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Author(s): Renato Wanser
total rating:7.22 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 7 7 8 6
Dimpfelmoser 8 7 7 6
eRIC 8 8 8 7
eTux 7 7 7 6
Gerty 8 7 7 7
Jay 8 7 8 7
John 8 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 5 6
Kristina 7 8 6 6
MichaelP 7 7 7 7
Orbit Dream 10 7 9 8
Phil 8 8 8 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 7
Ryan 7 7 8 7
Sash 6 6 7 6
Treeble 8 7 8 7
category averages
(16 reviews)
7.56 7.06 7.44 6.81

Reviewer's comments

"I rather liked the premise of this level, with Larson making off with the artefact Lara was after right at the beginning, her pursuit of him whilst being shot at from afar and finally dealing with him at the end and taking the artefact for herself. Along the way, there are some nice traps and puzzles and, for its age, it still presents an enjoyable raid in not unpleasant surroundings." - Jay (16-Aug-2019)

"Not so trappy as you'd think from the title. Larson has once again stolen the Scion and it's up to Lara to retrieve it, and so this little adventure commences. The surroundings are rather plain, but I suppose they serve their purpose to allow the gameplay to occur. Larson pops up everywhere shooting at Lara while avoiding boulder traps, fire traps, doing some rope swings and using some switches. Not a very long level, but it's entertaining enough. I had trouble finding the Shotgun so I had to fight the enemies (wild boars, raptors, ahmets, bats and Larson himself) so I had to use the pistols, which was rather tedious." - Ryan (12-Jul-2017)

"Even when there are not puzzles in this level (well, there is the five switches puzzle, but I never understood the roman numbers hint) it's entertaining with Larson shooting Lara from several locations, but at the end she will defeat him and retrieve the Scion. I missed a lot some camera shots when pressing buttons or pulling levers, more musics, also missed some flares and more ammo for the shotgun. The fixed camera in the corridor where you must find a crawlspace in the ceiling was the only place I was stucked (you can't disable that camera). The rooms are empty of objects but the texturization is decent. Not so many traps as the title can suggest, but entertaining and worth to play. Take a try." - Jose (07-Aug-2016)

"I don't know what else can be added besides what the others have already said. I suppose I can echo that the idea of setting this up as a duel between Lara and Larson was very clever and helps by giving the level a more distinguished feel to it. While technically it wasn't entirely secured from all the stubborn little nerds (like me) who can find ways to kill Larson before the final showdown (for example - after the boulder trap), it still was a more original touch to see how someone was actually setting up the traps for Lara, as opposed to them just having waited for centuries for her to arrive. Beyond that - this would've still been a fun, fast-paced run through some indistinguishable settings with some shooter elements, but the handful of nicely set up scenes building up to the showdown definitely added a pleasant twist. The looks as such aren't that memorable - sometimes using only 1 texture for the walls, 1 texture for the floors and ceilings respectively and not elaborating much on lighting as well, but the architecture is used nicely to set up the level's course. But it's hard to get stuck here actually, so despite the few shortcomings, this is level I could easily recommend to beginners and experts alike if they're looking for a nice brief raid to take their mind off things. Well done!" - eTux (12-Aug-2009)

"Someone in one of the reviews characterized this as a nice 'lunch break' level. I would have to agree, although I found it to be a pleasant diversion that wasn't very taxing. I played it to write the walkthrough, although now that I've finished I feel it doesn't really need one. But since I'm a completist by nature, I'll go ahead with my project. What we have here is fairly standard, linear raiding that would be a great beginning exercise for a newcomer to Tomb Raider. It has a nice twist where an opening flyby shows the Farm Boy (I forget his name) stealing an artifact, and the rest of the level revolves around Lara having to chase him down and recover it. I enjoyed playing it." - Phil (04-Apr-2005)

"A good level of 45 minutes with a good rhythm a clever camera work and an original and fluent gameplay. The texturing creates a TR2/TR3 feeling. Bats raptors ahmets and crocs are the enemies. The concept of the level is very good with Larson placing traps before Lara or shooting at her. But she will grab the Scion at the end..." - eRIC (08-Mar-2003)

"I really expected more traps in this 30 minute level. What I didn't expect though was that after killing Larson at the very start he would pop up again throughout the level giving me grief. Bastard! There was so much potential to make the interior areas that are fairly monochromatic more appealing as the creator made the outside places you visit very temporarily quite lovely with character of their own. Anyway as the title says you will come across some traps but the only real problematic one was the rolling ball run to a climbable wall made all the trickier with for the most part a fixed camera. Nicely made this is what I'd call a lunch break level a non-brainer with a fast pace." - Sash (13-Dec-2002)

"This 40 minutes level was really fun for me. I loved the camera work (as we've seen in the other levels of this author) showing Larson running and activating traps to kill Lara and in the very start of the level showing the main goal of the level Larson got the Scion! Lara is right after him and as expected she will conquer it. The enemies were well variated some didn't fit the jungle setting such as the Atlantean crawler but well even raptors appeared so why not huh? What you can expect is a lot of fun and no complicated puzzles. It's worth the download!" - Treeble (14-Oct-2002)

"This is a level full of surprises. The gameplay is rather simple the traps are not that simple as the camera angles will set you on the wrong foot. The best was the beginning as you see Larson (was it really him?) stealing the artifact and he won't leave you alone as he will be waiting with a nasty boulder trap as well. Killing him won't make any difference as he will pop up later again just standing there and shooting at you from a distance till it is your turn to send him on his merry way. You have to get the two hands and a cartouche and solve a 5 lever puzzle the answer is written somewhere on a wall. Enemies there are enough of them and this time I was glad I found the shotgun as there are some boars and bats. Later even crocodiles and ahmets and raptors. Although the latter won't take that much to kill them I still jumped in my chair as even more appeared from around a corner. Worth a download. 08-10-2002" - Gerty (13-Oct-2002)

