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Author(s): Lapinot
total rating:8.07 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 9 8
eRIC 8 8 9 8
eTux 8 7 7 7
Fairy Godfather 8 8 8 8
Freeman Porter 9 9 9 9
G.Croft 9 7 7 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 8 8 8 8
Jose 6 8 7 8
Josi 8 8 8 9
Kristina 9 8 9 9
MichaelP 8 8 9 7
Momster 8 8 9 9
Phil 8 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 9 8 9 8
Ryan 8 8 8 8
Sakusha 9 8 8 8
Whistle 7 7 8 7
category averages
(18 reviews)
8.11 7.89 8.22 8.06

Reviewer's comments

"There’s lots of action in this level and, apart from some rather annoying backtracking towards the end of the game, it moves at a good pace. Ninjas, scorpions and, yes, crocodiles (albeit not crying) are the enemies and there’s an abundance of interesting tasks to accomplish, the highlight for me being the transparent underwater maze. Nicely made and quite lengthy, it’s definitely worth a look." - Jay (28-Apr-2019)

"Definitely a quirky title and makes for an entertaining and lengthy raid. I see that this was the only effort of this builder, which is a shame as it was a real good one. The settings are standard but pleasing to look at, and I tend to be well disposed towards a Coastal setting. Gameplay primarily revolves around retrieving various artefacts and pushing levers and buttons, but there were a couple of neat touches that I imagine would have been quite challenging on first release, particularly the falling boulder room and the underwater glass labyrinth (luckily this latter task isn't too elaborate or I would have become bored). Crocodiles do make an appearance, underwater as well as land, but you can usually either take them down or seek safety easily. No secrets I could find, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Recommended." - Ryan (15-Jun-2018)

"No much to comment about this two egyptian level set. A lot of tasks to do, a lot of switches - buttons to pull, few puzzles, dangerous areas and some artifacts to find. Sometimes it's a bit obscure like in the room with many levers where there's not a hint and you don't know what to do. The second level was not for my taste 'cause you must remember very well all the places you've visited 'cause the long backtracking like when I found the last hand, take a long way back to place it and the same long way back near the place where I found the hand to reach the exit door. Enemies are well balanced and cameras help you sometimes; correct texturing and sounds; there are certain areas you can enjoy a bit. But definitively not a level to play twice." - Jose (16-Aug-2010)

"As mentioned by other reviewers already - the first thing to congratulate this game with is the imaginative title. Ok, so I couldn't make out what connection it had with anything to do in this set of 2 levels (except the crocodiles weeping, as you fill them with lead, maybe?) or its storyline, but 'Crocodile Tears' certainly sounds more exciting than just another mundane temple that's been lost somewhere or hidden by someone. Yet while we speak of 'lost' and 'hidden' things - those are probably the best words to describe my memories of the level, as this is yet again one of those levels I played ages ago and didn't review, while I could. That of course doesn't mean that the level doesn't have anything memorable, as the rooms with the glass tunnels that the other reviewers mentioned are the ones I remember this level the best for, and as the downside - a bit too much running around springs to mind. The looks are Egyptian for most part, but the frequent use of water in creation of the settings gives it a coastal feel to it too for some part. A well made older level with a number of clever gameplay ideas and a nice setting to go with it. I guess the worst thing is that even until this day there has not been any other level release from the author, as this showed great promise of things to come. Quite a pity." - eTux (31-Oct-2007)

"I was impressed by this adventure, and the variety of gameplay is intriguing. Backtracking is the cornerstone of gameplay, but it is also accompanied by challenging trap sequences (example: the boulders in the switch puzzle), interesting puzzles and well-placed enemies. I had to conserve my shotgun ammunition in order to dispose of the skeletons, but I had enough revolver ammunition, medipacks and flares at my disposal. Furthermore, there were some points of originality. I was stunned by the underwater mazes and the switch game. There is a mix of water and fire as well as light and darkness (a way of uniting two elemental opposites?). Furthermore, the transparent textures were pleasant and the flipmaps remind me of the use of magic in Ancient Egypt. I noticed that in the second level, the gameplay became more complex and rich." - Sakusha (05-Nov-2006)

