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Author(s): Cornchild
total rating:7.46 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Daffy 8 8 8 9
Doug E 8 7 8 9
Engelchen Lara 9 8 8 7
eRIC 7 8 8 8
eTux 8 7 7 7
Gerty 8 8 7 8
Jose 5 6 6 7
Josi 7 7 7 8
Kristina 8 8 9 9
Leeth 3 5 7 3
MichaelP 8 7 7 8
Momster 8 7 8 8
Orbit Dream 7 7 8 8
Phil 8 8 8 9
RaiderGirl 8 8 9 9
Ryan 8 7 8 7
Sash 8 7 9 8
Sutekh 8 7 7 7
Treeble 8 7 8 8
vienna 7 8 8 8
Zhyttya 4 6 7 6
category averages
(21 reviews)
7.29 7.19 7.71 7.67

Reviewer's comments

"Again warned by fellow reviewers, I've played this level following the walkthrough closely to make sure I wouldn't trigger any of the potential bugs. It's evident that a lot of care went into this level, trying to make an authentic experience true to TR1, and it's a pity it requires such a cautious approach. For what it's worth, I quite enjoyed my time here, and most of the tasks are pretty clear. You set off on a quest for the four quest items of the TR1 Egyptian levels (although no scripting was done here so they're all randomly named instead) to eventually get to the Scion itself and make your escape, but your path is filled with deadly traps and quite a few harmless tigers. Combat wise it thickened up when you had an encounter with four skeletons and a tin horseman at once, but if you dodge them for a while you can get to a crossbow to make short work of the skellies. All in all, if you like the Khamoon levels in TR1 you'll like this one. 40 minutes. 04/18" - Treeble (09-Apr-2018)

"Returning to Egypt once again, Tomb Raider 1 Egypt in fact. What a nice little gem. The gameplay is mainly bases on trap avoidance, with very little puzzles apart from a few pushable blocks. The traps were extremely well set up though as you often had to have quick thinking and reflexes to bypass them. There are a few dead end stuck points if tasks aren't performed in the intended way, so have the walkthrough handy when playing and you should enjoy yourself." - Ryan (19-Oct-2016)

"I like this builder's style. It's a pain the bugs and another situations forcing the player to reload and keep old savegames. The first part is confusing and odd, looking for all those artifacts and keys where it's easy you miss something, and sometimes there's not a way to backtrack. The second part in the sphinx area is much better, with variety of tasks and more action. There are a lot of traps too, very well placed. The enemies are well placed too, but near the end I had to avoid all that skeletons and the horsemen 'cause I only found explosive ammo but not the gun; the revolver appeared too late too. I missed a lot some more cameras, flybys and musics, and also more flares to discover the moveable blocks. All in all, a good adventure worth to play with an old TR1 style." - Jose (18-Aug-2016)

"I agree Leeth and Zyttyas comments - there are some bugs. I encountered a bug on level where you must jump up to get the ankh. There was a ball under hole whic was the passageway to room with ankh. I was jumping 15 minutes when I managed to hold up. This game was harder than Egypt revisited 2. More brightness would be beter. There was also some graphics bugs (black moving blocks). This game is still good and the atmosphere is exciting. Traps are not too hard but arduous." - vienna (15-Jul-2016)

"Just a straight forward review in this level. There was a lot of buggy stuff to it even be considered playable. You can get stuck in so many ways that makes you restart the level that just spoils the experience in it's full. The use of the balls were great and fun but that is all that is positive about this game. This could be a GREAT level, I could even give double the score on gameplay and puzzles if it wasn't for the laziness of reviewing bugs in this level. And there is more than the "save bug" in here, you can just get stuck in a room if you don't get the music scroll and the key in the same visit. And lets not talk about the lightning that made it seem like I was playing in a black and white TV. It could have been a fun experience, it could have been one of the most challenging levels to discover how to progress if it was fixed. Like this, I would not recommend to anyone, only if you fully go throw the walk-through" - Leeth (25-Mar-2016)

"After a good number of attempts to finish the level i gave up. There's simply too many bugs with doors closing, spikes etc; because of the save files. It seemed a really good experience if it wasn't for it's flaws. I did followed the tip said on the walkthrough, for not to save in a certain area otherwise it would be impossible to progress further. Turns out that even with a previous load, doors closing up, boulders re spawning etc, still continue to exist, after picking up the second key i came up with the doors leading to the pool closed. Besides these things there's too many chances you'll get stuck in a room if not played in the right order; the switch on the flames room had no chance of visibility, only knew about it after reading the walkthrough. Still it had a good Egyptian atmosphere, too bad the lighting needed a few adjustments. In fact i do recommend this level, but please read the walkthroug first and be careful with the save points." - Zhyttya (25-Mar-2016)

