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Author(s): Barny
total rating:6.08 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Akcy 5 4 6 7
Andi Croft 7 5 6 8
Dimpfelmoser 5 2 7 7
Doug E 7 7 7 8
eRIC 6 4 8 7
Gerty 5 6 6 7
Jay 6 6 7 7
Jose 5 5 7 8
Kristina 5 4 5 5
MichaelP 6 6 6 7
Momster 6 7 8 8
Necro 6 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 5 3 6 8
Phil 7 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 7 7 7 8
Ryan 5 5 7 8
Sash 4 2 7 7
Treeble 5 5 5 5
category averages
(18 reviews)
5.67 5.00 6.56 7.11

Reviewer's comments

"This is quite a pleasant, fairly solidly constructed little level. There’s nothing too taxing, with few enemies and nothing hard to achieve. The only slight peril our heroine may encounter is drowning in the underwater maze if she strays from the rather cleverly indicated path. What a shame this builder never made another level as this shows definite promise. Ah well." - Jay (04-Apr-2019)

"For Tomb Raider fans there's no more generic a title than Lost Temple, and at present we have 17 custom levels bearing that name or some variation thereof, the most recent being an ORC entry. This one dates back to 2002, and it's not at all a bad raid. If you care to do some considerable backtracking at the end for the final secret, you get another five minutes or so that stretches your total playing time to about 35 minutes. The enemies are few in number, but there's a lot of swimming to do and an unnecessarily long flyby when you're about halfway done. Still, if it were my first level I'd be proud of it myself and would be equally tempted to take advantage of every opportunity to show it off." - Phil (04-Oct-2018)

"It's a shame that this level remains this builder's sole effort as it is a solidly made level, at least visually. The settings and textures are all very pleasant and you do find enough flares for the few dark spots. There is only one enemy (a horseman guarding a gem) and the gameplay is very simple, aside from a long swim and vase shooting puzzle, so just relax and enjoy the scenery (you might want to make a cup of tea or coffee for that long flyby, though!)." - Ryan (11-Jul-2017)

"A pain that this builder never continued with this project. Not a great level, short but pleasant to play and explore. There is a very long swim, some switches to pull and some vases to shoot. I was stucked 'cause I missed the moveable block, but that was the only issue I suffered. The secrets are not difficult to find, and when I found the last one, I went back to the big blue double doors to see that they were still closed. I missed some more enemies and traps, but there is a good atmosphere and the environments are beautiful and convincent. Short but worth to play." - Jose (20-Jul-2016)

"A rather straightforward adventure with a few issues that detract slightly from the experience. A couple of waferthin walls, untextured spots, walls with animated water textures, and even the mandatory underwater maze is present (though if you follow the pattern on the floor you can overlook it completely. I do believe there might have been something hidden in there however.) Gameplay and level design are generally very bare and basic so nothing special as you fetch a gem from a sneakily hidden air-popping horseman and shoot some vases to eventually reach your prize and spot an impatient Von Croy arriving after you.... You also get two secrets in the very first room, and a few others spread along the level in places you just can't miss them. 25 minutes, 5 secrets. 09/14" - Treeble (26-Sep-2014)

"You can tell right away that this is an early level as the objects / textures seem restricted by the wads provided by the editor. However, this level isn't bad for a first effort and there are some nice ideas. The level is basically designed in the style of the Lost library but I did see a few flaws. the water level was the same as the platform, and there were a few wafer-thin walls. I still enjoyed this level and after completing, I was left wondering why the author stopped here. It would have been interesting to see what other levels he could have turned out." - Necro (26-Mar-2008)

"An interesting little level. Its creator made some rookie mistakes, like the too long and pointless underwater maze, the lack of baddies, and with the moveable block, there was no sign at all that it should be pushed in, instead of pulled out, although every player would pull it out first, I guess, because of the classic hiding place behind it, in such cases. So this gave me a frustrating time. But I liked the level after all, and as it's the first - and so far only - one from this author, it shows promise. Obviously unfinished, but today (2005) I don't think there will be continuation. Too bad, I would have liked to see what Barny can do with a little more experience." - Akcy (06-Jun-2005)

"I seem to be repeating myself here, but I'll say it just one more time before I get really stroppy! DO NOT put unmarked pushable blocks into levels without providing some sort of hint that they are there! Got that? I should hope so! If it weren't for that ludicrous obstacle, this would be a decent well-crafted level. The gameplay (while not particularly taxing) is fluent; the construction is very sound for a first effort, and there are plenty of architectural flourishes that would indicate that Barny (should he have continued his building career) would doubtless have become a very prominent name. All you have here, instead, is a taste of what could have been; but (bizarre ending aside) enjoy it all the same." - Orbit Dream (22-May-2005)

"There are definitely some bugs in this level and those have to do with the textures. Paper thin walls and some stretched textures as well. The gameplay is simple and quick, get a gem by killing a horseman, the only enemy in the level and after shooting some vases and a maze not very difficult though you finish the level with a cut scene. The cut scene shows Von Croy looking at an open door but you never get to visit there, as the level ends after that. Not a very interesting level." - Kristina (15-Feb-2003)

