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Author(s): H. Pisti
total rating:4.96 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Daffy 4 4 6 8
Doug E 3 3 4 7
Gerty 4 4 6 6
Jay 3 4 6 6
Jose 2 3 4 6
Kristina 5 6 8 8
Magnus 3 3 3 3
MichaelP 4 4 6 7
Momster 4 5 6 6
Orbit Dream 3 4 5 6
RaiderGirl 4 5 6 8
Ryan 4 4 5 5
Sash 1 2 5 5
Sys 4 5 6 7
Tombaholic 5 4 7 7
Treeble 6 6 7 6
Xela 4 4 6 7
category averages
(17 reviews)
3.71 4.12 5.65 6.35

Reviewer's comments

"This is competently made, albeit rather dark at times, but the gameplay fails to impress. It’s a case of running around, shooting a few ninjas and throwing a lot of levers. The backtracking probably accounts for a great deal of the approximately 15 minutes the level lasts and there’s not much to get ones teeth into really." - Jay (28-Apr-2019)

"My comments for this version are pretty much the same as they were for "The Spirits of Egypt 2", so I see little point in elaborating much further on that score. The gameplay remains as lacklustre as it ever was (far too many levers here), the setting is competent but nothing more and the hilarious 20th Century Fox opening music still remains. This time the level ends unceremoniously after using a lever." - Ryan (29-Mar-2018)

"It seems that the author took the title screen level as a base and added some rooms. The rooms are empty and not ornated, and they're too dark; I was always running with flare in hand. There are some fixed cameras here and there, but the really important camera shots when you pull a floor lever don't exist, so you always must to figure out where to go. The gameplay is very poor, pull a lever, pull another level and pull another one; shoot some white ninjas and avoid an innocent spiked ball without danger. That's all. The best is the texturization (but perhaps already copied from the original level)." - Jose (25-Jul-2016)

"The intro to this level is absolutely amazing. Not because it fits the level at all, but because it made me laugh so hard. Never thought I'd hear the 20th Century Fox intro in a Tomb Raider level. Moving on, the rest of this level is much more lackluster. You'll spend most of your time backtracking from one room to the next just to open a door on the other side of the level. With little decorations or interesting gameplay, the repetitiveness sets in too quickly, even for a short level. The most redeeming quality here is the decent architecture, which could have been fleshed out to make for a more exciting adventure through Egypt. Instead we're left with a dime-a-dozen fifteen minute stroller through corridors." - Xela (16-Aug-2014)

"In terms of decoration this level is achieved enough, the author proves with taste and that he can make of nice decor. The weak point of this level is the gameplay who is not as high as places, Lara lacks occupation and is often could in displacement that in action. The enemies are rare, the absent pulzes, traps forgotten in short, they get bored a bit!" - Daffy (27-Aug-2009)

"Although heavily based on the Title prj,this level wasn't at all badly made (tactfully ignoring one or two compressed textures).The lighting is dark but I found that to be appropriate under the circumstances;and the enemies were generally well placed. What lets it down is the mundane gameplay,which is all about finding levers to open a number of doors with no camera clues to assist,thereby entailing you to backtrack after each and every lever activation in order to ascertain which of the five or six doors opened this time.Which gets boring.Mind you,I shamefully admit to having to use the Walkthrough as I had completely overlooked a 'plain-sighted' puzzle piece;which just goes to show that even the best of us slip up every now and again. If you still have an uncontrollable urge to download this,the best that I can say in its favour is that it has a rather wonderful use of a popular movie-studio fanfare at the very start (not MGM,as I erroneously stated in my review for the remake of this level)." - Orbit Dream (03-Jun-2009)

"If there were a category for originality this level would score very very low. Most of the rooms are stolen from the opening flyby in The Last Revelation. Or you could call it 'borrowed' if you want to. Well most of us have already been in most of those rooms when we played The Last Revelation or when we played The Times Exclusive Tomb Raider Level. The gameplay mostly revolves around pushing levers and killing ninjas which isn't all that interesting. The flybys are unnecessary and one shows a door that never opens. And when the author can't even be bothered to build all of his/her rooms by himself/herself I can't help but not like this level. Fortunately it only lasts for ten minutes." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"The idea of the level isn't new - it recycles the project of the Title Screen. We ALL have seen it years before when The Times Exclusive came out. If I am not mistaken Pascal Ducey's Rescue series also had a level set on the Title Screen map. In this one though you don't see all the objects you are used to see every time you boot the Level Editor and some of the rooms are completely new. But the opening was REALLY original. Thumbs up for that! 15 minutes and the level ends when pushing a lever - wonder what did it do?" - Treeble (24-Jan-2004)

