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Author(s): SilentViper
total rating:6.20 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
CC 6 7 8 8
Doug E 5 6 6 7
G.Croft 6 7 7 8
Gerty 5 8 8 8
Jose 2 5 5 5
Kristina 4 7 8 8
Magnus 4 5 4 3
MichaelP 7 8 8 8
Orbit Dream 2 5 6 7
Phil 6 7 6 7
RaiderGirl 7 8 8 9
Ryan 5 6 7 6
Sash 4 6 5 7
Selene 5 6 6 5
category averages
(14 reviews)
4.86 6.50 6.57 6.86

Reviewer's comments

"I was also caught by the savegame bug, but it's only about 10 minutes in, and when you replay without saving you should be able to make up the lost time in about 7 minutes. From that point it's a lackluster jungle romp that will take a total of about 35 minutes if you're not trying to rush your way through. The one documented secret involves a sneakily hidden jumpswitch that's easy to miss if you're not following the walkthrough. An interesting point was where three boulders drop in front of you and just hang there in midair. Enemies come at you in droves, but you get ample weaponry and ammo to deal with them (after the three assassins at the very beginning). An average level that's worth the download." - Phil (05-Feb-2018)

"I'm rather undecided about this level. Unlike previous reviewers, I personally didn't experience the fatal scroll bug (probably because the walkthrough warned me not to save and load before reaching the scroll room), but it shouldn't have been present anyway, and it seemed like there wasn't much in the way of invigorating gameplay. There's some raptors and a pterodactyl to shoot using custom weaponry if you wish, plus some stone artefacts to find in some simple tasks. OK enough, and the jungles atmosphere was nice, but I've played more entertaining levels." - Ryan (25-Oct-2017)

"Not good for me this jungle level with a lot of reloading and repeating the same tasks. Once I got three scrolls I wasn't able to get the last one so, I took a look to the walkthrough and I saw the big bug... I had to start from the very beginning without save until I got the buggy scroll and replay a big part of the level repeating all the tasks. Another bug: if you press the button to raise the water level of the lake, you'll never be able to get the secret 'cause the invisible wall at the end of the corridor (not good run through a wooden door too). Later, I wasn't able to kill the TRexs so I ran like fool to the opening in the opposite side and after find the pink gem, went back to the walkthrough and saw that I missed a gem in the TRexs area; impossible to go back there so reload again and replay again a big part of the level. At least, the first thistle was in a well visible tile... What happens when you place the first blue gem? No cameras to show distant and important events. The only things I liked were the giant head of the snake near the beginning and the swamp area. If you decide to play this one, I advice to better read all the entire walkthrough before you start." - Jose (31-Aug-2016)

"Once more I play a level which justifies its name. As the title indicates there are many snakes in this one, however not as threatening as they first may seem. Of other enemies of a more lethal character one can mention tribesmen, ninjas, crocodiles and dinos. There are quite a few of them too, but they pretty much always appear in groups, making the rest of the level seem a bit empty. There are also occasional boulder traps but these seldom, if ever at all, pose as any threat to Lara. The level itself is a jungle level and while I do love those of that kind I sort of missed the temple spoken of in the title. The level did have a bit of a Jurassic Park feeling to me, something that was a nice touch although I felt it to be a bit too different to my liking. Some of the areas were so overgrown with leaves and branches that it was at times hard to see what you were doing, not to mention the enemies lurking on the ground. It took about 1 hour and 20 minutes to finish, to me a fairly good time rate. I was quite disappointed with the fact that there were no real puzzles at all in the game, Lara only had to find a key, four gemstones, four scrolls and two stone thistles and place them in their appropriate receptacles and that was the end of it. A few cleverly hidden jump switches, but all in all nothing that required serious thinking. I found 1 secret in the level in total and a quite bad savegame bug which will prevent you from being able to finish the level at all if it is triggered. The sound only limited itself to jungle sounds and thunder rolling across the sky which, even though it suited the atmosphere, became a bit boring at length. Otherwise a fairly ok level and as its not too hard its for most parts suitable for beginners rather than experienced players." - Selene (09-Jan-2006)

"Well it was fine while it lasted but alas I had the same problem as almost everyone else: no 4th scroll even when I replayed the level. Just an empty corner in a passageway so no 'end-of-level-trigger moment' for me this time round. But it must be said that there were quite a few bugs elsewhere (the run-through gate the invisible wall) so Christian was evidently not on top form. You win some you lose some." - Orbit Dream (07-May-2004)

"Be prepared to start shooting straight away and shooting for a while afterwards ninjas natives crocodiles raptors and a pteranadon. We're in the jungle and temple entrances are giant snake heads. It becomes pretty obvious that what you need to find are four scrolls. The only problems was there wasn't a fourth scroll for me. And I asked if a savegame was available for the mac and got no answer. So I couldn't get through the door to see the next area with TRex's." - CC (06-May-2004)

