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Author(s): Tabsdad
total rating:6.86 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 7 7 6 6
eRIC 6 5 6 6
eTux 6 6 6 5
G.Croft 8 7 8 7
Gerty 8 8 8 8
Jay 7 7 8 8
Jose 4 7 6 8
Kristina 8 8 8 8
Kurt 6 7 8 8
Magnus 6 5 5 5
MichaelP 8 7 7 7
Phil 8 7 7 8
RaiderGirl 8 7 8 8
Ryan 6 6 7 7
Sakusha 8 7 6 6
Tombaholic 6 6 7 6
category averages
(16 reviews)
6.88 6.69 6.94 6.94

Reviewer's comments

"Lara journeys through three short levels, each having a duration of around 20 minutes or so. Easy Tomb Raiding: A rather underwhelming beginning based on the tutorial. A few long crawlspaces, a lot of levers to pull, nice helpful camera hints, scorpions to shoot and one possible stuck-for-good situation at the very end due to a slope that seems impossible to retrace your steps up. Nameless Waters: A Catacomb setting and a slight step up. More varieties of enemies (all easily eliminated), golden stars to find (the main goal), an unnecessary revolver and sight and a few buildings to explore. Ashley's Level: Actually the best of the set for me. More variety of activities (including pillar jumping and a hammergod sequence, a few boulder traps, a Portal Guardian to locate and Lara reaches her ultimate goal: the Trident." - Ryan (03-Mar-2017)

"Again very surprised seeing the very high ratings for the gameplay section, and again an author who never read the page 70 from the official manual. Really easy tomb raiding levels, the gameplay is quite fluid, good environments, enough guns, ammo and medipacks, useful cameras and no problems to reach the ends of the levels. The problems I got: In the first level I was not able to finish, 'cause after the slide I found the octogonal door to open with the eye and I only had a half of the cartouche piece; no way to go back up the ramp. In the second level, the same, I reached the end of the level in a room with a lot of mummies and skeletons, and also a receptacle but no more to do; reading the walkthrough I saw that it was needed to blast the enemies so they drop important items; I had the crossbow, but not explosive ammo, and I never found the grenade gun, and I didn't want to go back and explore all the entire level searching for that things, boring! At least I was able to finish the third level and get the trident! I always play levels and never read the walkthroughs unless I get stucked (boring!), but in this case I recommend to play this levels with the walkthrough in hand." - Jose (10-Sep-2016)

"This is a fairly early release that provides three distinct levels and about two hours of raiding fun. There's nothing at all fancy here, but the gameplay flows smoothly and easily and a flare was rarely if ever needed. Gerty has provided a walkthrough that documents two secrets (one in each of the first two levels). There's plenty of firepower to deal with the traditional enemies that appear, except of course the unkillable hammergod who shows up in the last level. There are quite a few dormant skeletons lying about, and the best thing to do is blow them up while they're still asleep. A laser sight is provided (twice), but there's no apparent use for it other than shooting the heads off skeletons. Good raiding in a classic environment." - Phil (02-May-2016)

"This is a decent set of levels where the main focus is finding switches or key items to get to the next area. Most of the time it is obvious, but sometimes it is not. The weapons that progressively became available in this game were particularly appropriate for dealing with skeletons and mummies. It was also funny to watch scorpions emerge from the vases, the closing of doors in new rooms created a dramatic effect when entering a new room, and the emergence of bats created an epic effect. The giant enemy carrying a hammer gave Lara quite a hard time as she was jumping between ledges to ultimately reach a key, but they certainly added a curveball to an otherwise easy task. The jumping sequence with spikes, flames and slopes required some thought. In some ways, the decorations were well-thought out (especially the beach area at the end of the level, and the area with the burning pedestals), but in other respects, I felt like either not enough was added (some rooms would have decent textures, but no contrasts in lighting), or that there were unnecessary elements such as the shadow corners. I also felt confused wherever a texture potentially indicated a spike set because it would be hard to tell where there actually were spikes to look out for, and when there were none. On that same train of thought, while I did guess correctly (albeit randomly) that the safe ladder to climb on was the right ladder in third level of the series, the left ladder contained a boulder at the top, and there was nothing indicating which ladder to take. Overall, this is an impressive first try." - Sakusha (01-Jan-2015)

"A three level set taking place in all too familiar tutorial level, catacombs and coastal settings respectively. You can't blame the level for promising something it doesn't deliver - as they are what the title says - just 3 generic tombs for you to raid in. Nothing particularly memorable about them, no fireworks set off here, but a decent raid nonetheless if you're looking for something simple that won't boggle your mind too much. That aspect is its highlight about as much as it is its lowlight as well - if you want something that won't challenge you a whole lot - this is a great choice, but on the other hand - with little novelty involved while you're raiding, be in terms of gameplay or nothing particularly pretty to look at - the concept can get old and boring very soon. That's not to say that this is just your run of the mill mundane run through an eventless tomb, as I liked some moments, like the ones involving the Minotaur, the fun jumps, or how the boulder blocked the tomb's exit in the last of this trio, but in the end it just leaves you with wishing for there to have been something more to it. And then there are the issues with the possibility to get stuck for good if you miss out on crucial items, which kind of spoils the overall feel, as undemanding as it generally is, but all that said - this is not a bad game on its own. You can certainly find more exciting ventures, but you can find worse as well, so if you don't mind that this set doesn't offer anything new to the raiding concept, you can give it a go." - eTux (29-Feb-2008)