"We haven't heard from this builder for a number of years. Too bad, because he released a number of Egypt-style levels in the early years which were well received by the raiding community. This one is no exception, and it provided me about an hour's worth of solid entertainment. Nothing new, but it's visually appealing and throws in some unexpected traps here and there that require the player's eternal vigilance. Sutekh has provided an exhaustive walkthrough that covers all the bases and warns of several possible bugs if things aren't done in the proper order. Good fun, and recommended." - Phil (21-Aug-2012)

"Egypt visited again is a not easy level or they sometimes wedge simple things which challenge logic and our player's habits. Game is full of often surprising trap which returns the course of perilous Lara. Decoration is made well with nice rooms well disposed. A good and hard instant of game for which Lara's life wants to risk." - Daffy (26-Aug-2009)

"A level very much in the TR1 mode:lots of subterraenian exploring;tigers and skeletons constantly on your tail,and (best of all) a large and impressive Sphynx chamber,around which much of the adventure revolves.The Gameplay itself is fun,action-packed and engrossing;although multiple saves are essential,as there are several instances where a player can come seriously unstuck should they do things in a manner unenvisaged by the builder.However(and with the Walkthrough nearby) all is generally sequential and easy to accomplish.The atmosphere is terrific and immersive,with some good lighting and generally well applied textures.The Finale is fast and furious (especially if,like me,you overlooked the explosive ammo and had to run around the various otherwise-indestructible enemies)and brings the adventure to a good logical conclusion. All in all,a fine traditional egyptian level;and one which should not be overlooked." - Orbit Dream (28-Apr-2009)

"Traps, traps, traps and even more traps. Could have been boring if it weren't for the overall inventiveness of said traps. Playing this one, you never know what will come with your next step and it does add a lot to both atmosphere and gameplay. Settings is good, with a well done architecture (the Sphinx Room is indeed beautiful), but lighting could have use more variety. Gameplay-wise, it's an easy one, with a few exceptions such as one slightly tricky jump, an adrenaline driven final scene and a deviously hidden crossbow (very nice and original touch, this one). Admittedly, the traps themselves aren't that difficult to deal with. More a matter of reflex and/or timing than anything, and I would have liked the author to be less 'nice' with us players." - Sutekh (11-Mar-2005)

"I was so pleased to see an Egyptian level with the textures from TR1 and it is the first time in a custom level that I see the 4 artifacts from the Obelisk of Khamoon or the big doors and the sphinx from The Sanctuary of the Scion. There is also good things all along the way like the cog in the crawlspace a good atmosphere and various puzzles. Unfortunately there is also bad situations where the player can be stuck without knowing what he did wrong. There is not only the possible problem in the room with pillars on fire that the author mentions in the readme file; there is also the boulder that prevents Lara to climb into the trapdoor if you do not do things in the same way that the author has thought you would. But those possible problems are at the beginning of the level so it is not very annoying. There is also a useless key that confused me and a few thin walls. Nevertheless this is a valuable effort to create an entertaining level with a real TR1 feeling." - eRIC (22-Mar-2003)

"You have to find four artifacts (and several keys) to enter the sphinx once inside you have to find the last artifact to get out. Textures are from TR1. The puzzles are not so hard but I did not find all the weapons or maybe I did but no laser sight and that would have been very handy near the end where you have to battle skeletons a tiger and a horseman all at once. But avoiding them is not too hard it's just not easy to see what to do next when you're under attack. There are several nasty traps but the author included some tips in the readme that was very nice." - Josi (20-Jan-2003)

"This is a very cool jaunt into what I class as a real Egyptian level. Fantastic traps usually involving boulders delicious setting complete with sphinx and really fun gaming as you look for 4 artifacts made this 45 minutes level a winner in my books. Sure I had to seek a little help to begin with as I totally overlooked the first artifact and I missed a jump switch on a pillar but after that I fell right into the flow of the game and never looked back although I don't know if I missed something as I ended with an extra key but it couldn't have been too important as I did finish. I just have to say that Cornchild has definitely improved big time and I'm sure glad to see it." - Sash (09-Jan-2003)

"I love the Egypt levels of Tomb Raider One so I had a great time revisiting Egypt in this hour long level. Main gameplay consists of finding keys and objects but some of them are ones that I haven't seen before in a custom level there was a great timed fire column puzzle timed doors boulder traps spiked walls and some well hidden jump switches. Overall the atmosphere and environment were the greatest parts of the level to me - the author has really captured the look and feel of the Egypt levels from TR One there was even a sphinx!" - RaiderGirl (02-Jan-2003)

