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Author(s): Timo Turunen
total rating:6.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
eRIC 6 5 8 6
Fairy Godfather 8 7 8 8
G.Croft 7 5 7 8
Gerty 7 5 8 8
Jose 1 3 5 5
Kristina 8 7 8 9
Magnus 4 2 4 4
MichaelP 6 6 7 8
RaiderGirl 7 6 8 9
Ryan 3 4 6 6
Sash 6 6 8 8
category averages
(11 reviews)
5.73 5.09 7.00 7.18

Reviewer's comments

"Sorry, this really wasn't my cup of tea at all. It's atmospherically crafted and pleasing textured as far as it goes, but the gameplay is so tedious and nightmarish that I was honestly glad to see the back of this level, or as far as I could get through. It begins with a sequence in a lava room that gives a whole new meaning to the word "tedious" and then is followed by a repetitive use of spike traps and levers, but all that is manageable with a little persistence. But then you reach a maze and to say it was confusing would be an understatement. I can't even begin to think about how long it took me to locate the necessary rooms/items and therefore obtain the Music Scroll, but it was undoubtedly ages. The final straw was then having to trek allllllllll the way back through the maze to the accompaniment of an earthquake. I tried to locate the exit but to no avail, so I binned the level there as I had enough. The obsessive use of wraiths that wouldn't explode on the bird statues were more than irritating (thank God the shooting trick worked) and the lighting, while creative in parts, was too dark for most of the time. Not recommended under any circumstances." - Ryan (12-Jan-2019)

"Very boring for me this long level, full of tedious tasks and a lot of backtracking. In the first lava area, I had to shimmy a very long time and do some jumps. In the underground area, even with the ceiling hint, there are some paths you can take, and if you choose the wrong way, the backtracking is impressive. Even if you follow the walkthrough instructions, you're forced to repeat the same tasks and go back through the same corridors several times (ex: the uw passage with four spike traps). The white ghosts refused to die when Lara was in the rooms with the statues so I had to reload many times and go from room to room until they disappeared wasting a lot of time. The entire level is very dark, and even when I found enough flares, it's not nice to run always with flare in hand looking to the ceiling; some rooms are totally black. When I reach the room with the scroll and got it, I read the walkthrough again (I was reading it almost from the entrance of the labyrinth) and the author said to go aaaaaall the very long way back the way I came suffering a continuous earthquake; I needed just that! So, quickly, I left the game and put it directly in the recycle bin. Sorry but not recommended for anybody." - Jose (11-Jul-2016)

"Oh yes there is a big Labyrinth in here , and it is so disorienting at times that I spent almost a couple of hours in it. But before that there is a big lava lake to circumnavigate in order to enter a house in the middle of an island , this part was fun to do , a high room with many ledges where you endure the first attack from wraiths , a couple of timed doors , before entering the heart of the big labyrinth in which are also traps and rooms with pushable objects, before arriving in the last section , a temple where Lara can find the Scroll and escape. There are 4 or 5 places where wraiths attack, I think there is only one place where it is quite unfair to the player , when you enter the heart of the labyrinth and can't know where to run for a bird statue. Texturing is okay with some mistakes, the lighting could be better as there is some places with too thick shadows. This level is rather atmospheric and quite immersive." - eRIC (03-Nov-2008)

"It's a labyrinth. No one likes labyrinths. But this one isn't that bad thanks to the differently textured ceiling you can follow most of the way. It ruins the challenge but also makes the level more fun to play. Occasionally you get to a room with an obstacle of some sort but there's nothing overly difficult to do in this level. When the level ended after fifty-five minutes I was still wondering what I was supposed to do with the Uzi I found in the beginning. An average level but don't let the word 'labyrinth' scare you." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"There are two sections to this level the first being to get into the labyrinth which is situated in a temple in the middle of a large lava lake and this alone with all the jumping from rock to rock took me 20 minutes the second section is the dreaded maze but we aren't talking your run of the mill maze no no no this one is Enormous with a capital E luckily though if you take notice of the maze's surroundings you will find a hint that leads you through otherwise you will go stir crazy trying to find your way around. Now hands up who loves a maze - yes I didn't think so but with the hint this makes it workable and not too frustrating but for me a level based mainly on a maze isn't something I want to rush out and play. All up it took me 90 minutes to finish and to not fully scare you off there are some good moments here so go take a look and see if you can find all 5 secrets without help of the walkthrough I found 4!" - Sash (18-May-2003)

