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Author(s): Yoshi
total rating:7.75 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Dimpfelmoser 8 8 9 9
eRIC 9 8 8 8
Freeman Porter 8 8 8 8
Gerty 5 8 8 7
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jose 4 5 5 8
Kristina 9 8 8 8
Magnus 5 5 5 7
MichaelP 8 8 8 7
Minox 8 8 7 7
Navi 9 9 9 9
Phil 9 8 9 8
RaiderGirl 8 8 9 9
Ryan 7 8 8 8
Sash 8 9 7 8
Vinci 9 8 9 9
category averages
(16 reviews)
7.50 7.69 7.81 8.00

Reviewer's comments

"Buttons and levers, levers and buttons, oh, and ninjas! OK, that’s a little harsh, but it does rather leave one with that as the lasting impression, despite there being some enjoyable interludes along the way. It’s a massive two-parter that really will keep you occupied for a while, exploring the sometimes echoingly huge rooms. Solidly built and very traditional Egyptian raiding, but for me it really rather overstayed its welcome." - Jay (25-Jun-2019)

"Both of the levels in this set will take even the fastest raiders among us more than an hour each to complete (at least I spent 150 minutes in total exploring every single part of the game). It's certainly solidly made, attractive to look at and not without its challenges, but the repetition of the gameplay does begin to set in pretty quickly, with button after button to press in the first level and lever after lever to push in the second level. There are some enjoyable parts in the form of neatly devised traps, timed runs and jump sequences, but it nonetheless became rather tedious throughout and a bit of a drag with all of the backtracking you have to get through. Enemies are plentiful indeed (mostly ninjas and scorpions) but the builder managed to toe the line between the pickup and enemy ratios, as there were just enough to make it through without breaking too much of a sweat. I encountered a problem near the end that seems to be unique to me. The second tile in the narrow spike hallway seemed just too tightly timed to allow a clean sprint or run jump across, so I had to enable the flycheat (but at least I didn't have to worry about the health-robbing falls as surplus was unlimited from there on). Still though, this game makes a change from the more minuscule raids of the early years. Lengthy indeed." - Ryan (22-Jan-2019)

"Not worth to play for me this couple of levels with much backtracking if you don't explore very carefully all the corners and also much backtracking even if you do it. The first level is the "buttons level": hundreds of buttons to press, and the second level is the "levers level": hundreds of levers to pull. Not puzzles to solve except move some statues in the second level, some traps to avoid, not enough flares, ammo or medipacks (take much care with the medipacks), plenty of crawlspaces, ladders and monkeyswings... The best were the well balanced enemies and the good texturization (the inner rooms are too dark for my taste), but not enough to form entertaining levels for me." - Jose (01-Aug-2016)

"Here 2 good levels egypt, fairly easy level with large rooms, there are few items, these large rooms seem empty. That said it is a nice and illuminated." - Minox (13-Sep-2014)

"Although this two-parter was released about the same time as that Cliff Tomb nonsense I played recently, and although it's rated about the same, I had a much better time here, mainly because everything is reasonably well lighted and the player therefore has a much better sense of what is going on around him. Cher (Momster to us) has provided a very helpful walkthrough, and each of the two segments took me about an hour and a half to complete, giving you quite a good bang for your buck given the relatively small size of the download. It's your standard Egyptian fare, with more than enough buttons and levers to push along the way, but it has some good gameplay elements and is well worth the download. Recommended." - Phil (29-Mar-2012)

"Seeing as how you can choose which of these two levels to play first, I'll review them separately and then (using my 'excellent' math skills) merge the two ratings into one. Karnak 2 (0:40 hours; 6/5/6/7): The level starts out slow and continues like that all the way to the end. It has still got its charms though. The texturing is quite nice and you have to find all three secrets to find the Grenade Gun (and even I managed to find all secrets!). The level is quite confusing sometimes, with hidden crawlspaces and buttons in the strangest places, but it's still quite easy. Also, there's a joke in this level, which I found quite funny. The level ends when you pick up the 'Amulet of Horus', and after that the other level starts. Temple of Luxor (0:45 hours; 4/5/4/6): This level is even more confusing than the other level. There are a lot of doors and different keys to be found, but almost no cameras, which I find to be a must in levels like this. It's also possible to get helplessly stuck in at least one area, if you haven't pushed the lever in the very first room (that was a hint - use it). The texturing and lighting is okay - nothing more. Also, the flare-bug makes a guest-appearance and you also get to see the"end of the world". Otherwise, the level is okay - worse than the other level, but that's mainly because this level is so confusing. All in all, two levels which are too confusing to be enjoyable. Well, at least for me - you might like them." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"If you are looking for some enormous levels, maybe not time wise but distances traveled, and you don't mind a lot of the button or lever scenario then this double level game will be just your cup of tea. The first of the 2 Karnak based levels I would say has no puzzles at all and is all about buttons, there are also some very well hidden crawlspaces and a lot of Lara's actions are put into use here with lots of swimming, monkey swinging, and jumps galore. The second is more a mix of lever finding and a puzzler with one of the better timed moves I've seen to date to access a secret and this again uses all of Lara's actions to reach it, you also have a couple of almost identical movable statue puzzles and a nice boulder avalanche to out manoeuvre. I thought maybe the creator was a little mean with pick ups of medipacks, which there were very few of in the 145 minutes I played, and with the huge amount of red ninjas in the first as well as crocs and the white ninjas in the second I ended with none in my backpack and minimal health left, though this may in hindsight be a clever aspect because it makes the meetings with enemies a tenser situation nearing the end. As a little side game the creator has placed three secret guardian keys in the first to access the grenade gun before you enter the second level which was really well done and with the great timed run to one of the secrets in the second I was in secret heaven, the last secret though was a bit of a letdown as it was a standardly placed one we have seen in hundreds of levels previously. All up I liked these two levels but I know I could have liked them a lot more if there had been a bigger puzzling aspect, but that's just me." - Sash (25-Jul-2003)

