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Author(s): Jamie White
total rating:4.30 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Ceamonks890 3 2 2 2
Dimpfelmoser 5 6 4 5
DJ Full 4 4 5 4
Doug E 5 5 5 5
eRIC 3 6 5 2
Gerty 5 6 4 5
Jose 2 3 5 3
Kristina 4 4 5 5
Litepulsar 6 5 6 4
Magnus 3 2 1 2
MichaelP 5 6 6 4
Momster 5 6 6 4
RaiderGirl 5 6 5 5
Ruediger 3 3 4 2
Ryan 3 4 5 3
Sash 6 6 6 5
category averages
(16 reviews)
4.19 4.63 4.63 3.75

Reviewer's comments

"Another level by this builder that's very flawed in its design. It's in a similar vein to his previous efforts and as a result you have badly applied and stretched textures everywhere, invisible blocks near doors, countless ammo and medipack pickups that are essentially unnecessary and gameplay that is a tedious drudge throughout (especially with those long, long corridors). This one even has the addition of a bug requiring you to use DOZY (Lara drops down a deep hole only to bounce perpetually over a water pool) so the whole thing becomes a wasted experience fast and points towards a lack of beta testing or care on the builder's part. I wouldn't recommend it, but that's just me." - Ryan (27-Jan-2019)

"Again, another level from this builder without betatesting. In the previous level, at least you can finish it without cheating, but not in this one. Again the unmarked climbable walls, the wafer thin walls, the excessive pickups you'll never use, the elongated textures... There is a closed door above a ladder you can climb, but if the door is closed Lara will get totally stucked and you'll have to reload. Later, you'll slide and drop onto a water surface and Lara will keep bumping continuously and you can't continue playing, so I had to abandone in that part. It seems that this author does not care that the players use the dozy cheat to finish his levels. It's not a good idea if the author knows how to fix the problems. A pain." - Jose (19-Jan-2018)

"This is a great advancement compared to the previous effort of the builder, primarily in gameplay aspect because the graphics are still awful, although more complicated design also implied loads of issues which unfortunately haven't been fixed - portal bugs might be especially disturbing here, and I presume the one leading from the pool to the harpy room might cause some players to bin the level. But I still managed to beat that spot and progress to a well rewarding finale, where I could put together in unusual arrangement all the items obtained throughout the level, and eventually face the main adversary of the game, and now the whole series. It might seem unremarkable but it really makes a difference when such a character has an actual name. SUMMARY. Ugly and buggy but still rewarding." - DJ Full (31-Jan-2016)

"More or less the exact same as 'Antarctica- Unfinished Business', in terms of quality, only this time utilizing TR2's Temple of Xian texture set and better enemy placement/clever use of camerashots. Still doesn't make this a level that I'd recommend to more modern players though. So best to just give this one a pass." - Ceamonks890 (01-Jun-2015)

"This raid with Oriental textures and Cleopal enemies lasted 40 minutes but seemed longer, maybe because at one point there is a maze like area, and some long corridors. Textures are very stretched in some places, a few thin wall as well , and there was no way I could finish the level legally as in the end there is a place where Lara dances the pogo over water , the fact that she came from below or from above did not changed the fact I had to resort to flycheat to pass this point. This bug is a classic one when a water area has two vertical portals and those are not of the same height. There are good placement and use of enemies in general , and the author shows he has some good ideas at times, for example I quite like the corridor with only one part of the black pyramid." - eRIC (11-Jan-2009)

"Although the first impression of the level is horrible, with squeezed and stretched textures, bad colours and lights, paperthin walls, a dozen flares or 5 big medipacks to pick up in one room etc., "Tohokan's Temple" develops a bit of interest by its well-placed enemies (skellies, harpies) and occasionally clever use of cameras, for example when the jumpswitch triggers spikes and skeletons and the skeleton jumps so perfectly into the picture, towards Lara. Most likely this is one the biggest levels ever made, albeit only in sheer size of the rooms. Before I inserted the pharos knot, I ran down a corridor about 50 squares long, it seemed like a mile. Some good jumps, a long swim and a maze with doors to open pass the time, but the length of the gameplay finally is just due to the much too large empty halls." - Ruediger (29-Oct-2005)

