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Author(s): TrueRaider
total rating:6.84 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 8 6 9 8
Fairy Godfather 8 8 9 8
Gerty 7 7 8 7
Gill 7 7 8 8
Jay 7 6 8 8
Jose 5 5 5 6
Kristina 6 7 8 8
Magnus 5 4 4 5
MichaelP 6 5 9 8
Navi 6 6 8 8
Nomad 6 6 8 8
Orbit Dream 8 4 8 4
Phil 8 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 9 7 9 8
Ryan 7 6 7 7
Sash 6 6 7 6
Sheevah 5 4 6 5
Tombaholic 6 6 7 7
Torry 9 6 9 9
Treeble 6 6 7 6
category averages
(20 reviews)
6.75 5.95 7.55 7.10

Reviewer's comments

"A surprising amount of backtracking for a brief a raid as this (just under 30 minutes), but still fairly fun to go through. The textures are mostly attractive (with a few crudely applied ones)and the atmosphere is well crafted. The currents and long ladder climbs were a little overdone and the timed run was really simple, but I liked the exploration aspects and the well thought out route across the top of the main village area. Just a few easy enemies to deal with and no secrets as far as I could ascertain." - Ryan (12-Dec-2018)

"There are some rather nice custom textures in this level that helped to make it stand out from so many of these early levels. It's about 30 minutes of reasonably well rounded raiding, although enemies are few and far between - just a few pigs, scorpions and bats. There's a (not at all tight) timed run and a nice switch puzzle, but otherwise it's just simple running around and swimming." - Jay (11-Sep-2016)

"Better than the first cave village but it has its flaws. I liked the cave atmosphere, the puzzle with the switches and the nice views but there was not enough action or traps to avoid. There were also no clues what the canopic jars actually did, camera shows only the underwater opening but door is like a dam and when it is opened water fills up to the hole in the upper side of the caves. I was also baffled at the last trigger because the room was empty and I felt no need to just walk toward the walls. There are some issues with texturing but the lighting is good. Definitely playable but it is more on the mediocre side." - Nomad (28-Aug-2016)

"The builder has provided his own walkthrough for this 30-minute raid, which has its moments but also requires the player to endure some unnecessary (in my opinion) backtracking to place the canopic jars. The lone timed run was fairly easy, but I wasn't able to negotiate the strong current to enter an underwater passage after opening the door leading to it, so I used the flycheat to keep moving. Enemies are few (scorpions, boars and a croc) and everything is well lighted so that flares are not needed. There's some nice use of ladders in the river area. Definitely worth downloading and playing." - Phil (09-Aug-2016)

"Not an interesting level with easy tasks, few enemies to shoot and certain backtracking. You can only get stucked if you miss the canopic jar placed somewhere in the river; the flyby showing the UW door opening is also odd (you can't go through that passage). I found some missed and bad applied textures, but lights are well worked. No puzzles to solve, except the area with some buttons to push where I found no sense for the fire trap. Playable but not very enjoyable." - Jose (21-Feb-2016)

"This is a quick raid, ideal to play between longer adventures. Gameplay here is very straightforward and you are always on the move, which is something I've learnt to appreciate. You have to backtrack to the beginning to use the canopic jars once you get them, but it doesn't kill the pace. The switches have the wrong animations set to them, and some of the textures were poorly chosen, such as the see-through red texture you have on the switch sequence. There are a few untextured spots along the way as well, and I had to reload the level a couple of times because the sink would push Lara against a wall and she'd get stuck in there, so whenever you jump in the water, try to stay where you see an opening. 25 minutes, 1 secret. 04/08" - Treeble (03-Apr-2008)

"Cave levels, I just love them and with this one being no exception, the atmosphere was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed being in this little adventure. This was fun and exciting, as you were exploring all those caves and are in search of those important items which were scattered around and hidden in those dark and gloomy cave environments. Your aim here is to find two canopic jars, two guardian keys and a vraeus. There is a fair amount of back-tracking involved, but this did not hinder the game-play for me, as I loved exploring in this little adventure. So I didn't get bored at all, when going back to the same places to see all those nicely laid-out rooms again, which you encountered along your mission here. I did miss the button to de-activate the spikes on the bridge, that was very sneaky, but once that was accomplished, everything ran smoothly and I had soon finished this wonderful little adventure. You will encounter a few traps and enemies along your way and those horde of water-hogs took me by surprise when they suddenly appeared, as I was taking such a nice sedate exploring trip, throughout all those caves with rivers and waterfall settings. There are some crocodiles present, but not too much of a threat as they can easily be disposed off, from a safe distance. The lay-outs, textures, music and lighting was perfectly done, everything was finely chosen by this author to create such a wonderful atmosphere and setting for this type environment to be in. I really enjoyed my time in this one, its just a shame it was over far too quickly. In general, Its fairly straight forward in game-play, with one easy timed run to overcome and a few enemies to eliminate. So I am now off to download and play this authors first instalment of Cave Village." - Gill (11-Jun-2006)

"I didn't care much for the first Cave Village and I really didn't enjoy this level either. The texturing is good even though there are some textures that are stretched and some that are missing. The level is brighter than the first one and is only really dark in some areas. The gameplay is straightforward without any difficulties and the enemies are easy to kill. I don't know why I didn't like this level it's quite good and it even has a motorcycle in it (which you only get to use a very short time before the level ends after just over fifteen minutes). All in all a rather good level which I couldn't get myself to like." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"I liked the atmosphere in this level although it is short twenty minutes. The puzzles are easy two guardian keys a vraeus wandering around in caves with rivers and currents. Wild boars and crocodiles are the only enemies with a couple of scorpions and bats here and there. I would like to see this level with more puzzles and action. I was surprised to see that swimming out of a cave there was snow and a bike waiting too bad the ride was short. It's worth taking a look at it." - Kristina (17-Aug-2003)

