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Author(s): Chipmunky
total rating:4.53 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Andi Croft 5 6 6 6
Dimpfelmoser 4 4 4 4
eRIC 4 5 5 4
Gerty 6 6 6 6
Jay 5 5 6 6
Jose 2 3 2 4
Kristina 5 5 6 6
Litepulsar 5 4 5 4
Magnus 3 3 3 4
MichaelP 5 4 6 5
Orbit Dream 3 3 4 5
RaiderGirl 6 5 6 6
Ryan 4 5 5 4
Sash 5 6 6 6
Tombaholic 3 3 2 2
Torry 5 5 6 4
Treeble 5 5 5 5
Yonatan 3 2 2 3
category averages
(18 reviews)
4.33 4.39 4.72 4.67

Reviewer's comments

"Another anodyne Egyptian level. In the caves area all seems textured with the same texture tile, and you'll only need to pull levers to open doors. The final area looks better, but it's more of the same, look for artifacts to open doors. There are a lot of ninjas to shoot but enough guns and ammo, again absence of cameras and musics and huge and empty rooms with nothing to do. Not entertaining for me." - Jose (16-Dec-2017)

"Straightforward and linear Egyptian raiding to locate a couple of artefacts. It initially takes place in some rather dull looking and blandly textured caves, but the scenery is a bit more pleasant in the final rooms. Nothing really exciting or worthy of mention (unless you count scorpions dropping revolver ammo, or the adjoining maze sections near the end), it's pretty much average in every respect. Not bad as such, but it's missing something to make it truly enjoyable." - Ryan (06-Dec-2017)

"Short and rather uneventful, but not dark or gloomy (no need to rely on flares for once) - almost cheerful in a way. It's not badly made, but the textures are rather bland and monotonous, at least until the end section which looks more interesting and has slightly better gameplay too. Otherwise, there's not a lot to fire the imagination. Possibly not a bad level for a new player to start with." - Jay (20-Jul-2016)

"A tutorial Egyptian level which is rather pleasant to play and with no bugs, where you first wander in samey sandy textured caves, then in underwater reddish caves , before emerging in the final sections of the level in search of the Hands of Orion and Sirius. The lighting has not been worked on which is quite a pity, and the textures underwater are often disjointed. There is some swimming and searching to do then, some killing and some easy actions with monkeyswing, rope swing and pole climbing. The most interesting part was the section with all the grated doors. 20 minutes." - eRIC (11-Jan-2009)

"I hate to say it but boredom is the biggest enemy in this adventure. Huge bland areas monotonous texturing and almost completely uneventful gameplay. Only the 'bloody' water and the underwater caverns provided any interest. Technically this level has no Load Screen; but you'd be hard pressed to die very often here anyway. This is well enough put together but it's missing that special ingredient called 'zest'." - Orbit Dream (17-Apr-2004)

"A medium level with two simple puzzles and monotonous light brown textures everywhere. The rooms are big and empty and at first you are in some kind of caves with red water but then the room with many doors and the hands plus cartouche puzzle pieces are as boring as the rest. The small sort of maze isn't bad with the textures changing a little. As traps we get spikes and two easy to avoid spike balls. Some doors seem to open by visiting certain areas or find a way around them like the big double doors. As enemies there are just a few ninjas scorpions and a mummy with the weapons scattered around. Not a very interesting level but the ninja shooting from within the water made me laugh." - Kristina (14-Sep-2003)

"An obvious first effort. It's not bad, rather the opposite, it plays smoothly and fine, but there seemed to be a lack of will to texture the rooms, as many of them were textured completely with a single texture and also the lighting is non existent (thus hiding the flare bug, which appears later in the level). Gameplay is also quite linear and straightforward, with the occasional strange trigger and too many mazes for my taste (although all of them were very easy). There were some red water pools, perhaps they were the blood of the innocent?" - Treeble (19-May-2003)

"Being a stand-alone level I'm not going to downrate the number of pickups by a great deal even though there were far too many of them. The gameplay was very sparse indeed - objects puzzles and challenges were severely lacking in this level though I thought the architecture was really well done it's such a shame that the textures were too repetitive and not enough variety within each room. Quite a few spike traps a few long jumps and a rope swing to collect two parts of the Ba cartouche along the way a few switches and the level was soon over. I didn't know the pink-reddish water was safe until I fell in it by accident and had a bit of fun making Lara do skids in the huge room with the four statues in each corner. I do think the basic design and architecture was pretty good but I think more effort should have gone into the storyline as well as the gameplay puzzles objects and enemies (which were just the blue ninjas and scorpions here and not enough of them) as well as more variety....a good effort for a first level but needs a bit of work and planning in advance for the next!" - Litepulsar (11-Nov-2002)

