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Author(s): GMac
total rating:7.69 Gameplay &
Objects &
Sound &
Lighting &
JoeTheCrazyGamer 8 9 7 7
Jose 6 7 8 8
manarch2 6 7 8 8
Phil 8 9 8 9
category averages
(4 reviews)
7.00 8.00 7.75 8.00

Reviewer's comments

"The reviews of George's earlier levels have gotten lost in the shuffle, with the result that several of the fine levels he has produced over his career are unknown to the current crop of raiders. They deserve to be played and reviewed, so I'll do my best to bring some much-deserved attention to them. I'm sure I played Jurassic Stone back when it was first released, but I remembered nothing about it this time around. Everything looked gorgeous to me and is also uncharacteristically well lighted, such that I rarely felt the need to light a flare. The gameplay is remarkably complex, requiring a great deal of going back and forth, so I made frequent reference to Dutchy's walkthrough. There was also a convoluted timed run with many switches to pull, and I was never able to make it to the last door in time, so I had to call upon Dutchy's playing skills as well as his writing skills. There are two levels with three secrets in each one. If you find them all you're treated to a bonus area near the end that contains ample firepower for dealing with the flurry of enemies you'll meet on the way to the finish trigger. An enjoyable raid, very competently put together." - Phil (26-Mar-2017)

"Very surprised with the number of ratings for this levels. I've heard that years ago it was a "problem" with the hosting for GMac's levels, but I think it was solved in any way. Only 2 reviews? Strange... Even when those are the first levels from this author, you already notice a solid design, with a decent architecture and texturization, good use of musics and cameras, etc. There are several tricky jumps here and there, but doable, as the timed runs too. I missed more ammo for the extra guns, and what I didn't like was to repeat several times the same tricky jumps in the corridor with spikes and slopes; the room with 6 wall switches was a "mistery" for me too (trial and error). This second level was a little worse, with long distances to run, many switches to pull and more backtracking. Even so this is a very good debut, and the levels are worth to play. Take a try." - Jose (11-Oct-2016)

"This TRLE has been in the Review Wishlist for a long time but it is really cool. Has some textures that look amazing. GMAC did an awesome job with this one. I got lost a few times playing this one." - JoeTheCrazyGamer (06-Jan-2016)

"This is another game of two halves. The first level was fairly enjoyable with a good dose of everything - nice puzzles, timed runs and creative usage of traps to spice things up. There are some longer backtracks but since enough clues are provided they don't pose a problem. There's an interesting colour scheme that tends to be a little bland, but overall the looks are decently applied. But the second level should have better been left away. Starting with a confusingly constructed and hintless lever puzzle, things never quite get better in here. Endless running from point A to B for just another lever that is now accessible, mostly no helpful cameras and some fairly time-consuming tasks (like a way too long monkeyswing, much, much backtracking and a lot of running around wondering what to do next) is not exactly my type of gameplay. This game's also rather low on health reserves so that I feared to run out of health, but it worked until the end... somehow. On the positive side, (apart of a few rougher areas) texturing and lighting are decent and the atmosphere works quite well, although the room connections between natural and man-made are sometimes a tad artificial - on the whole it's still rather effective. The secrets are nicely hidden, although I left two out in the second level because I really wanted it to end, which is not a good thing. Spent 1:20 hours in here." - manarch2 (09-Oct-2014)
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