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Author(s): Sweetheart
total rating:5.34 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
alan 5 5 6 6
Cory 3 3 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 4 6 5 5
eTux 4 6 5 4
Gerty 6 6 6 6
Jay 6 6 6 5
Jose 4 4 5 4
Kersaho 6 9 6 5
Kristina 5 6 7 7
Mehrbod 7 6 7 6
MichaelP 7 5 5 4
Orbit Dream 3 3 4 5
RaiderGirl 5 6 6 5
Ryan 5 5 6 5
Sash 6 6 5 6
Scottie 6 6 5 5
The Aussie Adventurer 7 6 6 5
Tombaholic 4 6 5 5
Torry 4 5 6 5
Treeble 6 6 6 6
vienna 4 5 6 5
Yoav 6 6 7 7
category averages
(22 reviews)
5.14 5.55 5.55 5.14

Reviewer's comments

"Another medium length catacombs level, built within a TR4 based game system, which consisted of unpredictable deathtraps and a few large rooms that made the game's environment somehow boxy. Gameplay was good for a catacomb level, Enemies and objects were fair, some secrets were so very hard to find, Atmosphere and sound and camera flybys were good, but the lighting job was done a bit badly, as most of the rooms within this debut had the lack of lighting, and some textures were stretched badly, which produced some cracks through the walls. Thank you!" - Mehrbod (03-Sep-2018)

"Catacombs type level, some large and a bit empty rooms, quite dark. Enemies are skeletons, wraiths, and I think there is only a mummy at the end. There are items to find and advance in the level. I liked how lighting was used, but some textures and thin walls don't look very nice. I had to pull the lever again for the final door, as I pushed it before flooding the pool. 1 secret, 26 minutes." - alan (30-Jun-2017)

"This level dates right back to the end of December 2000, when custom levels were just getting started. Having said that, this one has lost some of its appeal since, due to repetitively textured empty rooms, an unfair secret and a bit too much backtracking. It's not entirely bad, though as there is a fairly enjoyable hunt for two gems and a few traps to avoid and that's about it." - Ryan (05-Jan-2017)

"There is nothing special on this level. One seacret was not good deal because you lose more health than get on healthpack. Very large and also empty rooms. I liked waterpools and ropes. Enemies OK, some skeletons and wraiths. I didnt need walkthrough." - vienna (07-Aug-2016)

"Why most old custom levels have so huge and empty rooms? This is something I'll never understand. This one is not an exception. Also most rooms are textured with the "texture floor-walls-ceiling" buttons of the editor. Except the rope swings, all tasks are pull levers to open doors. Some skeletons to avoid, a couple of wraiths to lure to the tombs, a couple of timed runs... Nothing special in this catacomb level." - Jose (15-Apr-2015)

"Thirty minutes of quite pleasant but unexceptional catacomb raiding, with pharos pillars and horseman's gems to find, whilst fending off skeletons and wraiths. There's quite a lot of backtracking through the large empty rooms, but it's all very easily achieved, even the timed elements being generous. One of the secrets involves losing so much health however that it's just not worth bothering with." - Jay (15-Oct-2014)

"A basic catacombs level, where the puzzles consist of pulling a lever, running across the map, pulling another lever and repeat. Occasionally, it's difficult to find the door a lever opened, and there are a few nice rope swings, but other than that gameplay is bland and played in large, badly textured and empty rooms. 20 minutes, no secrets. Not recommended." - Cory (28-Jul-2013)

"In this catacomb level Lara must find two Pharos Pillar and two Horsemen-Gem. Then a ground lever opens the door at the level end. The way to this door is an underwater-time run. Opponents were skeletons, little beetles and two ghosts. One could despose of the skeletons with the shotgun and the little beetles have pursued Lara only one short distance. The first ghost had suddenly disappeared sometime. The second ghost has accompanied me up to the level end. I have not found a place where I can get rid of the ghost, but luckily the ghost has not irritated too long, because he was activated only shortly before level end. The level builder could have formed the lighting more realistically. Just dim the light is simply not enough. Riddles were hardly existed, the objects in request were easy to be found. Stretched textures were not to be seen, indeed, a little bit more variety with the textures would have quite felt well. Playing time was about 25 minutes. Because the level is relatively easy and short, he is suitable quite well for beginner." - Scottie (11-Jun-2009)