"Just because a level is not long enough to become a bore doesn't earn it ten points for gameplay in my book; that's for sure. However it's an very entertaining little adventure with lot's of surprises and neat little ideas. I thought the texturing was rather basic and the eclectic mix of enemies didn't fit that well but the level has a nice and steady progression (apart from one devious boulder trap) and by and large the camera work supports the storyline nicely. I didn't really realize that the thug you see and meet throughout this episode is actually one and the same and in fact has a name. Funny thing is as soon as I learned this through RGs review I immediately felt sorry for the poor chap thinking to myself: If he is incapable of killing Lara while she does a double rope swing under his nose he should have been smart enough to run away there and then." - Dimpfelmoser (09-Oct-2002)

"Custom Level players spare a thought for people like Renato. While the big guns out there are (quite justifiably) lauded and adulated for the likes of Hidden Garden or Catacomb Towers there are other builders further down the Custom Level ladder who are working industriously away producing imaginative and fast moving levels which are enormous fun to play and which are almost completely ignored and/or forgotten about shortly thereafter. When (in due time) the Custom Level craze fades away into the distance I have no doubt that Catacomb Towers will be fondly remembered by many players (myself included) for years and years as a classic of its kind; but I personally shall also be remembering levels such as 'Traps'. Those rather unpretentious but hugely enjoyable little gems that are such a pleasure to play and whose existence contributes greatly as fuel to the Custom Level fire. Indeed it's levels such as this (rather than the epics) which keep the fire going as they can be seen as useful stop-gaps in between the next big 'event'. There are very few things wrong with 'Traps' (the texturing is a little repetitive and that boulder trap was a bit tricky) and a great many things that are just right (the clever puzzles the flybys the lovely out-door areas). In particular its duration. It ends shortly before you've had enough and hence leaves you wanting more. The final caption therefore is most welcome indeed. Great stuff!" - Orbit Dream (05-Oct-2002)

"I wasn't sure what to expect from the title of the level but what I got was a fun level full of memorable moments - the difficult boulder trap with spikes the long hallway with fire traps and a trapdoor you have to open before the fire gets to you swimming into a small lagoon filled with crocs and ahmets waiting for you on land when you try to get away from the crocs a small valley filled with dinosaurs and a switch puzzle to solve in order to open an important door. Admittedly the rest of the areas are routine and have you finding and placing a few hands and a cartouche pushing a button or pulling a lever here and there. BUT what made this level so great to me was the presence of Larson - stealing the artifact at the beginning and shots of him triggering the boulder trap - he pops up all over the level and it was great to see him and then finally kill him at the end and get back the scion. I actually killed him at the beginning of the level too but it didn't affect the game at all. The author promises another level at the end and I can't wait to play it!" - RaiderGirl (24-Sep-2002)

"A nice try. Don't be scared though by the title there are traps indeed but nothing difficult. The puzzles are two hands and a cartouche. Along with some swimming and a few switches that gives you the idea of what to expect. A nice surprise Larson is somewhere in there and after killing him you get an artifact not so often used in custom levels. The dinos are enemies you will have to fight as well as retextured mutants and a few crocodiles. The scenery is a little mixed the textures don't match very well. Also the lighting is basic and some corners are quite dark but with no purpose at all as there is nothing hidden. I spent half an hour with this level and I liked the author's message at the end waiting for more." - Kristina (22-Sep-2002)

"Small does not mean bad. If I could give points only for the use of cameras this one would get a 10: brilliant camera views that are not the least bit annoying. Best of all: the one with the boulder. Sneakiest one: well you have to find that one yourself. Good intro too: like you're at the movies. Textures and lighting though are just adequate nothing more. Little story as there is this one has a story where the beginning shows you what you should end with. This author shows great potential. If he could fill another level with nothing but adventurous escape-acts like - again - the one with the boulder then he is one to look out for. Certainly one to check out." - bERT (22-Sep-2002)

"A nice short but enjoyable level. I really liked the bit at the beginning with the camera views of Larson running around the corridors and then stealing the scion. There was plenty to do in this level with the spike traps boulder chases slide and jump traps and switch puzzles and a few tricky jumps with a few areas where you really had to use your brain to try and figure out how to get to places also there was another great trap with a load of fires that run after you in a corridor and you have to sprint to get them off your back. The camera views were great and added more enjoyment to the level. I thought the boulder trap was great because it made you jump and it was tough job to escape it. I really loved the music that was used couldn't be better in my opinion it really went along with the flow of things. As for enemies there are crocs bats warthogs raptors and red monsters but there wasn't a lot of each so that was good. The lighting used in the level was very well placed and used and so were most of the textures except from the room where it was covered with the same texture tile. There is also a lot of crawling sprinting monkey climbing jumping rope swinging and swimming to do in your quest of 2 puzzle items which when placed will let you get to the platform where Larson is and retrieve the scion. The level took me 40 minutes and although I found it a bit short it was very enjoyable well done! :-)" - John (19-Sep-2002)

"On the one hand these are 40 minutes of rather linear raiding in a nicely but a little boringly textured environment. The traps are also not all that devious (the worst for me being a camera angle that had me searching for a crawlspace for a few minutes) and the variety of enemies rather manageable (warthogs bats crocodiles ahmets and raptors). Two hands and a cartouche to find as well for progression. But there are a few neat things here that I liked a lot: The brilliant start sequence where the thug steals the scion that you will recover from him at the end of the level and the other sequence where he pushes a lever to trigger some deadly spikes the boulder chasing you towards that climbing wall and I thought that fallen tree in the outside area looked great. Fun and not too difficult - try it out!" - Michael (16-Sep-2002)
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