"A very simple level that will take you away from the world for 30 minutes. You must locate two halves of the cartouche and two hands and it really is pretty simple. Note that the red water is not deadly (this had me going for a while lol) so jump in and swim around to your hearts content." - Torry (21-Sep-2002)

"I expected a camp full of virgins but got a rather plain tutorial tomb instead. The gameplay is fast paced and straight forward you'll find a lot of useless weapons and two lasersights. Well at least I never found a use for it. There are long swims in reddish water some levers to push items to find and the prominent element here is sand. Sand on the floor sand on the walls sand on the ceiling sand in my shoes sand between the teeth sand in my ears sand in my eyes. You get my drift. Well if you like lots of sand you might want to have a look." - Dimpfelmoser (26-Aug-2002)

"Despite the name this turned out to be a nice relaxing level that took me about half an hour to complete. There are few enemies ninjas and scorpions and plenty of pickups so you're free to fully explore the large sandy caves and large underwater caverns as you search for two halves of the cartouche. I had a little fun with the enemies as some of the scorpions dropped ammo when they died and I had a ninja standing at the bottom of a large underwater cavern shooting at me as I swam by. This seemed almost a vacation for Lara as the hardest spots turned out to be rope swings over deadly pools some spikes and a mummy guarding one of the two hands. The author did a fine job of creating the caves and caverns to make them look realistic and the passages were hard to find at times as they seemed to blend in with the rest of the environment. I was also afraid to jump into the water at first as it looked deadly but I didn't know what else to do so I gave it a shot. Summary: a shorter easy level with few enemies and a few objects to find." - RaiderGirl (21-Jul-2002)

"The first half of this 30 minutes level is spent exploring a large cave as well as going for long swims in what I assume is meant to be blood looking for levers and the second half is spent searching for a couple of key pick ups in a few big rooms. Texturally this is a bit too monochromatic which sometimes made it awkward looking for places to explore as everything blended together and the lighting was a little too bright all the way through. There sadly really wasn't that much to the game play except as I said looking for a few levers working your way through a simple maze and battling a good number of enemies mainly ninjas one of which hilariously chased me underwater. If only I had a spear gun!" - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"A very straightforward level with actually little to mention here that would stand out. You spend thirty minutes in a classical Tut1 WAD environment, pulling some levers, finding a few puzzle pieces and 'battling' a few ninjas and scorpions, which is very easy due to the revolver, which you find early. A fun element was that ninja that shoots at you from underwater (or blood) and while those rooms/caves where a little too big and bright, I was impressed by the modeling of them which avoided them to be too box-like. - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"The author calls this a 'practice' level with 'no storyline', which pretty well sums it up." - Tombaholic (21-Jun-2002)

"A terrible level. It seems like no effort was put in it. The rooms are textured by only one texture tile. Many annoying crocodiles, not much of a challenge. A funny thing, the scorpions leave bullets after they were killed. Boring level, I would not try it." - Yonatan (21-Jun-2002)

"Nice and bright level with a flare bug but as you don't need flares it only bothers you if you want to use the binoculars. Found a multitude of weapons like twice the crossbow and twice the laser sight. Enemies are some scorpions and ninjas. You can hear then from afar so it's only a matter of holding your finger at the Ctrl key. Some pole climbing ropes winging some jumping. Lever pulling is necessary to open some gates. Main goal is getting the cartouche. Lots of swimming in red coloured water. The sort of maze is nicely done although you be sure to look as the sandy coloured stones do hide some climbable entrances. The last rooms are huge and you need to find 2 stars to open them. Never encountered the underwater shooter Michael and Sash talked about or the crocodiles Yonatan mentioned but then you can't win them all. 24-06-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

"Not a very special level but it's still quite nice. The texturing in the first part was rather bad but after that it became better. It looks as if the author has put some hard work into this level considering that it's his first. As I said nothing special but worth spending 15 minutes with." - Magnus (21-Jun-2002)

"This is a short 35 minute level. This game is for beginners and the puzzles are very easy. The enemies are ninjas and scorpions and I found all weapons (only no Uzi). The ammunition is more than enough and the healthpacks too. I had fun to play this level but it was a little bit short and easy." - Andi Croft (21-Jun-2002)
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