"Easy Tomb Raiding (4 3 5 6) Yes this Tutorial raiding was quite easy , and the tasks reasonably entertaining. But in the end you can arrive before the big Horus portal without the Eye in the inventory, too bad ! Apart from the bad gameplay (or bad placement of key items) the enemies pose no threat and there are too many camera views. Nameless Waters (5 5 6 5) A classic catacomb level with fair enemies , dogs and skeletons. The progression is rather fluent and the puzzles are easy yet entertaining, although it is also possible to be stuck for good in the mummies room with no way back if you have forgot one blue gem. Ashley's Level (7 7 6 6) Definitely the best level of the set, at least for me. At the beginning a very big room with water and Coastal textures, puzzles and progression are a lot more interesting than in the two previous levels without being difficult. Raising blocks are put to good use , there are ledges and jumps to perform. Later on after some puzzles and traps , there is a meeting with the hammergod guy and this was quite funny , some skeletons are also well used. Some more jumps in a big cave with high pillars where also enjoyable. I had my dose of fun with this one. A good level." - eRIC (09-Sep-2005)

"Three level game of raiding Egypt style but not really bound together as a whole. Nevertheless with Tabsdad you don't seem to get boring levels anyway so always something to do though a bit too linear at times. First level (Easy Tomb Raiding) and third level (Ashley's level his child?) are the best with some nice attempts to introduce enemies (mummies) with a bit more imagination than we're used to (one with a camera showing a dark corner and mister 'cloth' slowly coming out of the dark). A bit of ropeswinging swimming high pillar jumping and all this in just adequate settings. Second level (Nameless waters) was a bit too long for the gameplay it has to offer and has a 'stuck' problem so make sure you have two blue gems before you make the slide down towards the red burning water room. The last level had me running around for a long time in the first big room because of the nice gameplay touch with misleading water channels but was straightforward for the rest of it. If like me you like to blast away skeletons and mummies however you'll be in for a treat BUT make sure you find the grenadegun in the first level!" - bERT (01-Feb-2004)

"Easy Tomb Raiding (6/5/6/6 15 minutes): 'Easy' is the keyword here. It's possible to get helplessly stuck at one point but other than that this level is a walk in the park. It's quite easy to get lost sometimes but the level is so small that it's also very easy to get back on track again. There are too many enemies triggered at once many times though making them disappear and reappear. The texturing is quite nice. It's nothing special but it's a nice little level. Nameless Waters (6/6/5/5 20 minutes): Just as easy as the first level only with bigger rooms. The texturing was a little uninspired and the gameplay was a little weaker in this level. There are quite a few bugs but there were bugs in the first level too. It's once again possible to get helplessly stuck if you're not careful so make sure that you save in different slots. Ashley's Level (5/5/5/5 15 minutes): I found this level to be the easiest since it was the most linear. There are a lot of buttons to be pressed (buttons from the future no less) and levers to be pulled. It's possible to reach the end of the world near the end but it's at least not possible to get helplessly stuck this time. Not as far as I know anyway. There aren't that many enemies this time and the gameplay is a little weak but it might be fun for beginners. Actually all three of these levels are best fit for beginners." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"Did I miss the memo saying to rate this one easy? Or did some of my fellow reviewers fall under some sort of mass hysteria? Eight for gameplay? Eight? In a world where say some of the 'South America' series receive nines from the same folks? Yes it's a first release and it seems based on some of the names that it's a dad making levels for his daughters to play which is very nice. Still I'll have to be the bad guy and give this series of three short levels more realistic scores. The title of the first level 'Easy Tombraiding' sums up the three levels very nicely. No false advertising here - they're a bit too easy for the average raider who is older than 10. By the end of the second level my eyes had begun to glaze over while my fingers continued in auto-pilot to finish. Texturing is fine if a little sketchy here and there but lighting is lacking or completely absent in many areas. On the upside the author uses cameras fairly well leaving little question about the effect of this or that switch." - Tombaholic (16-Jan-2004)

"These levels are quite easy and enjoyable really good considering it's the author's first levels. I got a bit annoyed at the beginning since it is possible to proceed without a key object and therefore get stuck - but that won't happen again the author says. :-) This is very much a first (tutorial) level it seems as the author wanted to try out many many of the (standard) items weapons and enemies available and he does so with a good result. The architecture seems a bit 'squarish' but I also think that that is a beginner-thing. The gameplay is fun moving on all the time but not always straight forward. There are three separate levels and it is clear that the building skills are improving along the way." - G.Croft (03-May-2003)

"This three level set is perfect for the beginner as well as enjoyable for the more advanced player. The first part 'Easy Tomb Raiding' is a good intro to the basics of TR... the second part 'Nameless Waters' and the third part 'Ashley's Level' take the logical second and third steps in complexity. Room design was well done texturing was good overall but a little chaotic in some places gameplay was fairly linear but that's ok in this case... overall an enjoyable raid :)" - Kurt (01-May-2003)

