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Author(s): Bibi
total rating:6.27 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
bERT 7 7 7 8
eRIC 5 6 6 6
eTux 5 6 6 5
Gerty 5 5 7 7
Jay 6 7 8 8
Jose 6 6 6 7
Kristina 5 7 8 9
Magnus 5 5 6 6
MichaelP 6 5 8 7
Necro 7 6 6 7
Orbit Dream 6 4 6 6
RaiderGirl 6 6 8 8
Ryan 6 6 6 7
Sash 5 4 5 5
Wendee 6 6 7 8
category averages
(15 reviews)
5.73 5.73 6.67 6.93

Reviewer's comments

"A fairly simple but pleasant raid through a nicely made setting. There are a couple of hidden crawlspaces to locate, a few items to use in their relevant receptacles, an invisible walkway room, a ladder climbing and jumping sequence and a couple of rope swings to present a slight challenge, but mostly it's quite easy to follow. I could have done without the earthquake at the level climax, but otherwise it is quite a relaxing way to spend half an hour." - Ryan (06-Dec-2017)

"A classic raiding through caves and natural environments. Not extraordinary features but still entertaining with no backtracking. Classic tasks like in the lava room with climbable columns, classic boulder traps, I didn't like the unmarked climbable ladder and unmarked spike trap in the room with the first trapped golden vraeus. The earthquake in the final room is too long and makes more difficult the task with the ropes. Anyway an enjoyable work playable for everybody." - Jose (28-Sep-2016)

"A rather simple raid , with a decent quality. A few minor issues like a floor switch that does not really need to be operated , and not sure I appreciated the couple of red_ herrings/booby_traps. I like the texturing of the last big room where Lara picks up the crystal that triggers the earthquake. Globally it is rather entertaining, and the best level from the author." - eRIC (11-May-2010)

"This level is remeniscent of the jungle levels from tr3. Very enjoyable with a few red herrings thrown in the mix too. Gameplay is sound, and the scenery/atmosphere enhances the experience. very well executed if your up for half an hours worth of fun." - Necro (19-Nov-2008)

"We've seen it all before (maybe except for the puzzle with the stars) but it's still a nice little level. Easy short linear - the level is all those things but sometimes that isn't such a bad thing. It's nice to play a short level every now and then so why not play this level? It only lasts for fifteen minutes. Fifteen quite uneventful minutes. Fifteen minutes running from large empty room to large empty room. Fifteen minutes picking up a lot of unnecessary pickups. Fifteen minutes of... Well you get the point. I still found this level quite enjoyable though and if the author works on putting more work into the texturing and the gameplay she is bound to create a great level someday." - Magnus (29-Jan-2004)

"Being in the mood for something fun and fairly easy I enjoyed this half hour level with its bright areas outside to explore as well as some caves and underground rooms to search for a Guardian's key the Golden Vraeus and finally a gem. There's quite a mixture of enemies along the way - harpies crocs and wild boars plus some good traps like those with boulders and spikes. I have to agree with everyone else about the earthquake at the end - they should never last more than ten seconds as after that they are just annoying." - RaiderGirl (07-Oct-2003)

"This was a fun and short level based on the karnak wad. Lara must defend herself against scorpions mummies death traps falling boulders poison darts and ninjas (imported I guess) all while searching for cartouches hands and eyes of Orion or Sirius that is. There is quite a bit of climbing some swimming monkey swinging and a little backtracking. There are two nicely hidden rooms that you must find and pick-ups galore. The end comes abruptly. After Lara finds the only two Hands needed to solve the 'hall of hand receptacles' area she must face at least 6 ninjas maybe more and that's it. I had fun. It was a nice 35 minutes of play. Go download now!" - Wendee (29-Aug-2003)

"This is a fast paced level once you figured out the red herring Bianka put in. You have to get a Vraeus and although you stumble over it almost at the beginning it will take a while to find the right one. There are not that many enemies and afterwards I had a hard time thinking about what I encountered just 'ran' through the level forgetting to make notes. I remember a dog and some harpies and a couple of boars oh and a croc as well. After finding the Red Crystal there is an earthquake and like always I felt nauseated had a hard time because of that to do the climbing and rope jumping and so on. But I made it and getting on that blue bike will end the level. 05-08-2003" - Gerty (15-Aug-2003)

