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Author(s): Billy the Kid
total rating:6.32 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 6 6 7 6
Daffy 7 6 7 7
Gerty 5 5 6 5
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jbc21 5 6 6 5
Jose 6 6 7 7
Josep 5 7 8 5
Kristina 7 8 7 7
Magnus 6 5 6 6
MichaelP 6 5 7 5
Necro 8 5 6 4
Orbit Dream 6 6 6 7
Phil 6 7 7 7
RaiderGirl 6 6 8 7
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sash 7 7 8 7
Torry 2 5 7 5
Treeble 6 6 6 6
Yonatan 9 7 9 8
category averages
(19 reviews)
6.05 6.05 6.95 6.21

Reviewer's comments

"Despite the bugs in this two-level set which are still present years after its release, it still provides some entertainment value for half an hour. The flare bug appears very early on and you have to either cheat or rename the files to play the second part, which is a bit of a pity, but I still had some fun here. The use of colourful lighting in some places was a nice touch (although the textures were a bit badly applied) and I thought that the progression through one of the lava rooms and the boulder/rope trap combination were well thought out. Not a bad little choice if you want something slightly more challenging than the norm." - Ryan (14-Nov-2018)

"A 25 minutes levelset or so with some tasks to accomplish, the only puzzle being the one in the end where you have to move to statues to their respective places. I was stuck there trying to open the other door, by moving the statues to different places but anything worked. So I had to use the HELP command to get to the second level. In the second level Lara finds the mine and gets rid of some goons that try to steal the gold. In this level flybys and tracks are well placed, but the tracks triggers should be farther, so we can wait till the one that's playing finishes. Anyway, entertaining. Play if you have 20 minutes or so to spare." - alan (18-Feb-2018)

"The problem with the door that doesn't open at the end of the first level has never been fixed, so that's where I stopped playing. Harry Laudie's walkthrough documents a second level that covers all of a paragraph, and since playing it requires renaming the TR4 file I didn't bother. It's an atmospheric Egyptian raid for the 20 minutes or so that it lasts. The revolver and laser sight are found rather early in the first level, but I never found any use for them (perhaps that submerged vase, but since the action keeps you moving forward I didn't attempt to go back and check it out. Play it when you have nothing else to do." - Phil (21-Jun-2017)

"This isn't a bad little adventure for its age, if you can overlook the buggy aspects, including the flare bug which is always irritating. This would be ideal for a new player looking to up his or her abilities a bit, as, easy though it obviously is for experienced players, I can imagine the boulder/ rope trap feeling somewhat challenging all those years ago." - Jay (19-Jan-2016)

"Not bad this egyptian level, 'cause the second part I played with only a couple treasure rooms is not really a level, but an epilogue. Well builded rooms with a cool and colourful lighting; the textures are not very well applied, except in square panels. Not real puzzles here, but there are some interesting tasks which keep your attention till the end. Again, only ninjas and scorpions as enemies (and some mummies). Good flybies, but sometimes the musics were placed very near and when a track is still singing, the next one cuts it. Enjoyable, but don't expect too much. I had to rename the "coastal.tr4" file to "tut1.tr4" to play the second level (I think the author had a mistake with the trigger of the second door at the end of the first level)" - Jose (16-Jun-2015)

"Although somewhat buggy (you need to swap file names around in order to access the second part;and the flare bug is present from a short way in),this two-level mini adventure entertains to a reasonable degree. Although the texturing displays many of the trademarks of a first-build,this is somewhat offset by the atmospheric and colourful lighting;while enemies and objects are well exploited,given the limitations of the original wad.The gameplay is smooth and fast-moving,but you get the feeling that many opportunities were missed along the way;particularly as progression mainly involves a linear journey through a series of well designed rooms,in which very little generally happens short of a ninja/scorpion attack or two. Nonetheless,the rolling boulder sequence was positively thrilling and one of the best I have yet encountered;and the adventure had a nicely developed storyline,leading to a well-judged and logical Finale. If you missed out on this level all those years ago,I recommend you to take a look at this modest but enjoyable little quest." - Orbit Dream (29-Mar-2013)

"I found this level interesting to play with parts of game well enough achieved as for the gameplay. Of the quoting of decoration, they alternate between good well-decorated things with enough contrast and rooms without relief which seemed very sad. I think nevertheless that it is a good level to be played in spite of the signalled bugs. To play the second very short level, I reappointed the file tut1.tr4 there coastal.tr4 and did again a left new. It is a pity that these worries is not corrected." - Daffy (26-Jul-2009)

"What a damn shame! This level, although short and easy, had such promise. Apart from the basic layout and gameplay, this level had so many flaws. Firstly, there were a lot of untextured tiles, and some objects were incorrectly placed e.g. lanterns. I couldn't even access the final section of the level as the door wouldn't open due to a major design bug. Do authors play their levels from start to finish before releasing them?????? Not bad for an early level and if your up for 20mins of gameplay. Just be prepared for the anticlimax." - Necro (22-Dec-2008)

