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Author(s): Flohhaufen
total rating:3.41 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 1 3 2 2
Daffy 4 6 3 5
eTux 1 2 2 2
G.Croft 3 4 4 3
Gerty 2 5 4 4
Jose 2 3 2 3
Kristina 4 5 4 4
Magnus 2 3 2 2
MichaelP 3 7 5 4
Mulf 3 3 2 2
Orbit Dream 2 5 3 2
RaiderGirl 3 6 5 4
Ruediger 3 5 2 1
Ryan 2 5 3 4
Sakusha 2 6 3 2
Sash 2 5 3 3
Tombaholic 3 6 2 3
Treeble 6 7 6 5
Yoav 3 4 3 3
category averages
(19 reviews)
2.68 4.74 3.16 3.05

Reviewer's comments

"Having done some heavy lifting recently, I thought a little quickie might be in order, and this one sure fits the bill; although it’s very short, even for a quickie. You get to shoot some dinosaurs (the little green ones"Compsognathus, by common consent"making funny noises when they die) and other creatures, including one solitary tribesman without his tribe, and the ‘mutant fish’ from TR3G “Sleeping with the Fishes” (sadly no Plesiosaurus, and anyway you were thinking of Mosasaurus, Orbit Dream) in a very roughly sketched jungle-type environment. The finale demands of you to pick up and use two puzzle items a few feet away from the TR4 dragon, which turns out to be a procedure less irritating than expected; probably because you have medipacks to spare, what with the level being so short and otherwise unchallenging. The builder is an enthusiastic young man who proudly proclaims that he textured some of the creatures all by himself, and who is also endearingly puzzled by the fact that his ‘dino in the cave’ (a retextured Ahmet) ‘is half black’. Actually it’s more like entirely black, as you would expect when you place it under a shadow bulb in a pitch-black cave! This about sums up the level of technical expertise to be expected from this piece." - Mulf (23-Jan-2018)

"There are some odd things here, like the wrong animation for the wall switches, the big circular door you don't need to open or the strange sound near the river, but the level is still playable. Some objects are retextured, and 'cause that I was certain time looking for the shotgun to shoot the two TRex. Nothing really remarkable here, you'll advance from room to room killing some prehistoric animals and no more. Not entertaining or interesting in any way." - Jose (22-Jan-2018)

"Well, that was an odd little level. I'll try my hardest to describe it, so forgive me. It's basically a linear trudge through a rather bland jungle setting, shooting dinosaurs (you probably guessed that from the title, didn't you?), avoiding a dragon and picking up a few items. Fortunately for me, I didn't experience the 'disappearing item bug' regarding the T- Rexes, but I did pity them being cooped up in such narrow spaces. I also had an annoying sound whenever I entered the waterfall area. Not much more to say, really." - Ryan (23-May-2017)

"This level is apparently a job of beginner in which they find that the habitual defects of those who lack practice. Nevertheless it is necessary to note an effort of decoration to furnish a bit the big areas and the gameplay who allows to play a minimum but without too much research, It is just necessary to kill big prehistoric animals, this occupies a small instant." - Daffy (28-Aug-2009)

"A lot of dinosaurs wait to be shot in this level. Poorly textured with a lot of holes to see through, various bugs and illegal slopes make this hard to play. Lara wears a nice outfit and the collection of enemies is impressive - after the Tyrannosaurs, even a dragon appears. I liked the surprise moment in the dark cave. The level requires a lot more work on such details, obviously." - Ruediger (16-Feb-2008)

"The author may have successfully imported enemies and objects from other TR games and retextured objects but there is still some work to be done in other aspects of the level. There are a few horizon breaks the textures seem to be placed at random Lara pulled the switches without actually pulling them (maybe it can be fixed if the author puts an OCB for the switches) I have detected a few illegal slopes and the first door (the one from 'Angkor Wat') seems out of place especially since Lara has to make an effort in order to push herself to get through the door and enter the next room. Gameplay mainly consists of killing dinosaurs (even aquatic creatures) getting the Ba cartouche (by slaughtering two T-rexes that carry the two pieces of the cartouche) and obtaining the Hands of Sirius and Orion (they weren't in the script so their names will be replaced by 'Load'. They allow her to enter a room containing a finishing trigger with the wrong number which will make the game crash to the desktop at the end of the level. Luckily there is a dark load screen. So this problem will only occur at the end of the level) by avoiding the dragon that will either try to burn Lara to a crisp or kill her with locusts. So don't be surprised if the author put a few pools of water and a lot of medipacks in the 'dragon room'. I think that if the author focuses on the main elements of a level (besides objects and enemies) then that person will have a high chance of making a more successful level next time." - Sakusha (12-Dec-2004)

"Go in shoot a bunch of dinosaurs when you meet the big guys make sure they each drop a part of the cartouche (they didn't for me at first). Fight a dragon be eaten by locusts get the two hands and get out. The game play is a bit buggy with those big dinosaurs a bit jerky in the outside area and watch out for illegal slopes. 20 minutes of gameplay and half of it was getting the big dinos shot..." - G.Croft (23-Mar-2004)

"Even though the level lasted for only 5 minutes it has plenty of bugs and stuff for me to write a review about them. I don't think I have to mention the bad texturing lighting the run through Angkor door and the poor caged dinosaurs. What always held me up from finishing this short level was the shotgun that was hidden in the NW corner of the room where you place the cartouche. Well what more can I say - not really worth it unless you're in for some dinosaur slaughtering but give it a try if you wish." - eTux (02-Mar-2004)

