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Author(s): semitonic
total rating:5.93 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 6 6 6 5
Andi Croft 7 5 7 5
David 6 4 5 6
Dimpfelmoser 6 5 8 7
eTux 6 4 5 4
Gerty 6 6 6 6
Jay 6 5 6 7
Jose 6 5 6 4
Kristina 6 6 6 6
Mehrbod 6 5 6 5
MichaelP 9 6 6 6
Orbit Dream 5 4 6 6
Phil 6 6 6 7
RaiderGirl 8 7 7 8
Ryan 6 6 6 5
Sakusha 5 5 6 7
Sash 7 6 6 7
Sheevah 6 7 5 5
The Aussie Adventurer 8 5 6 5
Torry 6 4 6 7
Treeble 5 6 6 5
Whistle 6 8 8 9
Xxenofex 7 4 5 4
category averages
(23 reviews)
6.30 5.43 6.09 5.91

Reviewer's comments

"A pretty nondescript level that took me about 35 minutes with the help of Harry Laudie's walkthrough. Lighting is okay, requiring few if any flares, but the surroundings are rather crude and the gameplay is less than inspired. Apparently a finish trigger has been added, as the game did not crash to the desktop upon completion. The revolver and laser sight are provided, but their only use is to shoot the heads off the few skeletons that appear along the way. Playable but forgettable." - Phil (26-Jan-2019)

"Well, this catacomb level was somehow a solid TR4 level, to be honest, I expected to see more out of this debut. Most of the elements of this game were average or fair. Some problems to point out were the stretched textures, bad lighting, irrelevant background music, etc. . Thank you." - Mehrbod (03-Sep-2018)

"Like this author's other level, this has a somewhat surreal and patchwork appearance to it, enhanced by some of the wall paintings, which I felt didn't work that well. Gameplay is slightly better, but still nothing extraordinary, with a couple of jumping sequences, a push object puzzle, a flipmap and some skeletons to dispose of with the Shotgun. I liked the little hints given by Lara (gazing in certain directions)." - Ryan (30-Aug-2017)

"A different level to the others as this uses custom textures. They are paintings of the illustrator whom this level was dedicated. Though they are interesting to look at, they are stretched and repetitive in some rooms. There's a puzzle with moveable towers and a little maze to find a revolver, but don't waste its ammo as it's useful to progress in the level. The flybys and cameras will show you the way to go after completing a task. In the large room you can complete the level easily by approaching to the door, which will open and you just leave. Or you can explore the rest of it by DOZY-ing if you're too lazy like me :v" - alan (31-Jul-2017)

"The gameplay is not bad, with some original ideas. I'd like more variety of enemies and more objects. Sounds and cameras are correct, but thre's an horrid texturization giving a bad aspect to most rooms, even with some added custom textures. In the final room I was able to finish the level prematurely so I think I missed a part of the gameplay. For some reason this level was not pleasant for me." - Jose (15-Apr-2015)

"This is a fairly standard old catacomb level, with the unusual idea of adding in some Klimt inspired textures. Whilst I'll have to give the builder credit for trying something different in the early stages of level building, I can't honestly feel that the mix of textures works well together. Aside from that, it has quite a nice puzzle and a couple of skeletons to shoot off ledges." - Jay (22-Oct-2014)

"Although valiently attempting to be stylistically different,this is a generally unsatisfying level. The custom textures are interesting,and certainly contribute to the rather strange atmosphere,but the lighting is virtually non-existant and Gameplay is disappointing; aside from one reasonably smart pushblock puzzle,it's all about running and jumping,and the exit can be reached earlier than it should simply by performing some straightforward jumps (which is a shame,as the flooding of the final chamber is rather a beautiful sight). A slightly odd little level,undoubtedly;but not one that's especially reccomendable." - Orbit Dream (23-Feb-2008)

"I was always put off playing the author's levels because I was so utterly lost in his 'Jackson Pollock's Puzzle' but this promised to be simple enough to get through without getting stuck. While there are a number of interesting ideas along the way this level is fairly dated (well, no surprise with me playing it almost 7 years after its initial release) and it shows. There are a lot of beginner's mistakes like door bugs, stretched textures and simplistic lighting, and worst of all a missing loadscreen, what throws you back at the desktop every time you die, or if you want to reload. The artwork of Gustav Klimt doesn't really redeem the looks, but adds an interesting touch to the otherwise standard catacomb experience. The blocks puzzle was interesting, and I actually thought the moment where you have to backtrack for the Revolver was clever, but there is at least one spot where you can take what I assume is an illegal shortcut - namely when you arrive in the last room - you can easily get into the crawlspace with a jump without going all the way to flood the passage that takes you back to the beginning of the slope. On a more positive note - while a bit dizzy - there always were fly-by's showing you the way, so it was pretty impossible to get lost here. The only real setback when playing this was the loadscreen issue, but with some cooperation from the site administrators even that problem could be solved for future players. Worth a look." - eTux (07-Oct-2007)

