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Author(s): DT
total rating:6.04 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Blue43 4 4 9 7
Ceamonks890 4 4 7 7
eRIC 4 7 10 7
Gerty 3 3 6 6
Jay 5 4 7 9
Jose 3 3 5 5
Josi 6 5 7 7
Kristina 3 4 6 6
MichaelP 5 4 7 7
Mike 9 9 10 10
misho98 4 6 9 6
Obig 4 5 6 7
Orbit Dream 2 3 5 6
Percys 10 10 10 10
Phil 6 6 6 7
RaiderGirl 5 5 7 7
Ryan 4 4 6 6
Sash 3 3 5 5
Skyld 8 7 10 9
Treeble 4 5 7 6
Yoav 6 5 7 7
category averages
(21 reviews)
4.86 5.05 7.24 7.00

Reviewer's comments

"There are some demos that have successfully grown into fully fledged levels. There are also demos that have retained the demo tag but provide as much gameplay and enjoyment as a full level does. Unfortunately this is neither of those cases. This has stayed a demo and I think I am safe in saying that we will never see the full version. This is just a brief 10 or so minutes of exploration in a familiar setting, picking up a couple of items and shooting a few panthers. That's about it. But if you want a relatively sedate experience and don't expect too much, you could do worse. Nothing more, nothing less." - Ryan (27-Mar-2018)

"Seems like a lot of these lower rated levels I've been playing lately have been quickies. Maybe that's why they're lower rated. Anyway, this one clocked in at 15 minutes, and it likely would have been less than that if I'd followed Yoav's walkthrough. Not much to do but roam the desert sands and find a few passages and investigate a few structures. I looked around and found a couple of shotgun ammo pickups, but no shotgun. The only enemies are black dogs (or maybe scrawny panthers), so the pistols are enough to deal with them. There's very little gameplay here, find a star to open the exit door and do an elective jumping exercise that's not necessary to complete the level. Another one to boost the review count." - Phil (16-Mar-2018)

"Very short this desert level with many sand dunes, a lonely pyramyd and few objects. The gameplay is poor, search for a star to open the exit door, shoot some phanters and climb some blocks. Texturization is decent, but with many elongated textures here and there. An effort with the atmosphere but few more. Too short to can say something except that this level is not a remake and it will remember the old TR1 Khamoon levels." - Jose (21-Sep-2016)

"As a demo, this brief 10 minute revisit of the City of Khamoon level from TR1 is incredibly underwhelming. While the builder has managed to capture the TR1 Egypt atmosphere quite well here in many small ways(from the texturing to the sound effects), it's made all the more disappointing upon discovering all you have to essentially do is retrieve a 'sand star' and open a door with it, only to have the level end, just when things were starting to get good. Considering it's now been a whole decade since DT's released this demo and hasn't made so much as a peep since then, I think it's fairly clear by now that he isn't going to follow through with this release. A shame really, as this brief romp does show potential. Would I recommend any curious raiders play through this demo however? No. Unless you want something quick to play during your lunch break, this is one release that is simply not worth the trouble downloading by today's standards." - Ceamonks890 (05-May-2014)

"Pretty short level. Sadly, I can't give it a big score for the gameplay because all you have to do is to find a puzzle item, place it and enter in a room to end the level. There was some side tasks for some items. A few enemies - panthers. The atmosphere is the levels' biggest success - it perfectly captures the TR1 atmosphere. No cameras, no need of them. The lighting is like in TR1, but the textures are not rotated right, just like in TR1. Recommended fot those who like TR1 styled and short levels." - misho98 (15-Jul-2012)

"This a short level that perfectly captures the TR1 feel with the TR4 engine. Excellent use of sounds. Everything is there, from Lara's steps to the pistol and the black panthers. Textures and lighting were also very good. Bummer it lasted only 10 minutes because I would have given much higher rating otherwise. I would have loved to see the full version, but the builder never released ones. Too bad, because there is lots of potential. Highly recommended quick raid for TR1 fans." - Blue43 (27-May-2010)

"Wow , it was short (and that is the ONLY reason i don't rate higher in some categories) but was so good remembering why I like TR in the first place. The author stated that the Khamoon levels were his favourites of all the tomb raider games, and imo has put a lot of care in this demo, which is not a remake as I did not recognized the gameplay. Khamoon is also by far one of my top favourites places , and was I pleased the author has made such a very good work technically wise. The atmosphere and sounds are really great. Too bad the full scale level never came." - eRIC (07-Aug-2009)

"One should always give Demo's the benefit of the doubt and view them as a tantalising glimpse of an adventure in the offing. If,on the other hand,one can be quite sure that that adventure is nothing more than a pipe-dream,then it becomes clear that the word 'demo' is simply being used as a means to negate criticism. In this instance,it's been 2 years since the demo was released and we've seen neither hide nor hair of the promised adventure.It can be reasonable to assume we never will.Therefore I can be honest and sincere when I say that,despite the somewhat limited explorability factor which provides for a modicum of atmosphere,this endeavour will provide you with little in the way of Gameplay and nothing in the way of longevity. Run around,find a star,stick it in the receptacle,leave.Hardly worth bothering with." - Orbit Dream (10-Aug-2005)

"Just a demo and as most of them hard to rate. Some of these demos grow to larger great enjoyable levels and I hope this one joins that team. Using TR1 textures and sounds as well this level looks a little outdated but having built a remake myself I am not the one to complain about that. In fact some nostalgia is always welcome. There isn't actual gameplay you just need to find a hand and place it in the bottom of the pyramid to finish the level. Can be done in less than 5 minutes the author himself states in the readme but I didn't bother to try. Finished it in 12 minutes exploring everywhere I could. Lighting is missing in some rooms though making Lara flat." - Treeble (22-Sep-2003)

