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Author(s): L.B.
total rating:4.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
Gerty 7 6 6 4
Jay 5 4 5 3
Jose 2 3 7 2
Kristina 4 4 5 3
Magnus 3 2 3 2
manarch2 4 3 3 1
MichaelP 7 7 6 4
Obig 6 8 8 6
Orbit Dream 7 5 2 3
RaiderGirl 6 5 6 4
Ryan 6 4 3 3
Sash 6 5 6 4
Yoav 7 7 6 6
category averages
(13 reviews)
5.38 4.85 5.08 3.46

Reviewer's comments

"Long and complex level to play. In the first part I advanced without problems, except when I had to do the double timed run: there's only one attemp and if you fail you'll have to reload, and the second continuous timed run is too hard and I only could do it with the flare trick. Later, when you reach the throne room, the gameplay is more confused and difficult, 'cause the immortal enemies chasing you all the time and the absence of cameras to show you where to go; and in the final area with the nasty maze with all that jumpswitches you'll waste a lot of time. I recognize the effort from the author to create a creepy atmosphere implementing all that new sounds and CD tracks, but the texturization is quite horrible, with one of the very worst elongated textures I've ever seen in a custom level. A good effort, but really a level not nice to play." - Jose (24-Jan-2018)

"This level isn't really a model of aesthetics, to put it mildly. The surroundings are incredibly bland, with stretched and repetitive textures throughout the entire level and the majority of the rooms and corridors are very bare and large, so visually it's a rather poor experience, with little convincing atmosphere to speak of. But, the gameplay and the sheer fast pace alleviates this somewhat, and overall I found myself enjoying some parts of it. Some parts, like the long ladders and corridor sections, are a bit too tedious for their own good, but the object puzzles, jumping sequences, timed runs trap sequences and the Seth fight kept me on my toes, and enabled to finish with a slightly more positive outlook. Definitely not the most attractive level out there, but it does have its fun parts." - Ryan (15-Jan-2018)

"First impressions of this level are as bad as it gets.A huge cavernous room with textures that go so far beyond merely being stretched that it's difficult to work out what they were originally intended to represent.To be honest,the visuals rarely improve upon this first impression;but the gameplay...ah,now that's an entirely different matter!The puzzles may not be too sophisticated nor complex (and it seems entirely possible to get terminally stuck during a timed run sequence),but it's always entertaining and exciting.It's been quite some time since I've been involved in such invigorating battle scenes against multiple enemies (many of them unkillable) that my adrenaline was fairly pumping as I ran across the Finish Trigger.It's not all mindless violence,of course.You have plenty of pushable objects to move,levers to pull,columns to jump and timed challenges to master;and it's this constant activity that really enlivens this adventure and almost enables you to ignore the poor texturing,lighting and lack of atmosphere.Well,almost;but not quite.The whole level is a pretty ghastly visual experience;but if it's fun you're looking for,you really ought to give this one a go!" - Orbit Dream (20-Nov-2014)

"When you don't mind the horrible textures in this level, it can be at least slightly interesting with a few puzzles to solve, some hard battles and some longer jumping sequences, but everything gets rather tedious because of the endlessly long hallways connecting the various areas. If the level wouldn't be so excessively large, it could have been quite enjoyable in fact, it's really a shame, because it's quite possible that the visuals would benefit from it too - most textures are streched to the maximum, applied carelessly and don't create any kind of atmosphere. The new sound tracks are quite neat, as well as the rare hints of architecture, but those alone don't quite match up for the level's numerous shortcomings. A 20 minute level with only a couple of decent moments, but careless looks - not really worth the trouble." - manarch2 (04-May-2014)

"Big rooms - check. Stretched textures - check. Bad lighting - check. Bad gameplay - check. Yep it's a first try alright. Thirty not very exciting minutes. Levers to pull blocks to rise and enemies to kill." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"Now I know how hell looks. The beginning was a good big hall with high jumps from pillar to pillar sliding climb on long ladders until you get to the ground there is rooms with lava timed door rolling ball traps skeletons scorpions and two bulls that run after Lara and she has to climb up on blocks that raise to pull the jump switch and get killed. I have never seen this before. Nevermind the lighting was bad. Too much color. Nice gameplay and one more level behind me." - Yoav (09-Jan-2004)

"This level is a bit dark and depressing. In the first huge room it's a bit boring climbing those numerous ladders. I nearly felt dizzy high above and you can't find anything later here. The coloured ladders don't fit to the level but I loved the lava-room. The textures are a bit boring in some places. The enemies are huge scorpions skeletons knights bats 2 inviolable bulls ninjas and Seth himself. I found 1 secret: the Flares but I also had the Grenade Gun. The puzzles are not particularly witty: you have to pull some orbs on distinctly visible signals and there's a timed run which is perfect when you can get the Uzi Ammo. You should economize on Ammo: gather the skeletons and shoot them with one Ammo. The added sounds are very great. Unfortunately I didn't understand the French yap it's true I wouldn't have understood the English text too :-)" - Obig (15-Sep-2003)