"After trudging despondently through AOD these past few weeks it was rather comforting to return to the old familiar territory of small medi-packs and unannounced death-squares; but I'm clearly rather rusty in the rope-swinging department as try as I could I could not manage the grab to the second rope(the final challenge of the level). Fortunately the fondly remembered DOZY came to my help. Not much to say otherwise. A few good traps (the sprint through the falling boulders in particular); some nifty camera angles; disappointingly empty outdoor areas and a music score by the Royal Philharmonic. But hey!; it's less that 10 MB and that in this age of 'Custom Levels can't be any good unless they take hours to download' mentality makes a refreshing change." - Orbit Dream (09-Aug-2003)

"A fun and rather linear run through a mix of caves and outside environments which are solidly built. A guardian key a star and a vraeus bring you closer to the red crystal with which you ride into sunset after half an hour. Very few enemies and no secrets I found but some nice audio additions and a few interesting camera angles and hidden crawlspaces and buttons make it a worthwhile experience." - Michael (08-Aug-2003)

"OK I'll get the whinge out of the way first - I HATE earthquakes they make me feel queasy and this level has quite a long one at the end which gave me a headache. Apart from that it's not a bad level short but reasonably entertaining and well constructed. I liked the camera angles in the room with the invisible walkway - it looked quite dramatic as Lara walked carefully along. The gameplay is quite simple and doesn't involve much in the way of puzzles (except possibly to wonder just what the star room was all about) but the surroundings are pleasant and there are far worse ways to pass half an hour or so. I didn't find any secrets but that could just be me of course. 06.08.2003" - Jay (07-Aug-2003)

"From your emergence into the first outdoor rocky area you think this may turn out to be quite an interesting level but I kind of feel it didn't really go anywhere. The whole of the 30 minutes it took to play was spent finding a couple of crucial pick ups one on a longish roundabout route and it felt like nothing much was accomplished on the journeys to these pick ups. When you reach the second to last room with the crystal an earthquake appears and as you have to stay here for a couple of minutes while you climb a wall and make a couple of jumps one on a rope this became a little irritating what was more irritating though was just after this room you come to a bike that once upon you get to only ride forward for a second or two and the level ends. I think if the author had added a few secret little nooks and crannies to search through in some of the wasted outside areas it would have made this a much more involving level but as it is it's a bit of a run through." - Sash (05-Aug-2003)

"As usual we have a great setting much greenery and beautiful areas in the outside but unfortunately not many puzzles. Two vraeus of which one is a red herring so don't bother trying to get it and a guardian key plus a red gem I never used. The earthquake at the end made me dizzy; I wish authors would make it stop after a while it made it very difficult to look at the screen. I liked the room with the lava and invisible walkway although it could have been made a little more difficult than that. Also all the outside and inside are a nice sight and perfect for hiding secrets which reminds me I found none. Really if more puzzles and enemies just wild boars and a few harpies here were to be added this could turn out to be a wonderful level. Take a look at it though just for the nice areas." - Kristina (05-Aug-2003)

"Not a bad attempt - there's nothing special about it no twists that make the level more unique from the others but it's quite fun for the ~20 minutes it lasts. The surroundings were a bit simplistic and not lighten very well often - can't complain much about the texturing though it can be done better too. There were a few bugs here: for example you must only step on the same square the lever is near the start to activate the spikes and later on I had a bug where the door in the tunnels after shimmying over the lake never opened up so I had to reload and earlier saveagem and do the sequence again for the door to open. The only memorable tasks I have in mind are the final rope swings and the place where you had to backflip from one ladder to the other - nothing I haven't seen before but it's not used that often too. A part where I didn't know what to do - laugh or figure out its logic was the room with the stars which was a sort of a trial and error puzzle as there was absolutely no hint which of them can be pried loose of the wall. Maybe I shouldn't complain that there's nothing new here because I know how hard it is to think of new things but even the 'fake' pickups hidden crawlspaces and jump switches will seem very old to those who've tried Sheevah's or Jedimaster's levels to name an example. This definitely is worth a try and you should try it for its rather nice surroundings and interesting if not original tasks though." - eTux (05-Aug-2003)

"Nice little level textured in combinations of different styles (oriental blue-greenish textures and Karnak textures). Gameplay is just above linear and consists of finding buttons to push and a vraeus. There's some double rope-swinging pillar-to-pillar backflip-gripping trap-escaping fun on the way to your escape with the motorbike. Had a few laughs with the German voice-over. I'm not laughing with ze Zjermans here it's just funny when you're not used playing the original versions in German. Short but fine to play in-between huge levels." - bERT (05-Aug-2003)
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