"I have one big gripe about this unassuming 35 minute level and that is that if you pull the one movable block instead of push it in then you can be running around like a blue assed fly not being able to locate the blue gem that is essential to finish. The only way I found out the solution was to read Mike's review (thank you Mike) and I really feel that the creator of this should have made it impossible to pull the block out by either placing an object or piece of wall behind Lara's back. Otherwise this was a nice to look at but pretty uneventful game with only one enemy, a horseman, one easy to swim through underwater maze with a very obvious route clue, and 5 secrets that even blind Freddy could have found. And what's with that flyby? I had time to make a coffee, read a book, and then WRITE one!" - Sash (24-Dec-2002)

"I recognized the library, karnak and catacombs and not a bad mixture. This level puzzles me as I was trying to jump those burners in the last room, but apparently you don't need to. Also found it strange that you can climb out, but not in, the openings where you'll find the clogs. Loosing a lot of health for some uzi ammo is beneath me (never use that weapon anyway). The revolver ammo that is always handy. Not knowing that there is only one tinman to shoot and he jumped out of the movable block instead of waiting till Lara could push it all the way into that tiny room. The underwater maze was terrible even after I found out that the floor textures will show you the way. Some places were just too dark. So I'll stop griping and liked the way Lara was dressed even with her white gloves. How those will stay so white is beyond me. The rooms were nicely done and I loved that underwater window. Found 5 secrets and I hope that this author will make another level, but with some more puzzles in it and I would like very much to open that last door. 29-07-2002" - Gerty (11-Aug-2002)

"I thought this was a great try for a first level - it seems to be using the library wad but it manages to have a look of it's own, there aren't loads of blue doors to push open, it's not too dark to see anything, there aren't a lot of horsemen to fight, and for once you're not searching for the music scroll. The majority of the rooms are built and decorated very well - I loved the transparent blue wall where you can see the two switches you need to get to but have no idea how to do it, and the temple where you locate the artifact (a new one!) is very well done. My only complaints are that it's too short and there are hardly any puzzles. I admit the pushable block was very hard to find but besides that and an annoying underwater labyrinth there's not much to do. The five secrets are even too easy to find. I really hope this author keeps working on levels though as he shows a lot of promise." - RaiderGirl (25-Jul-2002)

"This level is particular: only one enemy, 5 secrets not hard to find, a weird final flyby (maybe there is a sequel to come) and some puzzles seemed enigmatic to me. But I liked this level a lot; it was nice to explore those places and the atmosphere is good." - eRIC (24-Jul-2002)

"Ok, there are some beginners mistakes, we could have done with a few enemies, it's not much of a challenge and then there is the dreaded underwater maze but I liked this all the same. Probably because the title is so unimaginative and I didn't expected much. Or maybe because of the helpful cutscenes; or because of the fluent gameplay. Certainly not because of the easy to find and useless secrets or this one endless and disorientated fly by. But the rooms are quite impressive and pleasant to walk through without being hassled by the usual suspects. I particularly liked the big window next to the two levers which rendered the aforementioned fly by completely redundant, but I was slightly disappointed that I never got the chance to hop over all those blocks around the temple where you finally go for the crucial item that triggers off the enigmatic sequence that brings you right to the end." - Dimpfelmoser (23-Jul-2002)

"Another one of those lost temples - this time a mix of catacomb, library, karnak and a bit of coastal WAD, but the setting works actually quite well. Lara's outfit is nice in white pants and pink shirt and gameplay not overly taxing, unless you are as 'smart' as I am and PULL that movable block out instead of pushing it in and then wander around forever in search of the blue gem. The underwater maze is simple if you follow the floor textures. The flybys could use a tiny bit of fine-tuning, there is also a thin wall, there is only one enemy (a tinman) and the end (for me after 45 minutes) is a bit sudden as it feels like you should be doing more. So, why is Von Croy running in circles and what does that ninja do up there? Oh, and why does the author make the ZIP file so big by adding two useless backups of his TOM file? Lots of questions. But to end on a high note, I enjoyed finding five secrets, where there any more? Oops - another question. Ah, well..." - Michael (19-Jul-2002)

"What an utter disappointment! This level starts so very promising. Beautiful appearance, decent gameplay. It almost has everything except an ending. Thought maybe I did something wrong but as I read the forum posts, everyone said the same thing. 'Is that all there is?'; 50 minutes of running around to get to the next place, finding the right switch, swimming and swimming and swimming. Finding the blue gem to open the gate to pull the switch to get to where you finally pick up the artifact only to watch a flyby of some ninjas running around and VonCroy pacing in front of the blue double doors you think you are going to open and it just ENDS. I have rated down on gameplay for this reason. Unless you want to become very frustrated at the end, don't play it." - Momster (14-Jul-2002)

"This is a very well done piece of work. The textures and lighting were nicely done. I especially liked one particular wall that was tiled to the point of being almost real. There was a sneaky block that had to be moved to enable the demise of the thing with the gem on his chest. The ending was a little sudden and I assume this is to facilitate a future level. Well worth a download!" - Doug E (14-Jul-2002)

"This is a short level. But there is an underwater-maze with collapse-guarantee. The swimming in the labyrinth is very hard. The textures are good and the atmosphere, too. There is only one enemy and you can't find it. There is a movable block, you can't see it. One from four players had found this movable block. I found 4 secrets and I was playing 50 minutes for this level. I had fun." - Andi Croft (13-Jul-2002)
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