"Between five and ten minutes of gameplay; bad texturing and lighting; no gameplay to speak of - another first try. There are a lot of dinosaurs but you only really need to kill two of them. There's a dragon at the end too. Not my kind of level." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"I liked this one. It is relatively simple in fact it's pretty straightforward. Gameplay is all about pushing levers and killing dinos - which explain the title of the level. Of course this wouldn't be a 'dino' level if there were no T-Rexes but I am glad to announce that there were not only one but two T-Rexes. The problem here is that when I opened the two doors one of the T-Rexes didn't appear so whenever you reach the 2 lever room save. This 'bug' might happen to you to. There are some design flaws (illegal slopes textures applied carelessly end of the world) but you can't help but laugh when those little 'mummysaurs' come over you. LOL I know it was not what Florian intended but it was darn funny! Also Lara wears an awesome outfit Codo's work if I am not mistaken. All in all it's that level you can spare to play between huge and complicated games. 15 minutes." - Treeble (24-Jan-2004)

"When Lara can simply run past the large circular Angkor door in the first room without bothering to pull the switch to open it you know you're not in for a finely crafted level. Credit is given for the re-meshed objects and beasties. I also liked the idea of the waterfall area but it didn't quite come to life in execution. Deductions for the wallpaper texturing and for keeping those poor T-rexes in those tiny rooms and feeding them nothing but cartouche pieces. Cruelty to dinosaurs is no laughing matter." - Tombaholic (16-Jan-2004)

"Short level - fine! But the puzzles were only to shoot on dinosaurs and pick up the objects to open the gates past the dragon and pick up two more objects to open one more gate and oops the end." - Yoav (26-Dec-2003)

"As I read the reviews previously to playing I was well aware of the T-Rex bug and killed them in their respective rooms this was made easy though because I found the shotgun close by but it is extremely hard to spot because of its retexturing so take a good look around before you enter their dens. Apart from them you get the spectrum of Jurassic wildlife raptors crocs small green dinos giant wasps pterodactyls an ahmet a native and finally the giant serpent what you don't get is well a very interesting game. This only lasted 15 minutes and taking into account the body count there wasn't much time for anything but gunplay so if you like that kind of thing check it out." - Sash (18-May-2003)

"I liked the prehistoric setting of this short level especially the many types of enemies and the horizon which featured some angry looking volcanoes. Gamplay was fairly easy though the only real challenge being the already mentioned enemies and the fact that there are no weapons available besides the pistols at least I didn't find any. I was concerned that the T-Rex's would be hard to kill since apparently you need to be in the room with them so that they will drop the cartouche halves but after only a few shots both of mine fell without any problems. Then it's only a short run for two hands before the levels over. Great try for a first level but could use more things to do." - RaiderGirl (21-Mar-2003)

"A short and straight forward level if you don't get stuck in a major way as when I started to shoot the T-Rex from outside the rooms and then I went in the T-Rex was still alive but with a strange popping noise disappeared and no Cartouche so had to do that part over. In the next room there is the dragon now I know what all those medpacks were meant for. Finding two Hands will give you access to the finishing trigger. A first level that is obvious. 14-03-2003" - Gerty (18-Mar-2003)

"I know it means well but sticking in a few bug-ridden Dinosaurs into a bug-ridden environment (I don't want to mention the two T-Rexes which were completely stuck in their respective rooms because the ceilings were too low for them to move around properly - but of course I just have) does not make for an interesting or entertaining level. Especially as the T-Rexes have to be killed from within the respective rooms otherwise their vital puzzle pieces won't be dropped which makes gameplay progression impossible. Not that there is much more to the level (I am reliably assured). However I did rather like the retextured objects; the rocky valley with the waterfall; and the Plesiosaurs(?) which were clearly re-modeled crocs." - Orbit Dream (15-Mar-2003)

"I am guessing this is a first attempt to build a level. There is the 'end of the world bug' and it seemed a little rusted. Apart from switches and enemies randomly placed not much to do. There was no animation for Lara to pull the switches they were magically pulled when she stood in front of them and by pressing the action key of course. Well there was the cartouche to pick up in two halves by killing two huge T-Rex. I can't say if there were any weapons available and I got blind because I found none so I used DOZY to get guns and kill those T-Rex I tried with the pistols but as you can imagine it was taking forever. The dragon was not in his best day because I was able to get two hands near it without getting burned maybe he was out of fire or had a cold. Other enemies are a native crocodiles bats a prehistoric bird and a mutant. Lara's outfit was interesting though camouflage trousers and black top. Fifteen minutes to complete the level." - Kristina (15-Mar-2003)

"The author probably still is learning to work with the editor. On one hand he knows how to import enemies from other levels. On the other hand this level will not get an A+ grade on architecture or gameplay for which this looks just like a hasty job. Also there's a point where you can get stuck because the two T-Rex's do not leave behind a cartouche piece when shot in a certain place in their crammy rooms. That's the only reason why I spent so much time on this level because the pieces where simply not there. May have something to do with me first having shot them from outside their rooms? May be a glitch in the way the editor 'handles' enemies imported from levels that where not intended for the LE but it still is the author's choice to do that so minor points anyway." - bERT (15-Mar-2003)

"Well even with all the custom outfit and objects it still remains a linear 15 minutes run through a listlessly textured jungle environment shooting everything that moves which in this case are all the known prehistoric enemies including two T-Rex who give up the cartouche pieces and a tough encounter with a dragon to steal the two hands. Only for dino lovers (or dino haters rather)." - Michael (14-Mar-2003)
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