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Homage for Satan by Drobridski

DJ Full 7 7 6 7
Ryan 7 6 6 7
Teone 0 6 6 6
Treeble 7 7 8 8
release date: 15-Oct-2020
# of downloads: 311

average rating: 6.31
review count: 4
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file size: 4.75 MB
file type: TR1
class: City

author profile(s):

Reviewer's comments
"After a first failed attempt of making a game where saving function is disabled (I'm speaking of Satan Spawn, which was easily hacked and I can imagine the sorrow of Drobridski for his fail), this time the author seems to have achived his goal. Satan will be happy for all the players getting mad with this game and soon he will reward Drobridski with money, sex and power. Jokes apart, dear Drobridski, listen... now I speak to you directly: I know a boy who is able to play all the original TR1 without saving nor using medikits. And you know what? It's his choice to play in this way! Because in every respectable game, players do have choices, and choices always come from freedom. I said FREEDOM. Exactly what you don't want to give to players: freedom! Disabling saves means that you want to control players physically. This is the worst attitude a builder can have. So I'm very sorry (not angry, only sorry) but until the only freedom you give me is to skip your game, you'll never have my respect. Just for fun, I give you 0666 as scores. It's the number of the beast, I'm sure you'll appreciate." - Teone (21-Oct-2020)
"Another TR1 adventure from this author featuring his unique traits. This time around, we run about as Natla in a small plaza. The biggest challenge here is playing without saving or reloading, as the lack of guns or medikits is hardly relevant as the author offers clever work-arounds for the three enemies you come across. The timed run was a bit too tight, however, and having to try it over and over until I learned the optimal pattern took its toll on me. Not much else to say. I love the constant mockery this author brings to the table, either with the storylines or the objects and messages in game, and I hope we'll be seeing more in the future. The title for this level alone might raise a few brows, but it's all harmless fun. 10 minutes. 10/20" - Treeble (19-Oct-2020)
"Long story short, the path is interesting, the puzzles are surprisingly realistic, the customizations are more efficient than I have seen in any TR1-based level, so I guess the rating would be DOUBLE if saving was enabled, and I have no idea why the author thought it's a good idea to leave it off. Luckily the level is very short, so I didn't get bored. Also, I don't know which tombati was used here but I couldn't customize the keys and the display was shifted so half of it was on my left monitor, and half on the right one. Therefore, before playing, replace the tombati inclu... ah nvm, I'm just gonna do it... Michael? Michael!!" - DJ Full (19-Oct-2020)
"As far as TR1 offerings go, this is certainly one of the more unusual offerings. Having the savegame function disabled was an undoubted handicap, to be sure, but it wasn't really an issue until the rather tight timed run, and having to backtrack to where the lever is situated time and time again got annoying fairly quickly. Still, there are some interesting things here, including the options for avoiding the three enemies you encounter and the ingenious conversion sequence near the end, which was absolutely brilliant. If the level was lengthened considerably and the savegame function reinstated, this would doubtlessly be scoring much higher. Maybe something for the builder to consider in the future?" - Ryan (19-Oct-2020)