"Now this is an overrated level. Yes it's definitely the best level I've played by the author so far but it's still an awful level. Yes - awful. I'm getting so sick of playing levels like this one that I don't see any reason to be nice any longer. It's an awful level. It shouldn't have been released. The author needs to learn how to apply textures correctly! Phew now I feel better. I didn't like this level one bit. The textures are stretched the gameplay is boring the lighting is bad and I missed a Pharos Knot (Knot - I thought it was a Pillar?) and would have had to backtrack through almost the whole level if I hadn't had a savegame. I'm seriously considering not playing the rest of the author's levels seeing as how they are rated just as low as his or her first three. They may be short and easy but I'm not sure it's worth torturing myself like this just to up my review-count. The level lasts for around twenty-three minutes and the best thing about it is that it's an improvement from the author's previous levels. But please - finish your level next time!" - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"I've gotta admit that when I see the name Tohokan in the title of a level I already have a preconceived notion that it's going to be a real cow of a level with badly applied textures thin walls bugs endless and useless pick ups and tedious gaming how happy was I to have been least in one of those categories! Yes there are still badly applied textures thin walls bugs endless and useless pick ups but I somehow still found myself enjoying the tasks at hand in this 40 minute level especially the interaction with the skeletons and harpies as I only had the pistols. Jamie just needs to go over his levels to iron out all the bugs before sending them out into the world as in one place you can not return once you have kangaroo hopped out of the water if you haven't gone first in search of the trigger that opens the door in front of you and in another you can climb up a ladder and enter through a closed gate at the top but you can not then get out of this little hallway but as we all have savegames these aren't fatal dilemmas what almost is though is the fact that the second secret had nothing as a reward grrrrr!" - Sash (24-Dec-2002)

"Even though this doesn't look as good as the original 'Temple of Xian' level it was still nice to see the textures from that level again and it kept this from being 'just another Egyptian' level. I got through this in about 45 minutes and spent most of that time finding jump switches opening doors running down long hallways and large rooms and finding objects like beetles knots and pillars. At the end I got a gem from a demigod and I guess that was the objective because I still had it when I left. There are a number of skeletons and harpies but no extra weapons not even with the secret I found but there are loads of health packs and even a large quantity of flares which you don't actually need. Overall quite a simple level but it can be confusing due to it's large size." - RaiderGirl (24-Nov-2002)

"I had mixed feelings about this level. Some areas showed a lot of promise especially the large waterfall the lava room with the Pharaoh's Knot in the centre spikes and lava as well as the huge lava-filled sloping block room were quite thought out and was quite good for a stand alone level. The crowbar is an important find here but you won't miss it. For those of you who don't like dark levels shame we couldn't have taken more flares from this level and sent them your way for future use *cheeky grin*. The pickups were too many here not that you needed them mind you! Though extra health is always nice. You have to find two beetles throughout the level which you have to place at the start..... the Hathor effigy as well as above mentioned Pharaoh's Knot and a mechanical scarab beetle which I never used also a horseman's gem which I seemed to have no use for. The gameplay was very linear and not that particularly challenging and though I was pleased with the puzzles and traps mentioned above what lets this level down a lot is the bugs and the overused textures. Also there is a bug in the left-hand beetle receptacle (when you're facing the double doors). If you climb to the top you'll go through the door and then proceed to get stuck so don't go there till you have both beetles and do the right beetle receptacle first! You'll also need the Hathor effigy in this area. The camera angles were well thought out but in one area they went really strange oddly enough it really disorientated me and made me feel nauseous lol. Harpies seem to be the main enemy throughout this level as well as the usual pesky skeletons. Other weapons and ammo remained quite elusive apart from a few pickups. If the author concentrates on ironing the bugs out in his levels and maybe gets a few beta testers in I do believe things can only improve judging by how the puzzles and some of the design was thought out as well as good use of sounds in this particular level I have faith in the author to do much better. I must admit I did find this level fun regardless." - Litepulsar (11-Nov-2002)