"Over the years we've seen many a demo released only to have the author mysteriously disappear from the face of the earth never to be seen or heard from again. I sincerely hope this isn't the case with this author as I desperately want to see this level finished. I don't know what it is about the original Tomb Raider but to see a level that captures some of that atmosphere and feeling just leaves me weak in the knees. There are some great places to explore a few sliding jump puzzles and some spike traps but this demo was over way too soon and left me wanting more which I guess is what a demo's supposed to do." - RaiderGirl (04-Jul-2003)

"I only recently played TR2 and TR3 the official games but not TR1 so I have to take the author's and other reviewers word that this is a remake. It's just a level with a pyramid and one hand to find. After that you simply hit the finishing trigger. Although a demo it could have had some more enemies there were some dogs and some puzzles just to give us a good idea of what this will be. Especially for players like me that hadn't played the original level. I hope this will not stay a demo and it will be a complete game." - Kristina (26-Jun-2003)

"It's only a demo so I find it very hard to give points. But this is a lovely trip back in time I've been running around for about 15 min. and loved it. All you have to do is find the 'sandstar' to open a door. There are a few black dogs to kill and some nice jumping to do that's it. It's really like going back to TR1 especially if you do what the author says and turn off the bilinear filtering. And the sounds are from TR1 too! That's so great! Anyway the author says the full level is going to be much longer and it will include original enemies objects music and sounds and I'm going to play it!" - Josi (25-Jun-2003)

"This level has a very good TR1G Temple Of The Cat-atmosphere scene and textures. I hope it will be continued. The added sounds are great and the wind sounds enigmatic. This is a short level although this is only a demo version. I am eagerly waiting for the perfect installment the preview is excellent." - Obig (22-Jun-2003)

"When you begin this level you initially forget it's supposed to be a TR1 level. There is a starry sky which casts a shadow over the sandy hills and monuments. Find a star put it into a hole and enter a pyramid. Game over. In a real level this would be unacceptable but seeing as it's a demo it should be treated like one so no points shall be deducted for that. If the current gameplay continues through the level this could be a hit. However there could be more enemies but I know Darren is sorting that out so we needn't worry. It may be a big download but it is worth it just for the extra Khamoon background sound. It makes you feel like you're really in a night desert you will find yourself shivering and wrapping a coat around yourself. As for graphics as I've stated above this demo is beautiful. Even better so than some of the TR4 textured levels I've seen out there. And remember to take into account this is a DEMO of a TR1 STYLE level." - Skyld (15-Jun-2003)

"Like Darren (or so he says in his readme file) I like Khamoon a lot as well so playing this demo was fun. Lara making 'her noise' when she bumps into things oh sweet memories. Just take your time as there are many nooks and crannies to have a look at. But a demo is still a demo. 08-06-2003" - Gerty (12-Jun-2003)

"I have to keep in mind that this is a demo so I will not be too picky with certain things not that I can really find anything wrong with it. So far I feel the author delivers on his efforts to try making this like a TR1 level he even goes as far as adding the original sounds. I do wish there were more enemies in this level but who knows what we will see in the finished level. There is apparently a good amount of attention given to detail & it shows with the wonderful atmospheric desert. I absolutely loved the stars in the sky. It is true when the author said about being able to finish it in about 5 minutes but who could resist rushing through this and just taking time out to look at everything. I definitely have my hopes up for this level" - Mike (11-Jun-2003)

"In this level you return to the level from TR1. It's a short level and not much stuff to do." - Yoav (11-Jun-2003)

"As the author said you can finish this in 5 minutes if you find the Hand place it in the pyramid and enter but finding the few pick ups around the desert oasis and accomplishing the pyramid will add about another 5 minutes to that time. The only enemies you'll find are a handful of demon dogs and a couple of spike traps other than that this is a pleasant enough demo but just not worthy of the large download maybe the nearly 8.4Mb of audio should have been left out until the entire level was produced." - Sash (08-Jun-2003)

"A demo alright and even with some exploring for pickups you will likely not spend much more than 15 minutes here finding and using a Sand Star. But the desert at night setting the pyramid a shimmy passage and two jump sequences provide for a bit of fun the oasis looks good and the sounds and the wild black dogs are truly great." - Michael (08-Jun-2003)

"This is only a demo and I really would have preferred to review it without having to rate it. Since this was not possible I chose to give it a 10/10/10/10. Why? Simply because I had so much fun playing it and because I want to encourage the author to continue his excellent work. 'Khamoon' is pure nostalgia taking you back to the glory days of TR1 and the author succeeded perfectly to bring back the spirit and the feel of that game where it all began with. You start in the desert under a black starry night outside the pyramid (or is it a temple?) of Khamoon and it really feels as if someone has turned back the clock - the same textures as in TR 1 the same style of lightning the same spooky atmosphere even the same gameplay (as far as you can tell from a demo). The only thing missing are the mummies. You get nasty black dogs instead. The author claims you can finish the demo within 5 minutes time - that is certainly true but it'd be a shame to do so. I spent one hour in it exploring every corner and trying to reach all of these unreachable looking places (there are plenty) and my reward was one secret and a very spectacular overview-camera. That's more than you get from many full levels. I would have loved to email the author (to congratulate him and send him my wishlist for his next levels ;-)) but unfortunately he didn't leave his address anywhere." - Percys (05-Jun-2003)

"Oh how very nice to see those lovely TR1 textures again; the author has obviously gone to a lot of trouble to bring them to us. This is just a demo and as such very short with not much more to do than shoot a few panthers find a few pick ups and a sand star to open a door and leave the area but it is worth a good look around just to wallow in nostalgia. It's a tempting taster and I should very much like to see it worked up into a full level. 04.06.2003" - Jay (04-Jun-2003)
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