"First time I downloaded it, many moons ago one had to use TRwest to convert this into a playable level. Now somebody (and I think it is the boss) did just that so you have TR4 files. A pity that I only play one level as after placing the two Hands, and pushing the statues till I was blue in the face, the second door wouldn't open. Oh well this is a 5 year old game and apart from missing textures and the all-famous flare bug it isn't so bad. 06-04-2006" - Gerty (17-Apr-2006)

"What we have here is an ordinary level but with an unusual amount of music. So much in fact that I actually found it annoying. Usually there isn't a lot of music in levels but in this one there is too much. Other than the music it's just your average Egyptian level. The texturing is okay without offering anything special. The gameplay is linear and easy. The level takes just under twenty minutes to finish." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"I thought I would give this level one more try after a bug I encountered the first time I played it. Unfortunately the same bug occurred in the room with two hands and statues the second door didn't open. It starts really dark and it doesn't get much better the fares are plenty but the flare bug makes them useless. Mummies ninjas and scorpions are scattered around. It's all about triggers and opening doors floor tiles burning spike balls dropping and I liked the way the torch was used. I used the original files and loaded the coastal level so I was able to see the end of it. I believe behind the door that couldn't open was just the ladder to climb down so I think I didn't miss anything. The level ends suddenly while Lara is swimming through a gate. A nice level considering its date of release." - Kristina (10-Apr-2003)

"I couldn't see the whole level because in the area with the two receptacles for the hands there was two doors one I could open but not the next one. The part I could see was great. Sometimes great lighting great use of textures (although I spotted several untextured tiles) great traps (such as the darts on the bridge) and great effects (the flipmap of the first bridge). I kept a savegame for this level so whenever (and IF) I discover the solution of that problem I will submit a new review." - Treeble (08-Mar-2003)

"This set of levels was a lot of fun to play with a nice mix of jumping climbing and exploring as you search for two hands one in the first level and a short trip into the second level and back to get the next hand. There are actually few enemies so the emphasis is on action as it seems that every room has something for you to do. Unfortunately I had the problem with the doors not opening in the room where you place the two hands - I have a feeling though that it was almost over." - RaiderGirl (20-Feb-2003)

"I was having a wonderful time is this clever set of two levels until the bugs started to crop up. Firstly the flare bug started then when I went to use the binoculars the game would crash to the desktop but I continued as it really was a great level. I got to a room where you needed to move two statues to open two doors and the previously reported door bug had gotten to me as well so I simply could no longer proceed. Pity as I liked the way this morphed between the two levels offering vastly different aspects of gameplay in each. Unfortunately it cannot be completed in its present state and I hope the author will rectify this." - Torry (28-Jan-2003)

"Where this level seems to excel is with its great moody lighting camera angles and fly bys which all added up to making this a really atmospheric experience. Another aspect I really enjoyed was the jumping back and forth between both levels sometimes after only one room which gave it a larger feel sadly though it only lasted around 40 minutes and the end came very suddenly while taking a short swim actually it was so unexpected that I wrote the creator to make sure it was the end which it was." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"This double level requires a bit of work beginning with the actual installation where you need to use TRWest. In the levels themselves the high points are the excellent use of the standard sounds solid sometimes really good lighting and some good cameras although some could use some rework. Very good use of darts as a trap. Gameplay is a lot of running around and crawling and what spoiled the levels a bit for me where the many standard bugs that you encounter (flare bug door bug enemies appear out of thin air wrongly placed torches on wall missing textures and right at the start you can 'walk on air' next to the bridge. Still the atmosphere overall is nice and it's definitely worth a play." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"Well I am a bit confused with this level. It is full of interesting tricks and scenes (jumping between levels) but on another hand it is rather flat and easy! Thanks to the text file telling the purpose of the game I didn't feel only like running along empty corridors and jumping over lava for nothing... I just have the feeling that this level was quickly finished and that the author got bored with designing it." - Jbc21 (21-Jun-2002)

"The level is very tricky which surprised with interesting puzzles and hard moves. You even get chased by a boulder (I will never forget the move you make to avoid being run over by it it's just so Indiana Jones style) the usual mummies who pose no threat. Also there was great use of darts I actually got killed by them! There was also a lot of use of music which was great! Every level should use it it added so much to the level! This level may look ordinary at first- but in second look it's a very good level!" - Yonatan (21-Jun-2002)

"From my point of view this level is not really finished. At the beginning I thought:"I have found a really fantastic level", perfect light and textures, good music and fly-bys but after progressing I have started to find a lot of minor bugs: a bridge that appears and disappears, no exit and no mortal wells, non-textured or"paper" walls, etc. It's a pity because with a week of work reviewing the level the result would be really good." - Josep (21-Jun-2002)
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