"Easy Tomb Raiding (8/7/8/7 30 min. 1 secret): This level stays true to its name as it is fairly standard but still entertaining and has a nice flow. The environment is Tut1 style there are many vases to shoot two cartouche pieces two eyepieces and two hands to find and many scorpions and mummies to annoy you. What is remarkable though is some really excellent camera work. I thought it was funny to get the Uzi as a secret and all the other weapons 'for free' including two lasersights you never need. Nameless Waters (8/8/7/7 45 min. 1 secret): Probably the best level of the set kept in Catacomb style it keeps you quite busy with very steady progression as you collect a knot a pillar four gems two stars and a portal guardian. Maybe too many buttons and levers along the way but the earthquake flipmap is nice the multiple rope swing not too tricky and another water flipmap later is also well executed. Very many mummies and skeletons plus a few dogs and bats are not a big threat as you have most of the weapons from the first level and actually get them again here including the third lasersight and still you don't need one. Ashley's Level (7/7/7/7 30 min.): The third part is kept mainly in Coastal environs and is even easier than the first two. Rather linear progression which is spiced up by good use of raising blocks three movable blocks several buttons levers and jump switches a few keys a portal guardian and a trident to find and some not so dangerous spike fire and boulder traps. At the end you grab your trident and end the series. Enemies here are few (crocodiles skeletons and hammergod). All in all a fairly pleasant raid for the novice player and worth a try if you just want to keep moving in a level without pondering about your next step too much." - Michael (07-Apr-2003)

"This mini-series is a lot of fun to play and almost too good to be someone's first level. There are actually three levels in all - one done in the tutorial textures one catacomb and one coastal. They look fairly simple at first and it's pretty hard to get stuck but the levels turn out to be quite large with some interesting puzzles to solve before you can progress. It took me at least two hours to finish and I only found two secrets along the way. There aren't too many enemies but be prepared for some well-hidden crawlspaces tricky jumps and nasty traps. The author has also done a great job on the lighting and textures." - RaiderGirl (07-Apr-2003)

"This level is split into three separate sections each of which can be played on its own if preferred. As you get duplicated pick ups you end up with an enormous amount of weaponry which frankly you don't need but show me someone who doesn't enjoy blowing up mummies and skeletons! Easy Tomb Raiding: The title says it all really. This would make an excellent starting place for the new raider. A pleasant well-constructed Egyptian setting with classic simple Tomb Raider moves. Lots of scorpions to shoot and mummies to blow up tons of pick-ups and levers/hands to open various doors. Think of it as an extended tutorial in a nice environment. Nameless Waters: More of the same with slightly more sophisticated gameplay but nothing difficult and EVEN MORE mummies and skeletons to blow to bits. Positively therapeutic. Ashley's Level: Definitely the most interesting of the three sections. The gameplay is slightly more challenging although still not difficult and we even get to meet the Hammer God again and he's a lot more athletic than I remember. All in all quite an entertaining level. I only found two secrets - one in each of the first two parts." - Jay (07-Apr-2003)

"I knew I should make notes but this was so fast paced that I just kept playing it. That means only one thing this level is a nice little gem. There is a plethora of artifact you need to gather and one word to the author one pick up of one shotgun is more than enough as in these levels every time you get a new set of weapons. As a first I thought this was splendidly done so keep them coming. In the last level raising a block I jumped in my chair as suddenly the Hammer guy was on that same block with Lara boy my heart was in my throat. This is for sure on my list for a replay as I had great fun. 01-04-2003" - Gerty (03-Apr-2003)

"A first try and already a fun game to play. Three levels half an hour spent in each of them with many puzzles and good elements. The first level has hands and the Eye of Horus. mummies skeletons and bats are almost in every level but with all the guns given it's a piece of cake to get past them. I do have an objection here the guns were given again and again in each level something that spoils the fun a little maybe some of them could have been a secret after the first level. A lot of doors and levers with an underwater small maze will keep you busy. A little more attention should be given to the textures they are stretched in a lot of places but as this is a first try it's sort of forgiven. The second level is catacombs like and the action is rises. Stars a pillar a knot gems and a portal guardian or two I don't quite remember are the items you need to collect. We have some rooms with lava here underwater doors and the whole level looked very nice. Fire and spike traps are added now. The third and last level was more interesting in my opinion with moving blocks keys a portal guardian and a trident that you won't use I guess it's for the levels to come. Raising blocks and more spikes along with a rope are apart of the game play. The hammer guy seemed to have a problem though he was jumping on the raising blocks and didn't do much harm to Lara. Trapdoors jumps on high blocks make this level more challenging. The progress is fast and I don't think you can get stuck in any of the levels but that's an advantage. I found one secret in the first and one at the second. The flip maps are well done and we certainly have a new builder with a lot of potential. If the first try was that good I certainly believe we will have great levels from this author. Keep up the good work." - Kristina (31-Mar-2003)
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