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Author(s): Condor
total rating:1.66 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 2 1 3 3
DJ Full 2 0 2 2
Gerty 1 2 2 2
Jose 1 3 2 2
Kristina 2 2 2 2
Loren 1 3 3 1
Magnus 0 0 1 1
manarch2 1 1 1 1
MichaelP 1 2 2 2
Momster 1 2 2 2
Orbit Dream 2 2 1 2
RaiderGirl 2 3 3 3
Ryan 1 1 2 2
Sash 0 0 0 0
Tombaholic 0 1 1 1
Yoav 3 3 3 4
category averages
(16 reviews)
1.25 1.63 1.88 1.88

Reviewer's comments

"I don't know how a builder can release a four levels adventure that way. There are some defects like the unmarked deadly tiles, the spikes popping from midair or the elongated textures, but I think the fatal errors must be always fixed, like the crashes when picking up objects from the pedestals or the Hand near the end of the first level you can't pick up and, of course, you can't finish the level. So don't waste your time playing this." - Jose (22-Jan-2018)

"This is really dire. Unless you're a completist by nature, I'd steer clear of this one. The gameplay is average at best, texturing is repetitive and there are hardly any audio cues. Level 1 contains a few ninjas, levers, a grenade gun pickup that sent me to the desktop when trying to pick it up and a mobkeyswing sequence but cannot be finished due to an absent Hand pickup. Level 2 is pretty much the same (bar a Cartouche that cannot be placed), Level 3 is slightly longer although problems still remain, including ninjas weapons masquerading as Lara's thigh!. Oh, and Level 4... Don't ask and don't bother." - Ryan (05-Jan-2017)

"Feeling ashamed is nothing the builder knows of because I would indeed be if I released anything like this. Bad levels often consist of a few hastily put together rooms and often it's more funny than annoying to play them a few minutes, but this one is far more than that. There are four levels that could've been playable for more than 10 minutes each (presumably), but only one can be finished legally. I even tried the N cheat to progress a bit further in the first level (spoiler: nothing more than a few more rooms, items and enemies await you before the game crashes when placing the Eye of Horus) and you can bypass the four (!!!) blocks that are placed in front of pickup items so that you can't move them by jumping through their sides, but a few minutes later a room is not filled with water and that's it as well because you have to open an underwater door. Anyway, what you get to play legally is very bad, minimal gameplay that mostly consists of traversing endless passages, ladders and monkeyswings, shooting a lot of enemies and picking up a lot of items (often marked as secrets...) - the whole thing quite reminds me on The Forgotten Adventures but it's even three times rougher in its outcoming. No special care for texturing or lighting, architecture being very random. Perhaps I can't give a 0 in any category because a tiny bit of work in any of those regards is visible, but all in all this is a level to forget or better never to touch even if you might have the feeling you might..." - manarch2 (25-Sep-2016)

"It's been eleven years since this builder constructed this,his first release;so I think it's fair to say that I can write whatever disparaging comments I like without fear of accusations being made that I'm somehow deterring this builder from constructing anything else.I mean, can anyone actually release a level-set without playing through any of it first? The texturing is very poor;there's no lighting;barely any use of sounds or cameras;and three of the four levels are impossible to complete...but enemies (irrelevant though they may be,due to the over-abundance of heavy ammo) are at least placed abundantly;and the gameplay isn't always bad (although the traps are comical in their harmlessness).In fact,levels one and three are quite far from being the worst I've ever played.Nonetheless,the least said about the other two,the better. Another one for completists only.Recommended solely for the hilariously long-winded Read-Me." - Orbit Dream (18-Feb-2014)

