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Author(s): Lambert Bouley
total rating:6.20 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 6 4 6 6
Chris LP 7 5 6 6
Daffy 7 7 6 7
Dimpfelmoser 6 6 6 5
Engelchen Lara 7 7 7 7
eTux 5 5 7 6
G.Croft 5 5 6 5
Gerty 6 6 6 6
JoeTheCrazyGamer 6 7 6 7
Jose 5 7 5 7
Kristina 6 6 7 7
MichaelP 6 6 6 7
Momster 6 5 6 5
Orbit Dream 6 5 7 7
Phil 6 7 7 7
RaiderGirl 6 6 7 7
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Sash 6 6 6 7
Scottie 6 7 7 8
Torry 6 6 6 7
Treeble 5 6 7 7
vienna 5 6 7 7
category averages
(22 reviews)
5.91 5.95 6.36 6.59

Reviewer's comments

"This small Karnak level is a great Effort, There are some really good basic puzzles, I read about a ladder bug making this impossible not sure what they are referring to because I never had it. I would recommend this to new players. The only issue is the part where you need to catch Lara on fire." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (25-Jun-2019)

"This is a quite open-ended, but otherwise fairly linear and unremarkable level of about half an hour. The early version of this level suffered from the ladder bug where Lara refuses to climb and just freezes in place, but this has apparently been fixed. The early version is actually what I played as I discovered this among my still unplayed list of downloads. There's a few path branches and junctions but generally everything progresses rather smoothly. There's also an unfair fire sequence and a tedious vase puzzle near the end, but nothing difficult. It's certainly quite spread out for its age, but it's generally quite standard." - Ryan (01-Jun-2018)

"Prompted by Phil's post on the forums, I thought I'd take this up next to check if a freshly recompiled .tr4 file would solve the 'ladder bug' mentioned in some of the reviews. I am happy to report that it did, indeed, and the replacement file should be available to any potential players soon enough. Onto the level itself, this is a fairly standard Karnak level, and while the beginning seems slightly open-ended, with lots of closed doors, there really is only one way to proceed so it's a pretty straightforward level. Along the way you get a lot (and I mean it) of puzzle key items, and when it comes down to shootouts you also usually face three or four ninjas at a time. The final canopic jar in the flame trap was a bit of a no-no IMO, but I had plenty of medipacks by then so I guess I can let that one slip. 35 minutes, 2 secrets. 02/18" - Treeble (18-Feb-2018)

"This is an early level that I would call "busy" (ie., giving the player lots to do) but otherwise unremarkable. None of the early reviews mention what is referred to as the "ladder bug," where Lara gets onto a ladder only to freeze in place, so I suspect this was caused by an error in compiling the files to produce a playable level. If so, it should be a simple matter to fix, so I'll mention it in the appropriate forum thread. Everything is well lighted, so I have no complaints there. The jump to the monkey bars in the lava room near the end is tricky but not too difficult. Try running at a slight angle, rather than straight ahead, and you should make it after a few tries. Enemies are ninjas and scorpions that seem to operate in partnership. A complete level at 45 minutes, but not at all overwhelming." - Phil (15-Feb-2018)

"You cannot finish this level without a cheat because there is a ladderbug... I liked level's ideas and brightness. Athmosphere is also very nice like usually in Egypt levels. It is a shame that there is a ladderbug. Without it I would give grades about 8 of gameplay." - vienna (27-Sep-2016)

"Despite the ladder bug (I had to cheat a couple of times in the room with the high grated catwalks), it's a solid level easy to play with enough guns and weapons to deal with the well balanced enemies. Try to pick up all the ammo in the first part 'cause in the last part I found nothing. Good appearance even with the stretched textures in small and/or triangular panels, decent architecture and well worked lights too. The worst was that there are not camera shots when using the buttons; even when you need an item to open a door, that item is not very far from the door. The last tasks in the final room with four guardian keys going from place to place only to shoot vases or press buttons were tedious; and, as usual, I never liked Lara catching fire, even if the water is near. Anyway a level nice to play but with too many artifacts to pick up and no puzzles to solve." - Jose (17-Aug-2016)

