult puzzles and a pretty uninteresting game environment except for one cool room with a pool in the ceiling and a suspended cage full of mummies in a very Egyptian setting. The object is to find 3 cartouches one in an oddly placed hedge maze in a tomb an Eye of Horus a Hand all easy to find and then make it outside where a jeep awaits. There are also a few enemies to take care of and some boulder fire and spike traps to avoid but again this isn't a difficult thing to do and you should finish the level in about 30 minutes." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"A very standard Tut1 level with the expected scorpions mummies and ninjas lasting about 30 minutes of net gaming time and in essence it is a really nice training level for beginners. The highlights are the water ceiling the caged mummies and maybe the hedge maze although I hate mazes. Make sure you pick up the crossbow and explosives before you slide down or you will be stuck." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"A pretty standard level set on the tut1 wad that will take you away from the world for around 30 minutes. There was one interesting fire tile puzzle that I had not seen before and another slope with fire tiles that kept getting me stuck in an illegal slope but other than that pretty standard stuff as you might expect." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"A typical Egyptian level. Quite linear without major difficulties and spiced up with a few puzzle pieces. After battling some enemies (who lose puzzle pieces when dying) and about half an hour you are through. Philer is certainly on the right track with level building he only needs to make it harder and equip his rooms a little more. I liked the green maze a lot." - Qwendo (21-Jun-2002)

"This is not a large level and being constructed with the tutorial WAD has no major bad guys to contend with. It is fairly straightforward in gameplay and nothing is too difficult to find. Having said that I enjoyed this level. As I've stated before I am an eternal beginner at this game and I like the odd level now and again which does not tax the grey cells too much. The rooms are fairly well designed and are nicely textured though a little sparsely furnished. It took me about 40 minutes to complete and was a welcome diversion from some of the harder levels I've tackled recently. It's not great but is quick to download and is fun. I rather liked the incongruously situated hedge maze. (Who does the gardening inside an Egyptian tomb?) A good level for a beginner or a quick blast for the busy hardened gamer." - Staticon (21-Jun-2002)
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