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Author(s): Renato Wanser
total rating:6.25 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 8 6 7 6
Doug E 6 5 6 6
eRIC 5 5 5 5
Gerty 8 6 7 6
Jay 7 6 7 6
Jose 3 5 5 4
Kristina 6 7 8 8
MichaelP 7 6 7 4
Momster 8 6 7 6
Monika 8 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 8 6 7 7
Phil 7 7 7 7
RaiderGirl 7 6 7 6
Ryan 7 6 6 6
Sash 6 6 5 5
Torry 8 7 7 7
Treeble 6 6 7 6
TRTheoP 4 4 5 5
category averages
(18 reviews)
6.61 5.94 6.50 5.94

Reviewer's comments

"The choice of any one of three generous pickups at the start of the level is helpful, considering how much local wildlife Lara gets to slaughter. This is a mainly jungle setting, with some Egyptian elements thrown into the mix. It’s fast paced and very much a shooter, although there are a few traps/timed elements and a puzzle with a trigger tile that is very much trial and error to resolve. Not bad, but no showstopper either." - Jay (04-Apr-2019)

"The main concept of this level (which was created in 2002 during the first years of TRLE) is that it throws you into some big "open-wide arenas", where you have to face three to five different enemies. Those arenas are either some big forestry areas with pigs or crocodiles, or some Egyptian chambers with dogs, which both lack creativity and are sometimes over-textured (an exception includes the area with the waterfall, which was very beautiful to watch and admire). What you mainly do in this level is that you enter a big area, fight some enemies, leave this area(only to enter the next one) and then do the same again and again. The most disappointing though, was the last battle, where you cannot easily avoid the attacks of the demigod and it can take ages for you to kill it. I also didn't like the fact that sometimes you have to sacrifice Lara's health in order to progress (passing through flames, falling through big gaps) and there are not many health packs in order to balance this. However, I found the beginning quite intriguing, because you get to choose a different type of secondary gun before you start killing but you can only find ammo for one of them while you progress inside the level. Each player can choose the gun that fits him more and his choice can make the battles either easier or worse for him. The only disadvantage of this element is that you can only find ammo for one of the types of the guns (shotgun) as you progress in the level. Finally in terms of puzzles, there are not many things to find except some levers, in which it would be better if there were some cameras to point out what they change. Conclusion: Selvagem by Renato Wanser introduces some interesting ideas (option of secondary gun) but fails to deliver an exciting adventure, due to its monotonous gameplay. Although this is understandable because of its year of creation, I just wished that there were some more health packs in the game and a more helpful environment in the final battle." - TRTheoP (06-May-2018)

"A crisp jungle level lasting approximately 35 minutes. The gameplay is simple, although there are a few devious and possibly unfair elements thrown in for good measure, including having to ignite Lara to obtain a Hand of Sirius, and using an unmarked tile to raise a gate and then ensure it doesn't close on you when trying to make your way there (I suppose the fact that the tile was raised gave it some significance, but the tile that the gate was on was also raised). There's also some simple swimming and jumping to get through. The surroundings, much like the level itself, were rather unremarkable." - Ryan (11-Jul-2017)

"This is a short (36 minutes) and unremarkable jungle level that has a few interesting moments but may otherwise be safely consigned to the recesses of one's memory. There are lots of wild pigs, scorpions, dogs and bats to kill, several crocs (some in the most unlikely of settings), and finally a few SAS at the end. Harry Laudie has provided an uncredited walkthrough, and without it I would probably never have thought of jumping into the waterfall in search of an unmarked opening with a floor switch. There's also a nice little exercise of making it from a trigger tile to an open door without causing it to close on the way. No secrets are documented, and needless to say I didn't find any. I have no quarrel with the lighting, as everything was bright and cheerful, but the surroundings were rather ordinary in appearance." - Phil (09-May-2017)

"Poor architecture for this jungle level, only connected square rooms empty of objects or decoration (well, only some plants here and there). The texturization is often bad, elongated textures and repetition of the same texture tile in many surfaces, and the lights are not worked. Not pleasant that Lara is forced to get hurted with fires or very long drops. Only shotgun shells pickups so if you choose the other guns at the beginning you are forced to use only the pistols with many enemies in the last areas; also I got many problems in the very last room with the deep pit to shoot the demigods and got out of medipacks. At the top of the huge room with the waterfall and the small pool, if you choose the wrong path you'll get totally stucked at the bottom and you'll have to reload. In the room with the door which closes when you approach, there's not a hint to see the right way so I had to did it by trial an error. There are another defects like enemies appearing in midair when advancing in the room with the egyptian door or the unmarked tile for the timed run. Definitely, not a level to replay." - Jose (20-Jul-2016)