"The only problem with this level is which he was not tested quite obviously. Since the testers would have pointed out the level builder certainly to the ladder bug. Luckily there is in this level only two ladders, because it would have been really irritating if one had had to use repeatedly the Cheat. Then there are a few more little things as for example missing water textures, a black horizon if Lara completely on top on the temple stands and a door half in the ground. But otherwise this was a very nice level. The duties were relatively easy and the level has a good atmosphere. Less felt well that the fire did not go out at the last Canopic Jar. Thereby one used needlessly Medipacks. Opponents like Baddies and crocodiles appeared with pleasure in herds. Because one could find, however, also without Cheat, enough weapons and ammunition, this was no big problem. All together I have well liked the level, in spite of the addressed problems." - Scottie (22-Feb-2010)

"The author draws us away this time in a world typically Egyptian or Lara will have to find various objects to draw his road. One thinks well of the gamaplay and is well accomplished, nothing is too difficult and they have a good time well. To note nevertheless, a bug who prevents Lara from going up to ladders and it is necessary to cheat to continue level, damage that it is not corrected. The enemies are well present and at the good place. Decoration is clean, without eccentricity, it is of the great work." - Daffy (26-Aug-2009)

"I have scoured the other reviews and yet I find no mention of an impossible (or at the very least extremely difficult) jump from a corridor to a monkey-swing above burning water. I must have attempted this challenge for a good half-an-hour and yet was utterly unable to succeed finally resorting (amid much swearing and personal chastisement) to the DOZY which utterly ruined the sense of pace and accomplishment. Did I miss something obvious or am I simply not in the same league as everyone else? Whatever the answer the experience soured this little adventure for me which is a shame because it's pretty good on the whole. A suitably grandiose layout is presented (I especially liked the Temple itself) with a pleasing flow of gameplay which (if you overlook my monkey-swing dilemma) rather fizzled out at the end with some repetitive door opening routines and a crushingly anti-climactic finale: you toil all that way in order (if I understood the French Read-Me correctly) to encounter and defeat Seth only to have the adventure end after running through a small door. Boo!" - Orbit Dream (21-Aug-2003)

"Reasonably standard karnak level as you would expect with nothing really of note except for a magically appearing hole in the floor that you need to watch out for. The search for those ever elusive canopic jars goes on and at one point Lara must set herself on fire to retrieve one. Not one of my favourite experiences." - Torry (01-May-2003)

"It's a plain but clear fun level that Bruno proposes us to play. Rooms and building are simple and lighting isn't so dark but the gameplay is more fun than it seems to be in the first approach. The adventure consists of finding your way into a temple with a logical suite of objects to pick up and doors to open. A large amount of black and red ninjas scorpions and crocodiles give to this level the indispensable touch of action. The author has used the beautiful Karnak texture set with a fine taste but there is a problem with the black line of the horizon when Lara is on the roof of the temples. But I'm sure that Bruno can make better levels than this so I'm a little bit disappointed with this and I am awaiting the promised sequel.[1/19/03]" - Chris LP (19-Jan-2003)

"This is one of those levels that I find really enjoyable but that has no real gameplay as in puzzles other than progressing through to the end. Being a Karnak level there are the usual Egyptian enemies a whole lot of key pick ups with the last leaving you a bit hot and bothered and a couple of secrets that shouldn't be too hard to find all of this set in quite a nice setting. There's nothing else really to say about it other than this is 40 minutes of easy laid back fun." - Sash (09-Jan-2003)

"A nice short level that is not overly difficult and shouldn't cause you any troubles if you remember well how the original Temple of Karnak played (I was searching my butt off in the small pool area near the artifact protected by electricity till I realised I have to find the small tunnel in the water that was in the original level too!). What you do in the level is get quite a lot of puzzle items and use them you also master some simple jumps over burning water and push a lot of buttons. I liked the camera shots from different points that appeared time after time but nothing remarkable in this level otherwise. Not a bad level but not one of the best either." - eTux (01-Jan-2003)

"This brightly lit Karnak level offers 30 minutes of good solid Tomb Raiding that's never difficult but is still enjoyable while it lasts. With all the 'classic Karnak' moments it's easy to feel like you've played this before and much of your time will be spent running from one area to the next as you should always know where to go next. There are quite a few objects to collect along the way and lots of ninjas scorpions and crocs to try and slow you down." - RaiderGirl (28-Dec-2002)