"If you use the english.dat and script.dat from the karnak level you can play this back to back. This level was on my list for quite some time and it took me 2 days to finish it. I didn't like it only because of the running around one had to do and no camera work to speak of. So all in all it was rather confusing at times. At places it is rather dark and there aren't many flares. You have to search in every corner as some of the buttons are hard to see and there are a lot of them. I still wonder at that area where it says 'do not jump here' as I couldn't get out of it so I went to an earlier saved game and still could get the Amulet of Horus. The second level half way through I had the flare bug and sometimes you needed the extra light as especially in dark corners there is something. There are many crawl spaced and missing one means going back at a certain point as there is a lever you must pull. So there is too much travel back and fro and getting a couple of Hands and a Cartouche. In my opinion it could have been a great level if there was more camera work as the adventure on it own was a great idea. 19-07-2003" - Gerty (20-Jul-2003)

"Admittedly this is one of the good levels but I didn't enjoy it much. The outside areas and inside are well made but most of it it's dark with no flares I remember one pick up but even if it was more I doubt it though it's not enough. None on the second level. The puzzles are nice but they require much backtracking and that goes for both parts. Collecting guardian keys in the first level two vraeus two canopic jars and push a lot of buttons not to mention open a hundred doors will give you more than an hour's gameplay. Picking up the Amulet will lead to the second part. Shooting scorpions ninjas and mummies throughout the levels with a few medipacks available wasn't fun so be careful how you use them. The moving statues and the hands as you go on will also give another hour and a half to practice in avoiding spike balls that coming down from every direction and being careful not to step in the fire tiles find your way in underwater tunnels and complete many other tasks. Everything revolves around a blue room with gates some need a hand or two and others open with levers. Most of the rooms have more than one trap for example marked death tiles with spikes or fire and burning water below. Near the end the frustration raises because of the many crawlspaces needless to say that if you don't have a hand in your inventory you have to go all the way back and through the many doors to find it same goes for the two pieces of the cartouche. Luckily I had both so by placing the cartouche and picking up one last hand from a pedestal the level ended. I found all three secrets at the first part and I was able to collect one out of the two in the second. I believe a gate high up with the room containing the second secret was timed and by the time I climbed up there slide again and grabbed the ceiling shimmy to reach the door it was closed. This is not a joke you have to swim out of the tunnels climb a ladder to reach the high levels again and then the actions above follow I found all that ridiculous and extremely difficult so didn't bother a second time. This isn't a level for beginners but a must for the hard core raiders out there." - Kristina (28-Feb-2003)

"Yoshi has come up with a very professional set of levels that are actually better than many of the original TR levels. The first level is my favorite and I actually played it twice because by the time I finished the second level I felt like I should refresh my memory on the first one. Karnak 2 is divided into three main areas which you need to search for some canopic jars Golden Vraeus and Guardians Keys. There is a lot of exploring to do well hidden crawlspaces and some clever puzzles - almost every action you make has some effect on the route either further on or back where you have already been. There are often multiple paths to choose from but the level itself is fairly linear and just involves some exploring and some classic tomb raiding. The second level was the hardest for me - it was more confusing and had the majority of the difficult jumps. It covers a large area and has many puzzles to solve in order to get to the next area. Many times you will see an object nearby but it will be some time before you actually get it. The levels are built and textured perfectly though I found some areas to be a bit too dark and the enemies mainly crocs ninjas and scorpions are perfectly placed. Secrets: 2 Time: You don't want to know :)" - RaiderGirl (07-Nov-2002)

