Level by Andreas Lindstroem (January, 2003)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie


[ Note: If the spike ball doesn't break through the lattice grate at the bottom of the drain shaft, exit the game, restart it and load the last savegame, and try again. This worked for some players.]

Young Lara starts in a jungle standing near a tree with a hole in it. There is a big stepped structure to the West. Go South a bit, stand on a tree stump, turn around and see a rope. Grab it and swing North to the tree you were standing beside. Jump to another branch with a switch and save. Use the switch and drop down to the ground. Run straight South until you see an opening in the wall next to a pool of water. Go inside and go left to pick up skull #1 (1) from a block and get a cut scene of a closed gate. That closed gate is to your right as you exit this area. The closed door at the back is the final exit door. I had a bug here in that if I used the switch and went somewhere else and died, when I finally got to this area a transparent wall protected the opening and I could not get the skull. Probably a flip-map problem the author mentions and the switch cannot be reset.

Return out of the opening and notice a rope above the pool to the left. Get on the tree stump ahead and jump to the tree to the left to reach the rope. Use the rope to swing to the cliffs to the West. Then turn left and run into the tunnel in the South wall. You cannot jump the gap so just slide into the water and let it carry to a place where you can climb up. You will pass a few gates on the way. The next gap can be overcome by use of a monkey swing on the ceiling. On the other side use the switch and go back into the water. The gates have changed position so just swim the tunnel until you can pull up to a ladder. Climb the ladder and at the crawl space, back flip, roll, and grab a ledge. Shimmy right to the crawl space and pull up. Crawl forward and shimmy around the first deadly spike pit that is in your way. At the next spike pit go the left branch. At the next hole drop in for a large medipack (2) and secret #1. Get out and continue to enter a large room with a pit filled with deadly water. In the middle is a skull on a block on an island. Go in either direction and walk the bridge to the island. Stop in front as three spike balls drop around you. Pick up skull #2 (3). Now the walkway has spike traps so jump West over the railing to a doorway. Watch out for spikes as you go through. At the top of the incline save for run against a rolling spike ball. When you survive, at the other end of this tunnel turn right into a tunnel. Run to the end and drop into water. Follow this tunnel to a large lake. Surface for air but do climb onto the platform with the switch. Dive to the center and down a hole. Follow it to where you can surface into a room. Go down a hallway for a large medipack(4) and secret #2. Use the switch and get a cut scene of the platform with spikes. Go back to the platform and pull up. Use the switch and get a cut scene of the underwater gate opening and three crocodiles swimming out. When they are out of the way, dive in and swim into the gate. Pull up at the first opportunity and grab the ladder to the right and start to climb. This avoids two spike balls rolling towards you. At the top back flip to a tunnel and go to the exit. Drop down near the first skull opening and perhaps notice that the transparent wall is there.

Back to the pool and notice a hole in the far wall. Swim into it while avoiding the crocodile. The current sweeps you down some tunnels. As you exit at a waterfall try to jump to the left or right so you land on a ledge. If you fall into the water, there is an opening to the left where the current carries you back so you can try it again. Notice a closed gate dividing the sewer into two parts and a switch under the water. Use a ladder to the right and climb into a loop tunnel. At the other side jump up to get a monkey swing. Follow it to the right to another opening. Release, grab and pull up into the hole. At the back grab a crevice and shimmy left until you pull up into a tunnel. Go to the other and drop. Enter a crawlspace, and at the end grab but do not release. Shimmy right for another crawl space. Crawl in and at the end stand up and save. You have to slide down the ramp into the oil, wade to the block with the switch and pull up before the fire hits the oil and cooks you. Use the switch and then jump and grab an invisible crevice on either wall. Shimmy to a crawlspace near the ramp. Inside, climb a wall and back flip. Follow the ramp up and turn into another up ramp. At the other side, slide down ramps into some water. Swim out into the sewer again and turn left. If you go right you are sucked down a drain and drown. Swim into the opening at the right side and follow the tunnel back to where you jump to the ledge. Notice that the gate to the other side has open. Go there, watching out for darts, and see a tunnel near the end with a switch in it. Save before you enter. Use the switch, roll and run out to safety as a spike ball follows you. Notice that the water level has dropped. Drop down and use the switch on the block. Go back to the drain and fall into a large water filled room. Pick up a skull #3 (5) under the central column. Swim to the base and into a hole in the North side. The water sweeps you along and you surface in a large lake. Go to the East side to get back onto dry land.