"I've seen way better levels rated much lower than this one. Playable part has average gameplay, but the inability to play at least a half of the whole set forces me to lower my rating to 1 point. Puzzles are also average, but they suffer from the same problem as the gameplay. For enemies and objects - in both cases, there is too many of them - killing 7th skeleton or collecting 10th pickup in the same area is really exhausting, and if something makes the game worse than it would be without it, I don't give any points for it. Also, most of the secrets are part of main gameplay. Nothing to talk about - they get zero as well. Atmosphere... 1 point for giving me Egypt temple feeling, but no more, as this feeling was not strong enough. Sounds are many, but default only and - in several cases - not fitting the situation. Cameras... forget it. The only one in the 3rd level is loopy. Lighting gets one point - I was able to see everything with no problem. Textures don't disturb as well. SUMMARY: This game lasted for 4 hours for me - I was writing the walkthru - and even WRITING on this level is boring, not just playing it. I'm tired now. I hope the next level will be better or at least funnier than this thing. Overrated. Absolutely not recommended by me." - DJ Full (13-Oct-2010)

"These levels obviously haven't been tested. At least it doesn't look like it since only the third level was possible to finishable. I actually tried using the 'Tomb Raider Position Editor' to play further into the fourth level but it really wasn't worth the trouble. The textures are stretched in all four levels the gameplay is non-existent and there are way too many enemies and pickups. At least the levels only lasted for eighteen minutes. What you could play of them that is." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"Being bored a bit and although I knew this one was full of bugs I tried it nonetheless just to get it over and done with. Feeling a bit ashamed as this is a country fellow I am going to thrash but what a farce. Here you'll find a lot of so called 'beginner mistakes' what is a pity really. What I don't understand is how Oscar can play his level on his computer he must be the only one then. In the first level I had a major crash don't know what caused that and had also some small ones the same Kristina mentioned in her review. The second that NOT placing of the cartouche almost made me throw the game in the bin. I got through the third but this was a killing field with a plethora of weapons no real challenge there. The last level well.... that was a no go area for me. Found about 15 secrets but that is no wonder as every artifact you pick up is a secret. The best was the readme - I do hope he will make another level as there is potential in this guy. 03-01-2003" - Gerty (14-Jan-2004)

"Seeing this was a 4 level game I thought I was gone for about a week of play but it turned out to be only about 1 hour (!). Now there's a strange level series: the author probably used this one to learn to work with the editor but also seemed to have been serious for a while to make it a real level series because he did take time too to make up a level story. Clearly he read some things in the manual (otherwise he would not have been able to build an arch in level 1 or make those loading screens in between levels or make two reasonable but nevertheless buggy flybys) but must have lost interest on the way because a lot of things go 'bump'. Only one level was playable from beginning to finish (level 3: Garden) meaning you have to start each of the levels separately. Those that could not be ended were so for several reasons: level 1 because the crucial third hand could not be taken from the pedestal; level 2 because the tile next to the cartouche hole had a little slope meaning you could not place the cartouche piece; level 4 because the moveable block was...erm...blocked by a pick up behind it. Just to give the author the benefit of playing it through I used the position editor only to find out that again this level was not finishable because of a badly constructed big waterroom where one part of it was filled with water and the immediately adjacent one not meaning you actually swam against a waterwall (...). At some points in the game I thought that with a tiny little more work this could have been a nearly average level. But there's just too much mishaps (suddenly appearing enemies first time I saw this happen with a crocodile - yup there he was all over sudden popping out of the ground) and bad conceptions (many many pick ups secrets that are crucial to progress therefore not passable as being secrets at all). If you only play to have fun then this is not for you (unless like me you like to use the explosives then certainly play level three). If you want to beat the queen of reviews Kristina know what you're up against loading this one..." - bERT (04-Jan-2004)

"Four easy and short levels. Many skeletons mummies and ninjas lot of weapons and ammunition. No need to search the objects they are on the way only to pick them up. Bad levels and I am glad that this set is behind me - sorry." - Yoav (23-Dec-2003)

"Oh dear this is really a mess. Just about every beginner's mistake possible is found in this collection of four levels. I can't add much (other than assent) to the previous reviews. However I did use POS Editor to get past 4 (un)moveable blocks at the beginning of the fourth level. My progress was short-lived though as I reached a pool room with an underwater door as the only exit. Unfortunately the author forgot to put water in that half of the room (the water just sort of stopped in the middle). Please don't waste your time with this 27MB download. I'm left wondering what possessed the author to publish these levels publicly." - Tombaholic (14-Dec-2003)