"The bug that has been mentioned in most reviews the bad texturing the overuse of enemies the harmless boulders (they never managed to kill me anyway - even when I didn't make an effort to dodge them) the worthless snakes and the shortness prevent this level from living up to its full potential. With only thirteen minutes of gameplay this level was over before it had even begun. If the author had put more work into making an interesting level instead of re-texturing objects for no reason this level might have been fun. As it is now I can't recommend it." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"Yes I also got the missing scroll bug as did most every one else but after reading Krissy's review telling me that there was a secret in the hole blocked off by an invisible wall (I flooded the large area too early) I went back and replayed the game and lo and behold the scroll was sitting as proud as punch on the pedestal that the first time round was as empty as a Bay City Rollers fan club! Now sadly this didn't in the end enhance my scores for this level as it just didn't do a thing for me. You get the proverbial enemy fest that you get accustomed to with Christian's levels and even though I'm a blonde I want just a bit more stimulation I will though say that the enormous snake heads you enter at the start were just brilliant but you don't get to get a great view of them in their entirety because of the trees and the fact that you leave that area very quickly. A real shame. 30 minutes a secret and two very peeved T-Rexes later and you're done." - Sash (18-May-2003)

"Still wonder at what download Michael has as I downloaded this one also right away but I still had to use the saved game as my pedestal was empty as well. I hate that. I got caught quite a few times in illegal slopes not that I jumped on everything in sight no no just the opening of those two enormous snake-like figures right at the start. For the rest gameplay wise it is straightforward. Finding a key and later a blue gem and 4 scrolls two thistles and two red gems that is all you need. In the mean time battling different enemies although the snakes didn't do anything except hissing. There is some practice shooting as well so don't despair if it seems like you are trapped. There are some boulder traps 3 boulders did drop but just hung there in mid air and one didn't even kill Lara. 06-03-2003" - Gerty (09-Mar-2003)

"I thought this was truly one of Christian's better levels. The jungle atmosphere is quite convincing and the 'snake theme' is very well applied. Especially the two big snake heads in the first room are quite stunning. You need to find four scrolls two gems two rubies and two thistles along the rather linear 40 minutes quest. Many have talked about a bug with the one scroll not being there but it was right where it had to be for me and I downloaded the level right when it came out for release so it cannot be an updated version - strange (?) - guess I should just call myself lucky. Many enemies to kill and interesting ones too (ninjas and tinmen reworked to fit the environment a pterodactyl crocs the small snakes we know from Debbie's level raptors and two T-Rex). Found one secret." - Michael (03-Mar-2003)

"Starts out directly with a massive attack of 4 enemies. As usual a lot of enemies and a lot of shooting in Christian's levels. This time the settings are around a snake temple and I think that the snake-skin texture is really well done you almost want to touch it.....lots of snakes around of course but also a couple of giant dinosaurs and tribe-men from the snake-cult. First find 4 scrolls and the 2 gems and 2 thistle stones to finally get to the artifact. There was a missing object so I needed a savegame from the author to move on but I hope that will be sorted out in the future." - G.Croft (03-Mar-2003)

"This is not only a temple of snakes but of lizard men crocs and dinosaurs as well. The primary focus does seem to be snakes though - there are two giant snake heads in the first room one with fangs; there are small snakes scattered throughout the level and they seem to slide across the floor toward you; plus there are many new great textures that look like snake skin. I always enjoy Christian's levels because the atmosphere he creates are so realistic and exciting. Gameplay isn't hard - there's a few scrolls to search for gems and some flowers to place before you make a run for the final artifact - but you never know when the next enemy is going to jump out at you or the next boulder is going to be headed your way. Keep your weapon ready and save often!" - RaiderGirl (03-Mar-2003)

"Once again the environment is very nice jungle like as usual. The gameplay though not so good. There are four scrolls to be found with one of them forgotten from the author so you can't finish the level. That's the main reason for the low mark in the first category. He provided a savegame after he told us to use TRitem a program to add a scroll which I found ridiculous. It's not our problem but the builder's so next time do test your levels thoroughly people. Also you need gems and thistles. Those items aren't particularly hidden but the enemies add much action to the game. Snakes T-Rex dinos crocodiles and retextured horsemen. The boulders in the room which you can access after placing the scrolls stopped in the air also an area with a secret was accessible in all times but there was an invisible wall preventing Lara to drop down the hole I believe that room should have been blocked after raising the water level. Some of the snakes where in the air. By placing the last gems and thistles the door to the exit opens. In my opinion there must be an updated version of this level." - Kristina (03-Mar-2003)

"This is set in a sort of jungle scene. You need to find four scrolls to open the way to other areas. There was a slight bug here and I had to use a savegame from Christian to continue. There were a few little snakes about that were a little unusual. A couple of large dinosaurs roam about here and there to cause you trouble. The whole thing was a little unexciting but fairly well done" - Doug E (01-Mar-2003)
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