"To install this level only use the cleopad wads provided by Jamie. Everything else sorry to say you don't need. And still it is full of bugs. I do like the textures from the Xian but there rows upon rows of them. That is what Lara does running past those textures and no time to admire them as if you seen one you've almost seen them all. Main goal is getting two black beetles also two knots a portal guardian and Lara still had in her backpack a blue gem and the mechanical beetle plus winding key. And don't forget ammo you'll find enough to start a war. Enemies are harpies and skeletons and one demigod. 14-10-2002" - Gerty (19-Oct-2002)

"This 2nd Tohokan level from Jamie is a clear improvement over the 1st but unfortunately has it's own serious issues. Gameplay is not bad if somewhat a little tedious with climbing numerous long ladders and running down a myriad of long passages not to mention a bevy of tile triggered doors. I didn't find any extra weapons in this level so the skeletons posed a bit of a problem and there were plenty of them in the later stages of the level. You will find 2 knots and the portal guardian which you will use and I got a bonus blue gem off of a demigod that I took home with me. As Michael mentions though although the concept of atmosphere is generally pleasing it is spoiled by some stretched textures and thin walls. And then there's the issue of Lara 'dancing' or as I put it 'jumping on a pogo stick'. At this point I had to dozy to get out of that situation." - Momster (12-Oct-2002)

"This is a 'middle of the road' level. I found it all a bit quiet. Nothing in it taxed my brain. There were a few bugs and one of them which I called the POGO STICK actually prevents the game from continuing. Not one of my favourites." - Doug E (07-Oct-2002)

"I know what you're thinking and you are right. This level is full of bugs paperthin walls long uneventful runs huge empty rooms repetitive textures and far too many medi packs but somehow I found it strangely pleasing. Yet I have to admit that I played Jackson Pollock's Puzzle right before I ventured into the Temple of Tohokan and since the Catacomb level sequences neatly into the Cleo level when you have to use the script.dat from the level editor I rushed in with a savegame from Pollock. You know I ususally have some trouble locating the crowbar and since it was particularly difficult to obtain in JPP I was reluctant to let it go. First thing you stumble upon here is the crowbar. Bummer! However the shotgun and revolver (+ lasersight) came in handy as there are a great many skeletons to face and you find no weapons here. Mind you with all those medi packs you should be ok but I reckon it was more fun with the shotgun. Seeing that Jamie has belted out three levels in quick succession you can't help but wonder why she/he doesn't take her/his time and put some more effort into the design and construction of her/his levels. With a bit more love and care this could have been a decent adventure as the jump sequence is quite good I loved the pulsating walls and some camera angles are rather neat; as it is it seems more like a work in progress. However in some places the texturing was kinda original and the fast paced gameplay has a certain appeal. Some questions remain: what was the mechanical beetle for and who stole the secret before Lara got there?" - Dimpfelmoser (07-Oct-2002)

"The third level by Jamie is unfortunately still infested with a number of technical bugs such as invisible door blocks ability to climb through a closed door and get stuck thin walls and at one place Lara does not drop into water but dances in the air. The 40 minutes adventure also has too many long climbs crawls and runs and definitely too many medipacks and flare pickups (as you don't really need any). Cameras need work too as they only show about half of what they should be showing. But - despite all that the rather easy hunt for about a dozen jump switches two black beetles two knots a portal guardian and two secrets (one sadly without reward) while fighting or avoiding harpies and skeletons is actually fun while it lasts maybe because of those great Xian textures (even though rather badly applied). Definitely the best one by this author to date." - Michael (06-Oct-2002)

"I got bored with this level. All you have to do is climb many ladders and cross many long hallways. The portal guardian two black beetles two pharos pillars and the mechanical scarab I never got to use are the items you have to find in this level. There is not going to be any difficulty at all as they are just in front of you most of the time the only trouble you might get is from the skeletons harpies and the one demigod. I didn't find any guns so I just went through it with the pistols not that you need any but maybe one was a secret or something. The textures aren't anything great as they do look stretched at places particularly the ladders. A lot of jump switches as well and doors as you might have guessed. It's about forty minutes and with many many medipacks I wish I could use those in some other levels I have in mind. Anyway I was expecting something more and I got less but if you are looking for an easy straight forward level this one is for you." - Kristina (06-Oct-2002)
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