"I was encouraged to play (8/04) this two-year-old two-part level by the availability of Cher's walkthrough which turned out to be crucial near the end with all the required (and in my view unnecessary) backtracking. Still it was a great raid in the Old Tradition with lots of Egyptian artifacts and ninjas and (of course) weeping crocodiles. The puzzles were especially engaging and I was as impressed as other reviewers by the glass-enclosed water tunnels in the second part. Play it if you haven't already." - Phil (08-Aug-2004)

"A very good level in a coastal environment. I've seen quite a few crocodiles ninjas and scorpions but no tears the title is original. Lara is called to pick up keys two hands a cartouche and the two pieces of the eye. There is much backtracking in this level and there is also a second part but shorter so if you are in doubt just revisit a few areas. I got a little annoyed with the many doors that needed a key but the one I had didn't fit. Little did I know because doors with key holes opened by a button or in one occasion you had to unlock a door but the trick was that you were supposed to enter the one opposite. Pretty confusing isn't it but interesting too. Firetraps boulders are mostly the obstacles along with a few mummies but easy to avoid. Be sure to check every door after picking up a puzzle item I enjoyed getting the hand from the block on fire. The solution is easy but it had me puzzled at first as I was trying to make things harder than they actually were. The flip map effects were nice and the cameras very helpful indeed. A level worth playing." - Kristina (26-Feb-2003)

"Crocodile Tears (8/7/9/7 60 min. 2 secrets): In a rather standard but solidly textured environment you make your way through fluent gameplay with a few neat ideas. Make sure you use the gate key before you pick up the next one. Two hands two horus eye pieces and two parts of a cartouche to find in this part. The room full of vases looked cute. Enemies are many but not a lot of trouble (ninjas crocodiles scorpions bats and the occasional mummy). The room with the ropes and boulders is quite tricky and the seven reach-in switches annoying as it was a 'try-and-die-and-try-again' puzzle for me which I hate. This level is very impressive through its rather large map and how it always brings you back to places. Cameras are helpful but of course you need to remember where the places were that they show you. Upper Rooms (8/8/8/7 60 min.): With your Horus Eye from part one you venture into part 2 pulling levers triggering earthquakes evading steam and dart traps and continuing your journey until you get to your aim: the amulet of horus. Most impressive here are the glass wall water tunnels and also the use of the same wall textures in other places. You need another Hand here and apart from two scorpion nests there are a few ninjas and rather pesky skeletons to battle. All in all good clean fun classic TombRaiding and definitely worth a look." - Michael (22-Sep-2002)

"A good memory is required to get through this double level - the camera work is well done and helpful in determining where you need to be next but you still have to remember how to get there. Don't worry if you pass a few closed doors - you'll get back to them soon enough and gameplay is quite complex but everything falls in place by the end. It took me two hours to get to the end and was never dull from start to finish with the many clever traps and puzzles and some cool stuff that really added to the enjoyment of the level - glassed in tunnels that were filled with water transparent floors and walls that gave you a glimpse of places you would visit later and breakaway floors - plus the textures lighting and music were solidly done. This is definitely a level that will be as good the second time around." - RaiderGirl (14-Sep-2002)

"A well-done level recommended for players with good orientation. You often have to backtrack in this game. Important: in the beginning there are two gate keys to collect but when you pick up both at once there is only one in the inventory. But you need both of them so pick up one key use it to open a door and then pick up the second one! Good puzzles and hard traps the construction and the graphics are brilliant. Enemies are crocodiles baddies and skeletons they are built in very professionally. The skeletons are often in very small rooms and corridors not easy to get rid of them. The baddies are coming most times from behind and the crocodiles are not always shootable from outside of the water. Sometimes a little bit confusing but anyway a nice level to play!" - Freeman Porter (26-Aug-2002)

"A reasonable Egyptian level with a little runnung back and forth and only simple puzzles of the movable statue in order to find your route. In fact the main puzzle is to sort out your routes through the various buildings avoiding or killing ninjas and crocs. One or two good atmospheric touches by varying lighting. Textures good but seem to be of the Egyptian level standard. Worth a play though not for very long." - Whistle (25-Aug-2002)

"Another Egypt/coastal level but a very good one. Lots of crocs of course and also lots of very annoying skeletons. But mostly you can get rid of them even without the explosives I so much like to have when skeletons are around or outrun them. The big boulder/rope room was a challenge but I liked it a lot also the glass water tunnels are great. This is not an easy level but it's not too difficult either for me it was just right. Surely a level to have a great time." - Josi (22-Aug-2002)