"A jungle level but not a typical one as the trees were missing and it was textured rather poorly with no objects just rocks around. The goal is to find three hands and finish. Along the way you will see scorpions crocodiles bats and SAS guards at the end. Nothing else to do apart from push a lever or two and work your way around a door to place the last hand it looks timed but it's not there is a safe pattern on the floor that isn't visible jumb to the block near it crawl to the next one and pass in front of the door then to the left to get inside it. Half an hour game play with not much there to accomplish." - Kristina (20-Mar-2003)

"I opted for the revolver and although you only find shotgun ammo throughout the level I think it was the right choice as the battle with the two demigods at the end is the main health hazard and the revolver never loses any of it's power over a long distance. I liked this a great deal because it is so unpredictable. You're never quite sure what to do what to expect (ever seen demigods in the jungle?) or if you're barking up the wrong tree but with a bit of observing thinking trying and exploring you will get there in the end. The jungle atmosphere is not very special but it supports the storyline nicely and some of the spacious areas look quite picturesque. A timed run an unhealthy drop a frantic sprint for water a backflip into the unknown a walkthrough waterfall a avoid-some-tiles-puzzle a boulder trap a tricky jump; it's all there; the many surprises and the great variety of task make the forty minutes you spend in this level'utterly enjoyable. Highly recommended (I haven't said that for a while)!" - Dimpfelmoser (06-Dec-2002)

"I was quite surprised with this 25 minute Aztecan level I thought by the initial choice of weaponry pick up and the repetitive texturing that this would be a bit of a bland bloodbath well I guess I wasn't all wrong the texturing doesn't ever really change and every move brought out one or more creatures ready to be sent to their maker however there was also a sprinkling of really cool little puzzles timed moves and well hidden levers to make this quite enjoyable. I also liked the fact that I ended using all my medipacks and with only a small amount of health left though this was due to wasting my good ammo on a lot of enemies that could have been better treated with the trusty pistols and having picked possibly the wrong weapon to start with as only one choice of weapon has ammo spread throughout the level. Very unfair indeed. Anyhow this is a nice little level but it's possibly aimed at the gun lovers more than anyone." - Sash (02-Dec-2002)

"This semi jungle level was a heap of fun. At the start there are three entrances. You can pick any one but there is no going back once you have gone through. Depending on which door you pick decides what weapon you will get. This is a good idea. Behind one door was the shotgun another door had the revolver and a third door held the Uzi. Unfortunately you cannot see these guns from your starting point lol. This jungle was infested with wild pigs so you used up ammo pretty smartly. A few decent puzzles were thrown in as well specifically a fire block in a crawl space (that was actually timed) another 'how to you keep that bloody door open' puzzle that had me thinking and a fire puzzle where you had to singe a few hairs and go for the pool on the other side. To this then add a fierce battle against two demigods whilst perched on a slender platform over an abyss and you just have a wow of a time. Only 40 minutes but I loved it." - Torry (09-Sep-2002)

"'Choose your weapons. Good luck.' With this message Lara starts this 'wild' jungle adventure in South America. Indeed the jungle is a bit boxy and the textures sometimes were quite repetitive but it gives you 30 minutes of searching for the hands. Some objects didn't fit the atmosphere (such as the Egyptian statues and demigods) and the enemies could have been better chosen (the level still features the same old enemies from the original wads) and how do the author expect the player to find the waterfall entrance? Well I am pretty sure the author is improving for a future level... ;)" - Treeble (11-Aug-2002)

"This tries really hard to be a jungle level and although the waterfalls and pools are very nice the rooms were a bit too squarish and had no trees or anything that make it look more like a jungle. Also the assortment of enemies was odd for the setting and included boars dogs scorpions crocs and soldiers - often many of them at the same time. Many of them are near the end and except for the weapons at the beginning I found very little ammo and I believe all of it was for the shotgun. I also found some hands and a few health packs along the way. The puzzles were simple for the most part but included some tricky ones including a fire trap boulder traps hidden passages and switches some good jumps and a great puzzle involving a door that you have to figure out how to keep open. It was nice to see a level that was well lit with a lot of nice outdoor areas and I enjoyed it but nothing about it really drew me in." - RaiderGirl (25-Jul-2002)