"How to rate a level much of which is based on an existing PRJ? The lighting and texturing is all done pretty well but the original rooms that the author has added tend to be overly large and boxy. Gameplay consists of pushing a few mystery switches and a lot of running around to find out what happened. Most curious though is being subjected to a rather pointless flyby of a door which is never opened giving the feeling that the author was just working on his level editing skills more than trying to create a bona fide level. Nicely done in many ways for a first level but too short and lacking in engaging gameplay." - Tombaholic (20-Jan-2004)

"Well this could be just a preview for Pisti's 'Spirits 2'... The level itself looks very good both the texturing and lighting are great although there are so much dark places what I really don't like. The atmosphere and the camera-work are also good although some flybys need a bit more precision. The level has not too much tunes the beginning was very impressive though. But if we see the design from another point of view the rooms are so big but most of them are totally empty and there's a nasty save bug at the beginning: after pulling the lever don't save the game while Lara isn't on the 'ground floor' or the game will crash after a reloading...What about the gameplay? To tell the truth it isn't worth so much: it's very easy and linear it doesn't have real puzzles and it's very uneventful. Lara collects the Eye of Horus and a Ba Cartouche as keys a Shotgun 3 Normal Shotgun Ammo 2 canisters of Flares and She kills 5 white ninjas during the adventure; oh and She pulls 6 levers total and each one opens a new door somewhere. Sounds very simply and short and yes indeed it is. There is no Secrets in the level (perhaps the Shotgun could be) and perhaps the final lever opens the final door what we can't see and explore because the level ends suddenly...So I think this is my shortest review yet and I'm curious about the expanded final version..." - Sys (04-Jul-2003)

"This is a short little level that could have been so good. The patterns and textures were really very well done. The whole thing is let down by the lack of gameplay. The rooms are very large and there is a lot of going back and forwards. Needs a bit more imagination." - Doug E (03-Feb-2003)

"This was a good looking level for a first try but I would have enjoyed it more if the author had maybe added a few more puzzles instead of trying to make it last longer by putting in a lot of switches and having you run back and forth to get all of the doors open. The music for the opening flyby was a lot of fun and totally unexpected but I never did get to open that last door." - RaiderGirl (20-Jan-2003)

"The start of this level is very promising and although the rooms are very bare it looks not bad. More puzzles are needed and there are enough dark corners to do something with them. As this is a first one never knows. Needing the Eye and a Cartouche and put your running shoes on as you have to do a lot of backtracking. As this level is very short you don't need cameras to show you what opened where if the game was any longer you sure needed them. 06-01-2003" - Gerty (11-Jan-2003)

"About 15 minutes of running back and forth to push a lever to open a door in a previous area to push another to open a door in a previous area to push a lever... Actually atmosphere and textures are nice realistic if a bit gloomy. What this level lacks is gameplay and puzzles. Very few enemies and a couple of lackluster traps. I must confess to being somewhat taken aback at the opening music of the MGM movie studios." - Momster (11-Jan-2003)

"This is a copy of areas of the Title we all see when we boot up the Editor unfortunately the flyby of the Title we see has more gameplay in it than this. With a handful of ninjas and a handful of levers this was just simply a waste of what could have been its only redeeming feature being the great music at the beginning but as that pumped me up for something grandiose and thrilling it too was wasted on this level." - Sash (09-Jan-2003)

"Definitely a recreation of the first rooms from the title of the editor. Unfortunately the rooms are big and you have to run a long way to reach another area it also lacks puzzles. One cartouche and the Eye of Horus but many levers to push and a few baddies. It would have been a great level if it had more puzzles as the atmosphere is very good gloomy but with enough flares and many dark corners that could be used as secret passages or something. A first try I am guessing so awaiting for the next one." - Kristina (05-Jan-2003)

"Alright I just loved the opening flyby with the very suitable added tune but it's rather downhill from there. This 15 minute Egyptian run around really has demo character. You find two eye pieces and a cartouche there is a bit of back and forth from lever to lever it is rather dark in places (though flares are provided) and the central room at the start and the treasure room are pretty much copies of the original title level. Also the level ends rather sudden and totally unexpected when you pull the 6th lever with one door at the other end of the level still closed (?). 5 ninjas no secrets." - Michael (04-Jan-2003)
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