"Well, this was actually fairly smooth till the very end. I activated the timed lever before flooding the huge pit, so by the time I reached the final door I had no clue what I could've possibly missed. My own fault, no doubt, but still highly irritating - as were the crashes to desktop every time Lara kicked the bucket - so watch your step in here. It actually isn't that complicated, and I'd pretty much nominate only 3 parts of the level that could get you despite being extra careful - the booby trapped medipack at the start, the crawlspace where you're followed by beetles, and the 2nd secret, which is basically a booby trapped dead end that unleashes beetles unto Lara. Despite all of that - I actually thought the beetle rain was a pretty cool idea, there were one or two neat camera angles and the jumps on the platforms for one of the gems pretty fun with the entire expansive room beneath you. However it's pretty bland in the looks department - the rooms are big and underutilized, the lighting actually pretty ok, but the texturing is not overly inspired, so even good lighting can't save that. Still, it's an interesting effort, especially because it seems to be one of the first levels ever released, but unfortunately that makes the level more memorable than any of its contents. This will hardly blow you away, but you certainly could do worse. Found 2 secrets, though I didn't bother to survive long enough to escape the second one when I found it." - eTux (23-Aug-2008)

"Here's another contender in the hotly contested (at least by me) category of 'first-ever Custom Level'. "Realm of Ramses" dates way back to December 2000,so it's at least a curiosity piece.I doubt,however,that many players found it particularly interesting even way back then;and they certainly won't now. All the beginners mistakes are evident here,especially that curious fixation (which we all had at the start of our building careers) with huge empty rooms. Actually,that fixation has at least been put to good use in the mid-part of this level with a fun high-level traverse of a massive Chamber while on the hunt for two diamonds;for the rest,it's straightforward lever pulling and skeleton-and-wraith avoiding. Fast-moving,then,but completely predictable." - Orbit Dream (10-Aug-2008)

"Just another typical catacomb level could be fair to describe this level, except that since it features less elements than a typical catacomb level, I can say this is slightly better than what I'd expected. There are however, several large areas which could have used some work, and even though the level is quite on the short side, you'll be running through some of the humongous areas quite oftenly. The only thing I wish I could understand is the beginning, why give the player the possibility to crawl back through the supposed entrance of this level only to have the player killed the very moment as he tries to do so? 20 minutes. 01/07" - Treeble (28-Jan-2007)

"The realm of ramses is a pretty good level from a gameplay aspect but lacking the texturing department. The rooms are huge and expansive and some look great, while some are just dull and boring with not much in the way to break up the space. The enemies consist of spirits, skeletons and mummies who don't provide much of a challange in this level. It was good to see the game designer using fixed cameras as it broke up the level nicely. The down side to this game is the texturing. The textures are boring and lifeless, repetitive and lacking any real theme. Also, some objects I could walk right through which is not a good sign. Apart from the texturing, it's a good level. If I had to give this leve a grade, I would give it a C+, a high pass mark." - The Aussie Adventurer (03-Feb-2006)

"Kind of a Catacomb level. Big rooms most are empty in others is a lever or tile on wall to pull/push lot of run and swim three Objects not hard to find them could be little difficulty to swim the long way to timed door dependant how quickly Lara can swim. Looks kind of ok." - Yoav (29-May-2004)

"First rename the TOM file into catacomb.TOM and be aware that there is no loading screen. That means when Lara dies and that is a possibility in this game you are thrown to your desktop. Also don't use your binoculars as that will do the trick as well as at a certain point the flare bug kicks in. This game was much larger than I thought it would be mainly because of those huge rooms with hardly anything in it. There are two Pillars and gems you need to find and also levers and buttons to push. When you see a flyby with a mummy that is a timed door so better find out what you'll need to do before running towards it and then reload and do it all over again but this time in a hurry. This level would score more point if it wasn't for that loading screen as there is some running away from skeletons involved and also some spikes that'll pop up. Don't forget the wraiths they can be a pest and in the beginning there are even beetles yuck. 10-05-2003" - Gerty (12-May-2003)