"Maybe I could simplify my review with a simple "catacomb, again? *groan*" because this level really doesn't offer anything different except from what might be paintings of a famous painter. Now, I'm not really into art history as it doesn't interest me, but just last week when I went to my therapy session I was browsing through an old magazine which said one of his paintings was more esteemed than Da Vinci's most famous Mona Lisa painting, but what's all this talk gotta do with this review. Stretched, repeated and tiring textures and regular catacombesque gameplay. 30 minutes. 01/07" - Treeble (28-Jan-2007)

"Here we have a level that's fun to play but not so fun to look at. I start of by saying that the game design of this level is very well done. Some of the rooms are well set up and give lara plenty to explore. The puzzles are very clever where one the puzzles has you observing a setup of a puzzle and then you have to recreate it and that's something I have never seen before. The enemies consist of skeletons, mummies and scarabs who all pose no real danger to lara. I am glad to see the author use the camera quite frequently and use it well. There is also some atmospheric music to listen too but nothing special. The biggest downside is the texturing. Some of the textures are missing and some are also stretched. It doesn't look really bad but it sure does bring down the level a bit. I would recommend this level to people who like pure gameplay without the glamor. If I had to give this level a grade, I would give it a B-, a low distiction." - The Aussie Adventurer (05-Feb-2006)

"Aside from the textures this level is another version of 'The Catacombs'. It's possible to play this level without crashing to the desktop. Copy English.txt and script.txt (your original files because the author didn't provide any script files). In script.txt replace the load screen parameters of 'The Catacombs' with the following numbers: 69120 -4673 60522 69120 -4167 59078 3. Whenever a level doesn't have a load screen and it's possible to replace its load screen parameters with different values I tend to select a screenshot of the first room because I want to enjoy a level without any frustrations later on. After that click on script.bat and your script files (.dat files) will be updated. Gameplay mainly consists of finding hidden switches and various methods to open a door (eg. by picking up shotgun ammo). The author gave a few good hints such as the skeleton (a part of 'Death and Life' which Klimt painted in 1916) which warns Lara about an oncoming boulder (there is also a large medipack that's used as bait) and the two blocks that you see before you enter the room with the two pushable objects. The objects are placed at the right moment. There are one or two paper-thin walls I have detected one or two tiny untextured areas there is a problem with Lara's animation when Lara pushes a button (instead of 'pulling' a 'lever' she's supposed to push the button. The author could've put 3 in the OCB of that button) and the water is untextured. The invisible wall was nice the lighting was average and the level is well-textured (since this level is dedicated to an artist the author's desire to perfect the textures doesn't really surprise me). You don't have to struggle in this level because this level is a little bit empty when it comes to threats. However you can trigger a horde of morgue beetles if you are imprudent and if you are distracted by a particular medipack you may get crushed by a spiked boulder. At the end of the level (not the very end) you will find Klimt's coffin which is quite plain. But then again he was an artist a person who would usually live in poverty although this doesn't seem to be Klimt's case (unless you take into consideration his childhood). Then the level ends abruptly." - Sakusha (20-Aug-2004)

"I wouldn't expect anything else rather than some difficulty with the puzzles and out of the ordinary textures. I hated starting the editor over and over because there is no loading screen. There were mummies and some moving objects in what looked like the catacombs at first but soon changed with those different looking textures mentioned above. The second level is his best and this one I guess was just the test." - Kristina (04-Sep-2003)

"Not such a big fan of Klimt myself but I can understand to experiment with the textures and why not use Klimt. The game on it self is not that hard but as the load screen is missing you can't reload properly. Unacceptable in Torry's words for me as well. Puzzles are nice and the first one did had me baffled as of course I did look where Lara was looking but not good enough LOL. Some of the flybys went so fast but there is no way you can get lost though. The big room with and without the water is also nice done. 13-12-2002" - Gerty (15-Dec-2002)

"Apart from some new textures that are obviously paintings of GK there is nothing spectacular in this game visually. It's a catacomb level and for this reason it should have been a bit darker inside but instead there was too much light. Also there is a lack in deco objects like vases or so the rooms seem rather bare. The puzzles were nice and not too hard. You meet only a few skeletons and it's easy to get rid of them. Lara doesn't find or collect any artifact on her way her only task is finding her way out. Very recommendable for beginners." - Sheevah (19-Aug-2002)