You are in the opposite side of the stepped structure that you saw at the start. The start point is due East. The entrance ramp is to the North but you can do nothing there yet. So head East to the start point and turn North. Climb down a hole at the base of the tree at the back wall. Follow the tunnel until you can climb up next to a switch and a closed door. Use the switch and the door opens. Go inside to a high walled area with three doors and a large tree in the middle. Go to the right door and it opens for you. Use the left switch to open the next door. The right switch is deadly. Go to the next door and jump onto the ledge at the back. Immediately jump back and exit the door as two spikes balls roll toward you. When they stop go back to the ledge by side jumping over the spikes. Climb the back wall and near the top back flip to an opening. Turn around and there is a well-hidden crawl space on the left wall near the end of the opening. At the other side, climb down a climbable wall. Exit to one level above the ground. Drop, grab and shimmy left. Pull up in front of a statue. Walk to the other side and continue shimmy left to a switch. It seems that you cannot shimmy past the statues. Use the switch and the last door opens. Get down and enter the door. Follow the ramp up to the second level. Jump and grab the tree in front, climb a little, then back flip, roll, and grab the third level. Run to the North edge and grab the tree leaves as a monkey swing. Follow it and drop onto skull #4 (6) in the middle of the tree. A cut scene flashes much too fast to see but is probably the double doors. The other parts of the tree are deadly spikes. Take full health and back flip to the ground and return to the starting point.

Go around the stepped structure to the lake and turn right to get to the up ramp. The door is still closed so run to the back of the room. Slide down the slope backwards so you can grab and safety drop. At the bottom, approach a door and it opens. Enter an open area with a temple in the middle. There are closed doors on the second floor. If you go under the temple there is some water on the ground. Go left to some incline tree pillars grab and pull up. Slide and grab the next pillar. Slide and jump to grab a tree branch and pull up. Go forward and turn right and jump to the temple roof. Jump into the hole in the roof and land in front of two switches. The right switch opens the door in front of you so you can get out. The left switch gives a cut scene flash. Get down and go under the temple. Now it is a water pit so swim through a tunnel to surface into a room. On the far left wall is a ladder. Climb the ladder until you level with the top of the opening. Back flip, roll, and grab another ladder. Shimmy right and enter an opening with a switch. Use the switch for another cut scene flash but you do hear spikes somewhere. Now do a hard angled jump into the opening by the first ladder. Run to the end and another ladder. Climb it and follow the tunnel to a room with six doors. Look to the upper right ceiling for an opening to be used later. Run to the end four doors open and release mummies.  Run around them and enter all the open doors and a fifth door opens. Run into all the open doors and the sixth door opens. Go there and pick up a large medipack (7) and secret #3. Run to the gate at the end turn around and jump to grab the ceiling. Now monkey swing to the opening near the ceiling. Use the switch at the end and the gate at the end of the room opens. Drop down, avoid mummies, and run out into the door. At the end climb the climbable wall and run around the stepped structure to the entrance. Go up the ramp and the door is open but there are two skulls. Pick up the left skull #5 (8). The right skull raises a spike trap.

Go down the ramp to the double doors you saw with each skull. Enter and the door closes behind you. There are four switches in front of you. Use the two left switches and the gate opens in front you. There are still two switches. Use the right switch for a flyby of the exit door opening. Use the left switch to open the double doors that closed behind you. Go to exit door, run out the other side of the tunnel and the level ends.

End of level

Secrets: 3 out of 3

Items: 8

Kills: 0