"Beetles in a Catacomb environment?! I think this is shocking! Even more unpleasant is the lack of a loading screen. Because of that I took the liberty to use the flycheat after I plunged three time onto the desktop during the double rope swing. The skeletons and wraiths are fun but otherwise there isn't really anything memorable. In fact I can't remember much apart from the long swim at the end and some big and boxy rooms with repetitive textures. I read in the other reviews that there is a timed door at the end; well there was me thinking it was a bug. Mind you the second time I swam straight to the door and it was open. Had I known it was timed it would have been so much more exiting. Bummer." - Dimpfelmoser (12-Aug-2002)

"With a little less than half an hour of net gaming time this is a classical Catacomb WAD level. It has some stronger gameplay elements in the middle part and suffers from too huge rooms with too little to do in them and too repetitive wallpaper-like texturing as it is mostly a 'find the switch and move on' type of action. There are a few good cameras used and skeletons are smartly placed." - Michael "I would have liked this level a lot more if it weren't for a few things that just took the pleasure out of it. First of all the game crashes every time you die or reload and with this many spike traps hard rope swings boulder traps beetles elementals and timed doors that really gets annoying after the first few minutes. If I could have just reloaded though it wouldn't be such a problem. Second most of the rooms are just huge and it seems like all I did was run around placing items and opening doors. Plus the flare bug appeared halfway through and it wasn't too dark but it was just dark enough for me that I would have liked a flare. I would have really enjoyed this if the author had just tested this a bit more." - RaiderGirl (24-Jul-2002)

"Here again is another pretty standard catacomb level with the normal run of the mill texturing although there is an interesting immense brown coloured room halfway through this just over 25 minute level that held a few nice things such as the timed gate to the second secret that if missed cannot be reopened unless of course you reload and a couple of gems that aren't too hard to locate just make sure you're ready with the shotgun as you'll come across some of those pesky skeletons. There's also a nice timed gate to the end that if missed will definitely help you catch up on your swimming skills so don't dawdle!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"With a little less than half an hour of net gaming time this is a classical Catacomb WAD level. It has some stronger gameplay elements in the middle part and suffers from too huge rooms with too little to do in them and too repetitive wallpaper-like texturing, as it is mostly a 'find the switch and move on' type of action. There are a few good cameras used and skeletons are smartly placed." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"This is quite a simple little level of around 25 minutes that really doesn't tax the player too much but has a few interesting timed doors that will catch you out initially." - Torry (21-Jun-2002)

"Catacomb WAD....didn't like it in TRIV and my opinion hasn't changed after playing this simple little level. Unfortunately this work is peppered with lots of mistakes - flare bug no water textures doors set the wrong way around no load screen etc. But it was a very early LE level so these can be easily overlooked. Texturing was well done but rather repetitious in the overly large rooms. Gameplay is straightforward following a pretty much inevitable path with no puzzles or real challenges. What I did like was the placement of skeletons and scarab beetles which showed a good appreciation of how to use these enemies." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)

"A quite dark level. Not much puzzles or gameplay I am afraid. Apart from some gems that the player needs to collect and a few pharos pillars nothing of interest. There is the flare bug though that makes it a little annoying because of the many dark empty rooms. Skeletons are your enemies and the beetles make it very hard to collect a secret. The usual levers to push along with ropes to reach one of the items and that is all a basic catacombs level." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)

"This is an interesting level because of the smart use of the enemies. The spirits are polite enough to explode quickly (I think I have never seen Lara saved by an underwater statue before) you can deal with the skeletons with the shotgun which is the first secret the second secret cost me one big medipack as Lara was eaten by beetles in a crawlspace. The third secret is harder to get the timed door is a bit tough because of the camera position but what a satisfaction when I finally pass the door after a dozen of attempts and pickup a dozen of goodies! One goodie for each attempt! Besides finding secrets there are a couple of easy rope to rope jumps one knot and two blue jewels to find. The texturing is good except for the water I would never want to take a bath in this water like Lara eerkkk! The level is rather short (33 minutes) and you cannot reload without crashing that's all!" - Kersaho (21-Jun-2002)
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