"What a great level this is. Texture-wise nothing new but very fast paced. There is fire to jump timed runs spikes coming from the sides some jumping through blades and levers to pull boulders to dodge. Finding keys and 4 artifacts is the main goal. And when you think it is over there is still more to do. Enemies are tigers crocs and bats and later a horseman and skeletons. I seemed to have a bug as Lara had a key in her backpack and she found another one the key in her backpack disappeared and that meant no key to open up the door beneath the sphinx. So I had to cheat a bit and used the fly cheat to get the other key I left laying there. I did try it the normal way but there was a gate closed off. There is a nice torch puzzle and after finding the scion you better hurry as the temple is tumbling down around Lara. 28-12-2002" - Gerty (29-Dec-2002)

"In my opinion this is a grand improvement from the authors previous levels. The textures and the lighting are still a bit bleak (Lara looks 2D- like there should be more lights in the rooms!) and paper-thin walls appear often but the traps the timed run and the overall progression of the level are most satisfying and I was entertained through all 38 minutes I spent in the level! Even if the author warns that you must do something first before finishing the timed run I think it was better to skip the hidden jump switch. Also there was a rolling ball that blocked Lara from getting the Ankh so I had to dozy up to get it. The tigers seemed a bit out of place in this Egyptian level and the puzzle items and keys had no names when it is so easy to fix! Not a flawless level but I liked most bits of it. The medipack hanging in the string was funny but also quite original have never seen something like that in a level before. It's a fun level you won't regret playing it if you decide to do so but be prepared for the (few) bad things too..." - eTux (29-Dec-2002)

"I found this to be an entertaining 60 minutes level with plenty of gameplay. Good puzzles and traps but enemies do not pose any great threat. Only tigers and bats until you get to the end when it gets a bit hairier with a bunch of skeletons and a tin man on a horse. There are a couple of tricky puzzles in this level and must confess to having to resort to the hints page one time. I must confess to totally missing the switch to open the trap door above the door with the boulder and could not get up there and had to resort to using the fly cheat. I'm not sure if this was because I did it at the wrong time or what? Look carefully everywhere for jump switches." - Momster (28-Dec-2002)

"I thoroughly enjoyed this 45 minutes adventure back in Egypt. Very fast paced but still making you think for a moment every now and then with some good traps and some that give you a laugh as they are just missing the point a timed run levers and chains to pull many types of blades boulders and five keys to find although one is really kind of a spare one or I might have missed a secret. Along the way you find four artifacts which then open the crucial doors near the end - but just when you think it's over you get some more action with a horseman and four skeletons chasing you around as you solve a torch puzzle to get out with the Scion. Many bats placed very suitably but I thought the dozen tigers seemed a little out of place. Oh yes - and the Sphinx really looked great - you gotta see that one. Play it for some decent 'old style' raiding." - Michael (27-Dec-2002)

"This is a nice little level. The textures are good all the way through and I found no bugs at all. The game is littered with traps and some are most unexpected. There was an absence of fly-bys to help but these were not needed as the level was not that large. In the beginning there is an annoying part where you do a timed jump over some burning blocks and through a door only to find you needed to have pulled a well-hidden lever first. There was no way out of this except to reload a saved game. This is well worth playing and is very good work from Cornchild." - Doug E (27-Dec-2002)

"A very good level I had an hour of fun. The textures are nothing original but the setting is very convincing. I liked the author's style in this one. Of course there is a timed run with fire blocks involved but it's not that difficult. The enemies are mostly tigers and bats further there are a few skeletons and a horseman plus two or three crocodiles. The player will have to pull switches to raise blocks and continue by finding quite a few keys. One of them I think was on an invisible pedestal or was it my imagination! Rolling balls traps blocks that fall on you after picking up a key trapdoors opening below your feet are a nice challenge. The torch puzzle is also used and you get the crossbow. The level ends with Lara getting outside. As the ending is sudden at least for me I could see this having a sequel." - Kristina (27-Dec-2002)

"A pretty Egyptian level. The only thing was that it was a bit dark but somehow this did not disturb me much however that is a matter of taste. Otherwise the game was a lot of fun for me. Lara's task is to finds altogether five artifacts. One must roll here on everything its rolling time doors spike walls everything you need in a Tombraider game :-). However all well to master with only a bit of skill and speed. Opponents were tigers and bats. At the end skeletons and a horseman do not really come into play as one can avoid them. All in all a good level." - Engelchen Lara (27-Dec-2002)
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