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Author(s): Nlabricole
total rating:6.78 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 7 8 8 8
eRIC 8 7 7 8
Fairy Godfather 6 5 6 5
Freeman Porter 7 7 7 6
Gerty 7 7 8 8
Jason 7 7 6 7
Jay 7 7 7 8
Jose 5 7 6 7
Kristina 7 7 7 7
MichaelP 7 7 7 8
Orbit Dream 8 6 6 7
Phil 8 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 7 7 7 8
Ryan 7 6 7 8
Sash 5 5 5 6
Torry 7 6 5 7
Treeble 6 7 7 6
Xxenofex 6 6 7 5
category averages
(18 reviews)
6.78 6.61 6.67 7.06

Reviewer's comments

"And quite a solid little adventure it is too. The surroundings are well constructed and everything moves along at a brisk pace, with no onerous amounts of backtracking. There's a good mix of gameplay, although not really anything worth calling a puzzle. A few skeletons, ninjas a crocodiles are easily taken care off with the pickups provided. An undemanding and blameless level." - Jay (05-Feb-2018)

"A pretty straightforward adventure, although I suppose you could get yourself into problematic situations as the path isn't always linear and you can do things out of order -- for instance, you can get both Eye Pieces with a (nowadays rather) simple series of angled jumps and climbs. You do need to go through both gateways in order to trigger raising blocks in the following room, so it's in your best interest to follow the intended path. Nothing particularly remarkable but still a relaxing raid. 35 minutes, 1 secret. 01/18" - Treeble (05-Jan-2018)

"This was pretty enjoyable overall. The gameplay presents a few challenges (boulder traps, skeletons and a few jumps) and the scenery throughout was nicely constructed. You seem to travel to a variety of different areas hinted at by different texture sets (cave, Catacomb, Karnak, Scottish castle), but it doesn't clash too badly. Very pleasant." - Ryan (26-Jun-2017)

"This is a very pleasant one-hour raid from the early years. The builder released a flurry of levels at that time, all of which were quite well received, and then abruptly dropped out of sight. This one takes place mainly outdoors where everything can be seen quite well. The only secret documented in Gerty's walkthrough is an easy one that's found right at the beginning of the level. You also get the crossbow along with a quiver of explosive ammo, which is ample to deal with the mummies and skeletons that are encountered along the way. There's a nice balance of tasks, with some swimming, crawling, monkeyswinging, boulder dodging and platform jumping as you round up the needed artifacts. An eagle eye (or the walkthrough) is needed to spot the brass ball near the end. Other than that you won't find anything very taxing, and I had a good time here." - Phil (19-Aug-2016)

"In the line from this author, a solid level but without puzzles; many switches to pull and some artifacts to find. I think there are some errors in the design, 'cause if you miss the first cartouche piece in the first cave I suppose you'll get stucked forever when you reach the room with the first cartouche receptacle. Also from the pedestal where you get the first eye piece, you can easily take some jumps around the waterfall and get the second eye piece avoiding part of the gameplay. I missed some more cameras when using switches and more musics too, but the level is reasonably playable and the tasks are not hard. Found revolver ammo but never the revolver itself. Enjoyable but not very entertaining." - Jose (26-Jun-2016)

"Considering that (according to the Converter Stats) there were only 45 rooms in this level the end result is impressive indeed and far bigger than you would expect. However despite the clever gameplay progression I was never as fully involved in this 'Adventure' as I should have been. I think it was the multitude of texture sets that were used which prevented a coherent and believable atmosphere from being generated. That and the fact that it was possible to be stuck if you did the actions (the monkeyswing e.g.) in the wrong sequence. The main challenge of this level is the 'searching for the next lever' scenario and it's quite well assembled; a sharp eye being essential for progression. But you will probably find yourself wondering(like me) why yet again Lara completes this Quest without apparently having achieved any specific objective." - Orbit Dream (28-Mar-2004)

"From the moment you step into the main courtyard where all the action stems from and see the two halves of the eyepiece and note their inaccessibility you realise that this will be one of 'those' levels and you won't be disappointed. The author relies on raised blocks but locating the switches to get these to appear is fraught with frustration. They are either so well hidden or in plain sight but unobtainable that you really start to question what you are doing here. However once you figure out how to get the first half of the eye-piece then the rest falls into place. My conversion of this unfortunately produced no sfx so it was doubly annoying. Music was ok just no gunshots or other sfx." - Torry (22-Jan-2003)

"This large level has mix of themes and includes a beginning room that reminded me of the tutorial wad then it merges into a coastal style level before reaching the outside of a small Scottish style castle. Even the enemies were an odd mix and included mummies skeletons a wild boar crocs a dog tin men and a small and large scorpion. Though the level is simple looking I found myself stuck almost immediately as I missed the ladder in the first cave once I found that though it was fairly linear and had me finding switches raising blocks dodging boulders and searching for a few objects including two cartouche and the Eye of Horus. There are some very well done outdoor areas like the castle and the bridge later on and the author did a great job building the valley walls and the insides of the caves." - RaiderGirl (26-Nov-2002)

"To say it immediately: in the level any helpful indications via cameras were simply absent. So one always had to brood where now a block had arisen or where it went on. If more indications had been there one could have played through the level at 20 minutes. The puzzles consisted mostly on finding out about this. The artifacts and entrances were well hidden. The atmosphere is quite good usually very bright. Sound was also quite nice here. The opponents were well placed it was mostly about skeletons but also crocs took their part. One could outsmart a giant scorpion so that not one shot was necessary. The level would be a good challenge for a beginner if more cameras had been there." - Xxenofex (15-Aug-2002)