"Lord only knows how long I was stuck in this one! I must have replayed it at least three times up to the point where Lara arrives at a small village of rock houses and was never able to get further. Why I didn't realise the glass doors were shootable I will never know! Anyway for the feat of keeping me completely baffled for so long I hereby award this game 8 points for puzzles (which is probably 2 more than it ostensibly deserves). As for the rest I found it an atmospheric little epic ( oxymoron?) The texture set (Tinnos) is rather bland and not one of my favourites (I know because I used it for my first level and regretted it) and is rather scrappily applied. The Motorbike is superfluous and there is a little too much backtracking for my taste. However the opening camera fly-by is rather arty; and the huge cavern with the houses near the end is strangely reminiscent of my level 'Return to the Hollow Mountain' even though there was absolutely no influence whatsoever." - Orbit Dream (02-Oct-2002)

"This level brings you back to the caves. Lara finds 2 vases and 2 pyramids keys. Opponents are not many crocodiles wild pigs and a bat. Camera and sound were always suitably used. The textures were not overly thrilling. It was nevertheless a good atmosphere. Lara must climb and swim much. To the end it progresses nicely and you ride with the motorcycle. What did not please me was the one bridge with the spikes. Lara had to run through otherwise she lost too much energy. All in all no difficult level. Is something for in between." - Navi (29-Aug-2002)

"Being 40 minutes long this level is a bit longer than part one and there are a little more puzzles to solve. You have to collect two canopic jars 2 guardian keys and a golden vraeus. Again there is a time door run and water with deadly sinks. Little hint: The spikes on the walkway can be deactivated. I found that out after having wasted a two small medipacks while running through them and later back again. Near the end of the level the bike can be found but I didn't find out what it was good for." - Sheevah (24-Aug-2002)

"This level was even better than the first Cave Village and it is raiding on a grand scale the type of raiding we fondly remember from the good old days. The search for the canopic jars was not too difficult (although keep your eyes peeled for the second jar as it is easy to miss). A quick back track to place them and you are on to new unexplored areas. What can I say? I loved this. Simple and very satisfying." - Torry (11-Aug-2002)

"This is a very simple short level to get through with a handful of key pick ups to be found but what I really liked about it was the atmosphere of the surroundings especially in the huge cavern split down the middle by a waterfall's stream. Enemies are incidental in this level like in the original 'Cave Village' though I was really disappointed to not come across the monkey and tiger that you see in the opening flyby and I even played it a second time to make sure I didn't miss any hidden way to reach them but I didn't. I found one easy to locate secret and when I played it the second time I also found the nicely secreted button that turns off the bridge of spikes that the first time I just ran through but there aren't many ways to lose health so running through the spikes was no big deal. Ending in an outdoor arctic location with a quick motorbike ride this cute level took me 25 minutes to finish." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"I had enjoyed the atmosphere of Cave Village already and this one here is just as good. After a very nice introductory flyby you make your way through the caves to find and place the canopic jars and guardian keys. I was lucky enough to find that spike bridge button right away and also the one not-so-secret secret in the village hut. A few scorpions bats and warthogs are the enemies you meet up with and there are some minor bugs like missing textures wrong switch animations but I still had a fun half hour until it ended with an icy bike ride." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"This is a nice little level set in a series of intertwining caverns with pretty good atmosphere. Gameplay is not overly hard but entertaining enough for 40 minutes. A couple nice flyby scenes deserve mention too. Now if only I could find that button to turn off the spikes on the bridge!" - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)

"I really enjoyed Matt's first 'Cave Village' level so I was looking forward to playing the sequel and I must say this one is even better than the first. A couple of well done fly-bys show off how great the level looks with it's icy caves flowing rivers and waterfalls. At the end of the level you find the motorcycle and a large area to ride the bike around but first you have to find two canopic jars two guardian keys and the golden vraeus by solving a series of clever puzzles - never hard but a whole lot of fun. I highly recommend this for a great half hour of Tomb Raiding." - RaiderGirl (21-Jun-2002)

"Nice level with a bit of backtracking. Found a hole in the ceiling right at the start I never could climb in and also never used strange. And then the spike bridge; found the button Sash was talking about right away but had a couple of tries to get to that button as you have to cross that bridge again but you can make it without the use of that button. Not much enemies here and an easy timed run. I liked the huge cavern with the waterfall. There were some textures missing. This level can be played on its own as you will find the canopy jars (two in fact) in this level." - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

"Quite an easy level nice scenery good textures a little backtracking to do. Just for once no mazes. For us oldies a pleasant level to play. One fairly straightforward timed run that even FG could do quite easily. Level finishes with a motor cycle ride on ice." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)

"This is exellent stuff. Although it takes you only 40 minutes to complete this it feels like a proper TR adventure cause it's so fast paced; you do so many different things and cover so much ground. It's amazing. The atmosphere is brilliant and the course just the way I like it. Steady progression with a bit of backtracking and most areas are passed twice by different means. I particularly liked the stone huts that you had to walk into in order to get access to the ladder and then hop over to get the guardian key. Maybe it's a bit easy but if the fun factor is turned to the maximum that's ok with me. There are no mindbending puzzles (unless you count the trial and error switches) no big battles no deadly traps (only poisonous darts that won't hurt you) and still you have the feeling of accomplishment cause the whole setting is so real. Not in a realistic sense but in a Tomb Raider sense. Do yourself a favour and give it a go." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
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