"This harmless looking double-level (that can be played as two separate levels is absolutely huge and will occupy you for quite some time. It has some very interesting jumps and ideas along the way which make it worth checking out but personally I got very tired in the second half of it. Karnak 2 (8/8/8/7 1:45 hours 1 of 3 secrets): It starts as a solidly textured and lighted Karnak environment with the usual suspects as enemies (crocs many red ninjas scorpions) and you will have to find and use two vraeus two canopic jars and at least one guardian key. Apparently there are three further guardian keys to find to get to a secret (grenade gun) but I missed that as I found only one more. Many many buttons along the way definitely more than 20 or so and some very decent jump climb shimmy etc. combinations to master. The lack of cameras is a pain especially with those many buttons around and quite a bit of backtracking to do. The 'do not jump here' joke is hilarious and you end the level when you pick up the amulet of Horus. Temple of Luxor (7/7/7/7 2:00 hours 1 of 2 secrets): It starts out with a dej vu as you start in a temple room that you know from the first level and I found many of the rooms in this part very large and empty and not as interestingly designed as in part 1. The ninjas are white around here and some mummies and scorpions scurry around as well. I managed to climb down an untextured wall and find water walls I could jump into but not get back - so had to restart and activate the flipmap first to fill the water into the big pit. Again a few smart jumps to master many levers replace the buttons of part 1 and you have to find hands and a cartouche. The flare bug occurs and I found the revolver as a secret. This time around the lack of cameras really bugged me as I ran around forever to figure out which door has opened and it really spoiled the fun of playing for me - thus the rating which is a little lower than it actually could have been." - Michael (01-Oct-2002)

"A very hard long and complicated double-level. Net playing time was 4 hours and 10 minutes but in real time I spent double of this time. The game has potential for a top level if there were not the missing hints and cams this makes the game very frustrating sometimes. Lara is running around in the very big areas and in the corridors searching for doors which were maybe opened by a lever before that gets exhausting sometimes. But anyway I couldn't stop playing very good traps and jump combinations not so many enemies. The graphics are not very spectacular but the atmosphere is good. In the first part you can find 4 guardian keys you only need one to proceed in the game the other tree are very well hidden secrets and are used for opening a secret area where you get the grenade gun as reward. Conclusion: With more cameras and hints this game could be a Top-Level as it is it's a good one and for experts a must-have-played game." - Freeman Porter (26-Aug-2002)

"Here we have 2 levels a tutorial and a karnak. Both have mainly Karnak textures and some of TR1. Those 2 levels can be played separately as you don't need key objects from the 1st level (Karnak2) to go to the second level (Temple of Luxor). But it is better to play them in one go because you can carry your weaponry with you. Those two levels are huge a lot of rooms to explore and doors to open. It may not be the taste of everyone but I have liked very much this exploration with sometimes a bit of backtracking. In Karnak2 (2 hours 2/3 secrets) I like the setting some crocodiles and ninjas well placed and some subtle moves or jumps were very enjoyable. A few small openings were easy to miss. In Temple of Luxor (2 hours 15 2/2 secrets) the gameplay offers more diversity with a non straightforward exploration to find many key pickups more traps and special jumps and an interesting timed door to find a secret. The flare bug appearing in some rooms and missing textures in one place have not spoiled my fun." - eRIC (18-Aug-2002)

"Yoshi's two levels are very well-designed they look great have large maps and levers and switches are hard to find out...I've got stuck around. They also have many nice puzzles traps and a joke (in Luxor the black room with the phrase 'See! I told...'). I guess he has a good talent because he made them ably without many other levels' objects and textures great! Hope his next level comes soon..." - Vinci (17-Aug-2002)

"These two Levels are really something. They really show nicely what was designed. Unfortunately mostly the camera guidance was missing but my Lara is already used to that. The entire level is very large. The light effects were good. Lara had to do much. Jump dive and much running. I found all 5 Secrets. One was timed but well thought out. Lara of course got herself the grenade gun. The graphics were very pretty. Sound was few. Opponents were crocodiles baddies and mummies. More could have been made of the second level. It seemed all very empty. I did not even find one medipak - did I perhaps overlook them!? Altogether a good Level - not too easy. But recommended." - Navi (12-Aug-2002)

"This is a great level and it could have been a fantastic level if there hadn't been so much button pushing at the end of part one and there was an awful lot of the old push-a-lever-here-and-then-set-out-to-search-for-the-door in part two. I confess I used dozy once when I suspected the door that had opened after I pushed a not that easy to find lever was at the other end of the huge area. Just to have a look you know. I was wrong of course. Otherwise this is just a magnificent experience with beautifully designed rooms (although you get one tomb twice which seems a bit cheap) a wonderful course that alternates between indoors and outdoors while giving you tantalizing glimpses of other places complete with crucial items. There are a few statues to push traps to master and jumps to perform but the main task is to explore into this intricate construction; to get a feeling for the place. If you don't look carefully you might get stuck. I really loved the humour in the Do-not-jump-here sign and it made me almost forget all of the button pushing you had to do to reach it. A good balance of enemies and pickups. Actually I just found one small medi pack and there wasn't much shotgun ammo either but it is more than enough if you are careful with your health. I also liked the fact that some rooms where just there to be passed to give that little bit of extra atmosphere that makes this level such an enjoyable affair. Great environment great raiding. Oh yeah there is a bug in the second part. Be sure you don't leave the first room of the Luxor level without pushing the lever you find therein." - Dimpfelmoser (11-Aug-2002)
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