"The author of this set of four levels apparently forgot the most basic rule of Level Editing: TEST THE FINAL PRODUCT TO MAKE SURE IT WORKS BEFORE YOU RELEASE IT!!! The first level was unable to be completed because Lara had to collect a Hand she needed to open a door. The second level was unable to be completed because it required her to place a Cartouche in a puzzle hole on a square that was not level (therefore she was unable to place it). The fourth level was unable to be STARTED because Lara had to first push a moveable block over a square with a pickup on it. Other than that the levels were chock full of huge empty uninterestingly-textured rooms with textures often stretched far out of proportion and with absolutely no attempt to place lights. Enemies (of which there were too many) often popped out of nowhere and in one level the author forgot to import the meshswap for Baddy1 resulting in Lara's thigh being replaced for some of his meshes. Goodies (of which there were far too many) were placed in the most obvious places. The puzzle items (and also the prybar and the lasersight) were associated with 'Secrets' and like all other pickups were placed out in the open." - Loren (10-Dec-2003)

"I don't like putting down anyone's work but this is a big download and I am sad to say it has all kind of bugs which make this not worth it. The setting is purely Egyptian with huge empty rooms and many enemies such as harpies demigods skeletons crocodiles bats dogs etc. the levels are unplayable except the third one which you can actually finish. The first level crashes if you try to pick up the two health packs from the pedestals and the grenade gun. There was the Eye of Horus a cartouche and two hands but I didn't use the first two. The third hand can't be picked up therefore you can access the rest of the level and finish it. I found seven secrets out of eleven which makes me think the remaining four were behind that door I couldn't open. The second level can't be finished as well and in fact you don't even get to the middle of it you get a guardian key and a cartouche which you can't place because of the ground being slightly higher at one side. I found two secrets here. The third level has two canopic jars a vraeus and many enemies but then again with all those weapons ammo and health you have picked up from the beginning of the levels that's no problem at all. Secrets found all six of them. The fourth level is unplayable and you can go a little further if you squeeze behind the moving blocks. Behind the first block is the crossbow the uzi at the second uzi ammo at the third and the shotgun at the last one. Even if you manage to get through you won't go far as after you place the gem there are two rooms one filled with water and another one that an underwater door to open and no water. I think it should have been the other way around. Anyway these levels are not worth the download and the author should really try some more. Counting the two secrets I found at the last level we have a total of eighteen. I also found two laser-sights and I could see another crowbar in the room with the underwater room. All the secrets are puzzle items and hard to miss so don't get surprised from the big number you see at the readme although you can't get them all because of the bugs anyway. Think twice before you decide to play these levels." - Kristina (03-Sep-2003)

"What a farce! There are 4 levels in this game and I was only able to play through one completely. The first level crashes in places when you pick up objects and finally you come to a Hand that you can't pick up at all ending the level there. The second level has a different problem you can pick up the cartouche but you cannot place it in the receptacle as the ground is too high in front of it so she can't position herself for it once again the level ends here. The third you can play through but it really isn't worth it as you are just killing loads of enemies and just pushing a couple of buttons and placing pick ups. The fourth and most ridiculous has you not being able to make a move from the word go as the movable block at the start can't be pushed thus ending the game within a second. Now I thought I could use the TR Position Editor to advance me where I got stuck in each level but it didn't work in the first in the second I progressed a little till I came across only minutes later another receptacle with the same problem and I could not use the Position Editor from there and in the last level I had to position myself past 4 movable blocks of which none would move because the author had placed pick ups behind them and then the game played on a little again uninterestingly till I came to a large room that needed to be filled with water but no way to do it. How can an author not check his work before releasing it just baffling! Do not download this set of levels as it is a waste of time unless you want to find a lot of secrets that aren't secrets at all I found 19 in about 50 minutes of play (I use that word very loosely)!" - Sash (18-May-2003)

