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Author(s): GMac
total rating:7.42 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 9 7 7
Jose 6 7 8 8
manarch2 6 7 8 8
category averages
(3 reviews)
6.67 7.67 7.67 7.67

Reviewer's comments

"Very surprised with the number of ratings for this levels. I've heard that years ago it was a "problem" with the hosting for GMac's levels, but I think it was solved in any way. Only 2 reviews? Strange... Even when those are the first levels from this author, you already notice a solid design, with a decent architecture and texturization, good use of musics and cameras, etc. There are several tricky jumps here and there, but doable, as the timed runs too. I missed more ammo for the extra guns, and what I didn't like was to repeat several times the same tricky jumps in the corridor with spikes and slopes; the room with 6 wall switches was a "mistery" for me too (trial and error). This second level was a little worse, with long distances to run, many switches to pull and more backtracking. Even so this is a very good debut, and the levels are worth to play. Take a try." - Jose (11-Oct-2016)

"This TRLE has been in the Review Wishlist for a long time but it is really cool. Has some textures that look amazing. GMAC did an awesome job with this one. I got lost a few times playing this one." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (06-Jan-2016)

"This is another game of two halves. The first level was fairly enjoyable with a good dose of everything - nice puzzles, timed runs and creative usage of traps to spice things up. There are some longer backtracks but since enough clues are provided they don't pose a problem. There's an interesting colour scheme that tends to be a little bland, but overall the looks are decently applied. But the second level should have better been left away. Starting with a confusingly constructed and hintless lever puzzle, things never quite get better in here. Endless running from point A to B for just another lever that is now accessible, mostly no helpful cameras and some fairly time-consuming tasks (like a way too long monkeyswing, much, much backtracking and a lot of running around wondering what to do next) is not exactly my type of gameplay. This game's also rather low on health reserves so that I feared to run out of health, but it worked until the end... somehow. On the positive side, (apart of a few rougher areas) texturing and lighting are decent and the atmosphere works quite well, although the room connections between natural and man-made are sometimes a tad artificial - on the whole it's still rather effective. The secrets are nicely hidden, although I left two out in the second level because I really wanted it to end, which is not a good thing. Spent 1:20 hours in here." - manarch2 (09-Oct-2014)
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