"I felt in dire need of something not too difficult and lord and behold this was perfect. A fast pace level finding loads of artifacts. Buttons to push and vases to shoot to get goodies. Jumping and swimming and monkey climbing and even the trip to the roof was nice although the end of the world does present itself. Enemies scorpions of course and ninjas and some crocs for good measure. There are doors that needed to be opened but they are never that far away although sometimes I did wish for a bit more camera work. Found 2 secrets. 17-12-2002" - Gerty (22-Dec-2002)

"A very easy linear gameplay in this Egyptian level. Enemies - ninjas crocodiles and scorpions - almost always come in groups so you have a real shoot-out. Finding key items such as canopic jars golden vreaus and triangular keys opens doors and brings the game forward. Near the end an effort to make a shooting vases puzzle results in a lot of running back and forth as it is completely linear." - G.Croft (19-Dec-2002)

"A very easy level which can be played to the end however well. Lara must find plenty of golden vases here and two guardian keys. Many jump combinations but all in all very easy tasks for Lara. Opponents were ninjas and crocodiles. Found also two secrets ; -) the atmosphere was good in the whole. It is a level for in between." - Engelchen Lara (19-Dec-2002)

"Rather easy that's why I got stuck at one point. When you don't fancy a level you get bored and give up easily so I forgot about a hole on the floor and finished it in fifty minutes when it's actually shorter. There are four canopic jars five guardian keys two vraeus and plenty of ninjas coming with the company of scorpions. With most of the weapons available though there isn't really a problem the shotgun the revolver and the crossbow is what you get with two of them being secrets. The title says it all a karnak kind of setting with a few crocodiles in water and a lot of buttons to push. The traps are only burning water and floor and the fires give away the trap the textures are plain and there is the 'end of the world' bug. That sums it up doesn't sound very exciting does it." - Kristina (17-Dec-2002)

"A standard Karnak level but not unenjoyable. As I've been having some trouble concentrating on raiding lately this was a good one for me to 'get back into it' with. Generally fast paced and linear some scorpions to dispose of and a couple of intense battles with ninja gangs. Nicely done with maybe a little too much to and fro-ing (to take a phrase from the Aussie) at the acquisition of the 4 guardian keys at the end." - Momster (17-Dec-2002)

"A fairly standard mostly brightly lit Karnak level with plenty of ninjas scorpions and crocodiles to shoot lots of buttons doors and vases along the way and except for a short useless flyby no helpful camera work. The latter is not needed though as progression is fairly fast paced and straight forward as you collect four canopic jars two vraeus and five guardian keys in this a little over 30 minutes run through. Found two secrets (shotgun and crossbow) and actually did not bother to put out the fire guarding the last canopic jar as I ran to the water with Lara burning. Nice one for in between." - Michael (16-Dec-2002)

"Hey what do you expect if a level is called 'The secret Temple of Karnak'? Right you get 40 minutes of easy fast paced and straightforward gameplay but there are a few surprises along the way. You have to find and place a lot of items (five guardian keys two canopic jars two vraea) kill the occasional crocodile and battle two gangs of ninjas. In between you do a few easy jumps two monkey swings some swimming; the ususal really. However I liked the way you had to climb high above onto one building even if it meant that you could admire the end of the world from the top. There are a few minor bugs like missing water but that doesn't really interfere with the game. The Karnak setting is solid while lighting is not much in evidence here. Still enjoyable for the time it lasted" - Dimpfelmoser (15-Dec-2002)

"Extremely straightforward Karnak-level with a lot of scorpions and ninjas placed without much imagination but other than that not that bad as an in-betweenie. There's canope's and triangular keys to find a kazillion of vases to shoot and though not perfect all in sceneries that are not badly built. There's two situations (sneaky floor hole + burning vase at the end) that may ask for some thinking or looking around real good. The two secrets are rather easy to be found. Title sequence is probably the shortest I've seen so far and stops a bit abruptly." - bERT (15-Dec-2002)
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