"This is not an easy level and I found it sometimes confusing as I lost my bearings. Although gameplay is fluent once you get a grip at the lay out of this level. Christophe has some nasty tricks upon his sleeve. Sometimes you better take a leap of faith and I'm not meaning any invisible platforms. In the first level you have to find the two parts of the Eye of Horus and the cartouche. Some keys and stars are necessary as well. Ninjas that will shoot you in the back and crocs one had me jumping in my chair as Lara swam around a corner right into its gaping mouth yuck. Some skeletons will hinder you but finding the shotgun helps. At one time there is a nest of scorpions wonder how they survived all that time in that tomb. The glass maze you have to swim through is very great to look at and had me reloading quite a few times. Puzzles are neat and the traps will kill you for sure the first time around and even the second time. Climbing swimming rope swinging boulders rolling lever pulling and buttons pushing it's all there. Some earthquakes occur but very necessary to continue. Finding the Ankh doesn't mean the level is over. Check it out on a quiet weekend you need that time. 15-08-2002" - Gerty (18-Aug-2002)

"I like this level because of its clear beginning clear mission and clear ending i.e get in grab the atifact get out! And in between a lot of puzzles tricks and traps. The enemies are the usual ninjas scorpions skeletons and of course crocodiles. The atmosphere is good but not brilliant and there are a little too many dark corners for my taste. But the gameplay is fun and keeps you busy for me it took 2h and 15 min." - G.Croft (11-Aug-2002)

"A really good couple of intermingled levels 2 very enjoyable hours! There are really good things the exploration is never boring in spite of some backtracking the texturing is good the setting is Egyptian for the inside and Coastal for the outside some rooms are very interesting as well as the puzzles traps or actions and the camera work is excellent. There is a bug at the beginning: Lara can get 2 gate keys in the same room but one of them disappears in the inventory so people can be stuck therefore I had to use one of them and come back to pick up the other. I am also still wondering what was this rope for in the room with the crocodile head statue. Christophe has made a good work and has proven that customs objects enemies sounds or textures are not always necessary to make an enjoyable raid." - eRIC (11-Aug-2002)

"As you might expect crocodiles to deal with not to mention a few ninjas and some very determined skeletons that you cannot blow up but you can knock them into water or off ledges which helps. This was by no means an easy level. Kudos to the author for a ingenious and fast-paced adventure which will have you moving in and out of 2 parts enough times that you would think you could do it easily but I found this far from simple as I called for help on more than one occasion. This level is very involved with plenty of traps and pitfalls awaiting Lara on her quest to the outside. Some decent rope swings swimming and precise jumping movements. I spent 3+ hours actual gaming time but days in this resplendent double level. There are good flybys provided and pickups were just enough but there were some confusing aspects for instance placing a key in a door and the door behind you opens. By all means download and play for some good brain work." - Momster (02-Aug-2002)

"Very interesting double level with some good puzzles and cleverly designed rooms. I can't recall one timed run and none of the swims was too difficult. As expected there was a good sprinkling of crocodiles and the occasional unexpected ninja. This level kept FG occupied for over 3 hours total time but some few days actual time." - Fairy Godfather (30-Jul-2002)

"First I have to congratulate the author on the imaginative name of his level. I was starting to get bored with titles like 'The lost this' and 'the secret that'. Crocodile Tears has such a lovely ring to it. But it's by no means the only positive thing I have to say about this double feature. There are quite a few very inventive ideas in here the gameplay is rather fluent and the rooms interact beautifully. Settingwise you get a mix of coastal and Egypt textures but don't let that put you off; everything is slightly different around here. I really loved the waterways with transparent walls the boulder gauntlet and the overall sunny atmosphere. Cutscenes give you helpful hints and as you have to pass most areas more than twice you get a real feel for the place. You have to avoid a few crocodiles get shot in the back by some ninjas and battle the skeletons without any explosives. But don't worry you get enough medi packs to attend to the occasional scratch. There are some neat puzzles rope swings deadly tiles to spot and a lot of crucial items to find and place. In short this fast past adventure has everything a proper TR game needs and though it's quite big it's extremely entertaining the whole way through. Have a look will you. And don't shoot the crocodiles; they have feelings like everyone else." - Dimpfelmoser (30-Jul-2002)
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