"A level of 30 minutes with a lot of outside areas. It is a kind of jungle level without the jungle and with a poor atmosphere. You have to find a few hands to progress and you can avoid some of the enemies only by rushing to the next area. It is a little boring at the beginning and gets better towards the end with 2 or 3 difficulties and puzzles. At one point Lara burns to pick up one hand of Orion not really unfair because you have water just beside. But when you use this artefact there is a timed run and Lara can burn without reason in a crawlspace. So make a savegame before placing this hand of Orion and run in the corridors. Not a very good level but not a bad one." - eRIC (24-Jul-2002)

"I was a bit surprised to find a jungle level here and in some places it really looks breathtakingly beautiful (like when you look down into the waterfall valley but in other places the wallpaper texturing really hurts the eye. Gameplay is in essence fairly linear but entertaining nonetheless as you have to keep a good eye to find the crucial next place to go to. There are a few nice touches like the option to choose your weapon at the start (I opted for the revolver) and also the 'which-tiles-to-avoid-to-not-close-the-door' puzzle. I counted 52 enemies which is more than one per minute of net gaming time (warthogs crocodiles dogs bats scorpions and at the end SAS and two demigods). There are three hands to acquire for progression and if you are a levelbuilder yourself or want to become one - the project file is actually part of the download." - Michael (22-Jul-2002)

"This is a Jungle level no doubt about it. As I played it on the Mac there is no sound apart from the 'Aha' when Lara finds something and the odd piece of music. The start from this level gives you a choice. There 3 openings you can get into and in one you'll find the uzi the other is the shotgun and the last gives you the revolver. Once in you can't retrieve the others so make your choice. I opted for the shotgun. This level needs some precise jumping and I mean precise. Sometimes it is hard to find where to jump to. Enemies are boars bats (pesky creators) crocs dogs scorpions and almost at the end some SAS men (dropping out off thin air). Oops I forgot also some demigods (bit out of place but still). Be careful using medpacks as you will need them for a long drop and the enemies you'll encounter almost at the end of the level. Two nice fire traps (you'll catch on fire but there is water near by) and there is a nasty timed door (thanks MD). Gameplay is fluent textures are very repetitive but the outdoor area with the waterfall is a treat. Tip is: look and look again. 14-07-2002" - Gerty (17-Jul-2002)

"It seems to be an India type level. You have to pass through buildings yards underwater tunnels and so on. Enemies are wild boars bats crocodiles dogs SAS and in the end two Egyptian demigods (?). There are usually more than one of a kind or sometimes two kinds at the same time. Near the end the dogs and SAS seem to come in bulks and Lara finished the game with the barest amount of health left. She not only looses health from the enemies but also from some long jumps down. I collected shotgun ammo but I didn't find a shotgun. The gameplay is more or less straightforward. Just go on and climb up or down or swim along. Some tricky parts were for me e.g. getting the 1.Hand of Orion behind some fire and the timed door for using the 2.Hand of Orion. It took me about 50 minutes (statistics) to play the level and for me it had some good moments." - Monika (16-Jul-2002)

"This was a rather slow moving level. The author has taken some time with his textures and they are quite good. He hasn't given the same attention to the gameplay which I found a little boring. There was one good part where you had to figure out how to get to a gate before it closed. A 'middle of the road' effort." - Doug E (14-Jul-2002)

"I got through this level with no help so guess that tells you it's not terrible difficult but if you can get by the sometimes rather drab uninteresting setting at the start not a bad level. There are some good thinking puzzles in this level and some hidden switches. One particularly tricky timed door that had me going for a while and an area with a waterfall that took some figuring. Enemies include crocs wild boar a couple of scorpions dogs and some SAS at the end." - Momster (14-Jul-2002)

"I was none too impressed with this when I began mainly because the texturing was repetitive and unimaginative. However as the level progressed I was compelled to reconsider. Some of the physical challenges are ingenious and quite demanding and the open areas (including a beautiful deep valley with a waterfall) are quite convincing and extremely well constructed. It's only the textures which let this down really. If only there had been a little more variety and a little less scrappy application in applying them then the level would not only have played wonderfully but it would have looked wonderful as well." - Orbit Dream (13-Jul-2002)
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