"The level was built during the early days. Nevertheless one must mention that the textures were processed very very badly. Often pulled apart or squeezed this I did not consider beautiful at all. Also the self produced textures were not my taste. However the puzzles were good for that time even very well. The atmosphere was bright a little bit I have already mentioned the textures. Cameras were also applied which were well used and also the sound always fitted. Opponent there were only 2 skeletons and a mummy as well as once a few beetles. If I had not lost with an unavoidable accident some energy I would have made it with the lowest possible loss of energy through the level. Because of the bad atmosphere I cannot value the level higher as said the textures were processed extremely slovenly." - Xxenofex (17-Aug-2002)

"Starting off in a standard looking catacomb area this level soon changes that with the help of some pretty colourful and bizarre pictures and textures but I shouldn't have been surprised as this is the same creator who gave us Jackson Pollock's Puzzle. With some quite tricky puzzles especially one that if you don't take notice of what draws Lara's attention you will have an incredibly difficult time solving barely any enemies and 2 ways of using water in the last huge and wonderfully awe inspiring room this really interesting level unfortunately only lasted 35 minutes." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"Despite the author stating this to be a short level, it will provide you with certainly more than 30 minutes of net gameplay time. The puzzles are not too complicated but keep you thinking and a nice variety is used throughout the level. The final big room is a beautiful sight and the Gustav Klimt textures make the level atmosphere very unique, but unfortunately they are applied in a bit of a 'patchy' way. Fly-by cameras are used to support the player, but are a little rough and sometimes going through walls; a few texture bugs around and quite annoyingly the level crashes back to the desktop due to missing loadscreen parameters. The latter should however not stop you from downloading it, as you will not require many reloads anyway, as the death traps and enemies are rare. - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"Well this is another one of those annoying levels that crashes to the desktop every time you try to load a save game. Unacceptable. Other than that it is a fairly standard level with a few really good puzzles thrown in to get you scratching your head. Even so you should get through this one in around 30 minutes." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"Reading the other reviews I expected a lot more from this level but unless I'm missing something it's all a bit of a non-event. There is one nice puzzle here (but it's a little annoying and you need to carefully check the room where Lara is looking to figure it out - once you get into the room it's different and you cannot return back to where the overhead view was to check again). The final area was also a non-event - a nice big room but nothing to do but push a button to switch on some water and an exit door. The only problem was how to get to the floor in one piece. Shows a lot of promise but not all that good." - David (21-Jun-2002)

"Despite the author stating this to be a short level it will provide you with certainly more than 30 minutes of net gameplay time. The puzzles are not too complicated but keep you thinking and a nice variety is used throughout the level. The final big room is a beautiful sight and the Gustav Klimt textures make the level atmosphere very unique but unfortunately they are applied in a bit of a 'patchy' way. Fly-by cameras are used to support the player but are a little rough and sometimes going through walls; a few texture bugs around and quite annoyingly the level crashes back to the desktop due to missing loadscreen parameters. The latter should however not stop you from downloading it as you will not require many reloads anyway as the death traps and enemies are rare. - Michael "This level seems to be dedicated to the Austrian painter and illustrator Gustav Klimt and I'm assuming that is his work featured in the new textures which have been used so well with the ones we're already familiar with. The puzzles themselves could be considered a work of art as the author has taken things we've all seen before and used them in new ways that will make you stop and think a bit before you can figure them out. I wouldn't call the last room beautiful but the way it's built and textured is unlike any I've seen before and is even better after the water is turned on. My only complaint is that it crashed to the desktop every time I died or wanted to reload - which seemed to happen a lot for me. This is definitely worth a look and makes me want to make a level dedicated to either Bosch or Brueghel." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"I had I felt to deduct 2 points from the gameplay as the level failed to engage the re-loader and dumped you out of Editor totally. Some good puzzles and effects especially the feeling of height it almost gave me vertigo. Also used to good effect are the flybys and Lara looking around (take note)." - Whistle (21-Jun-2002)

"This was an easy level. The textures were not so fine and the enemies were only some skeletons. I must pull some wall-switches and need the revolver with laser-sight. This revolver puzzle was very hard. I was seeking one hour to find it. Some objects were lying on my way. I like this room with the end-door. I was playing 40 minutes in this level. It is easy to play but I had fun." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)

"Well if Lara dies in this one or when I tried to reload not only would the game crash but I had to restart my computer and since it needs a rather long time to get going I finally used the flycheat with the more tricky bits. This -of course- destroys the gameplay to some degree but otherwise I would be so cross by now that my downrating would know no limits. Right since you can't reload I better tell you to look left after you passed the mummy. And do memorize the position of these two cubes as they will be mysteriously gone a few minutes later. The gameplay is pretty standard TR but this level is really exceptional for the incorporation of Klimt's artwork which seems done a bit half heartedly in some places but the overall effect is quite impressive. As is the big room at the end. It won't take you very long and if you manage to avoid dying the gameplay is fairly fluent but since I had to wait three times for my computer to zazoong into life again I can't give that good rating really. Highly irritating." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
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