"Made up of four levels this series came with a nice story in the readme file but I couldn't really play enough of the levels for it to help much. I got through the first level in ten minutes finding a few hands cartouche and the Eye of Horus in this tutorial style environment. I couldn't finish this level because I was unable to pick up the third hand off its pedestal. The second level took five or six minutes and had me collecting a few more items like the Guardian key and the cartouche I couldn't finish because I could not place the cartouche. The third level was the best and lasted almost ten minutes. The environment is Karnak and the main thing to do here is shoot lots of enemies like mummies skeletons ninjas and scorpions. I could actually finish this level. The fourth level I couldn't even start as I started in a small room with a pushable block in my way and Lara wouldn't move it. What I could play of the levels had some nice exploring though it was a bit too easy and there were LOADS of pickups all over the place and a set of weapons and ammo in each level. Secrets found: 15" - RaiderGirl (13-Feb-2003)

"Part 1 - Tomb of Chamoey Hento took me about 20 minutes and is pretty much as Michael described so frustrating to not pick up that last hand and to wonder what the heck you are doing wrong? Part 2 - Passage to 3 Sphinxes starts out nicely no problems to speak of. Attacked by scorpions a couple of mummies and some dogs you pick up a guardian key and the Ba Cartouche and 5 minutes later frustration sets in as Lara will not place the cartouche piece. ARRGGHH! Part 3 - Guardian of Temple of Osiris again as Michael said the best of the lot with plenty of pickups and enemies but still very simple just killing off enemies with a plethora of weapons and ammo picking up what you need placing it and moving on to the next set of enemies pickup and place etc. I have only rated up 1 notch in gameplay for this part only. Part 4 - Hall of Gods to Tomb of Osiris and as Michael said totally unplayable. In conclusion: It's a shame that parts 1 & 2 were flawed part 3 was semi-enjoyable and of course part 4 unplayable. This actually could have had the makings of a fairly decent series with a little 'checking of your work' on the author's part." - Momster (01-Feb-2003)

"Alright this is a set of four levels and you probably wonder why the low ratings. In general this is noticeably a beginner's effort. You get all the usual suspects in terms of design errors such as huge rooms with repetitive and stretched texturing and virtually no lighting loads of pickups and weaponry that you do not need incorrectly placed spikes enemies appearing out of thin air no water textures and doors placed the wrong way round making you hit invisible blocks in front of them. What I kind of liked was the idea to make all the puzzle piece pickups secrets so that's why the number of them is so high and in some places sound was used ok. So now for a few comments about each individual level: Tomb of Chamoey Hento (2/3/2/2 15 minutes 7 secrets): Here you get a bunch of scorpions to welcome you and later ninjas and plenty of mummies around. I was actually surprised to come along two movable blocks. There are two hands the two eye pieces and two cartouche pieces to pick up and you get through a simple maze and do a bit of climbing some of it on walls not marked as climbable. There are also unmarked death tiles but not too annyoing as you will only die once on them. I could not finish this level because I was unable to pick up the third hand from the pedestal (a missing OCB setting?) so it came to a grinding halt at the nearby door where you needed the hand to progress further. Passage to Three Sphinxes (1/2/2/3 5 minutes 2 secrets): Similar start with scorpions welcoming you in a cave which looks quite nice and after killing a few mummies and dogs you get a guardian key and a cartouche and again I could not finish the level because I could not place the cartouche due to the slope in front of the receptacle. These are those moments were you ask yourself if you are doing something wrong or if the author has not played his own level through. Garden of Temple of Osiris (2/4/3/2 15 minutes 6 secrets): The best level of the set mainly because you can actually finish it. This one turns out to be a real shooter with about 40-50 enemies (red and white ninjas skeletons crocodiles mummies). You can find a vraeus two canopic jars a crowbar a star and a guardian key in the linear and straightforward progression and there even is a flyby of the garden which is not bad but needs a little tuning and does not have the one-shot trigger set. Hall of Gods to Tomb of Osiris (0/0/0/0 0 minutes): I don't know if that is me but this level I could not even start. At the outset Lara is in a one square room with a movable block in front of her which she cannot push or pull so it ends right there with nothing to do. All in all I would recommend to the author to go back to the drawing board READ THE MANUAL and iron out some of the obvious faults (because it is all explained very well in the manual indeed when you go look for it) and make sure the levels can actually be played through to the end before releasing them to the public." - Michael (19-Jan-2003)
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