"From the name of this level and the many traps and obstacles it looks like the author was trying to make a good challenge for us raiders and he has done exactly that. Ignore the stretched tiles at the beginning because all your attention needs to be focused on the next jump the first room is HUGE and you'll need to get from one tall pillar to the next without falling to your death. After too many long climbs you get to hell itself with red hot lava falling boulders everywhere enemies coming out every time you pull a switch swinging chains blade traps difficult timed doors skeletons bulls and towards the end Seth seems to be everywhere making it very tough to get from one area to the next till you're locked in a room with him and lots of skeletons and have to find a way to open a door place the Guardian key and escape - after which you'll breathe a huge sigh of relief. With reloads I spent about an hour here and found no secrets." - RaiderGirl (04-Sep-2003)

"A level much more entertaining than the scores indicate. It starts badly as I got caught in an illegal slope right away, those massively stretched textures almost hurt the eye and there are a few really looong climbs initially, but once you are past that you can enjoy very well added custom music, fast paced progression in a Tomb of Seth style environment with boulders, blades, chains in your way and some easy planet pushing and many jump switches and raising blocks. The timed run was fun and took me a few tries and I thought it was well done that more towards the end more and more enemies showed up, including ninjas, bats, skeletons, tinmen, giant scorpions, bulls and Seth himself. A vraeus and a guardian key to find and you'll have made it into and out of hell within about 45 minutes. Found only one of the two secrets (the flares), so I might even go back and play it again." - Michael (25-Jul-2003)

"Not sure if Hell looks like that but for me it was sheer hell. Sitting behind my computer with very sweaty palms (because of the height) is not my way of fun. But afterwards I thought this was rather an inventive level. You start off in a huge cave and the only way to proceed is jumping to the next block. You'll get down all the way and then you have to climb back up again. There are long ladders and some jumping while sliding and watch that boulder. There aren't that many goodies to get and the first half is without any enemies. The timed two doors and boulder was rather hard but I got it in the end. Levers pulling and jumping will be the next on your list some more timed doors there is even some globe pushing but that part is rather short the pushing that is. Getting the Guardian Key as that is what you need to escape from this hell. Enemies I encountered were pesky bats ninja's bulls huge scorpions and 2 Seth's and of course skeletons lots of them. Found the grenade gun but with only 10 grenades so I had to find a way to kill more than one with one shot. There is a maze and you need to pull all the levers or else you'll be stuck. Found 2 secret. 29-06-2003" - Gerty (10-Jul-2003)

"This level started out rather unpromisingly in a cavern composed of rather bland and stretched looking textures and initially gameplay seemed to consist solely of jumping about and interminable climbing up and down ladders. Given the title you just know you're going to get lava sooner or later and that's what the next huge room largely consisted of. Avoid a couple of boulders shoot a giant scorpion and shove a globe on to an obvious square to open a door and do a very easy timed run. In the next room there was a much more interesting timed run and suddenly I began to think 'ah gameplay good' but really that was the highspot of the level unless you count blowing up skeletons and fighting multiple enemies. Still this is a first time level and parts of were quite enjoyable. The audio files were certainly nicely chosen and spiced up the atmosphere considerably. 02.07.2003" - Jay (02-Jul-2003)

"I don't know about hell but this sure was a bit of an eyesore with stretched textures as far as the eye could see. Set in a settomb inspired lava environment hence hell I assume you find yourself up against some of the biggies tinmen in packs skeletons in hordes ninjas en masse and a couple of bulls and giant scorpions but the biggest of the lot is 3 flying Seth's near and up unto the end that made this 40 minute level feel a bit unfair. The tasks at hand aren't difficult in the slightest though with a couple of easy consecutive timed runs two ridiculously simple movable object puzzles a bunch of wall switches to pull a lot of pillar jumping and long ladder climbs and two flares secrets that could have done with some work to make them secretive. Saying all this sounds as though I didn't enjoy it and at the start I really didn't think I would as it looked and felt very amateurish but somewhere along the line I fell into a synchronicity with the level and came to like the amateur way it came across." - Sash (01-Jul-2003)

"I find it always difficult to rate first tries. This one looks like a level from a builder that is just starting to get familiar with the editor. It's clear by the huge and empty rooms that have textures awfully stretched and with not much variety one tile for the entire room. The ladders seem to go all the way up to heaven it was so tiring to climb for a minute or two to reach another empty room and so on. The gameplay isn't much either. A vraeus a guardian key and some globes to push several levers-switches. The lava room was one of the best of this level and I liked the raising blocks idea with the jump switches the player has to find in a number of corridors all around. I didn't like the three Seth guys and the many bulls ninjas skeletons when there is no ammo or health available. The grenade gun and the revolver were useless without bullets and grenades. Other enemies were bats and big scorpions. I can by pass the lack of gameplay in some degree but I can't say the same for the stretched textures all over the place that is a mistake it can't be forgiven. A nice touch was the spooky music I loved the classic pieces I heard and what a nice surprise to put a simple converter in the download and reduce the size immensely. You have to click on a button and copy the files to the audio folder I wish all builders would start doing that to save us from hours of download. Every try is welcome and hoping for a better outcome next time." - Kristina (01-Jul-2003)
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