"Most of Nlabricole's levels have a similar feel to them that I can't really put my finger on and this 40 minute one was no exception. Unfortunately his more recent levels for me don't hold up to his earlier levels and although this has some cute architecture and a couple of nicely placed switches and hidden areas it was still very standard in its overall gameplay. The bizarre mix of enemies which were never in abundance also felt slightly out of place especially the horsemen and the giant scorpion. I look forward to a more puzzle based level from this creator but for now this should appeal to most people it just may not excite anyone." - Sash (21-Jun-2002)

"...and an adventure it was for me as I got lost a couple of times and ended the game with an hour of net gaming time on the clock. Pretty much a 'Tour de WAD' as it starts out in Tut1 style and throughout you touch base with coastal catacomb karnak and even Scottish ruin texturing. A bit of a weird mix which only occasionally works well. Same goes for the enemies: ninjas mummies a warthog skeletons crocodiles tinmen a small and a giant scorpion and a dog. I loved those sandy rock textures. Gameplay as said is a lot of searching to find the 4 cartouche pieces the 2 eye pieces and a hand. Raising blocks play a key role (I counted seven of those) so don't worry if you do not reach a lever you eventually will." - Michael (21-Jun-2002)

"Still being a fan of the levels Nlabricole makes this one didn't let me down as well. Although I have to admit that I had more problems in getting stuck than in any other level of him. Sneaky is the word I use but in a positive way. Some items are very very well hidden and of course I did take wrong turns and had to go back to saved game to get on the right track again. Main goal is to get the Eye and in doing so you have to get two cartouches. Do find either the revolver or the crossbow I never found the revolver but I prefer the crossbow any time as one of the enemies you meet are skeletons. There are some crocs dogs ninjas iron men warthogs and one small and one big scorpion. There are some levers to push which will raise some blocks so you'll be on you merry way again. Do look careful in every nook and cranny which I thought I did think again LOL. 01-07-2002" - Gerty (21-Jun-2002)

"Standard level with nothing special in it there are some good hidden artefacts and levers so have a good look in the dark corners of this game then it's not very difficult. Enemies are some crocodiles horsemen skeletons and one giant scorpion. Give it a try!" - Freeman Porter (21-Jun-2002)

"This level became very easy once I had discovered the route to an eye piece. Exploration again is important as pieces can be missed. Rising blocks can be a little boring when it becomes the answer to any problem However I enjoyed the challenge." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)

"Me being silly thought I could get the two halves of the eye of Horus by climbing the waterfall well I was right and did it however it caused an impossible situation in that normally as you pick up each piece a platform will raise but it did not raise. So my tip to you is don't climb the waterfall (although tricky it can be done). The other problem I had and I think it was my trle set up that caused it was near the end you will come to an incomplete bridge. You have to do something to open the trap door (not going to spoil it but the forum is there to help). That something was not there on my version I don't know why and thanks to Kristina I was able to complete the level. Assuming you don't have that bug and you don't climb the waterfall you should find this level entertaining." - Jason (21-Jun-2002)

"A medium level that can easily give you half an hour or so of fun. One thing though that seems to spoil it a little is that you start given the impression of an Egyptian level but as you progress through it the scenery is altered. That is in the expense of the gameplay the Scotish textures don't go well with Egyptian. Apart from that they are not well connected. Nevertheless there are some items cleverly hidden in a cave that might give you a little difficulty. The puzzles are mostly cartouche pieces a hand and of course the eye. As for enemies a few skeletons and a scorpion some baddies are also scattered around but none of these will give the player much trouble. Keep an eye for hidden areas." - Kristina (21-Jun-2002)

"An interesting level with exploration and good puzzles. The areas to explore are very different you begin in an Egyptian temple then do some swimming a cave (look at for openings in the dark corners to not be stuck like me) a beautiful structure in the middle of water and so on alternating inside and outside areas. Some skeletons can cause trouble because the game is not completely straightforward and so you are not sure to have the good weapons when you will need them. Strangely one small scorpion did some harm to Lara but not the giant one so I did not kill it. An entertaining moment with this one." - eRIC (21-Jun-2002)

"You gotta play this in the French version cause the curt and firm 'No' you get when trying something impossible is so much sexier than in the English version. Made me try to combine laser sight and piece of eye throughout the second half of the game. But whose voice is it actually? Surely not Lara's. When I first heard it while trying to gain access with the wrong item I thought it was the guardian of the door but since you get the same 'No' when you want to use ammo without a weapon it must be the ghost of the machine. I played four levels by Nlabricole so far and this is my favourite of them. Again there is a certain amount of lever pulling (or switch dropping) door finding and item searching but raising blocks seem to be the key here. The enemies are placed well and though you don't meet a lot of them there is much diversity in this department. You get the outdoor/indoor change and a course that gives you a different perspective on areas already visited. Just the way I like it. Textures and atmosphere are alright and still there is something missing to turn this adventure into an unforgettable experience. I guess it's that there isn't anything truly original or inventive here; you avoid the spiked ball you pull the statue and do the ropeswing but it's just not as exiting as it used to be. Am I getting sentimental or what? Well there isn't anything really tricky or a climax that would give you the feeling of accomplishment. Still worth playing especially in the French version." - Dimpfelmoser (21-Jun-2002)
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