"The short version of this review would be: splish-splash with your eyes glued to the ceiling. It starts out rather nice with a 1:15 min flyby of a grand lava pool embedded in mountains and the first minutes are spent making your way around the perimeter with a few long shimmy passages finding three secrets on your way to the house in the center. In the house you get to deal with two timed doors and then enter the actual maze - and quite a maze it is. Now yes it does have the path marked by ceiling textures but it is so huge that it is still entirely boring to run around in it. It's quite dark in places but there are plenty of flares around. Enemies are only half a dozen wraiths or so almost each of them with their own statue to be killed on. A few pushable objects and occasional spikes spice things up a bit and at the end you even get to search for two gems starting out from probably the most beautiful room of the level. Then of course when you think your done by picking up the scroll the designer tortures you a little further and after triggering an everlasting earthquake sends you ALL the way back through the maze to the entrance of the house which for me too 15 minutes of the 1:30 hours of net gaming time alone - not amused! Not my kind of level." - Michael (02-Jan-2003)

"This is definitively no walk in the park. Writing the review one tends to remember the maze and that is HUGE. But before entering the maze there is some jumping to do from rock to rock over a lava lake. That was frustrating but also fun if you get my drift. The maze on itself was also very confusing even with the hint you get to look at the ceiling. The only enemies I met were those pesky wraith and they just wouldn't fly into the cross. It took a long long time and Lara was gulping medpack like candy so TReditor I gave Lara a bit of help. There are traps spiked balls spikes popping up you have to push and pull some objects. In the maze itself you have to travel great distances like after getting the scroll - put your running shoes on as you have to go through the maze very much hindered by an earthquake that just won't let up. Got very nauseated at a certain point. Although the textures are great and even it's quite dark at some places but there are loads of flares I was so glad that it was over. Never ever will I play this one again because of that earthquake. 02-12-2002" - Gerty (07-Dec-2002)

"Lara starts out at the edge of this huge lake of lave with a small building sitting in the very center. In this building she will find the dreaded Labyrinth which she must find the end of using gems and switches to pick up the sacred scroll and then find her way back out again. Once I noticed the leaves on the ceiling of the labyrinth it wasn't as hard but this is still a really tough level. It's easy to get lost and sometimes difficult to figure out what you need to do next. The worst part for me was the very end and the earthquake that started when I picked up the scroll. You have to return to the beginning of the level while the screen is shaking and rolling - I felt sick by the time it was over. The level itself is quite beautifully textured and the use of colored lights really adds something special. I only wish the elementals had made it easier on me by exploding when they were supposed to." - RaiderGirl (25-Nov-2002)

"This is going to sound like I lost my mind with those marks because as everyone else I too hate mazes. The whole level is a big maze starting from the outside area with rocks and lava and having to work your way into the maze is a piece of cake considering what is waiting in the next corner. The atmosphere is quite good a dark but not black environment textures and lighting are very nice. That's why apart from the fact that I was so desperate at one point to find my away in that huge maze I rated this level high. There is a walkthrough included so don't panic you only need a hint though and things will be easier. Just follow the greenery on the ceiling it will lead you to key areas so that eventually you can finish the game. It has three timed doors if I am not mistaken not hard at all except the one in the maze but with the above hint it shouldn't be a problem. Movable objects spikes spike balls and two gems are the traps and puzzles the player is going to find. I liked the spike traps in the underwater tunnels although the enemies are missing the author could have added a few crocodiles there even bats inside the maze. One problem though with the existing enemies that were only wraiths was that they didn't want to extinguish. No matter how close or how many times I run around the eagle statue they were chasing me. Finally I got them but don't ask me how I wouldn't know. One thing that annoyed me and got me really frustrated was the end of the level after you get a scroll through spikes and fire tiles you have to go all the way back and cross the whole maze so that you reach the point you entered. Well excuse me but where was the clue for that I had to refer to the walkthrough. I don't know if I should recommend this or not so just read the comments and decide for yourselves." - Kristina (07-Nov-2002)

"Just as the title says this is a (HUGE) labyrinth-level. So if you don't like labyrinths and darkness this is not for you. I think it is a good labyrinth and after running around for a while a quick peek in the enclosed walkthrough got me going again. The enemies are spirits and they can be a bit hard to get rid off when the demon-killing-statues don't work as they are supposed to. The task is to get the artifact (music scroll) way down in the labyrinth and then get out again which you do running through the paths during an earthquake." - G.Croft (21-Jun-2002)

"Very well made level with the most complicated maze I've ever seen. The Labyrinth partly watered is so huge it's almost impossible to map but after several hours wandering around I suddenly saw (without the walkthough help) a clue in the ceilings and then started using the Wizard of Oz method for mazes. The only enemies were the most persistent demons encountered and it seemed to be only luck that exploded the wretched things." - Fairy Godfather (21-Jun-2002)
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